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Putin's United Russia initiates sustainable development/ESG lectures in regions

December 15, 2022, 16:14

Photo source: ER.RU
They will be held until December 17 in more than 40 regions of Russia

The cycle of lectures "People and the State: Priorities of Sustainable Development" will be held as part of the "United Russia" party project " Green Economy ".

They are aimed at increasing the number of people who share the principles of sustainable development, as well as environmental, social and corporate responsibility (ESG). Previously, this was reflected in the decisions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin , state strategic planning documents, adopted and developed regulatory legal acts.

As the deputy of the State Duma, coordinator of the party project Yury Stankevich  , today it is extremely important and important to acquaint students and young professionals with the novelties of the state policy in the field of sustainable development and ESG. 

“This decision comes from modern challenges and risks, the importance of observing these principles for social well-being, and progressive transformations in all spheres of society. We see how the world is changing, Russia needs to maintain and increase the high competitiveness of the economy. Any activity - production or services - should be accompanied by the introduction of the best available technologies, improving the state of the environment and reducing the negative human impact on it. Today, many large companies adhere to these principles, it is important to strengthen this behavioral model among young professionals,” said Yury Stankevich.

He added that following the sustainable development agenda is one of the most important elements of improving the quality of life, economic stability of the regions and achieving environmental security. 

Lectures are held at the site of higher educational institutions, corporate universities and leading Russian business companies in the regions.

In addition to the sustainable development goals and ESG principles, students discuss energy efficiency and resource conservation, climate change adaptation, circular economy, business social responsibility and many other topical issues.

The best proposals of the audience will be used in the formation of the agenda of the federal level, the preparation of draft regulatory legal acts on the initiative of United Russia.