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Putin's rabbi: 'Eurasianism is on the right path'

Eurasian movement leader Pavel Zarifullin (left) with Lazar (right).

In the Moscow synagogue in Maryina Roshcha, a meeting took place between the Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar, the director of the Ramhal Institute and one of the leading experts on Kabbalah in our time, Rabbi Mordechai Chriki, as well as the Head of the Administration of the International Eurasian Movement Pavel Zarifullin.

At the meeting, various issues were discussed, from the revival of traditionalism in Russia to the rehabilitation of fascism in Eastern European countries. Rabbi Berel Lazar expressed deep concern about sectarian and charlatan phenomena among the Jews of Russia, such as the pseudo-Kabbalistic false teachings of Berg and Laitman. He spoke of the dangers of sectarianism and the need to strengthen orthodox traditionalism. Rabbi Chriki spoke about his plans to create a spiritual center in Russia and expressed his readiness to cooperate with local rabbis on the issue of strengthening community life.

During the conversation, Rabbi Lazar expressed deep concern about the revival of Nazism in Ukraine and the Baltic states. He spoke about the award of the Hero of Ukraine to the SS executioner Shukhevych. The Chief Rabbi emphasized that Ukraine should be prevented from joining the EU and other international organizations; he urged the guests to use their connections and their authority in the fight against the restoration of Nazism. Mr. Lazar also noted that the Eurasian Movement is on the right path - being one of the basic modules of intellectualism in Russia.

The Chief Rabbi thanked the Eurasians for their strict and tough position on the rehabilitation of fascism in Ukraine and Eastern European countries. The head of the MED Administration, Pavel Zarifullin, assured his Jewish colleagues of the full sympathy of the Eurasian Orthodox traditionalists for their most important activities in upholding the principles of Tradition in our difficult and vain times.