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Putin's Jewish Rothschild clot shot Tsar says SputnikV needs to be updated to Kraken variant

Moscow. 13th of January. INTERFAX.RU - Director of the Gamaleya Center of the Ministry of Health of Russia Alexander Gintsburg hopes to update the Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine within one and a half to two months so that it effectively protects against new strains, including the Kraken, in general, to create a new version of the anti-coronavirus drug takes up to three months.

"As experience shows, once every nine to ten months it is necessary to update the antigenic composition of the vaccine, which is used to protect the population. So far, health officials and partly scientists have come to this conclusion - the need to update the antigenic composition of the vaccine strain," Gintsburg said on the air of Rossiya 24" (VGTRK) on Friday.

According to him, "at the present time in the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Health and the government have indeed adopted Decree 441, which regulates the procedure for updating, creating a new vaccine strain."

“I hope it will start working in the new year, and then within a month and a half to two months, if everything is in order with the funding, in any case, we will be able to update the antigenic composition of the Sputnik V vaccine, creating it adequate to ensure that it effectively protects and from newly emerged strains, the name of which is now on everyone's lips," Gunzburg said.

He clarified that this would be an update to an already existing vaccine.

"And, frankly, there is nothing fundamentally new here, because we have been faced with the same situation every year for the past 30-40 years, when we protect the country's population from influenza viruses, where we have to do the same thing every 12 months," - said the scientist.

Gunzburg specified that it could take two to three months to update the vaccine.

“The time it takes to create, respectively, update a new antigenic variant, here I can give an answer, that it should take two to three months to resolve this issue, maybe even faster,” Gunzburg said.

He noted that clinical trials of a new vaccine variant will take the most time - proof of its harmlessness and immunogenicity.