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Putin prayed for Moshiach (Putin Prays At Western Wall For Moshiach)

expertmus ( expertmus ) wrote in rublev_museum ,
2012 -07 -01

Attention! On the official website of Chabad-Lubavitch, a purge of photos from Putin's prayer along with the Hasidim at the Western Wall began - "the image cannot be shown because it contains errors" : jpg

UPD . After the blog post about the beginning of the "cleansing" the photos were immediately restored, but the screened warning and gaps on the Chabad-Lubavitch website were copied. In addition, anyone can easily verify this for themselves thanks to the cache, but be that as it may, the Hasidic editors found enviable efficiency and what they constantly monitor the museum blog ... -)

From the editor . As previously reported, during his official visit to Israel, Putin under cover of night on June 26, 2012, accompanied by Berl Lazar and FEOR President Alexander Boroda ( in the Russian media, information was launched that Putin was not accompanied by him, but by the Chief Rabbi, according to KEROOR Shayevich ! ) visited the main Jewish shrine, the Wailing Wall, where he put on a kippah and joined the prayer of the Hasidic rabbis ( see photo ):

Moreover, according to Putin, to offer prayer at the Wailing Wall was his " long-standing and cherished dream ":

All Russian mass media spread the same official message that Vladimir Putin joined the rabbis in prayer " for Russia and the peoples inhabiting it ", which is actually not true (!), because. the only witness of Putin's joint prayer with the Hasidim, the chief rabbi of Russia (according to FEOR) Berl Lazar said that at the Wailing Wall " PUTIN PRAYED FOR MOSHIAH "!

Information about this is published on the official website of Chabad-Lubavitch:

By the way, it is mentioned there that Putin, it turns out, was supposed to visit the Wailing Wall in the afternoon of June 25, 2012, but his visit was postponed “for security reasons” until late in the evening and took place only at 2 am ...

No less embarrassment happened around the psalms of David, read by Putin during prayer with the Hasidim at the Wailing Wall. As Berl Lazar informed journalists, “ these were psalms 123 and 124 ”, especially noting that “ it was our choice ”!

As you know, there is a discrepancy in the numbering of the psalms between the Hebrew (so-called Masoretic) text of the Bible (Protestant tradition) and the Greek text of the Septuagint (Orthodox and Catholic tradition).

Here are these psalms (Tanakh, Tehillim):

Psalm 123

1. Song of steps. To Thee I raise my eyes, O Thou seated in heaven.

2. Behold, as the eyes of servants (turn) to the hand of their masters, as the eyes of a maidservant to the hand of her mistress, so our eyes to the Lord our God, until He has mercy on us.

3. Have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy on us, for we have had enough of contempt.

4. Our soul is satiated with the ridicule of the careless, the contempt of the proud.

Psalm 124

1. Song of the steps of David. If it were not for the Lord who was with us, let Israel say,

2. If it were not for the Lord, who was with us when people stood up against us,

3. Then they would have swallowed us alive when their anger flared up against us;

4. Then the waters would flood us, the stream would pass over our soul;

5. Then the seething waters would pass over our soul.

6. Blessed be the Lord, who has not given us as a prey to their teeth.

7. Our soul is like a bird escaping from the snare of bird-catchers - the snare is broken, and we are delivered.

8. Our help is in the name of the Lord, who created heaven and earth.

The interpretation of Psalm 123 (Midrash Tehillim CXX III ) of late origin explains thatYou are My witnesses, says Yahweh, and I am God (see Isaiah 43:12), that is, if you are My witnesses, I am God, but if you are not My witnesses, I'm not like God. And to Thee I lift my eyes, O Thou seated in heaven (see Ps. 123:1). This means that if I did not lift my eyes, You would not sit in heaven. In order to have “witnesses”, Yahweh chooses for Himself individual chosen ones and the entire “chosen people” - chooses, which is very important, by free will, referring to the equally free will of people and offering people a “contract” ” ...

Psalms 15 (120-134, which have a common inscription of the Song of Ascent (steps) (Hebrew שִׁיר הַמַּעֲלוֹת‎) the Levites sang at the time when they drew water from a deep well during the feast of Shemini atzeret. Then this water was poured onto the altar as a sacrifice. ..

To You I lift up my eyes, who lives in Heaven. Behold, as the eyes of a servant are in the hand of their masters, as the eyes of a servant are in the hand of their mistress, so are our eyes to the Lord our God, until He has mercy on us. Have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy on us, as if we were filled with humiliation in many ways, our souls were most filled with the reproach of those who gossip and the humiliation of the proud.

For if the Lord were not in us, let Israel say, if the Lord were not yet in us, when a man would rise up against us, for the living would have consumed us, when their wrath would be angry with us, because the water would drown us. Our soul has passed away, for our soul has passed away the impermanent water. Blessed be the Lord, who has not given us to be a trap by their teeth. Our soul, like a bird, get rid of the net of those who catch: break the net, and we will be delivered by the bykh. Our help is in the name of the Lord, Who created heaven and earth .

In the Orthodox tradition, the psalms chosen by the Hasidim for reading by Putin at the Wailing Wall correspond to psalms 122 and 123 ( see above ), and not at all 123 and 124, as many pastors, patriarchal news agencies, "lines" and some bloggers hastened to declare, positioning themselves as Orthodox. One can understand them: until recently, they in every way urged the parishioners of the Russian Orthodox Church from ambos, television, radio, magazines, newspapers and blogs to vote in the presidential elections forthe only Orthodox presidential candidate Putin ”, and their chosen one planted such a “pig in a yarmulke" 🙂

Not only did Putin put on a Jewish kippah, but he also prayed with the Hasidim at the Wailing Wall, as they have already chimed among the “chosen people”, not at all “for Russia and the peoples inhabiting it ”, but for “MOSHIACH” !

With what face will the confessor of Patriarch Kirill, Schema-Archimandrite Iliy (Nozdrin) , who personally called on February 24, 2012, “ vote for Putin and educate his flock in this spirit ” come out to the deceived believers: html

Until recently, obliging PR people from the Russian Orthodox Church extolled him in every way as " the main elder of our days ", apparently forgetting the completely wise answer of the elder Kirill, when he was asked in 1996 "are there any elders in our time?", to which Fr. Cyril (Pavlov) replied: “ I don’t know the elders, but there are old people .” Those who were lucky enough to visit Elder Kirill know how he grieves for the complete silence of the Church after the murder of Patriarch Alexy :

Putin Prays At Western Wall For Moshiach

6 Tamuz 5772 (26.06.2012)

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Western Wall overnight Tuesday. Putin arrived at the Western Wall at 2:00am, accompanied by his good friend and Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar , and by Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, the Rabbi of the Kotel.
Throughout the visit, Putin demonstrated curiosity, asked many questions on the history of the place, and spoke about the Jewish connection to the holy site: "You can see how the Jewish past is engraved in the Jerusalem stone," he said.
At the end of his visit he turned to one of the Russian Jews present and said: "I came here to pray that the temple should be rebuilt , and i wish that your prayers will be fullfilled."

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