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Putin answered question with Jewish joke


At the annual big press conference of the head of state, held on December 23, President Vladimir Putin again appealed to Jewish wisdom. When asked by a journalist why Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, unlike Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, does not go on vacation with the president, Putin replied with an "old Jewish joke." “Well, if we still take Mishustin with us – remember the old Jewish joke – who will stay in the shop, who will work?” Putin replied.

Note that in previous years, the President of Russia has repeatedly mentioned Jews and Israelis in public speeches. For example, Putin cited Jews as an example to Russians and Ukrainians, referred to the Torah in a discussion about the value of resources in the Valdai Club, praised"the wisdom of the Jewish people and their historical memory" in an interview, told an anecdote about the Israeli army at an energy forum meeting, and also used Hebrewand Yiddish phrases .