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Prime Minister Trudeau's Legacy So Far

I thought I would do one, large, article on Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, but I have already written several articles on him, and a compilation of these articles would not do them credit, so I have linked to them instead (below at the end of this article).

My thesis has always been that Trudeau is a “False Prince.” And Andrew Coyne, a neo-con National Post-turned-Globe and Mail (basically turning from right-left to outright left) journalist calls him "...a weird mixture of...occasional flower child child naivete and occasional just deep cynicism" with which I agree here that Trudeau's actions are "debacle" as much as "design," and even if I later mock him as a "Lisping Liberal" (and a False Prince), I say that "Trudeau is not as stupid as he seems." 

Some say that he came into politics backed by his Pere, the infamous Pierre Trudeau, who fathered an illegitimate child in his ripe old age of 71 years, through a hapless, stodgy mistress Deborah Coyne, lawyer and cousin of the Justin-Trudeau-Mocker journalist Andrew Coyne. It looks like Pierre was never able to duplicate the prettiness of his is (ex) wife Margaret, Justin’s mother,  even with the famous, but aesthetically challenging, Barbara Streisland. 

Pierre went to went to Cuba to meet Fidel when everyone else denounced the Commie, and took his wife and younger son, (the late) Michel with him, notwithstanding stories that Justin is Castro’s son, sparked by Margaret Trudeau’s rebellious First Ladyship. The four-year-old Justin stayed home.

But Justin went on to meet Cuba’s leaders on his own terms, as Canada’s PM, including an aging 90-year-old Fidel, in 2016. He went with the grit of a politician.

I wrote my articles (blog postings, most of them) linked below without the "deep cynicism" to coin Coyne's phrase, that Trudeau merits, really, but with the lightness of watching a strange creature hold the world's stage, with his movie-star looks, and a pretty wife and prettier children in tow. And their interchangeable public presence in fluent French and English, and Trudeau especially without a trace of an accent in either mode he choses.

But, Trudeau is aging. He let his hair gray out during the COVID Holiday, and his face is showing traces of that “deep cynicism” that his father evaded with the stern, angry look he maintained in his later years. Not tel pere, tel fils, after all. Justin may have returned with his black-turned-gray locks with that auburn hue that is characteristic of dyed black hair to avoid being pitch black, but, he may have reached the end of his leftist liberal road. His liberal leftist legacy is (mildly) hued with ethics and fiscal scandals, mostly kept away from public discourse, and nothing he can rebuff, as do most heads of state, in the gritty world of politics.

He will not be like Trudeau Pere, in the grandiose place that history will find for Pierre who twirled a pirouette behind (not before, or FOR) the Queen, in mockery. Justin will not even have the lite version. But his father will be next to him, nonetheless: Tel pere, tel fils, in the final analysis. Like father, like son.

Some postings of my writings below are short commentaries, other are re-postings of external articles with my own analyses or reactions, and others are full-length articles I've written. A few may only cite Trudeau once or twice, but the writing has him as some kind of focus, adding to them small insights and threads. Most are serious articles, and some not so-serious.

If I may be bold, they are an interesting bunch of articles, which create a portrait of a man who deigns to be the Prime Minster of Canada, and who has succeeded in staying somewhat in the limelight, while making serious, long-running, long-affecting, decisions on his country.

I am surprised I haven't posted more on Trudeau, but after around 2018, I decided that it's all been said, and that the rest is variations on a theme. I did the occasional posting since.

The latest with Trudeau is this  July 20, 2023 protest rally in Belleville Ontario.

Members of the group cited numerous complaints in their protest, including Trudeau’s inaction on foreign interference in elections, support for LGBTQ+, and high taxation

Again, to quote Coyne, Trudeau is "...a weird mixture of...occasional flower child child naivete and occasional just deep cynicism." The flower child is long gone, and the cynicism might now expose a deficiency in political maturity.

By, still, to which I repeat: "Trudeau is not as stupid as he seems."

Justin Trudeau will never have the panache, and audacity, of his father, who twirled a pirouette behind (not before, or FOR) the Queen, in mockery, when she came to visit the Commonwealth. Queen Elizabeth never visited Canada during Justin Trudeau's time, but he did make the visit to Buckingham Palace in 2022. The best Trudeau could do was make a lackluster  bow.

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Thanks for this, Kidist. Will add to the Trudeau dossier and Tweet out to followers: Justin Trudeau dossier

Well, Trudeau and his wife have split with divorce around the corner.

I wrote about Sophie Gregoire, and her aggressive, feminine, feminist approach to life, and her marriage here.

She must have been a difficult woman to be with, and for all of J. Trudeau's faults, I do feel sorry for him for those twenty years he spent with this woman.

"...there are times when she [Sophie] hates my job and she hates me for loving my job..." writes the PM in his 2014 memoir.