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Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Kabbalah

By Ester Kay
April 17, 2019

Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Kabbalah
Esther Kay, Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP, working with the subconscious), translated from Hebrew and processed a number of scientific data in the field of reincarnation taken from the Lurianic Kabbalah.

What is the connection between Kabbalah and NLP?

The fact is that Kabbalah operates with the concept of “Gilgul” (reincarnation) and “Tikkun” (correction as a result of reincarnation), and therefore, Kabbalah agrees with the postulate that at the subconscious level, the memory of the former is preserved, sometimes manifesting itself as a feeling or a behavioral reaction.

The subconscious tends to store everything experienced (according to NLP), and react in accordance with this experience of the past. When it encounters a similar phenomenon, it experiences similar feelings, and also translates them into conscious behavior.

A person steps on the same rake, experiences the same feelings, meets the same people, may even have the same letters of the name (with or without rearrangement) as in the previous incarnation.

If he managed to overcome the burden of the past and not make a mistake, then this will mean. that he made the tikkun. If not overcome, then the task will be repeated again, slightly varying and becoming more complicated.

Hagar - servant and concubine of Abraham

Take the example of Hagar. She was a slave, but not a simple, not an ordinary slave, initially being in the special status of a royal daughter, transferred to Abraham's "household" by virtue of an agreement between the Egyptian pharaoh and the world's first "Ivri" (Jew). She appreciated all the advantages of her position - to see angels, to be in Abraham's tent, to be involved in his great work - it was very honorable.

But then a personal selfish motive came into play. Hagar did not recognize Sarah's primacy over herself, and Isaac over Ishmael. She left the owners with a scandal, returned to Egypt, raised her son as a savage and a robber.

But in the next incarnation, she returned as a slave and concubine of Yishai. Yishai is the father of the future King David, but here it is necessary to explain what exactly happened before his conception and birth in the house of Yishai.

Yishai (or Isai) resided in Beit Lehem. He once doubted the “kosherness” of his origin. Yishai was Ruth's grandson. He decided that suddenly Ruth was not a real Jewess? He removed his Jewish wife, Nicevet, who bore him seven glorious sons at that time, and took on a non-Jewish servant. She took pity on her mistress, who suddenly fell into disfavor, and exchanged with her at her request for one night. Yishai did not know who he was with, and later rumors spread that Nicevet was pregnant.

She had a son, David. Thus, the former slave Hagar in her new incarnation made a great correction, eliminating her ego before the request of her mistress.

Thus a great miracle took place, and Hagar served the Jewish people.

At the level of NLP, the soul of Hagar felt what was required of her, and heeded her inner voice. I didn’t become arrogant, I didn’t become proud, I didn’t repeat past mistakes.

This is told in the book of Rabbi Menachem Azariah of Panno called "The Book of Reincarnations of Souls", where Hagar is listed at number 47 in alphabetical order, as in an encyclopedia, which this book, in fact, is.