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Murdered Russian woman found raped and with her eyes gouged out

Dec. 20, 2023

On the shore of Lake Rabinovskoye in the Bogorodsky urban district of the Moscow region, a girl with gouged out eyes and signs of rape was found; volunteers had been looking for her since December 16, when she left home after a quarrel with her mother. This was reported by the SHOT Telegram channel.

On Saturday morning, 27-year-old Christina had a fight with her 62-year-old mother, with whom she lived in an apartment in Kuzminki. After leaving home, she stopped communicating, and her concerned mother contacted the police to report her missing.

Volunteers found the girl at night. Both eyes were gouged out and his trousers were pulled down to his knees. A bank card was missing from her purse. The body has been sent for examination.

The police are carrying out operational measures to establish the circumstances of the incident.

On December 4 , it was reported that in Ingushetia the police were trying to find out the identity of a woman found without signs of life in a vacant lot. Law enforcement agencies were called by a local resident who was collecting rose hips on the Altievsky field and discovered her.