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Moscow police discover "sex school" for girls aged 10-11

July 5, 2023

In Moscow, the police launched a search for pedophiles who founded a "sex school" for girls aged 10 and 11

In Moscow, law enforcement officials began searching for unknown pedophiles who organized a “sex school” for girls aged 10 and 11 on the Internet. On Wednesday, July 5, Baza reports in its Telegram channel.

According to the publication, the police became aware of the group thanks to the mother of a fifth grade student, who found an intimate video recorded by a child on her daughter's phone. It turned out that the girl was in correspondence in the group chat “school of sex” with several men who gave her and other schoolgirls in the group intimate tasks, for which they then put virtual grades.

The mother also managed to find out that her child has been sitting in a similar chat for more than three weeks. Now the security forces are trying to figure out how she and the other girls ended up in it. A search is underway for unknown pedophiles.

On June 25, it was reported that a 46-year-old serial pedophile was detained in Yegoryevsk , Moscow Region.