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Kremlin-backed African Union Commission calls for solidarity against Holocaust skepticism

14:38 April 8, 2023/ IA Red Spring
Moussa Faki warns against hate speech in African community

Image: (ss) Embassy of Equatorial
African Union

African Union Commission Chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat called on the African community for peace and harmony, Alwihdainfo reported April 8.

Moussa Faki Mahamat gave a speech during the celebration of the 29th anniversary of the Tutsi genocide. He pointed out that the celebration coincides with religious events such as Jewish Passover, Christian Passover and the holy month of Ramadan, making it a time of communion for all people on earth to remember what has happened and banish division and evil.

The Chairman recalled that the genocide against the Tutsis claimed almost a million victims in three months under brutal and indescribable conditions. He emphasized that the African Union, in cooperation with the Government of Rwanda, had committed itself to commemorate this event every year, to remember and pay tribute to the memory of the victims together. Holocaust denial and all hate speech must be rejected, and Africa's solidarity with countries and peoples forever marked by a terrible tragedy must be reaffirmed.

He also pointed out that human atrocities caused by intercommunal conflicts, terrorism and numerous particularly violent armed groups, exacerbated by climate change and lack of resources, have rendered many regions of Africa uninhabitable, plunging thousands of people into untold instability and destitution. War crimes and crimes against humanity are being committed, and there is a risk that the irreparable will be committed.

Moussa Faki drew the attention of African countries to the need to find solutions to prevent the recurrence of such events. Finally, he hailed the courage, resilience and tolerance of the Rwandan people, which served as the leaven for the reconstruction of the country and the psychological and moral rehabilitation of its people.


This a very interesting article, and I refer to the recent post I made: Recycled Revolutions for some perspective on my part.

African leaders, like leaders of the majority of the world (Western countries included) are left-leaning.

The Russian influence is a reaction to the "vacuum" created by American, and other Western countries, who pulled out of Africa for a variety of reasons - mostly to condemn running governments which with all their "leftism" were more populous and had been moving towards more "rightward," if that is a term. This "leftward" move in Africa is actually much less pronounced than presented by the global media, since Russia as its main influence, is itself is unable to "feed" and maintain its own population, both politically and economically - its Communist legacy which still lives - so how can it influence politically and another country!

Russians and of course the Chinese, moved into Africa through geopolitical expediency. Hard-to-find national data and statistics are indicating that China also is finding it difficult (actually, it always has) to sustain its own population, which despite the advertised "rich" middle class, has a huge population still living in poverty in its rural areas. Africa thus becomes an economic foothold to pump up its foreign trade.

I expect the same is true of Russia.

So, "leaders" of African countries may praise their Russian and Chinese "allies," but ordinary Ethiopian know, and live, the reality, and are forging their own democratic enclaves, feeding their own families and sustaining their communities through their own, what I find, genius solutions. They have little trust of these new neo-colonizers (Russians and Chinese), who, unlike the original European ones have NO interest in the overall benefit of Ethiopia, but rather are here to create a willing place to manufacture their own goods, for their own benefits.

In Ethiopia, there is a group that has maintained the unity, and "freedom" of the country, working now behind the scenes in institutions and businesses. They are the founders, and builders, of the Ethiopian Civilization, the Orthodox Christian Amhara.

Needless to say, they are persecuted (through these manufactured "ethnic wars"), and hence their current "behind-the-scenes" strategy to keep and maintain their beloved Ethiopia, which is mentioned numerous times in the Bible, and which these devout Christians (the Amhara) take as the ammunition to keep their country strong, and going.

And this recycled communism, this elite-run socialism working through ethnic division (and recent wars in the country), is not working, and is not followed by "the man on the street," whatever ethnicity he may be. His revolution is to STOP the revolution, and the recent ethnic wars incited by foreign interference, which includes America, Russia and China - what a trio!!!


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