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Japan's ambassador to Israel signs petition to accept Noahide laws

"Reception of the Kingdom" convention at Yod Shavat 

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About three thousand Chassidim crowded the Culture Hall in Tel Aviv last Tuesday, for the "Reception of the Kingdom" gathering, which stood for the special work of actualizing revelation in the world. The successful gathering organized by the Association for Redemption led by Rabbi Zamroni Tsik , evoked many echoes in the Ansh communities and attracted diverse media teams to the Tel Aviv hall.

The thousands who came were promoted by the Redemption and Messiah Fair, where a wide variety of brochures, books and advertising products about the Gospel of Redemption were offered to the public. The huge public begins to fill the hall, while in the meantime a mass evening prayer is held there.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Harel opens the gathering with words of blessing, and explains the special merit of the day and the reason for the gathering. Rabbi Welvel Kesselman makes an impact in Kfar Chabad by reading together with the public the chapter of the Psalms of Rabbi Melech Moshiach Shalita.

The audience rose to their feet in holy prayer, while Rabbi Ben Zion Cohen - influential in the "Or Tamimim" Yeshiva in KPA - invited Rabbi King Moshiach Shalita to the gathering. The orchestra breaks into the tune of "Long live our Lord" and a huge circle forms at the front of the hall, while the rabbis and those sitting at the president's table also dance on the stage with Moshiach flags in their hands. After a long hour of happy tunes accompanied by Robbie Bennett's orchestra , and the Hasidic singers Rabbi Avraham Jacobs and Rabbi Israel Jarofi, the people take their places and silence returns to the hall. Rabbi Levy Yitzchak Ginzburg is invited to repeat "Daver Malchut", a sacred talk of the KK Admor the King of the Messiah in connection with the virtue of today and the time we are in. After him comes the messenger of the Rebbe the King of the Messiah in Japan who came especially to the gathering of Rabbi Binyamin Adrei , when he recounts amazing miracles that take place in the land of his mission. At the end of his speech, he invites the Japanese ambassador to Israel to speak, the ambassador speaks in English and thanks the Chabad House for its blessed activity in Japan, at the end of his speech, he signs the petition to accept the kingdom and fulfill the 7 mitzvot of Noah's sons. 12 Hamad children come up to the stage to recite the verses along with the audience who applauds them, and others Rabbi Gedaliah Axelrod Rabbi of Haifa delivers an instructive essay about the prophecy of the Rebbe King of the Messiah of Lithuania, and the obligation to obey the words of his Holiness. It should be noted that 6 ambassadors of countries (Poland, Latvia, Mexico, Panama, Ghana and Japan) came to participate At the huge gathering, and in the special program prepared for them by Rabbi Boaz Kelly , head of the '7 Mitzvot Bnei Noah' headquarters. Rabbi Kelly gives short talks, after which a short film specially prepared about the importance of observing the mitzvot of the sons of Noah will be shown on the screens. After that, the ambassadors stand up and to the applause of the audience sign the special petition that was placed on the stage, which calls for fulfilling the mitzvot of Bnei Noah and accepting the reign of the Rebbe of Israel as the King of the Messiah. Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Wilshansky, head of the Chabad yeshiva in Safed and Haifa and a member of the USA Bonds K, welcome to the podium.

Yeshiva head and rabbi of the Chabad community in Kiryat Shmuel to read the special ruling that the Rebbe the King of Mashiach Shalita must be revealed at this very moment.

Silence prevails in the hall when the moderator invites the man who stands behind the huge gathering, the messenger of the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlita to Bat Yam and the chairman of the Association for Redemption Rabbi Zamroni Tsik . Rabbi Tsik delivers a fiery speech about the obligation of the seventh generation to bond, he calls on those present to strengthen their simple faith in the words of the Rebbe the King of the Messiah Shalita, and not to let go of the firm grip on this belief. A ruler".

The audience did not remain indifferent to the honest words, and broke into a mighty 'Long live our Lord' song that lasted a long time and skyrocketed. Rabbi Avraham ben-Shimon recites lines to the character of Rabbi Bnei Taub , in whose memory the gathering was dedicated, after which Rabbi Ofer Danino tells an amazing story that happened to him in recent times thanks to Rabbi King Moshiach Shlita.

The moderator provides brief explanatory words about the essence of a day, and tells about the acceptance of the presidency by Rabbi Shalita the King of the Messiah, and about the engagement letter to which Rabbi Meir Ashkenazi was a partner and invites his grandson Rabbi Chaim Ashkenazi to be the rabbi of the Chabad community in Tel Aviv and influence theyeshiva Chabad Or Yehuda. Rabbi Ashkenazi stands in his words on accepting the presidency of the Rebbe the King of the Messiah, and links it to this day when we must accept the reign of the Rebbe of the Messiah the King willingly and renewing on Rosh Hashanah to engage. During the gathering, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Glochovsky came. Chabad community in Rehovot and deputy secretary of the Chabad Rabbinical Court in HaK. Rabbi Gluchovsky talks about the importance of uniting around the prophecy of Rabbi Shalita the King of the Messiah about the coming redemption, he spices his words with excerpts from the letters of the Rabbi Shalita the King of the Messiah and many parables, and explains that the love of Israel is the power to bring about the revelation of the Rabbi Shalita the King of the Messiah and the true and complete redemption and concludes with the holy proclamation "Long live our Lord". On the giant screens the image of the Rebbe the King of the Messiah is projected, on a special tape produced by "Seeing our King" in honor of the gathering, those present watch the holy talks on matters of redemption and Messiah. Hebron man Baruch Marzel speaks on the burning issue of the completion of the Holy Land, and tells about the life of the Jews in the ancestral city of Hebron. The moderator reads the decisions of the conference to those present and invites Rabbi Israel Halperin, Rabbi of the Chabad community in Herzliya, to sign the conference. Rabbi Halperin speaks about the great importance and responsibility of accepting the reign of the Rebbe, the King of the Messiah, in renewed life and ends with the holy proclamation "Long live our Lord" that the congregation holds after him. The many participants left the tremendous and impressive gathering strengthened, by making good decisions and methods of action in the special work of working out the revelation in practice In the world, the Chabad portal system presents a photo gallery by the king's photographer, Eli Yona . To watch a video clip from Rabbi Zamroni Tsik's speech, click here .

The 12 verses

Rabbi Glochovsky and Rabbi Tzik

Rabbi Pizm

Rabbi Ginzburg

Rabbi Gluchovsky

Rabbi Ashkenazi

Rabbi Kelly

Rabbi Halperin

Rabbi Tsik

Ambassador of Japan in Israel

Rabbi Tsik with the Japanese ambassador. From the left: Rabbi Adrai

Rabbi Baruch Marzel