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Japan holds first Noahide wedding

By D. Belyaev
June 20, 2023

First time in Japan: Noahide wedding!
Congratulations to the Noahide community from Kyoto, Japan! On June 18, for the first time in Japan, a wedding was celebrated in accordance with Jewish law for the Bnei Noah community. The groom gave the ring to the bride with the words: “Here, you are dedicated to me according to the laws of Moshe, according to the laws of the descendants of Noah ... I undertake to lead my life in accordance with the Torah, according to the laws of the Noahids.” Lubavitcher Rebbe SHLITA King Moshiach proclaims: "Proclaiming the unity of G-d among the peoples of the world is preparing the world for the coming of Moshiach."

When the Noahids wanted to get married, they came to Rabbi Binyamin Edrei with a question about how they could become husband and wife according to the Torah given to Moshe Rabbeinu. They asked, “How can we get married? Not like Christians and not like Shinto.”

In our holy Torah there is an indication and an answer to the sons of Noah, who teach us how to lead our lives, down to the smallest detail, with the knowledge that G-d is watching and animating us at every moment. The Jewish community and numerous tourists who were present at this event shed tears of delight and repeated: “Such an event, this is indeed the time of Moshiach!”

The most exciting moment was the joint statement of the bride and groom under the chuppah about the observance and fulfillment of the 7 commandments of the sons of Noah in Japanese.