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Israeli firm developing fruit-picking robots

Fruit Picking Robots Coming Soon

By D. Belyaev
July 11, 2023

Israeli firm Tevel Aerobotics Technologies is building drones that move from tree to tree, picking only ripe fruits and stacking them neatly. According to the company's official announcements, their fruit picking robots will be on sale soon and will be able to completely free farmers from hard work while harvesting on time. Autonomous fruit picking robots are able to work 24 hours a day during the harvest season without interruption. Of course, they are created on the basis of advanced technologies: artificial intelligence, advanced computer components and sensors that distinguish ripe fruits from unripe ones. With the help of a mechanical manipulator, they carefully pick the fruit from the tree and put them in a shipping container.

Due to the lack of seasonal workers on farms, fruits can spoil very quickly on trees or on the ground, which is why farmers lose billions of dollars. Drones are controlled by an application, providing the farmer with fresh data and analytics. The app tracks metrics such as the number and weight of fruits harvested, pesticide effectiveness, and yields in different parts of the garden. This can then be used for better irrigation management, disease control, faster packing and harvesting.

Currently, drones, while still improving, can harvest crops at a rate comparable to human labor. The drones of the Israeli company Tevel will not be available for sale directly to farmers, but through suppliers. The price will change according to the number of required robots. The technology may be costly, but it solves labor shortages and provides data-driven insights that offer farmers significant cost savings.

This news testifies to the early onset of the era of Liberation, when Jews will not have to do physical work at all, including in agriculture, and the Almighty will provide the people of Israel with everything necessary for existence. In the future, the ways of growing and harvesting may be completely changed. We will ask for the speedy revelation of the Lubavitcher Rebbe SHLITH King Moshiach right now and the onset of true and complete Liberation for the entire Jewish people in the goodness and mercy of the Almighty!

We remind you that every non-Jew can change himself for the better. It is enough to listen to the instructions of the Lubavitcher Rebbe SHLITH King Moshiach for non-Jews and accept the fulfillment of the 7 commandments that Moshe Rabbeinu received on Mount Sinai for all other nations along with the 10 commandments that he received for the people of Israel. The peaceful coexistence of other peoples together with the Jewish people in a prosperous world definitely pleases the Almighty, because non-Jews follow His instructions. If non-Jews keep the 7 commandments, they can be rewarded with even greater blessings from the Creator.