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Iraqi tried to gouge out eyes of Russian girl for refusing to continue relationship

Student accuses ex-boyfriend of assault — Photo: E1.RU reader

Dec. 4, 2023

Ekaterinburg resident Daria Zarubina became a victim of an attack by her ex-boyfriend. She told E1.RU that a couple of weeks ago she was returning home, where Iraqi citizen Jafar Kanaan was guarding her. UrFU students dated for a year and a half, and, according to Daria, there was an emotional swing in the relationship, the guy offended her, the couple constantly got together and diverged. In September 2023, the girl put an end to the relationship. Then Jafar began to pursue her.

“He had tracked me down at the institute before, hacked my pages and threatened to leak intimate photos to the Internet. And on November 15, I arrived home in the evening on Dorozhnaya Street, took the elevator and noticed that it was standing in a nook near my apartment. I tried to run to the stairs, but my ex caught up with me on the common balcony, threw me to the floor, tried to gouge out my eye and began to choke me. I screamed and fought back, biting his hands when he covered my mouth and nose so that I wouldn’t breathe. He was very drunk, he said: “You will remain like this forever and will never get married,” Daria explained in a conversation with E1.RU.

Daria managed to calm her attacker down only when she promised that everything would be fine in the relationship if he stopped tormenting her and helped. The guy called a taxi to the hospital and took the girl to the car. A neighbor passing by noticed that Dasha was bleeding from her eye, she whispered “Help,” and the neighbor stopped. The woman managed to drive the guy away, saying that the victim would not go anywhere with him. As a result, the guy got into the taxi alone, and the student was left to wait for the ambulance and the police.

They tried to gouge out Dasha's eye

They tried to gouge out Dasha's eye

Photo: E1.RU reader


“I was hospitalized in hospital No. 23 , the doctors immediately asked if I needed to report to the police, I answered: of course yes. During the week that I was in the hospital, the police never came to me, so after discharge I myself wrote a statement to the main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Sverdlovsk region,” Daria noted. — Jafar didn’t contact me personally, but he created fake pages on VKontakte and Telegram with my intimate photos and videos, some of which he took when I didn’t even know. From these pages he was added to me and my friends. All my documents, data, insurance, and phone numbers of my relatives are published there. He also called my mother and was silent on the phone.

Daria added that she left for her hometown - Khanty-Mansiysk, because she believes that it is dangerous for her to be in Yekaterinburg now.

Dasha's friends, in order to draw attention to the investigation, recorded a video message, which collects thousands of views on social networks. The victim’s friend Artem turned to the head of the Safe Internet League, Ekaterina Mizulina, where he spoke about the situation.

Just a little more and the video will load
An acquaintance of Dasha recorded a video message to Mizulina. There he spoke about the leaking of intimate photos and personal data

Video: E1.RU reader

- Already at work. I asked for documents. We will send an appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Cases of harassment of girls by young men and threats against them are not uncommon. Be careful. A number of requests for help and accountability were sent to law enforcement agencies this year,” Mizulina said.

The Yekaterinburg police reported that, based on the girl’s statement, officers from police department No. 12 conducted an investigation . Daria was sent to undergo a forensic medical examination to determine the severity of the harm to her health, but to date she has not passed the examination, because of this it is impossible to establish the fact of causing bodily harm.

“The second participant in the conflict also appealed to the internal affairs bodies with a statement about threats and slander; an investigation is also being carried out against this woman, which is under the control of the head of the territorial police department, based on the results of which an informed procedural decision will be made,” the police said.

Daria herself clarified that she was not given a referral for a forensic examination. The district police officer told the girl that she needed to go through the procedure over the phone.

— Naturally, the district police officer didn’t give me a direction. I already wrote a second application in Khanty-Mansiysk to get a referral for an examination. But two weeks after the attack, the eye had already begun to heal; the medical expert, in principle, didn’t really see anything,” the girl explained.

Now Daria has gone home to Khanty-Mansiysk, because it is not safe for her in Yekaterinburg

Now Daria has gone home to Khanty-Mansiysk, because it is not safe for her in Yekaterinburg

Photo: E1.RU reader


In addition, the victim contacted UrFU, telling about the situation with the foreign student. The university confirmed to E1.RU that the situation will be considered by a disciplinary commission.

“The girl is receiving the necessary help; the university contacted law enforcement agencies. The situation will be reviewed by the disciplinary commission as soon as possible,” noted the press service of UrFU.

Jafar could not be reached at the time of publication. We are ready to publish his version of what happened.

Let us remind you that on November 30, Ekaterinburg resident Igor Balakin was shot in the face . That evening, a master's student at the Faculty of Journalism at UrFU was on his way to classes at the building on Lenin Avenue, 51. A previously convicted guy wanted to extract money from Igor, and as a result of the conflict, he fired a pneumatic pistol six times. A criminal case was opened against the shooter under the article “Attempted Murder . ” He is in custody.