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If a celebrity wears a red thread, know that something is wrong

07/26/12, 03:34
About the singer - scandalist Madonna recently talks and writes a lot. Opponents call her a blasphemer, a person without depth, attacking spirituality, naked, shallow, a whore. Right, right .... However, is it really just that? Is it empty thoughtlessness, cheap dazzling with the scandal of a silly blonde, or is there a method in this madness? What does the red thread on her wrist mean?

How Madonna got into the cabal

According to the Polish dictionary of phraseological compounds: " to get involved (get involved, get someone into the cabalage, get into trouble); to put (someone) at risk; getting involved (someone) in a difficult situation. (...) in colloquial language, the word "Kabbalah" began to denote a situation that is unclear, complicated, and dangerous. "

Kabbalah (Hebrew  קבלה - receiving, receiving) is quite a serious phenomenon in Judaism. This article is not about Kabbalah as a certain way of interpreting scriptures by Jews, used since antiquity in various currents of its spirituality, but about a specific religious relationship, sometimes called "red thread magic", because its followers can be identified by the red thread worn on the left wrist.

" Madonna is eager to talk about how she ended up at the Kabbalah Center and under what circumstances she was enlightened by the" truth "that could change her life. So the pop star talks about her doubts:" I was looking for something. I started practicing yoga and was still looking for answers on how to live. Why? am I here? What am I doing here? Where am I going? I know there are more important goals in life than making a lot of money and being successful, and even than getting married and starting a family. " (…) “I was pregnant with my daughter and I went to a party where I heard someone talking about Kabbalah. This turned out to be the answer to all my questions . " entry there took place in 1996, and public demonstrations of her ties with this movement lasted until the declaration of departure in mid-2011. 15 years is a really long time considering the volatility of the world of light art. This is a very serious background to her activities.

The newspapers sometimes report on Madonna's religious life if she does something spectacular: "The Madonna flew to Israel on September 15, the Eve of Rosh Hashanah. She showed up with husband Guy Ritchie and a dozen New York VIPs, including fashion designer Donna Karan and ex-wife of Donald Trump, model Marla Maples. Due to the late hour, the singer's private jet welcomed only fifteen fans at Tel Aviv airport. A much larger group accompanied the artist during her visit to the tomb of the biblical Rachel in Bethlehem. The reporters, as recommended by the organizers of this five-day visit, were dressed in white and did not take notes or send correspondence. Because Madonna's trip to Israel was not ordinary. It was not the pop star who came to the concerts (incidentally, at the beginning of the year, the singer's three announced performances did not take place for safety reasons),",19084,1,1.html

What is this "cabal into which" Madonna got stuck?
The trait of Judaism is that it is very difficult to define what is basically "Orthodox Judaism", there has never been and never will be an institution absolutely deciding what is orthodoxy. It is not and will not be as clear as with Catholics that there is a Pope, and in the Vatican a doctrinal congregation issuing unquestionable documents. Each of the currents of Judaism is signed by a rabbi who proclaims this teaching, and the correctness of views is always verified "according to" some authority in which there are contradictions, major and minor schools, currents. Someone unfamiliar with this intimidating confusion, like me, should probably settle for information that what Madonna got involved in is preached by a rabbi named Michael Berg, born in 1973. This man runs a religious association called "Kabbalah Center ", in which his mother Karen Berg plays a large role, father Philip Berg (who reportedly received a classical rabbinical education before going his own way) and older brother Yehud Berg. The head office is in Los A.ngeles in California, USA, Their official websites are and , a Kabbalistic university. Kabbalah Center was founded in the United States in 1965. In Poland, the institution operates under the name "Kabbalah Center Foundation" "Kabbalah Center is an educational non-profit organization with a network of 50 offices around the world. In Poland, the Kabbalah Center has been operating as the Kabbalah Center Foundation since 2004. He studies, interprets and disseminates knowledge about Kabbalah. Thanks to this science, the written message of which dates back to antiquity, regardless of our faith, race, origin or political preferences, we become conscious builders of the reality that surrounds us, that is, our own fate . " The Foundation publishes books such as "The Power of Kabbalah", "Red Thread. Power of Protection ”and“ You Can Change Anything ”are distributed via the Empik website.

It can probably be generalized that the difference from the traditional ways of understanding Kabbalah, and what the Kabbalah Center does, lies in the fact that what has traditionally been considered initiation available to the very advanced, the Kabbalah Center disseminates to those who pay almost immediately what outrages traditional rabbis. The initiation was made a commercial simplified product that is relatively easy to reach for. The doctrine proclaims the supremacy of Kabbalah over great religions, Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam, says a lot about the symbolism of light, removing the spiritual shells "klippot" and opening the sixth sense, which is the gateway to knowing 99% of reality, of which we know only 1% as uninitiated. Followers believe in reincarnation and astrology, and drink energized water.

How serious is this institution? "Recognized by the US tax authorities as a church institution, the Center is not required to file a CIT, and no one knows exactly what its actual income is from tuition fees, from selling Kabbalah books and discs, bottles filled with "healing" water, and red threads to protect against charms. There is no doubt, however, that the modern cabal-business of Rabbi Berg is one of the most profitable undertakings of our century. Numerous imitations, some led by Hasidim, others constituting a private initiative of rabbis and pseudo-rabbis who advertised themselves on the Internet, do not live up to his heels. At their Los Angeles headquarters, the Bergs have 75 employees, not counting the many volunteers who answer phones, clean rooms, and sell Kabbalistic literature in commerce door to door.  The Teaching Center branches are scattered throughout the major cities of the United States, operating in Canada, Mexico, and France, and recently also in the oldest district of Israel's Sephad. Three years ago, Rabbi Berg purchased for 4.5 million dollars. office space in Tel Aviv; there is a center that oversees the company's operations in four Israeli cities. The local director, Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg, claims that he has 10,000 a year. students. ",1,moda-na-


The red thread

The need for a red thread is motivated by the words from the book Zohar " A person with the Evil Eye carries a destructive, negative power, called the destroyer of the world, people should protect themselves from it, keep away from such a person so as not to be hurt by it " - Book of Zohar I , p. 68b. "

The amulet of this simplified Kabbalah is the red thread called "Rachel's thread". The original, licensed thread was wrapped around Rachel's tomb in Bethlehem. It is distributed both individually and in bundles with energized water and promotional materials, it is an important source of income for Kabbalistic centers. It can be maliciously said that, in short, her message from our celebrity is most likely as follows: "I have a lot of money and I'm in a relationship with big stars in show business, moreover, I'm so deep that you have no idea how." A website promoting Kabbalah in Polish, not directly related to the religious movement of Rabbi Berg , provides a more veiled explanation: "Where can you buy Rahaeli thread, red thread and how to wear it? Do you need a ceremony? As for the red thread, you should know that no Kabbalistic text speaks about Our world, but about the inner - Spiritual world, and anyone who tries to force the Spiritual world to react with the actions of our world will have a failure in this, and for that can get in a lot of trouble. This is how the teaching came into hiding, as people began to take the directions literally, or apply them to the material world. And if you have heard of something in places other than this, know that it does not necessarily have to be true, and an excuse to manipulate the naive human mind, I hope you will feel it inside. But to satisfy your curiosity, the words "red thread" have reference to specific sfirot (spiritual object), that is, rather, the limitation of the spread of light into sefirot which have a memory of impurity. Thus, part of the spiritual object does not receive lights, but also does not descend to the unclean forces."

The website made by the Kabbalah Foundation tells us something more specific: "Red Thread - protection against the evil eye, The red thread (Red String) protects us from the influence of the evil eye. The evil eye is a very powerful negative force. It refers to the hostile stares that are sometimes directed towards us by the people around us. Jealous eyes and evil looks act on us, stopping us from realizing our full potential in every aspect of life. According to Kabbalah, the need to confront these negative influences cannot be underestimated. People who underestimate this and do not activate the protective shield through positive and proactive actions will eventually become victims. Kabbalah teaches us that we can remove these unwanted negative influences, and moreover, we have the potential to wipe out negativity forever. The power of the eye,

Rachel and the red threadThe red thread has been used as a protection tool for centuries. The technology of obtaining it, which was developed by the sages, is that this thread is wrapped around the grave of the great Mother Rachel in Israel. The thread is then cut into pieces and worn around the left wrist. In Kabbalah, the left hand is considered the receiving hand both at the level of the body and at the level of the soul. By wearing this thread on the left wrist, we can get a living connection with the protective energies surrounding Rachel's tomb. It also helps you use your protective energy at any time. Kabbalists believe that by seeking the light of holy persons like Rachel, we can use their power to help. Rachel represents the physical world we live in. Her greatest desire is to protect from evil and defend all her children.

" INSTRUCTIONS It would be good for the person who will tie you a red thread, the person you love and respect, and it would be ideal if you love her or have the best contact with this person.

Here is the instruction on how to tie Rachel's red thread: 1.Tie one loose knot on the wrist of the left hand 2.Then we tie 6 more knots so that the total number of knots is 7. 3.After tying the knots, the person who tied the thread says the text BEN PORAT , which is on each package of Thread. BEN PORAT is a prayer against the influence of the evil eye. "


Acceptance of Kabbalah by celebrities

According to Wikipedia, the following famous people identified themselves with the Kabbalah Center in their time, this list is of course not complete and variable, because people come and go: Lindsay Lohan, Roseanne Barr, Sandra Bernhard, Anthony Kiedis, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Mick Jagger , Jerry Hall, Lucy Liu, Pierre Lewis, Alex Rodriguez, Rosie O'Donnell, Naomi Campbell, Donna Karan, Elizabeth Taylor, Mischa Barton, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, James Van Der Beek, Heather McComb. In Poland, Maryla Rodowicz, Kayah, Aneta Kręglicka, Katarzyna Figura, Maria Wiktoria Wałęsa, Otylia Jędrzejczak, Agnieszka Maciąg appeared in Poland with the red thread.

The threads of these threads are followed by gossip portals, which rarely ventures into, but today it will do for research purposes: cite e.g. message from 24- 02-09 "Maria Wałęsa like Madonna ”“ When Maria Wałęsa recently appeared at the premiere of the film in the company of Edyta Herbuś and her boyfriend, everyone could see a red thread tied around the wrist of the former presenter's daughter. Wałęsa studies Kabbalah. He does not deny his practices or ashamed, he even thinks that this "teaching" does not interfere with the Christian faith. - Thanks to it, I can say that I am calmer and more distant. I see my future and my life more clearly - explains Wałęsa his interest in Kabbalah. Maria Wiktoria also finds a grateful listener of her teachings in her friend - Edyta Herbuś, whom she gave a symbolic red thread. The dancer wears it, but stipulates that she does not study Kabbalah. He carries the gift "for good luck". Wałęsa thus joined the group of other "female fans"

"I received the thread three years ago in Florida from Madonna's manager," Maryla Rodowicz confessed in one of the interviews. During this stay, she listened to a lecture by Madonna guru Philip Berg. When she fell ill with her throat during the festival in Sopot, the Kabbalah Center gave her two bottles of miraculous water (a liter costs about PLN 18, it is only available on the Internet). The pain subsided, but Rodowicz claims that the Kabbalah did not engage her at all, because he does not treat it as a religion, but as a philosophy of life. Otylia Jędrzejczak received the bracelet from a friend. When asked about her, she said: “I am a Catholic. I go to church. It is said that wearing a thread brings God's blessing. "

" Kayah is one of the greatest artists in our country (...)" She gives a few percent of her earnings to Kabbalists. She believes that the red thread will provide her with good energy and will not allow her and her loved ones to be hurt ”- she adds. (...) Kayah sacrificed her relationship with Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka for the sect: "He left when he realized that the Kabbalah was the most important for Kaśka." Currently, the artist does not want to be associated with anyone. She claims that she has finally found her spiritual path and peace. Pomponik

More examples and photos


Abandoning Kabbalah by celebrities

In May 2011, the tabloids repeated "Madonna has abandoned Kabbalah". Her reluctance to sponsor this confession was to appear after the financial scandal, when the money for the construction of a charity center in Malawi disappeared, for which she allocated considerable sums,76842,9382904,Madonna_oszukana_przez____kabale.html many have been an ardent supporter of the Kabbalah and turn to the Catholic Church anew.  Although she has performances on the cross with a crown of thorns on her head, the singer hopes that she will be able to return to his lap. She is primarily interested in Opus Dei. According to reports from the Daily Mirror, Madonna spent almost the entire Friday at Opus Dei in London.Madonna began to discover other religions. She has always been intrigued by Opus Dei. She is not a member at the moment, she is at the stage of talks  - says an informant of the British newspaper. ",46670,news,1,1,madonna-rzua-kabale,artykul.html It would be beautiful if Madonna actually began to imitate the only true Madonna, the Blessed Virgin Mary. However, this did not happen, because something cannot be seen of this conversion ...


There must be something red from the charm?

Since childhood, I have heard Catholic women wailing over prams in the park. "There must be something red from the charm! Because someone will charm such a beautiful baby "Are they aware that they propagate Jewish magic, the influence of which has long existed in our culture, especially in dark villages?

Natalia Kaniewska

Statement by Fr. dr. Bogusław Jaworowski - a Catholic exorcist with charms.