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Gazprom, offshore companies, and Jewish Kabbalah

Avsholum Yunaev left an offshore cabalistic trace in a high-profile bribery case?


Gazprom, offshore companies, and Jewish Kabbalah

Avsholum Yunaev gained control over the Gazprom avtomatizatsiya company mentioned in the bribery case in 2014. The company was one of the leading contractors of Gazprom, receiving billions of dollars in contracts: it participated in construction work at the Orsk Oil Refinery, in laying the Power of Siberia gas pipeline to China, in developing the Kirinskoye field, etc. As the RBC portal noted  , since the purchase by Yunaev, the company's revenue has exceeded 120 billion rubles .

In the spring of 2019, Gazprom began to return the once sold out contractors, uniting them within the newly formed holding Gazstroyprom . Among others,  Arkady Rotenberg  's Stroygazmontazh , Gennady Timchenko  's Stroytransneftegaz   and Gazprom avtomatizatsiya were bought out . The cost of the latter was estimated by experts  at 7 billion rubles .

But Yunaev did not remain without "gas" contracts. Informpromtekhnologiya LLC , which belonged to him , specializing in the wholesale trade in equipment, received contracts  from Gazprom structures for more than 1 billion rubles . At the end of 2021, the company declared a  profit  of 53 million rubles  on a revenue of 914 million . And last April the firm was liquidated; what caused it is anyone's guess.

Immediately after the return of Crimea to Russia, the businessman registered a number of commercial structures on the peninsula. Among them are unprofitable Crocus LLC  and Krylan LLC , subsequently sold  by them to Horizon-Service , which was described  as a "technical firm" of Sberbank , used in the region to circumvent sanctions. Auction LLC, which was among the co-owners  of Gorizont-Service,  was indeed affiliated  with a credit institution through  Germes LLC , which has now been liquidated .

No less interesting is the deal for the sale by Yunaev of the Moscow  LLC Absolut Invest,which is engaged in renting and managing property . In 2020, the company's profit amounted to 2.6 million rubles  with a revenue of 27.8 million . But in August last year, the new  owner of the  enterprise was a legal entity whose name speaks for itself - Autonomous non-profit organization (ANO) "Center for the Study of Kabbalah" . As a result, in 2021 the company went into the red: with a revenue of 26.7 million rubles  , it declared losses  in the amount of 3.4 million . The value  of assets also decreased: from 107.5 million  to 79.6 million rubles .

One can only guess what caused such a sharp decline in financial indicators - the abuse of Kabbalistic rituals or the banal withdrawal of finances. Moreover, Absolut Invest itself turned out to be affiliated with an offshore: Elena Dobrynina , who was the general director of the company until September last year,  simultaneously manages and is one of  the founders  of Sirius LLC ,  co-owned by the SIDELRING LIMITED  company registered in Cyprus .

It is possible that Yunaev used offshore to withdraw funds from unprofitable enterprisesbelonging to him , such as Line-Invest ,  Investaktiv ,  Region-Invest ,  Technocontrol,  etc., some of which have already been liquidated since multi-million dollar losses. Perhaps Dobrynina still puts the Cypriot company at the disposal of not only Yunaev, but also the cunning Moscow Kabbalists?

"Authoritative" partners: Yushvaev and Yakobashvili

There is nothing surprising in the very contacts of Avsholum (Artur) Yunaev with the followers of the Jewish mystical teaching: he positions himself as a believing Jew, is a member of the Bureau of the Presidium  of the Russian Jewish Congress, and  supports  the activities of the Stavropol Jewish community Geula . In 2015, Yunaev , along with God Nisanov,  Zarakh Iliev ,  Gavriil Yushvaev  and German Zakharyaev  , entered the ranking  of the most influential mountain Jews in Russia according to the portal.

Yunaev has long-standing commercial and friendly relations with the founders of Wimm-Bill-Dann,  Gavriil Yushvaev and David Yakobashvili  : the three of them were on the board of directors  of Melkombinat 4 . Recall that Yushvaev, who today occupies 67th place in  the Forbes rating of Russian billionaires , began his path to big business with a banal crime . After serving nine years for robbery and gaining fame  in certain circles as "Garik-Makhachkala" , in the late 80s he became Yakobashvili's partner, first founding a car dealership "Trinity" , and then the club-casino "Metelitsa"  on Novy Arbat.

From  the publication  of the publication "Our Version" it follows that Yakobashvili was supported by the leader of the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group Sergey Timofeev (Sylvester) . Later , David Mirzoev  , a relative  of thief in law Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) , was considered the “right hand” of the  businessman , who was convicted last January of kidnapping businessman Boris Minakhi and  sentenced  to 10 years in prison.

Did Yunaev have anything to do with the criminal activities of his partners?

In  a commentary to  RBC, David Yakobashvili denied the existence of joint commercial projects with Yunaev, with the exception of Melkombinat, speaking only of friendly contacts. As for Gavriil Yushvaev, he acted as a business partner of  Avsholum 's wife Irina Yunaeva : according to  the publication, in 2016 they became co-owners of two business centers on Bolshaya Cheryomushkinskaya Street, where Gazprom again acted as a large tenant of space.

One can only wonder how well everything is going in the life and business of a person who used the "roof" of the former Colonel Zakharchenko! Contacts with "authoritative businessmen" and corrupt security officials do not in the least hinder, and perhaps even facilitate, deals with Sberbank structures and obtaining contracts from Gazprom. When questions arose for Yunaev in the framework of the scandalous “Zakharchenko case”, “active repentance” and, which is also not excluded, family and clan ties helped to avoid criminal liability.