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Dugin: 'We must keep ideas away from the masses, only the elites matter'


I would like to comment on some statements of the occult fascist Dugin . The very one whom many for some reason consider a patriot and who is one of the main (along with Prosvirnin and his Sputnik and Pogrom) PR man for Igor Strelkov.

In the video, Dugin discusses the role and importance of the elites and the masses.

Dugin: “ It’s scary for a worldview when it becomes massive. In fact, when an idea takes over the masses, the masses take over the ideas. And what these masses, who have mastered the ideas, are doing with these ideas, it is terrible to imagine. They, in fact , bring down these great, high, solar light realities, ideas, to their low, mass level. They endow these ideas with fat, lard. They wrap their own experiences, their own very small wishes, in these ideas. And thus the idea falls into disrepair. And therefore, in principle, one of the constructive ideas (or rather, constructive proposals) is to keep ideas away from the masses. In fact, we are used to talking about the world of the masses, about the uprising of the masses. In fact, these are all illusions. Pareto perfectly shows that only elites, only minorities, rule the world . Therefore , it is necessary to talk about the idea, about their apology or their criticism within the minorities. Only minorities matter. The masses don't matter at all. Therefore, it is actually very important to understand that when a worldview becomes very popular or widely known, it loses its meaning and gradually disappears. Eurasianism, it has largely become a mass phenomenon. Whomever you ask: “Ah, Eurasianism? Yes, we know." But in fact, when you ask to clarify what exactly you mean by Eurasianism, it is clear that a person understands his own hallucinations by this Eurasianism.

It would be interesting to ask citizen Dugin: what category does he consider himself to be? It is obvious that with such rhetoric and such snobbery, Dugin assigns himself a place in the highest circles of the elite. But what kind of hatred for the people and in general for the Man must be possessed in order to make such statements! What are only these passages of his about “ giving fat, lard ”, “ wrapping their own wishes very small ”. Minor - this, presumably, in comparison with Dugin's "great" ideas about the approaching end of the world and the burning of the world and the corresponding mystical practices that he, together with members of the Eurasian movement, conducts on the day of victory over fascism. These gnostic ideas Dugin hides from the masses in accordance with his elite theories "keep ideas away from the masses "?

It must be said that such an interpretation is based on Dugin’s purely gnostic idea of ​​the classification of people (“pneumatics”, “psychics”, “physicists”) according to castes, separated from each other by impenetrable partitions of uneven manifestation in people of the Absolute: “ only elites, minorities rule the world "," masses do not matter at all ".

And if we take into account the fact that the possession of an idea, according to Dugin, is the lot of only the elite, then what is in store for the people? Which surrogate of ideas, worldviews, ideologies is intended for them? What does Dugin want to prepare society for?

Here is a fragment of his speech on the channel "Russia":

Dugin speaks frankly about postmodernism as an inevitable form of society's existence, i.e. wt. What happens in postmodernity? Random switching of emotions and experiences of a person from one fragment to another, like switching TV channels, short-term memory, lack of structure in the perception of information. The result is a completely amorphous person, incapable of full perception, critical thinking, logic and independent conclusions.

Such a person lacks an inner core, the ability to connect not only with some higher meaning, but in general with more or less complex ideas. Those. the very person is being formed who, according to Dugin, does not need to be introduced to ideas about the future fate of him and the society in which he lives.

Let's now try to combine the different building blocks of Dugin's philosophy in a very general way:
1). Ideas must be kept away from the masses;
2). Society, i.e. the masses live in their own world, which is very essentially postmodern;
3). Those who belong to the elite have the right to an idea. And, accordingly, they manage both the idea itself and the idealess society.

Probably, this analysis is simplified, but such constructions are very reminiscent of the “multi-story humanity” that neo-fascists around the world dreamed about and continue to dream about.

So how can such a philosophy of Dugin relate to the victorious struggle in the Southeast? How, with such an approach, is Dugin going to call on the inhabitants of Donbass under his flags (or the flags of the field commander under his care)?

At the moment, it is already obvious that Dugin supports and promotes Strelkov with all his might. Moreover, of all the field commanders, only one of them. They say that after his dubious demarche from Slavyansk, people don’t go to the detachment to Strelkov, but I would venture to suggest that they don’t go also because it has already become clear to many under what banner Strelkov is trying to resist Bandera. This is the white banner of monarchism, aristocracy, elitism, corvee. What is the extravagant introduction of the ranks of lieutenant and second lieutenant. Apparently, with the obligatory prefix "mister"?

No, a victorious struggle in the Southeast requires a much stronger, more attractive, militantly anti-elitist ideology and, accordingly, a banner under which fascism appealing to elitism has already been defeated once - i.e. red. Although I also like the face of Christ on the banner. " And the last shall be first ."