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Dugin to hold online marathon about how to implement so called multi-polar world order

The Tsargrad Society has announced a 24-hour online marathon dedicated to the options for implementing models of a multipolar world. A broad discussion about the future world order, which will be attended by more than a hundred political and state figures from different countries, will take place on April 29.

The frontmen of the daily marathon will be the founder of the Tsargrad society, Konstantin Malofeev, and the director of the Tsargrad Institute, Alexander Dugin. They will talk about the essence of multipolarity that is coming to replace globalism and discuss with experts about ways to achieve it.

“The mention of the possibility of positive interaction between several or even many centers causes skeptical ridicule among globalist liberals. Like, these are all fantasies of outsider countries. However, multipolarity is by no means a “newfangled fiction”. On the contrary, many independent strong players on the world stage are a natural form of coexistence for humanity”,— the organizers of the online marathon are convinced.

An online broadcast of a large-scale discussion about the future of the world will be conducted in the Tsargrad community on VKontakte . The details of the marathon will also be announced there.

International politicians have been talking about the transition to a model of a multipolar world for a long time. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated this.

Last year, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov argued that the world would be more just and multipolar , and this process has already begun. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out that this process, although slow, is irreversible. More and more states today are in favor of equal dialogue and problem solving based on a balance of interests.