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Dugin pretends monarchy has been restored under Putin, unthinking Nazbols to lap it up

Alexander DuginAnton Velikzhanin, Moscow 24 / Moscow Agency

In Russia, contrary to its Constitution, there is neither parliament nor democracy, but in fact a monarchy has been established, headed by the current head of state, says Alexander Dugin, a conservative philosopher, ideologist of the “Russian world” and one of the founders of the doctrine of neo-Eurasianism.

“Reality rests on those who believe in it. I think our Parliament does not exist, just as liberal democracy does not exist in Russia. But there is a monarchy and its head. And whatever he wants, so it will be,” Dugin wrote in his Telegram channel on January 10.

He also noted the unimportance of certain laws, as well as those people who put forward or support them. According to the philosopher, all this is “the dance of the boyars for the time being,” until the sovereign’s eye paid attention to the pranks of this “selfish and thieving bastard.”

At the moment, the author of the neo-Eurasian doctrine believes, Vladimir Putin should warm up the freezing residents of the Moscow region with his gaze. “Turn your eye, Sovereign, on your people who are freezing in the near Moscow region. Turn it around and it will be warm. If you don't, they'll steal the last one and everyone will freeze. What does the Duma, the laws or the Government have to do with it?” — Dugin asks in his post.

His colleague in pochvenniki ideology, philosopher and political scientist Alexei Chadayev (who went from assistant to Solidarity leader Boris Nemtsov to adviser to State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin) joined the exchange of views with Dugin . According to Chadayev, it is high time to rename the parliament into a “cathedral” consisting of a “council” (meeting of representatives) and “duma” (meeting of legislators). And supplement it with a “veche” - a referendum mechanism of direct democracy. The word “parliament” in the meaning of “talking shop” should be left to the Ostankino television center, so that there would be “a place for regular public discussions on significant topics, broadcast throughout the country.”