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Dugin ex-wife says LGBT came not from 'Atlantic liberals' but from the Iuzhinskii-Golovin circle

rjadovoj_rus ( rjadovoj_rus

Original taken from skant1988 in Occult fascist Dugin tries to justify himself

Left to right: Alexander Dugin, Heydar Jemal, Evgeny Golovin and Yuri Mamleev.

Alexander Dugin, apparently wounded by the revelation of his true occult-fascist essence , published an article that is very revealing from the point of view of how he, trying to justify and whitewash himself, wants to lead the reader into the jungle of those things that he may not know, while to the full using the substitution of concepts and violations of logic. Dugin's goal is clear - to continue to present himself as a patriot in order to lead the patriotic, but, alas, simple and uncritical people who trusted him.
In my opinion, already at the very beginning of the article, Dugin sets a trap for the reader:
There are three main political ideologies of Modernity: liberalism (of all kinds), communism (of all kinds) and fascism (of all kinds).”

If we accept such a concept, then all further reasoning seems even logical and consistent. But why should we take such a concept on faith (especially since in this text it is not proved in any way, and the author deliberately greatly simplifies the picture)?

The main characteristic feature of Modern is the idea of ​​human imperfection, which is incorrigible. Therefore, as a force designed to restrain this imperfection and direct it for the benefit of development, a law is created. Law is the main regulator of Modernity. It is in the conditions of the rule of law under Modernity that healthy competition is created, which ensures the development of productive forces in society.

Problems in Modern begin when the gap between the development of productive forces and human development reaches alarming proportions. And here there are several options:

1). The continuation of this gap, inevitably leading to wars, incl. and world.
2). The curtailment of scientific and technological progress and the inevitable archaization of society, the rejection of development.
3). Recognition that a person can and should be developed in parallel with the development of science and production. This is an idea of ​​a new man, a new humanism. This is what communism is.
4). The idea of ​​a "superman" minus humanism, i.e. division of people into races, castes, floors. And this is fascism.

It seems to me that this is the necessary minimum regarding Modernity, which is worth discussing before drawing conclusions about its relationship with communism and fascism. One can, of course, argue with such an assessment. But in his article, Dugin only states the fact of the existence of liberalism, communism and fascism and classifies them as Modern, thereby equating them. Proceeding only, I repeat, from one fact of their presence! At the same time, their fundamental, internal differences are ignored.

Why am I dwelling on this in such detail? Because this seems to me decisive when reading the rest of Dugin's article.

Read on. Dugin writes
:After 1945 fascism disappeared as something REAL. What remains is his simulacrum, fascism (fascism stroke), pseudo-fascism. This pseudo-fascism or neo-fascism (which is the same thing) was used by liberals to fight communism ."
Yes, the liberals put the Nazis on a short leash after the war. But why did fascism cease to be real? In Ukraine, we now see a very real fascism in the face of the junta. Although it is closely connected with the Americans, both fascism and the junta are more than real.

Dugin continues:
“Next, 1991. At this point, communism fell. And there is no more REAL communism in the world.”

How is that? And what are they building in China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela then? This is the first. Secondly, in 1991 the state of the USSR collapsed, but communism as such, as an idea, still lives on in those who believe in it. Or will you also order them to be considered simulacra?

What's next? Further about the so-called communism-stroke:
At the same time, since 1991, pseudo-communism appeared, which, just like fascism before, began to be used by liberals. This is called liberal communism, atlanto communism, and so on. <..> Atlanto-communists are the majority of modern Western extreme leftists, first of all, Trotskyists and anti-globalists, as well as anarchists, indispensable participants in color revolutions in T-shirts with Che Guevara and aggravated gender issues. LGBT and Femen-type groups are typical representatives. In Russia, this pseudo-communist type includes Kurginyan and his sect .”

I would like to remind Alexander Gelevich that at the origins of the LGBT movement in Russia was none other than his now ex (and at that time real) wifeEvgenia Debryanskaya, the founder (together with Masha Gessen) of the center for the protection of the rights of sexual minorities " Triangle".

Evgenia Debryanskaya

Evgenia Debryanskaya, by her own admission , like Dugin, was a member of Evgeny Golovin 's " Black Order of the SS ". The Reichführer, as Golovin was called in this circle of study of esoteric fascism and unbridled occult orgies, according to Debryanskaya , was “ brilliant! A person of energy different from others. He called where poets like Charles Baudelaire and Arthur Rimbaud called. He called to other continents, to other seas. The poet possessed occult abilities and was much deeper and more tragic than the usual rake. An ordinary normal housewife could not get along there, because those spaces where Golovin called were by no means harmless. The service of poetry is worthy of heroes, brave, strong, courageous and desperate people!”

And the idea of ​​​​activism in the LGBT movements, which she has been engaged in from the early 90s to the present day, according to Debryanskaya , came to her not at all under the influence of “Atlantic liberals” from the West: “ The vector of my vital interests was determined in Golovin’s party . After all, men are created just to show a woman which way to live! I managed to get in touch with them and not be disgusted, although I had to go through a lot, after which any normal woman would simply leave .

Debryanskaya describes what she was doing at a time when members of the “black order of the SS” (Dzhemal, Dugin, etc.) began to be legalized in politics in the early 90s: “We also called on all the prostitutes at Intourist on Tverskaya to declare a boycott, a sexual blockade against the communists. Right next to it, condoms were handed out to the deputies - they only grabbed them like that! We were then occupied with the legalization of marijuana, prostitution .” But, nevertheless, “ for me, social activity was more behavioral, my inner ego, of course, remained Golovin . So I could not get rid of it, I did not find anything deeper and more interesting for myself. All my life I have been moving towards him. He was a very strong magnet, and a dangerous one at that. It's like you're walking on a knife's edge! - and went crazy

Therefore, to hear not from just anyone, but from Dugin passages about the iron connection between the communists and LGBT, especially in our country, and even more so in relation to the “Essence of Time” ... is a little strange. In Russia, as you know, large left-wing organizations such as the Communist Party of the Russian Federation are more than intolerant of all kinds of LGBT ideas. And even more so, the “Essence of Time” consistently defends traditional values ​​both at rallies against juvenile justice and by establishing a special organization ( RVS ) to protect families and children from fashionable Western innovations.

The reportage of Russian Newsweek magazine (2006, No. 21) published a story that conveys the true origins of the LGBT movement much more truthfully and deeper:

In 2006, while trying to hold a gay pride parade, together with Debryanskaya and other LGBT activists, OMON detained Alexander Dugin, opponents of the action from the Eurasian Union. "Why do we have to go with these stinky homosexuals?" - outraged a young man who identified himself as an activist of the Eurasian Youth Union. “Boy, because all people are equal. And Eurasianism doesn’t interfere with this in any way, believe me: after all, Alexander Dugin is my ex-husband, ”the lesbian activist Debryanskaya gently explained to the dumbfounded homophobe.”

Finally, Dugin, in his article, tries to finally “expose” his political opponent: “Kurginyan is not a pure case: he oscillates between Stalinist-patriotic national communism (national socialism) and atlanto communism. When he tried to act in alliance with the patriots (the period of Poklonnaya and the Anti-Orange Front), he moved into the anti-liberal National Socialist or National Communist sector (which tried to unite all anti-liberal forces). At the beginning of his activity, in the 90s and at the present time, Kurginyan is in purely pseudo-communist oligarchic and anti-patriotic positions, which is justified by the fight against pseudo-fascism ordered by REAL liberals.

Theses, such as those given above, are usually taken to prove at least somehow. With Dugin, again, everything is unsubstantiated and unfounded.

What do we see in Dugin's article? Another attempt to justify (note, do not refute bending , namely justify),
transferring everything from a sick head to a healthy one in order to continue to present himself as a patriot. At the end of the article
Dugin is trying to offer some new ideological platform:

“ But what can Russia and New Russia rely on? To the king? To Stalin? On Russian identity? To Orthodoxy?
Intuitively, we rely on everything at once, but this is not enough for ideology.” The answer is: " I'm against
Modern. I am for Tradition, as a complete antithesis to Modernity. Understand as you wish."
It turns out that Dugin offers us, in addition to immersion in postmodernism, which I already wrote about , to immerse ourselves in a certain
tradition. And in which one? Is there still a traditional society left in Russia? Excuse me , but how to develop in such
conditions? What place should man occupy there? It seems that Dugin does not assume development at all. Instead of
development - regression. Otherwise, how to get into this very "tradition"? Only archaizing, regressing.
But it is enough for Dugin to put forward this very strange idea in order to, in his opinion, finally
refute all suspicions of their sympathies for fascism:
After the formulation of this ideological platform, to speak of any kind of “fascism” in relation to
supporters of the 4PT is simply absurd.”

“This is where I put an end to attempts to accuse me of “fascism” by anyone. If I were a "fascist",
I would have the courage, believe me, to say so. I was deeply interested in all political ideologies, but
my students in lectures still cannot understand which of them I sympathize with more.

In fact, without even presenting the idea of ​​a certain fourth way, Dugin says - they say, that's it, I'm not a fascist, stop calling me a fascist, I explained everything to everyone and proved it!

Alexander Gelievich, maybe you will still give at least some comment on the merits regarding the analysis of your occult work ( here , here , here and here ) ?

At the same time, maybe you can explain, given your belief that "fascism disappeared after 1945", what did you mean in your undeniably talented poem ?

And the dumb soldiers who died so uselessly
will set up a two-headed skeleton on a throne of ice ...
A shining Himmler will rise from a mossy grave
and Absolute Dawn will surround the fog of eye sockets .”
Or comment on at least one of the famous works of his teacher Evgeny Golovin, who combined
your time with Evgenia Debryanskaya of the heart? For example , such a song with a touching title "Loyal to the Reich and
Fuhrer" and passages such as this one:
“ Cut the Slavic slave flesh
 with red stars
 , hang the corpses in clusters,
 hang them , the Lord is with you!”

Tell me, Alexander Gelievich, something to the point, with real facts. In the meantime, you are increasingly highlighting your true occult-fascist content, which for 20 years you have been trying to hide behind the masks of a philosopher, an analyst, or, as in the last six months, an anti-fascist patriot. The masks have been torn off, Alexander Gelevich, and you are unlikely to be able to put on a new one.