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Dugin-associated Nazbol took part in Kabbalist convention in Tel Aviv


Even 8 years ago, Ruslan Sumkov was an activist in the Russian National Unity (RNE) movement. However, having discovered Jewish wisdom for himself, he took off his swastika and became a diligent student, drawn to the knowledge of Kabbalah.

The ancient mystical teaching fascinated Ruslan so much that these days, along with representatives from more than 50 countries of the world, he even takes part in the congress of Kabbalists taking place in Tel Aviv.

As "Maariv" informs, Ruslan was expelled from the ranks of the RNU because of his passion for Kabbalism. However, the "former neo-Nazi" himself is not particularly upset about this.

“When I first read Rav Michael Laitman’s book Kabbalah for All, I realized that the problem was not with the Jews, but with me. I lost all desire to kill them,” Ruslan shared with the reporter, emphasizing that he feels part of the people Books, although not intending to convert, reports Mignews.