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Donetsk before the Maidan: 'Donbass for the Eurasian Union'

Donetsk, 2012. Two years before the Maidan

imperial commission

imperialcommiss : In particular, on November 24 and 25, 2012 (under the presidencyof V. Yanukovych), the so-called "commission" took place in Donetsk. international scientific and practical conference "Donbass in the Eurasian project". The event was held by thepublic organization"Donetsk Republic" within the framework of the public movement "Donbass for the Eurasian Union".

Reports of scientists, political scientists, experts, public figures from Donetsk, Lugansk and Rostov-on-Don were heard.

No "Right Sector" even existed at that time. There were no Euromaidans. There was no question of any NATO in Crimea. No assault on the administration and overthrow of the legitimate government, no dictatorship of the “Kyiv junta”. In a word, this whole fratricidal war is a far-fetched artificial scenario.