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'Correcting the world with Noahides', Russian Jewry claims Jews 'elder brothers' of 'almost freemasons'

Correcting the world with Noahides

"Praise the L-rd, all nations, praise Him, all peoples ..." - Book of Psalms 117: 1

"Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel said:" Human society exists thanks to three virtues (values): justice (Law), truth (Torah) and good neighborly relations (Peace) "-" Teachings of the Fathers "or" Pirkei Avot ", 1:18

Construction of the century

For many representatives of Bnei Noah (BN), the stumbling block is the lack of a visible purpose in ministry that could fill their lives with inner content and meaning. After all, practically all seven BN Commandments are not constructive, but prohibitive. Of course, there is a recommendation for the Noachids from the Jewish sages, in addition to observing the seven commandments themselves, to also follow some general prescriptions: to show respect towards parents (kibud-av-va-em), as well as to engage in charity and good deeds (maasim-tovim) , but it is unlikely that all this can make up the "meaning of life."

While the "elder brothers" - the Jews, have the concept of "tikun-olam", which means the sought-after goal of our ministry: to correct and change the world around us (and above all, human society), making it more perfect and harmonious, and to subdue to his will of the Creator. But this goal is achieved exclusively by fulfilling the 613 commandments and studying the Torah. And between the 613 commandments addressed to Israel and the seven commandments of BN (even in those cases when their formulations coincide), there is, as you know, a fundamental difference [1] .

And yet, despite significant differences, there is something in common that unites them, namely: both commandments are part of the Torah, and they were all given by the Creator on Mount Sinai. Moreover, according to oral tradition (midrash), the Almighty first offered the Torah to all the peoples of the world [2], and then to Israel. And although in the future all the peoples of the world rejected this proposal, nevertheless, the very fact of such an appeal on the part of the Creator makes them involved in the fate of the world, and to a certain extent endows them with holiness, which gives them inner strength to fulfill and observe their seven commandments. ...

It follows from this that the observance of the seven BN Commandments, despite their prohibitive nature, is purely positive, and also changes this world in its own way, making it more just and perfect. Although the main work is undoubtedly entrusted by the Creator to the sons of Israel, who are the people-priest among the peoples of the world. Those from among the nations who keep their commandments - the Noachids, are similar to the Levites who helped the priests in the Temple, despite the fact that they themselves did not have the right to lead the temple service.

Almost free masons

The function of the Noahids can be compared to the clearing and preparation of a "construction site" for the future "construction" - the creation of the society of the future, as well as active assistance in the process of construction itself. But when the "site" is cleared and "fenced off": humanity begins to follow the seven Commandments, then the "construction" itself will begin - the creation and shaping of the World to Come. And here all the responsibility for the "construction" is assigned by the "Customer" - the Almighty, on the "professional builders" - the Jewish people, who own the "laws" - the Torah, and observe the "technology" - the commandments of the Torah in full.


Kibud-av-va-em is the commandment to honor the father and mother.
Maasim-tovim - and good deeds, charity.
Tikun-olam (literal: "correction of the world") - spiritual correction of the surrounding world (including its animal nature) by serving the Creator and observing the Torah.
Emet is truth, sometimes it means the Torah as a source of truth for us.
Shalom is peace in the broadest sense of the word, as universal harmony, excluding any conflicts, and even more so, war, in principle.
Bnei Noah (lit .: "sons of Noah / Noah", they are also "Noahids") - representatives of the peoples of the world who took upon themselves the observance of the seven universal commandments, given together with the Torah by the only Creator on Mount Sinai.

Notes (edit)

[1]  613 and 7 commandments. The commandments given to Israel during the Sinai revelation (613 + 7, established by the sages) are the disclosure of the innermost will of the Creator, the ultimate goal of creating our world, since the world was created for the sake of Israel and the Torah. While the Seven General Human Commandments are auxiliary in nature, in fact, they are a “tool” and are designed to save human society from self-destruction, as BN says (Teachings of the Fathers, 1:18): “Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel said: “Human society exists thanks to three virtues (values): justice (Law), truth (Torah) and good neighborly relations (Peace)”, as it is said (Zharya, 8:16): “Judge honestly and justly for the sake of peace between you at your gates "".

[2]  One might assume that this was only a "symbolic gesture" in order to preserve the appearance of parity. Since in fact, the Creator from the very beginning intended to give the Torah exclusively to the European people, but this is not entirely true. Based on the principle that "the Lord does not deceive his creatures", we must admit that this "proposal" was to a certain extent real. Another thing is that none of the seventy backgammon ever accepted it, and only the people of Israel immediately expressed their consent, declare: "We will fulfill and we will obey", as it is said ("Shemot" or "Exodus", 24: 7): "And took the Book of the Covenant, and read it aloud to the people, and they said: everything that the L-rd said, we will fulfill and we will be obedient. "

Author: r. Dovid Karpov


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