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Card. Müller to Poles: Dugin claims that Russia will defeat Poland if it destroys the Church in Poland. Don't allow it!

April 23, 2023

While visiting Warsaw yesterday, Card. Gerhard Müller recalled the speech of the Russian ideologue Alexander Dugin, according to which if we manage to destroy the Catholic Church in Poland, Russia will be able to subjugate our country and all of Europe. The hierarch appealed to Poles not to allow this scenario to happen.

Fr. Yesterday, Tomasz Jaklewicz led the panel "Discover the spiritual testament of Benedict XVI" organized by the Esprit publishing house together with the Association of Catholic Publishers in Warsaw, around the books published recently by Esprit: "Only the Truth. My life at the side of Benedict XVI "abp. Georg Gänswein and "What is Christianity?" Benedict XVI. The discussion was attended by the former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller and Fr. prof. Robert Skrzypczak from the Catholic Academy in Warsaw.

Pope Benedict XVI wanted his last book to be published only after his death. He justified this by saying that he wanted to save himself and the Church from giving German theologians a pretext for another attack on his countryman. card. Müller explained that at the root of these fears lay the Reformation and the Protestants, who prevailed in some regions of Germany, who considered themselves better and more "progressive". This Protestant propaganda has created a kind of inferiority complex in German Catholics, which they are trying to overcome by showing their progressiveness to the world. Their liberal demands, on the other hand, clashed with the wisdom of Benedict XVI, causing so much venom and hostility towards his countryman.

Fr. prof. Robert Skrzypczak pointed out, however, that there is still a belief that Ratzinger himself represented the liberal wing of Catholicism during the Second Vatican Council and changed his views in later years of his life. This is a false belief, as explained by Card. Müller, pointing out that it was Benedict XVI who was faithful to the ideals of the SWII, and the progressives distorted his achievements by following the "wrong way".

- "Conciliar teaching has been distorted in many points, among others, as a result of the actions of former colleagues of the future pope, who took the wrong direction of thinking and acting"

- emphasized the German hierarch.

He also referred to the ongoing Synodal Way in his country, indicating that a large part of its participants is in favor of changing the teaching of the Church, especially in the field of sexual morality.

- "These views that are incompatible with true Catholic teaching are accompanied by a powerful propaganda campaign in the media unwilling or even hostile to the Church, which often do not hide that they strive to destroy it, and now they have found a good time and opportunity to do so."

he noted.

Speaking about the Catholic Church in Poland, the German theologian recalled the statement of Aleksander Dugin, who claims that in order for Russia to be able to deal with Poland and all of Europe, the Church in our country must first be destroyed. In this context, he called on Poles to stay with Jesus so that this plan would not be implemented.