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Bolshevist displacement of indigenous Russians continues as Putin floods Russia with migrants

Poor Rurik! Why native Russian lands are populated by migrants
Photo: Russian Look / Global Look Press


By Sergey Vetoshkin
July 21, 2023

News about the crimes of labor migrants, their showdowns among themselves and with the indigenous population of Russia has recently been heard almost daily. Conflicts are arising more and more often. Enclaves began to form in which there are virtually no Russian citizens. There are already enterprises where Russians are in the minority in the workforce, and migrants, the local population, simply survive. Take the same taxi, courier services, utilities , etc.

Migrants buy housing for themselves in entire neighborhoods, the children of those who come in large numbers begin to force Russians out of schools, the state spends huge amounts of money on education and treatment of the non-titular population that has occupied the country. At the same time, financial flows flow from Russia to the republics of the former USSR ...

This is not the first time that the head of the TFR, Alexander Bastrykin, has spoken about the growth of crime . According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2022, foreigners committed 40.2 thousand crimes, which is 10.3% higher than in 2021. Most of the attackers (32.9 thousand) were from the CIS countries. According to Bastrykin, “extremist sentiments are spreading among illegal migrants,” cases of resistance to the police and attacks on employees have become more frequent. In January-February 2023, migrants committed 7,000 crimes in our country, which is 9.5% more than in the same period last year. This was announced by the President of the Federation of Migrants of Russia Vadim Kozhenov , referring to the statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

And now let's see what happened to the population of Russia over the past 20 years. So, the population: in 2001 - 146.3 million, in 2023 - 146.4 million. As you can see, it has not grown in 22 years, and this is already the first sign of trouble.

The next indicator is the birth and death rate. 2000: 1,266,800 people were born, 2,225,332 died, natural decline in population - 958,532.

The indigenous population of the country is dying out, replenishment comes from external sources - migrants.

Let's look at the dynamics of their arrival in Russia. Let's turn to the data of Rosstat. The migration of the population in the Russian Federation amounted to: in 2000 - 2662329 people arrived, 2420574 departed, migration gain - 241755 people, in 2021 - 4277442 people arrived, 3847540 people departed, migration gain - 429902 people. Compared to 2000, twice as many migrants began to arrive in the Russian Federation, and the outflow of the indigenous population increased 1.5 times. It turns out that the policy is aimed at replacing it with migrants from Asia.

And what about the birth rate in our country? Unfortunately, I did not find information on how things are with the indigenous population and among migrants. And these are very important indicators. Let's turn to Rosstat again. The number of children born per 1 woman: 2012 - 1.691, 2021 - 1.505. As you can see, the ratio is decreasing. The figures show that women's desire to give birth, and men's desire to have children, is decreasing. Which is not surprising given the current economic situation.

Of course, interstate migration in the world is a natural process, but in order to protect national interests, it is necessary to clearly define by law who we need, for what and for how long. However, the state has actually withdrawn from resolving the issue, having neither tactics nor strategy, without prioritizing national policy and without dividing the indigenous population of Russia and migrants. All this leads to social tension, which is growing in the conditions of the NWO.

All changes always begin with a change in thinking, the ability to see the problem, verbalize it and begin to solve it not in words, but in deeds.

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It's time to acknowledge the fact that the artificial formation of the "CIS" has become obsolete. If after the collapse of the USSR it was a kind of psychological defense, a weak attempt to preserve the memory of the past and even cling to it, now it has acquired the character of parasitism on Russia. The republics of the former Soviet Union are using the CIS to impose their national interests, drain economic resources, expand into our country under the guise of labor migrants... Thus, our national development is fettered, economic opportunities are squandered.

Russia's withdrawal from the CIS or the dissolution of this entity will give the country the opportunity to build relations with each former republic based on our interests, and not hers, and will allow us to plan our development without looking back at the past. It's time to let the former republics of the USSR float freely, get rid of this ballast, and the return of their citizens to their homeland must be perceived as our step of goodwill to realize their independence.

Unfortunately, the situation has reached the point where it has become more difficult (sometimes impossible) for Russians, in the broad and narrow sense of the word, to obtain citizenship of their historical homeland than for immigrants from the Asian republics of the former Soviet Union. But this is nonsense. Russians and representatives of nationalities rooted in the territory of the Russian Federation must receive Russian citizenship in an unconditional manner upon returning to the country for permanent residence.

A program to stimulate the birth rate of the indigenous population of the country is needed. It is vital to start financial support from the first child, to promote a family with three children as the norm with the provision of various benefits, from state support for maintenance in kindergartens to uncompetitive admission to universities.

Of course, one cannot do without migration, but for visitors it is necessary to establish strict rules for staying. Make citizenship a reward for certain achievements.

Migrants who do not belong to the indigenous nationalities and nationalities of Russia should not reside in our country permanently. They can arrive for the period necessary to work in the field where they are called, and only if, of course, they have not been issued Russian citizenship.

Migrants who have violated our legislation should be banned from entering the country for the maximum period of the article under which they are punished, with mandatory expulsion from Russia. This measure will obviously lead to a decrease in crime.

It is necessary to develop stepwise criteria for a residence permit, long periods and strict conditions for obtaining citizenship. This refers to permanent residence in the country for at least 15 years (at least 185 days per year), passing levels of language training with an examination to get a job with a higher qualification. Marriage to a Russian citizen does not automatically give the right to a Russian passport, but only after living together in marriage for at least 15 years. The purchase of real estate should also not be the basis for obtaining Russian citizenship, this is just one of the accompanying conditions.

Non-citizens of the country are not entitled to free education and medical care, except in emergency cases. But it is possible for migrants to develop paid certificates (insurance) that guarantee a minimum of medical care and a discount on primary education.

Children born in Russia in a family of foreigners can become citizens of the Russian Federation only upon reaching the age of 14, upon receipt of a passport - subject to permanent residence in the country.

These are the minimum measures that will allow us to put things in order with the protection of our national interests in our own home.

What is happening now in the national migration policy can only be called a humiliation of the Russian population. Yes, they say a lot of beautiful words about independence, traditions, the heritage of their ancestors, even something like that was introduced into the Constitution ... But, listening to these speeches, the creators of Rus', princes Rurik and Oleg the Prophet, are probably in shock.