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Author claims Jewish origins of Russian Orthodox trad movement 'Old Believers', of which Dugin claims membership

Aleksandr Dugin takes a convenient photo op pretending to be a Russian Orthodox Christian among the Old Believers

The book "Old Believers and Jews: Three hundred Years Near" is published in the UFO publishing house.

March 10, 2024 

The book by Mikhail Kizilov and Grigory Bondarenko "Old Believers and Jews: Three hundred Years Nearby" is being prepared for release in the publishing house "New Literary Review" in the series "What is Russia", writes the site "RuVera".

Jews and Old Believers are two communities that have played an important role in national history, and at the same time experienced repressive pressure from both the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, the annotation to the publication says. The book by Mikhail Kizilov and Grigory Bondarenko is one of the first attempts at a comprehensive analysis of interfaith and intercultural dialogue between these two groups in the 18th and 21st centuries.

How did the Jews turn into Old Believers? How did mixed marriages take place? How did the Old Believers help the Jews escape during the Holocaust? And what were the conflicts between representatives of these two communities? The authors find answers to these questions in published and archived written sources, as well as numerous interviews conducted in Jewish and Old Believer communities on the territory of the former Russian Empire and the USSR (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Transnistria, Latvia).

Mikhail Kizilov - historian, orientalist, specialist in the history and culture of Jews, Doctor of Philosophy (Oxford), employee of the University. Johann Gutenberg in Mainz (Germany). Grigory Bondarenko - Candidate of Historical Sciences, Master of Philosophy (Oxford), lecturer at the Beijing Metropolitan Pedagogical University (China), parishioner of the Tver Old Believer Community of the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Moscow. The book consists of the chapters "Old Believers and Jews in Russia: A Brief History", "Old Believers and Jews about Each Other", "Transition of Jews to Old Believers and Mixed Marriages", "Cooperation and Mutual Assistance", "Old Believers and Jews during the Great Patriotic War and the Holocaust", "Old Believers and Jews in Our Days".

"As it turned out, Jewish-Old Believer contacts played an important role in the life of many famous figures of Russian culture: writers A. I. Herzen, N. S. Leskova and M. M. Prishvin, artist I. I. Levitan, patrons of P. M. Tretyakova and S. T. Morozov and many others. The final factor that forced us to seriously address this topic was a preliminary survey conducted among the parishioners of Moscow Old Believer churches, as a result of which we learned that cases of contacts between Jews and Old Believers were indeed and remain a relatively frequent, although so hitherto almost unstudied, phenomenon," the authors note in the foreword.