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As Old Khazaria controlled the ancient Silk Road, so too will New Khazaria control the new Belt and Road

vitalidrobishev ( vitalidrobishev ) wrote,

The revival of a new Khazaria: the operation "Crimea is ours"

On June 30, 2015, an operation began to settle the Crimea with Jews. President Putin is asked to grant Russian citizenship to 40,000 repatriates who left Crimea for permanent residence in Israel after the collapse of the USSR.

Through the mouth of the Financial International (Kissinger), it was stated that by 2022 the Zionist state of Israel "will not exist." But where will the five million Jews of Israel go when he is gone?

History gives a hint - the science of all sciences. The big war will not spare the “dry branches of the Israel tree” and another exodus of Jews will take place: the descendants of the Khazars - Ashkenazim will return to New Zion - Crimea and the southern regions of Ukraine, which historically was the center of Jewish Khazaria.

The exodus of Eastern European Jews to the Crimea was planned by the conceptual authorities of the Sons of the Covenant as early as 1943-1944. Then, in agreement with the group of Molotov, Mikoyan, Malenkov and Beria, the idea of ​​the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee arose to create a Jewish Soviet Socialist Republic in the Crimea. Funding for the ECSR was to be taken over by the Rothschilds.

In the spring of 1948, this idea began to take the form of a project, but was stopped by the campaign against cosmopolitanism. In October 1952, Stalin called this project "illegal Jewish claims to the Crimea." Since the idea of ​​Jewish statehood, which the Zionists had been promoting since the 1920s, Stalin satisfied as early as 1934 in the form of the Jewish Autonomous Region within the RSFSR on the Far Eastern border with China.

The special status of the Crimea was also envisaged by the conceptualists of Nazi Germany. According to Rosenberg's plan, Ukraine was included in the Third Reich in the status of a dominion, but Crimea was not!

Moreover, when the Crimea was occupied by the Nazis, the German authorities did not allow the Crimean Tatars to create their own statehood, which originated from the Crimean Khanate of the Girey dynasty since 1441. By secret collusion of conceptual groups, Crimea was preserved for the Jews.

The moment came in 2013, when the PRC declared the revival of the Great Silk Road as a priority of its foreign policy: China - Europe with a zone of joint prosperity of countries and peoples within the framework of the "economic belt" and the creation of the "Maritime Silk Road of the 21st century" with an entry point to Europe through a special zone with a deep-water port in the Crimea. Just as the ancient Silk Road outside of China was provided and controlled by the Jews of Khazaria, so the New Silk Road will interface with the New Khazaria.

But for the revival of Crimea as the center of the New Khazaria, it is necessary to give it the sovereign status of self-government. What is the need for the collapse of Ukraine. Money players know for sure that the cheapest route to disengagement is the bankruptcy of the central government. What is happening behind the screen of political maneuvers of the pro-Jewish authorities in Ukraine.

Andrey Devyatov - a military expert - about what new territories are being prepared for in the expanses of Eurasia and, in particular, Crimea and the southern regions of Ukraine (Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, etc.), where mass construction of residential areas is underway and where only recently moved about 250 thousand Israelis.

Below is the conclusion of military expert Alexander Zhilin, from which it is clear that Putin, after meeting with the most influential representative of the world Zionist government, Kissinger, dragged Russia into the Syrian war. Could this servant of Moshiach force Putin to do something good and useful for Russia and the world? Certainly not.

Putin only fulfilled the instructions of the world center of Zionism, which helps in the implementation of the plan for unleashing the Third World War and the complete reorganization of the world according to the plans of the world government.