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Almost everything in my Moscow district belongs to Russian-Jewish oligarch Roman Abramovich, aka "Putin's wallet'

By Vitali Drobishev

Abramovich knew everything! "Putin's wallet" saved his billions before the war

Abramovich with Russian Hasidim

Almost everything in my Moscow district belongs to Roman Abramovich - at first his company bought the "Meshchersky Forest Park", then Abramovich bought the legendary Peredelkino writer's house
Eco West LLC, associated with Abramovich, leased 397 hectares for 49 years land around PSK "Peredelkino" at a price of 614 rubles per hundred square meters.
That is, wherever you go, everything belongs to Roman Abramovich.

At the disposal of the British newspaper The Guardian, there were files with documents that indicate a large-scale operation to reorganize the secret offshore trusts of oligarch Roman Abramovich.
A Russian billionaire of Jewish origin (which is directly related to the rescue of part of his capital), a few weeks before the start of the SVO in Ukraine, re-registered a significant part of his capital to children, which avoided the freezing of assets as a result of the subsequent sanctions.
Abramovich was not included in the US sanctions list: he participated in the preparation of certain negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian authorities.

The story of Abramovich's "mediation" in the negotiations looks like a pure bluff - even if we assume that the Ukrainian side asked for such participation and Vladimir Zelensky was interested in not applying sanctions to the Russian oligarch.
Abramovich cannot influence Putin in any way - from the word in general. On the other hand, Putin may well influence Abramovich - the Russian ruler has leverage for this, and as the Western sanctions stranglehold intensifies, there are more and more of them.

In addition, Putin may be interested in Abramovich retaining at least part of his holdings.
After all, it is Abramovich, with the light hand of Boris Abramovich Berezovsky, who has been considered the main "cashier" first of the Yeltsin family, and then of Putin himself, since the beginning of the millennium.

And by the way, both the President of Ukraine Zelensky and Israel, represented by the Holocaust Museum, really asked for the release of Abramovich from sanctions,
Abramovich has seven children, the youngest is nine years old. Ten trusts, as follows from the documents leaked to the press, distribute between them a huge amount - at least four billion dollars, and even much more.

In 2021, their father’s fortune was estimated at $18 billion, of which he lost more than half as a result of sanctions, as a person who received a large income due to political proximity to the Russian government. Now it may turn out that due to foresight, Roman Abramovich lost much less than previously thought.

The oligarch, who has Russian, Portuguese and Israeli passports, is under sanctions from the European Union and Britain, which cost him, in particular, the loss of his beloved Chelsea football club, which he was forced to sell to American owners.

Abramovich's kids By the way, the proceeds of 4.25

billion pounds were frozen in government accounts and will go to charity, so this is a net loss.
At the same time, Abramovich was not included in the US sanctions list: he participated in the preparation of negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian authorities Kiev asked the White House to make an exception for him . In this sense, the man who is sometimes called the Kremlin's wallet is very lucky.

In this story, it is interesting what was the impetus for Abramovich's unprecedented activity on the eve of the war. Did he know about Putin's plans, directly or from his own insiders, or decided not to take risks and believed the data of American intelligence?
Maybe the sixth sense of an experienced businessman worked? Before the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine, the press discussed the measures that could be applied to the Russian rich, who have close relations with the Kremlin.

Be that as it may, Roman Abramovich chose to play it safe just in time, almost at the last moment.
Of course, he did not and does not believe in the success of the adventure in Ukraine. Still, the long experience of living in the West and knowledge of the inside of the life of the Russian elite allows us to soberly assess their potential and the consequences of a mistake in an irreconcilable conflict.
But why then did other Russian oligarchs not have time?

Not so long ago, Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, speaking to schoolchildren, calledRoman Abramovich "a hero of our time." All videos with this monologue were indicated removed.
Lermontov turned slightly in his grave, but what time - such heroes.

It is necessary to explain to Russian children that Roman Arkadievich did such a heroic thing, otherwise Matvienko may not be aware of it. Abramovich began his heroic journey in the early 90s, establishing a bunch of dubious firms, with which he plunged into the abyss of fraud.

In July 1992, Abramovich filed a criminal case on the theft of diesel fuel from the Ukhta Oil Refinery, but successfully slipped out of it. Most likely, acquaintance with a relative on the now canceled point 5, Boris Abramovich Berezovsky, who was looking after himself a lively and unprincipled assistant, helped.
Then Abramovich, not by accident, was in the right place at the right time.
When the then Minister of Fuel and Energy Yuri Shafrannik came to Boris Yeltsin in Sochi to finalize the transfer of Noyabrskneftegaz to Vladimir Bogdanov in Surgut, he found Berezovsky smiling slyly next to the president.
And kebabs for big people in the bosom of nature were served by an obliging young man named Abramovich.

Further, as in a fairy tale: Abramovich became Berezovsky's man in Sibneft, and when Boris Abramovich fell into disgrace, he changed his shoes in time. Then - encouragement in the form of governorship in Chukotka, the exchange of assets at the "request" from above, the purchase of Chelsea, the construction of Eclipce, Luna and Solaris, the honorary title of the oligarch of all Rus', Matvienko, schoolchildren, "hero of our time".

Everything about Abramovich is now clear, but here the chairman of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko, directly revealed to us the foundations of the state system of the Russian Federation: steal children, what is bad, and you will be happy. You just have to swipe a lot at once, this is a prerequisite, and being a person of a certain nationality is also very important.