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After socialism, the kingdom of Kabbalah will come

The Internet, teleportation, the exploration of the moon, the resurrection of the dead - and all this will happen on Earth after socialism is replaced by anarchism, when the kingdom of Kabbalah comes . This is how the Russian philosopher Alexei Losev saw the future of the world in 1930 .

In the 1920-30s. Losev is an activist of a secret church organization (the so-called "imyaslavtsev"), a preacher of fascism of the Mussolini type. The Russian intelligentsia of that time saw in fascism the only force that could put an end to Bolshevism . His case was led by the investigator of the OGPU Marianna Gerasimova(sister of a famous Soviet film director), and in the records of the investigation, according to the defendant, the main accusation of Losev is obscurantism and participation in a church organization, while the mention of his fascism was of secondary importance.

Before his conclusion in 1930, Losev wrote Supplements to the Dialectic of Myth. Among the comments on the work is a small futurological work in which the philosopher comprehends what will come to replace socialism that has won all over the world. The recording was kept in the FSB archive and was discovered by researcher Elena Takho-Godi . This comment was published in the journal Questions of Philosophy .


“Dialectics demands that socialism also pass into its own otherness . And where could he go? The paths to nature are closed; nature is still a pre-Christian god, and here Christianity itself has already been rejected. There is no transition to the subject, because this is a position that has long since been overcome. There is nowhere to go and the story ends up being exhausted.

It is here that the mysterious face of the Kabbalistic En-Soph is revealed, this apophatic monster, which is neither this, nor this, nor that, which is, as its main name says, simply not-something, not-something like everything else, and everything is like nothing. This absolute anarchism is the last brainchild of Kabbalah, which we have not yet seen face to face, since for the time being the world is still trembling in convulsions of the birth of socialism, and no one in the world has yet seen true anarchism even in a dream.

At first they fly through the air a little bit, often falling and being killed. But the time will come when a man will fly more freely than a bird. The time will come when not only hand-to-hand combat will not be needed (this feudal understanding of war has already outlived its time), but when the very atmosphere of war will not be needed either . Cities and states will be destroyed by pressing some buttons somewhere in the laboratory or in the study room.

There will come a time when people will fly to the moon and chemically resurrect the dead. The time will come when, without mechanical devices, thoughts will be read by facial expressions or by intracerebral processes, when living beings will appear at the <missing of a single word> and when everyone will be able to work miracles with the help of knowledge of physics, mechanics and chemistry . The time will come when, at any moment, on a small whim, it will be possible to find yourself in any place on the globe, using a little effort to get into any car.

The time will come when in any place of the globe everything that is being done in any other place on the globe will be visible. Even now they have learned to listen on the telephone hundreds of miles away. The time will come when, without any special installation, the inhabitant of the equator will be able to see on the screen, if he wants, all the details of the events taking place at the poles, when sitting in any house and in any part of the house and in any city, it will be possible to see everything that is happening, being done. , is thought and felt in every other house, and in every other city.

The time will come when a person will be able to collect and observe the light rays emanating from previous facts, faces and events, when, consequently, any era from past history will also appear before him on the screen at his slightest desire, just as even now with the help of a movie camera you can to see the reproduction of everything that happened before in its real sequence.

After all this (and the current idolaters of technology can expand such a picture a thousand times more than I can), one can ask: if everyone can do whatever he wants, if everyone can see, hear everything that is happening on the globe; if the slightest whim is answered by the finest apparatus capable of fulfilling a desire in a few seconds, -then isn’t all this madness - the realm of continuous anarchism, the realm of some kind of earthly hell , where, indeed, everything to the last depth is a person, in a person, for a person, and where everything is at the same time absolutely earthly life, absolutely earthly deity, omnipotent and the self-determining power of what is-something is the great and already real Israel, the only one capable of replacing the old transcendent God .

Let us not forget: Kabbalah is the absolutization of otherness. But otherness, in its final analysis, is an illogical becoming. Could it be complete in capitalism or socialism? Of course not.There still remained entire realms of a being that is neither anything alogical nor anything becoming. Thus, in liberalism and capitalism, transcendental ideas, which played the role of regulative principles, were not an illogical formation. In socialism, the authoritarian system of thought was not an illogical development. It is necessary to transform all being, decisively all human existence, into an illogical becoming. It is necessary that everything turn into this continuous, undifferentiated, absolutely irrational mass of human inclinations, deeds, and thoughts . It is necessary that the world chaos of humanity should be established, where, in the general stream of continuous and explosive being, every smallest atom strives to become an absolute and sit in the place of God .

It is necessary that the whole universe dance in the indomitable joy of self-affirmation, self-deification, narcissism, so that each <end of the text is omitted>.

Cancel, in the diaries of the philosopher and philologist Alexei Losev, which he kept in the 1970s, he already looked like a sage and neoplatonist tired of life.