Millions of euros went from Moscow to accounts of “climate defenders” in West

March 26, 2022 Anno Domini
Translated from Polish

“The Russian government  has donated €82 million to European climate protection associations that aim to  prevent natural gas production in Europe ,” writes Die Welt in an article published on Thursday.

As we learn, as early as 2014, former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen reported that Russia supported environmental organizations “in order to maintain European dependence on Russian gas.” At that time, he refuted the allegations, inter alia, Greenpeace.

Attempts to extract natural gas on their own have often failed due to protests by climate organizations supported by money from Moscow,” Die Welt writes.

Moscow’s actions, as underlined by the German daily, were in line with the interests of “environmentalists”, which gave Russia the possibility of making Europe completely dependent on its raw materials. To this end, the Kremlin spent enormous amounts of money to support non-governmental organizations.

Importantly, in Europe, as in the USA, there are huge resources of shale gas . At a certain stage, their extraction became impossible due to the subversive activity of the so-called “Environmental organizations”, as already wrote about, inter alia, Financial Times and New York Times.

– Experts wondered about the  “sudden” appearance of well-organized groups to combat the fracking process in Eastern Europe, where Russia sells its energy, writes Die Welt.



  1. Well spotted. I would be pretty confident the same funding source would be behind the closure of all the coal and nuclear power plants in Europe. It is interesting that Europe closed much of its nuclear capacity post the Fukushima disaster. Their is a school of thought that the tsunami was triggered by a nuclear device in order to eliminate Japans reliance on nuclear power and increase their dependence on gas and coal imports from Russia. It also had the added benefit of rendering nuclear power as not safe.

  2. On top of that there is a 1978 UN treaty(find it on and elsewhere) that says nations won’t use weather altering tech as an offensive weapon against each other, now why have that if there is not the capability to alter weather artificially via tech? So any drastic changes or long term slow change could easily just be the international mafia using haarp, seeding and probably other tech to manipulate weather. I think a lot of disasters are also the result of this weaponry for political goals including fukushima, katrina, the huge tsunami of the south indonesia region, etc Even these flash fires are probably the result of energy weapons or good old on the ground arsonists but probably enhanced/spread by remote energy tech. I also think cell phone towers are used for more than just cell phones, operating within human brain frequencies is very convenient and it’s a form of prison bars or a grid of manipulation that may also include local weather events. Also any warming could also be volcanic in origin natural or induced via black tech. GWEN ground wave towers have such large wavelengths that they go through anything. Flooding could easily be cloud seeding along with EM techniques of susceptible areas. Notice that beach properties are not being sold for pennies on the dollar due to any real rising of the oceans we’re harangued about? These mafia have to live here too so there’s a limit to it, even their underground cities won’t be immune. These people are insane megalomaniacs so there’s really no limit.

    Any manmade despoiling of the environment is the result of greed and imposed on normal people from above, war is also a major destruction of nature so govs, megacorps and their bankster directors are the major culprits not regular people who are at their mercy. All this disposable packaging and equipment is just for more profit, and can you imagine the amount of paperwork and other waste that the govs produce for their various marxist control mechanisms? But it’s the regular people who are taxed into oblivion over it and made to feel like the culprits. Another example of jew scapegoating.

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