The kabbalistic roots of today’s hyperinflation

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Feb. 26, 2022 Anno Domini

The Judaeo-Bolshevik long-range goal of destroying free-market capitalism might finally be realized through the current trend of worldwide hyperinflation.

Although the current usurious bankster-inspired inflationary environment is not the result of an inherent defect of the free market, it is and will continue to be presented as if it were, as per the Soviet long-range strategy of discrediting capitalism with the goal of replacing it with communism (a fancy term for slavery). Although we are told by both the mainstream and alternative media that Communism died, this goal was explicitly revealed to the world not long ago when the World Economic Forum’s Jewish founder Klaus Schwab smugly said, “you’ll own nothing and be happy about it”.

Official numbers of current inflation levels across the world seem to be understated, but the average person knows it’s much higher when they see the ever increasing prices on the shelves of the local supermarket, among other things. When prices get so out of reach for the average Western person, the only ones who can afford to buy are banks, institutional investors, government, and individual billionaires. That seems to be the first goal of this hyperinflationary period: consolidation of assets into the hands of a few (the banks, press, and governments of the world have already been overtaken in a similar manner, as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion said they would). The second goal seems to be to impoverish the “goyim” to the point where they are begging for a solution to this seemingly organic economic crisis. That’s where Soviet-styled social credit may be presented as the answer to their prayers, and a centrally managed world economic system introduced—complete with implantable microchips and absolute tag-and-track technology.

This diabolical conspiracy to enslave every man, woman, and child despite his God-given freedom has been aided by the dark arts. The kabbalistic concept of dialectics was formulated by the Soviets into various strategic methods, one of which is called “accelerationism”. The general idea is that in order to achieve the synthesis in a dialectic of opposites, you accelerate, intensify, or exploit the most sensitive aspects of the thesis and/or anti-thesis to varying degrees until you get the desired effect (sometimes the desired effect is to lead to yet further dialectics, as part of a longer-range strategy with the final goal only being realized much later).

Moses Mordechai Levi (Karl) Marx said in a 1848 speech,

“…the protective system of our day is conservative, while the free trade system is destructive. It breaks up old nationalities and pushes the antagonism of the proletariat and the bourgeoisie to the extreme point. In a word, the free trade system hastens the social revolution. It is in this revolutionary sense alone, gentlemen, that I vote in favour of free trade.”

As a very real example of this Jewish magic today, corporations have exploited the openness and benefits of free market capitalism to the extreme (accelerated end) that the free market is now manipulated, to the detriment of unwitting individuals participating in it. Ironically, corporations have become communistic in their tendency towards monopolies, centralization of power, central planning, and lust for domination. Private banks, themselves corporations, have been the biggest players in market manipulation. Largely through their money printing and usury have they led us into this hyperinflationary period, pulling in tow behind them the major corporations of the world.

“Russian Federation” president (CPSU General Secretary) Vladimir Putin’s foreknowledge of inflationary warfare  was revealed in 2008 when he told  Western journalists that their wives should learn ‘how to cook cabbage soup’. In other words, all we will be able to afford is cabbage when the time comes—until the predetermined solution is offered (social credit via anti-Christ mark of the Beast?). Accelerationism also involves the unfettered acceleration of technological advancement, which has obvious associations with transhumanism and technocracy.

With “capitalism” and external factors like war, supply chain disruptions, and the scamdemic being used as excuses for inflation, there doesn’t seem to be much we can do to counter this communist offensive. Its true nature has been concealed from the hypnotized masses and the best they could do is fight with a ghost, if they were willing to fight in the first place. As a nation, a good start would be to become energy independent again. Individually, we have to become more self-sufficient and financially independent. Easier said than done.


  1. Timothy, you still talk about microchips as the Mark of the Beast. That’s a very outdated technology going back to the 70ies. They have way better stuff than microchips. Besides, microchips don’t give them the level of control the nanotech gives them. You need to understand quantum computing, AI, nanotech, 5G, Cern and Darpa in order to understand that these injections ARE the Mark of the Beast because they target one’s DNA. They need to and want to destroy the image you were created in so that they can recreate a human in their (satanic, beastly) image. This injections have a patent with the biblical number 666. It’s called cryptocurrency using body activity data, patent no. WO 2020 060606 AI. It’s part of Gates’ digital ID. Covid is a coded name for certificate of vaccination identification (ID), 19 stands for AI (controlled by the AI). It’s demonic to the core. You need to understand how very important your DNA is and that Satan is after the code of life (the DNA) and wants to sit in the temple of God, that is in your body, in your DNA, because our bodies are to be the temples of the Holy Spirit as St Paul explained. Have you not noticed how absolutely obsessed they are with the genome? Can you see that we are in the same corruption as in the days of Noah? HSBC has boasted back in the 2020 that one’s DNA will be his data, his currency. Yep, that’s the goal. Some shops are already equipped with the scanners on the doors of the shelves to scan one’s forehead and one’s palm. They are not operational yet but are ready when they get a go. The doors will not open for those who are unjabbed because they won’t be able to scan the readers. Also have you not seen that people are already coming up with their unique digital number appearing on the screen of their mobile or even any other screen if it’s going through wifi…? It’s part of the IoT (internet of things) and IoB (internet of bodies). It’s all part of the smart grid. Have you not listened to diabolical men, dr evils such as Craig Venter, James Giordano, Prof. Charles Morgan, and then the transhumanist nutjobs Ray Kurzweil, Geordie Rose, Yuval Harari and others…? Klaus Schwab said that the 4th industrial revolution will mean that we will have to reconsider what it means to be human. That it’s a merger of physical, digital and biological. Yuval Harari brazenly stated that gone are the days that humans think that they have a free will and a soul. They are just hackable animas. Yes, you heard that right. Dr evil James Giordano was giving lecture to military men (he worked for Darpa) explaining to them what everything they can do with one’s brain, they can delete one’s memories, download them, exchange them with others, read one’s thoughts etc. He openly stated that the brain is and will be the battlefield of the future. You heard that right. I’m surprised you are not familiar with these extremely important facts. I’m going to give you links to a few videos from Diana Lenska. I could give you a few more from other people who would confirm the message but Diana explains it in very simple terms that anybody can understand. You must understand why their obsession with our DNA. Here are the links: 1.) Tagged, Tracked, Traced OWNED! : 2.) MURDER BY 5G FREQUENCY : 3.) THEY GOT YOU! : 4.) 5G IN THE OCEAN! : 5.)
    5G Your DNA 666 and the MARK OF THE BEAST :

    PLEASE DO watch ALL of them. There are important points in all of them. The last one explains very clearly why these injections ARE the Mark of the Beast. Did you know that they have a patent for 170 injections DNA and RNA based to put into those who have subjected themselves over to this agenda? You’ll learn about that in the first video called Tagged, Tracked, Traced OWNED. Yep, they already argue that since there is a synthetic DNA in the injected humans and it is patented, they claim ownership rights over these humans as if they were their property. Just as with GMO seeds the same thing is to be repeated on humans. And remember what demonic Yuval Harari said, humans are just hackable animals without a soul or a free will. Welcome to technocratic bolshevism, the Beast system with the Beast computer, the quantum computer run by demons called the AI and the demonic frequencies of 5G and higher incompatible with life. Those who survive the injections WILL worship the son of perdition, the Antichrist who is just round the corner and will be perfect digital slaves. Those who don’t will die, both in this life and in the next. The only exception are the little children and the elderly who have no use of their mental capacities, who are demented. But God will hold those who are responsible for their jabbing, accountable to His stern justice. Wishing you lots of strength for the times ahead for as Diana said, our ride is just about to begin.

      1. Indeed, the point remains the same BUT it really does matter a great deal what technology they use as that is a super demonic technology. Please do watch those videos and you’ll understand better. I could also show you videos of those nutjobs who have stated what their technologies are capable of for you to see it and hear it first hand for as the saying goes a picture speaks a thousand words, in this case, it’s one thing to hear it from me saying it and another to hear it from the “horse’s mouth”. Ok, thanks for acknowledgement, at least to a certain point. I mainly wanted you to understand the importance of our DNA, their obsession with it and why these injections ARE the prophesied MoB. Take care.

    I thought that this excellent essay on Russia’s reserves and gold bullion was worth reading. Bottom line is that banning Russia from SWIFT and the LBMA could bting down the gold price “fixing” mechansism if Russia implements an oil for gold transaction policy. It will lead to the discovery of the “real” price for gold.

  3. A history of the Moneychangers. Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.
    1698 _______________________________________________________________________________

    Following four years of the Bank of England, their plan to control the money supply had come on in leaps and bounds. They had flooded the country with so much money that the Government debt to the Bank had grown from the initial £1,250,000, to £16,000,000, in only four years. That’s an increase of 1,280%.

    Why do they do it? Simple, if the money in circulation in a country is £5,000,000, and a central bank is set up and prints another £15,000,000, stage one of the plan, sends it out into the economy through loans etc, then this will reduce the value of the initial £5,000,000 in circulation before the bank was formed. This is because the initial £5,000,000 is now only 25% of the economy. It will also give the bank control of 75% of the money in circulation with the £15,000,000 they sent out into the economy.

    This also causes inflation which is the reduction in worth of money borne by the common person, due to the economy being flooded with too much money, an economy which the Central Bank are responsible for. As the common person’s money is worth less, he has to go to the bank to get a loan to help run his business etc, and when the Central Bank are satisfied there are enough people with debt out there, the bank will tighten the supply of money by not offering loans. This is stage two of the plan.

    Stage three, is sitting back and waiting for the debtors to them to go bankrupt, allowing the bank to then seize from them real wealth, businesses and property etc, for pennies on the dollar. Inflation never effects a central bank in fact they are the only group who can benefit from it, as if they are ever short of money they can simply print more.

  4. Não existe livre comércio, isso foi uma fraude criada pelos judeus nos anos 70 com o objetivo de roubar e enganar a população. Todo o “livre comércio” é controlado por judeus, todas as empresas que usamos são judias. Livre concorrência apenas existe em um nível de pessoas para pessoas.

  5. Hi I think you should check out a website called Maybe you should change your mind about the Fatima appartitions and even talk to the moderator of that website.

  6. Yeah inflation has been very high for a long time, it’s hidden in the skyrocketing housing prices and cost. But the point of that is not to have people pay off and “own” in the modern sense, ie you can’t own anything, try not paying various taxes which are perpetual and see what happens. No they want you paying the juice as a slavery mechanism forever, stuck in your job, stuck where you live, if you step too far out of line you’re foreclosed on by the banksters. They especially want younger people in that hamster wheel, older people are conformed, programmed etc to the system and too deep in to matter much. There will probably be 60+ year mortgages at some point and the greed based society we live in makes sure that renting is the same cost as a mortgage. From the beginning of 2022 we’ve seen this artificial greed “inflation” in the news and you guessed it almost every store has raised prices from the 25% of the “dollar” store to 50%+ of wally world, right on que with the pre-planned squeeze. Of course gasoline prices are just a function of what the cartel determines people should pay, nothing to do with so called “fossil” fuels scarcity which is another wholesale lie. In the USA a house is really only worth the down payment, the rest is just fat for the fatcats. They give military vets free houses for services rendered via VA no down payment loans so if you consent to being owned by the marxists and fight in their wars you get a free house, disgusting.

    Impoverishing people, pushing communal living, and throwing people into the arms of the marxist governments so they are dependent on public assistance. And with the crypto money as just a step into fully electronic money the chains of slavery just get tighter and tighter. The covid hoax was also a gauge of how stupid and programmed people are and in many places it’s endemic stupidity. These fools will believe anything that is reported on TV regardless of reality. Mental illness is endemic. I’ve seen this in one of the most mass mentally ill states, the Peoples Republic of Oregon as it should be called. Jews and cryptos everywhere, charging for bags in a tax scheme so they can use that free money to fund themselves and their cronies in marxist schemes. One of the largest is the so called “homeless” problem, it’s highly profitable to the marxist gov class and cronies. For the billions thrown at it everywhere you could build sanitariums for the seriously ill, drug addicted and also luxury hotels for the lazy among the homeless but no we get more and more of these gov-crony foundations etc which never solve the problem. This is actually a marxist created and maintained problem for profit. It’s really nasty everywhere now, but people are so conditioned to it they are totally blind, living in fantasy. Truly hell on earth.

    I’d also like to comment on this ukraine-russia skirmish. Isn’t it interesting that two jews, putin and his Ukrainian counterpart are at the head of these warring states? The Ukrainians lost 8+ million people to the jew USSR with a famine in the 30’s and I also suspect that just grinding down non-jews is one of the points of this theater we’re getting. As you say the USSR never really went under nor broke up, so Ukraine is most likely little more than a Russian province anyways. Only other thing I could see is that perhaps there are oil/gas rights in those so called breakaway parts of Ukraine that Russia wants and the jew Ukrainian leadership doesn’t want to hand over so this could be jews fighting jews with gentile soldiers over loot. So strange seeing all these protesters at traffic lights holding up signs in support of Ukraine for the jewish tool called “democracy” or as I like to call it mobocracy. How does all that organization come about? It’s not out of nowhere that’s for sure, sure the fools holding those signs are in the dark but the organizational level? who knows. Reminds me of those BLM protesters I saw in the most out of the way places when that scam went down.

    1. Thanks for the contribution, Jack.

      If you haven’t already, please make sure you read Red Cocaine, which directly resulted in the West’s homeless problem and much more.

      I agree with you that one aspect of this invasion of Ukraine is to wipe out more gentiles. As you point out, Putin and Zelensky are Jewish partners in crime, not foes. Someone showed me today this heavenly Jerusalem project, which seems to fit into the Chabadnik-Third Rome-revived Khazaria messianism:

      We shall see how it unfolds, so we can get more clues as to what exactly they are up to. This motive has multiple angles to it, no doubt, just like 9/11 did. They never do things for only one or two reasons.

      1. Yeah I started to read that years ago as another angle from Dope Inc. I got the sense that it’s another deflection/confusion of the issue just like Dope Inc is. They reveal a lot but it’s jumbled up and their end conclusions are nefarious ie Larouche(supported the Clintons sheesh) pushed global cooperation aka UN etc I certainly have no doubt that drugs are a tool of the elite to create slaves and bring down those around them. Plenty of good families ruined by one drug addled member. I mean my assessment is that you can’t just say it’s all the openly marxist states, it’s a universal strategy in both the east and west. I’m not sure that it’s the origin of homelessness either, but I am sure that govs love it and want it to continue. Remember the Opium Wars? Remember Mena and the flood of drugs into Miami a la the Bush/clinton crime syndicate? Before that the vietnam war which had a lot to do with the golden triangle and introducing a pop drug culture via returning vets on one side and the satanic hippy culture on the other side. The romantic nonsense fantasy side of homelessness kind of pushed with the hippies. I certainly think that the 911 wars were mostly tied in with oil/gas pipelines AND the center of modern opium regions, afghanistan. They also could be going to war in some cases to prevent pipelines, I mean gazprom/russian gas is obviously well stocked with former and current EU leaders/traitors down the line who would want any real competition to that in their twisted minds.

        Yeah create a society which has a lot of disenfranchised beggars and the “savior” marxist governments get the justification to go full marxist and make drastic criminal changes to everyones delight, besides the middle class who lose the most but are shamed into going along with it or are forcibly made to, probably via faceless IRS codes etc. Doesn’t matter to the jewish upper middle class management level and of course not to the elites they’ll not lose a thing, they’ll make money off of it, even be hailed as heroes. The reality is just bringing everyone else down to total slavery and being programmed to think that the ever lower standard of daily living is some justified sacrifice, totally false. Remember these are the same criminals who support “population control” via any means almost, wouldn’t surprise me if wholesale murder under other names results in a death count that makes the 20th century jew wars and jew communism pale in comparison. It’s just science fiction level with the tech going forward too, scary stuff.

      2. This heavenly Jerusalem project is fascinating to me. How do you see Israel fitting into this? I thought Jerusalem is where the zionist Jews see the earthly kingdom with a new temple, waiting for their King/messiah.

  7. Whipping UP A BLIZZARD of LIES to FOMENT WARS and KILL tens of thousands (upon millions) of people to PROFIT FROM WAR LOANS and war industries – the same “old” formula from the 19th and bloody, industrialized mass-murder 20th century STILL WORKS JUST “fine” in this new, “end of cold war” and “PEACE DIVIDEND” era… thanks to the TREASONOUS JEW FINANCIERS and their ARMIES of AL QAEDA FUNDING hired TRAITORS in the U.S., British, French, Nato, and JEW STATE (Israel) governments.

  8. On Communitarianism: Collected Musings – April 2020

    A friend directed me here. Thanks for the opportunity to weigh in. (I should have subscribed years ago!)

    Arnold Toynbee wrote the following in 1971, in the third chapter of his book titled “Surviving the Future”.

    by Arnold Toynbee

    1971 Oxford University Press

    In the chapter Society under Pressure from Technology, pages 141-144, Toynbee writes:

    “Consider Communism and Capitalism. Capitalism protects individual freedom at the expense of social justice; Communism puts social justice before freedom. But both justice and freedom are indispensable; there has to be a compromise between them; and there are many possible different choices of the line at which the compromise should be drawn. In Communist and Capitalist society alike, there is both a private and public sector of the economy. At present, the line between these two sectors is drawn at a different point in the two regimes. In Communism the public sector is given the larger share; in Capitalism the private sector is predominant. However, both Communism and Capitalism are being re-molded under the pressure of one and the same irresistible force, namely modern technology. I expect to see the dividing-line between the public sector and the private sector in both Communism and Capitalism shift till in both regimes, this dividing-line arrives at the same point. When this happens, Communism and Capitalism will have become identical with each other in fact, even if they continue to wear their present different labels.”

    “This convergence between Communism and Capitalism is to be expected, I think, because Communists and Capitalists are confronted by [an] identical common problem that overrides the difference between their outlooks. Both need to discover how to make life tolerable in the new man-made artificial environment that we have substituted for our natural environment….”

    There’s more on this, of course, but I hesitate to clutter up your comment section. Instead, I will leave you and your readers some data dots concerning one of those purported “fathers of scientific management” (like FW Taylor, Wm. Edwards Deming, Peter Drucker) by referencing this along with a few additional links, I think, may well be worth checking out.

    Scroll down to read:

    Peter Drucker, the Kabbalah, and Total Quality Management (TQM)

    Cry Our Beloved America:
    Sliding Down the Communitarian Slope

    The Communitarian Trap

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