Soviet Jew claimed Jews hold secret to ancient alien origins of humanity

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
February 3, 2022 Anno Domini

Late Soviet Jewish mathematician Matest Mendelevich Agrest suggested in 1994 that world Jewry held a closely guarded key to unlocking alleged secrets of the ancient astronaut hypothesis.

Agrest, himself a proponent of the ancient astronaut belief that human origins are extraterrestrial, wrote in an article of the November/December 1994 issue of Ancient Skies that Kabbalist and leading medieval Talmud scholar Moshe Ben Nackhman-Ramban (Nachmanides) was concealing the “Nephilim secret” from non-Jews and that the ancient astronaut theory derived from Ramban.

“Ramban’s answer is to be understood only as it was used by the Talmudists,” Agrest wrote. “When one of them did not want to reveal a secret or even to discuss any problem, they used the sentence: Urwa parakh. That means, “Look, a crow has flown by” and it was not dishonourable. Ramban’s answer confirmed the assertion that Ramban had always considered that the deep cabbala ideas were only for the chosen ones.”

The alleged secret centres on a Talmudic or Kabbalist interpretation of a verse from the Bible, Genesis 6:4, which says that the Sons of God (perhaps angels) bore children with the daughters of Adam, resulting in strange offspring, interpreted either as giants or fallen/mighty ones (Hebrew: Nephilim; Greek: γίγαντες). Mainstream Biblical scholars seem split down the middle between the two interpretations (giants or angelic beings). One side says angels can’t procreate, the other says they can. While Ramban’s interpretation might have truth to it, it seems his conclusions, in light of what the Kabbalah teaches (divination, necromancy, etc.), are intentional lies.

Although Agrest, Zecharia Sitchin, and Erich von Däniken may be credited with developing the ancient astronaut theory (also ancient alien, paleocontact theory), Agrest may be correct that it actually originates with Ramban (or with the Talmud/Kabbalah).

“I first read Rambam’s impressive commentary in Israel two months after my lecture at the Ancient Astronaut Society’s 20th Anniversary World Conference in 1993, where I had publicly expressed the same ideas about the meaning of Genesis 6:4,” wrote Agrest. “Had I known about Ramban’s commentary 35 years ago when I wrote the article The Astronauts of Yore, where I used Genesis 6:4 in favour of the paleocontact hypothesis, I would have called it the ‘Hypothesis of Ramban’. It is not too late to do it now.”

Ramban’s commentary on Genesis 6:4 reads:

“But the Midrash ‘Pyrkey Rabbi Eliezer’ (chap. 22), which is mentioned in the Talmud treatise ‘Juma’ explains the word Hanphilim as Messengers fallen from the sky. That is the best commentary for the verse Genesis VI, 4. But to explain the secret contained in this verse, it is necessary to write very much.”

In 2013, I wrote an article linking crop circles, UFOs, and Kabbalah and how an alien deception might be used to trick the world into worshipping the BEAST system or anti-Christ as part of an apocalyptic strategy. This admission by Agrest seems to corroborate that theory. Although ancient astronaut theorists use the Bible to support their ultimate claims that space aliens created us to eventually evolve to godhood (tie in with the New Age agenda), it’s a grand deception. It seems that angels can and have procreated with humans and that the offspring were indeed either demons or fallen angels (perhaps they are one and the same). Regardless, it would be a clever move for fallen angels/demons to manifest as not only techno-enhanced space beings that fly around in craft abducting people along the way (for sex magic—disguised as medical experimentation) but also as gods of the various religions throughout time (Ra, Horus, Vishnu, Jupiter, Allah, etc.). They lay down a bunch of mysterious monoliths and pyramids early on so that they can later use them to authenticate their claims of being our creators, while the true God of the Bible is shunned as an outdated superstition. The Communist conspiracy bolsters this narrative by rallying humanity around the promise of unity, peace, equality, and environmental preservation—something alleged alien abductees claim is central to the message transmitted by their captors.

The authors of the 1975 book UFOs: What on Earth is happening? perhaps give us a clue to Jewry’s “Nephilim secret”.

“The Qabala, a secret tradition of mysticism, offered certain privileged initiates the capability of communing with the ‘aerial people’.”[1]

Other cultures that seem to worship these fallen angels often refer to their gods as the “star people”. It seems the Kabbalah is referring to the same when it speaks of the “aerial people”, or as Genesis 6:4 and the Book of Enoch call them, the fallen ones (fell from the sky), headed by the chief fallen one Satan.

“Qabalism is considered one of three Master Rituals in magic practice, and reportedly producing effects quite parallel to those associated with UFOs. Swirling clouds of vapour and rays of light are seen, and the practitioner may experience possession or psychic assault.”

Freemasonry, which is based in the Jewish Kabbalah, teaches the existence of extraterrestrials.

As deceptive as they are, astronaut theorists will admit that Genesis 6:4 is indeed talking about fallen angels coming to the Earth to impregnate human women, but then they spin it to say that fallen angels are actually extraterrestrials who created us. It’s like the rest of the Bible doesn’t exist. I suspect that Ramban is suggesting exactly the same thing as the rest of the godless ancient alien theorists, who are nothing more than modernized pagans. Incidentally, the popular History Channel television show Ancient Aliens has a resident Kabbalist Jew, rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok, who uses the Bible to advance their ancient astronaut lies.

BALTIMORE, MD—Rabbi Ariel B. Tzadok speaks onstage at Ancient Aliens: Space Station Egypt during Day 1 of AlienCon Baltimore 2018 at the Baltimore Convention Center on November 9, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for HISTORY)

We know that Satan is ultimately the author of the Talmud and Kabbalah, so he attempts to get God’s creation to worship himself and his minion demons who pose as the gods of old and space aliens (as if hyper-dimensional demons and angels needed machines to travel).

“Without citing scores of cases here, it is possible to realize that the features listed above as pertaining to demons crop up again and again in UFO reports.”[2]

Perhaps Jewish occultist/magician Uri Geller has tapped into Ramban’s “Nephilim secret” when he channels messages from spirits—spirits who admit to manifesting as UFOs.

The institutionalized lying and crypsis of world Jewry is well documented. Ramban’s “Nephilim secret” reminds me of the Jewish command to deceive non-Jews about the timing of the prophet Daniel’s Seventy Weeks prophecy.

Although non-canonical but accepted by the Catholic Church as inspired, the Book of Enoch makes it clear that these fallen beings—whatever they are—mentioned in Genesis 6:4 are enemies of humanity and God, not some ancient beings who created us. Incidentally, the Book of Enoch affirms the Holy Trinity by way of recognizing the incarnation of the Messiah as a man. But that doesn’t matter to the Kabbalists. They have to pretend that there is an additional secret book of Enoch (from which is derived “Enochian magic”) as a means of nullifying the inspired message prophesying of Jesus Christ.

“He was a defender of Maimonedes Rationalism,” Agrest went on to say about Ramban, “and at the same time one of the greatest cabalists and the first of them to openly develop the ideas of cabbala and to use some of them in his well known commentaries on the Bible.”

Christ warned us of the “traditions of men”—the Kabbalah and Babylonian Talmud—which make the Word of God null and void. Only by clinging to Him can we discern the happenings in our time. We shall see how the alien agenda unfolds and if it is indeed central to the looming anti-Christ deception. The “return of the Nephilim” and their chief angel Satan could be imminent as the entire world unravels.


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  2. Gregory, Janet, Similarities in UFO and Demon Lore, Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 17, No. 2.



  1. I think ‘fallen’ should be taken in the sense of ‘the fall of Adam’ or prior to that ‘the fall of Angels’ who kept not their first e state but rebelled against God’s moral law. I think the Genesis tells the story of how these fallen ones conquered the dominion of Adam (earth) by deception and how they became the ‘gods’, the kosmokraters of this aion.

    I think it very likely that they took corporeal form and sired offspring with women of the Adamic race – offspring who were of giant stature with a measure of angelic intelligence to rule the earth and the former dominion of Adam.

  2. Nephilim is plural “im” and the root of the word means clouds. Sons of God actually means sons of the mighty. Adam is the name of our species. It means red or dirt colored (blood). Khazars are weird people.

  3. The Sons Of God most likely simply refers to those who were virtuous in the pre-mosaic law sense, which is far far from the New Testament sense but it’s like a child growing to a man, Gods plan was revealed over time and the definition of Sons of God has changed according to Gods good pleasure to reveal it. We don’t hold children to the same standards as teenagers or as grown men, they must be taught. First via behavioral techniques leading to them choosing the right freely based on what they have been taught and see the reason of. Teach them Gods Word and in a moral community or otherwise and see the results.

    The Daughters of Adam most likely refers to corrupting wicked women like the many women of Solomon which drew him into satanism, on a natural level women can be either a help to good or they can be one of the greatest helps to satan/ruin. We saw that with the first woman, Eve. On a spiritual level it would refer to ideas/concepts and practices that corrupt those who would otherwise have given God his due. Solomon most likely fell into this category being an intellectual that got too curious about the depths of satan, probably with the help of bad women and his wealth and pride therefrom.

    All this other stuff is on the level of scifi fantasy. I just can’t think it worth any serious consideration, the alien stuff is just some form of distraction preparing for some black tech event and they seed this with monarch mkultra programmed multiples claiming alien encounters in their books. They were most likely just programming sessions masked with alien fantasy. I think Rambam is actually Maimonides the muslim crypto-jew. There is no question that the Kabbalah does have satanic rituals etc and correspondence with satan and his demon hierarchy and the Talmud is definitely of satan inspired men.

      1. oof jew scum here no doubt I’m sure they come through now and again. Are you IDF or just a lone turd fly out there?

  4. The lie goes deeper, the reading of Genesis 6 as an entirely different specie producing hybrids with humankind (whether considered “giants” or no) is bogus, and used to drastically alter the reading of Genesis events and redirect blame, such as diverting the reasoning for the flood from humanind’s own evil, to humankind being “collateral damage” in an atempt to purge the genetic impurity of the alleged hybrids, even “innocent” humans being punished not for their own sins, but as a matter of genetic components, while also painting God as race purity obsessed unjust eugenicist. Ultimately all this as well as “serpent seed” false doctrine (which traces back to the manichaen gnostic sect.) lilith false doctrine (highly popularized in witchcraft & corrupt feminist circles.) and “flat earth” etc., are all utilized to preach satan as an unfairly maligned remdeemer, while blaspheming God. (because “the watchers” in enoch etc. are given all the credit for most of humankind’s inventions etc. instead of God being recognized as inspiring things, like musical instruments.)

    This is done to “gnosticize” People (especially those in the churches.) and lead them into believing kabala and gnosticism are true, “externalizing the hierarchy” that satanists like alice bailey said they wanted to externalize, reruiting for their cult. The real identity of the “fallen” nephilim is corrupted human leaders (who were referred to as sons of god.) pursuing corrupt women, perhaps also engaging in polygamy (thus the wives part. something later royality etc. would carry on in practice even into modern day.) their children are given as “men of renown” they’re famous, celebrities of their day, not because they’re hybrids or giants, but because they wield the clout & fame of their parents, “giants” only in that respect, but entirely human otherwise, much like modern female celebrities are called “divas” but aren’t actually hindu goddesses.

    The “giants” issue happening in part because the kabalaists etc. were trying to syncretize the Bible with pagan myth like that of the greek titans, which is how the modern mistaken rendition became part of the Bible texts, the corruption of the rabbis making the septuagint lead to nephilim etc. being rendered into “gigantes” and later into english as “giants”, the meaning of the word being lost in translation quite literally. Notice how many corrupt midrash repeat the “hybrid” deception versus the “only human” understanding.

    Also never trust any apocryphal, deuterocanonical, or pseudepigraphal text, they all seem to be engineered to point back to gnosticism or kabala. (and are also proven dubious, like the faux book of enoch, retrieved by freemason james bruce, having some oddities that show its not as ancient as claimed, like the whole “waters of dan” problem, which shows the book is considerbaly more modernly authored than People are lead to believe, as the “waters of dan” would only be recognized as such by the readers of the text after the tribe of that name would’ve been established and the waters then named after them, long after enoch etc. lived.)

    When the hybrid deception & it’s associated doctrines of demons are removed, the Truth becomes much clearer, and that of course is a threat to the satanist’s goals. (as said here, it seems the ancient aliens false doctrine among others hinges on such false readings, amon other false doctrines.) Test the above info yourselves as well.

  5. There are 3 traits that did not originate on Earth. Blonde hair. Blue Eyes(blue eyes comes from having no pigment), RH null or negative blood. 97% of DNA did originate on Earth. 3% did not.
    The Bible was written by Kings orders. There are over a 1000 errors and mistranslations in the KJV Bible so i can’t see it being a divine writing since God wouldn’t be so sloppy in His written word.

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