Putin is a Jew—documents from the president’s biography confirm rumours

Putin’s alleged nationality card shows that his mother is Jewish. It is highlighted with a red box. It reads “/Евр./” at the end of her name, which is an abbreviation for the Russian word for Jew: Еврей.

By Vasya Belozerova
August 13, 2019 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

Russian President Vladimir Putin – half-Jewish by nationality on the mother’s side – such sensational data were published by a number of domestic and foreign media outlets. In support of this fact, the publication cites a document – an application for the issuance of a new passport of the citizen of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, dated December 30, 2000, which indicates the nationality of the parents. According to official data, the father of the current president, Putin, Vladimir Spiridonovich, is Russian by nationality, and the mother of the head of state, Maria Ivanovna Shelomov, is listed as Jewish (Евр.).

Putin at the age of 6 with his mother Maria Ivanovna Shelomova in 1958:


Of course, these personal facts from the biography of the country’s first person will remain secret, given that President Shelomov’s mother Maria Ivanovna died in 1998, and Putin’s father Vladimir Spiridonovich died in 1999. Nevertheless, as you know, the historical origin of the surname Shelomov comes from the Jewish male name Shlomo (in Russian Salomon). The end of the surname in -ov means belonging – that is, Shelomov is translated as the son of Solomon. And as we all know, Solomon (Shlomo) was the most revered Jewish king, who was considered the wisest of all people and who rebuilt the Second Temple. Another small detail – according to Jewish laws, a Jew is considered one who is born of a mother – Jewish by nationality and nothing else.

Let’s see the “personal card” of Mordkho Abelevich, who was registered at the Vitebsk Investigation Department. Such “personal files” were brought up to members of the “Bund” who participated in the 9th conference of the General Jewish Workers’ Union in 1912.

There are still no official documents confirming the relationship of Vladimir Vladimirovich with Blinchikov, but the face itself is present. The notorious Jewish factor. As one of our journalists said, if you look closely, you can see “Jewish ears” behind all the global events taking place in the world.

Jewish roots of Vladimir Putin

The magazine “Profile” puts forward the following version of the origin of the Putin family. According to pre-war photographs that accidentally ended up in the magazine, Putin’s family tree was restored to Putin’s grandmother and grandfather. According to this information, Putin’s grandmother married a second time to Vladimir Dmitrievich Pechersky in 1960. According to the recollections of his second wife Anna Pecherskaya, Putin’s grandmother was an accountant either at school or in the village council, and her future husband Pechersky was the son of a parish priest in Chufalovo, Yaroslavl region. Pecherskaya does not give her real name, but, like her husband, calls her Lyalya. “Lyalya was pretty, a real angel” with noble urban manners and was noticeably different from the village girls.

Putin’s great-grandfather served as a traveling salesman and sold Singer sewing machines. Putin’s great-grandmother was a certified midwife who graduated from medical school and had the right to private practice, but her daughter Lyalya did not have a higher education. Lyalya studied financial courses and graduated from school immediately after the revolution. The first husband of Putin’s grandmother left her with a child, disappointed in love. “Profile”, although it does not draw historical parallels, writes that the real name of Lyalya was Rasputin, and after the change of dignity, the secular name was changed. Later, “so that the ministers of the monastery did not have bad associations, her husband entered the monastery book as Putin.” From Chufalov, Yaroslavl region, where Putin’s grandmother married her second husband, she moved with him to Kokand, then to Fergana, then to Rostov the Great. But, tired of eternal travel, she left Pechersky and married the Jew Epstein (he took his wife’s surname), who adopted Vova Putin, Putin’s father. Thus, Vladimir Putin is a Jew by his grandfather. Yes, and not even native. Although Epstein.

The electronic newspaper Petersburg News wrote that,

“Putin has already said that Jews have long aroused sympathy in him, and he recalls with joy how he grew up in a communal apartment in Baskov Lane among Jewish neighbors, the sweetest and most pleasant people.”

It is quite possible that these were not neighbors, but relatives. Jewishness was not a fact that they liked to advertise. Naturally, Little Johnny Putin tried to forget about his Jewish roots.

Putin’s presence at the opening of the Center for Jewish Culture and his congratulations on Rosh Hashanah added fuel to the fire of supporters of the “Jewish version” of the president’s origin. Putin himself has kept a guerrilla silence, not commenting on these assumptions. A number of journalists have long noted President Putin’s markedly respectful relationship with representatives of the Jewish community, the official events of which in Moscow the head of state visits repeatedly. Moreover, as you know, Vladimir Putin has always tried to build trusting relationships with the political leaders of Israel and in almost every public speech to call the Jews of Israel a fraternal people. In particular, in fact, with the coming to power of Putin in 1999, Russia’s policy towards Israel has sharply changed from a negative side to a positive one. Although many decades before that, Israel was several times on the verge of clashes with the USSR, which all these years actively supported the Arab countries and regimes surrounding Israel politically and with the supply of weapons.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, alongside Russia’s chief rabbi Berel Lazar, light the Menorah in 2017.
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (C) speaks at a ceremony marking the handover of the Schneerson library at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre in Moscow, on June 13, 2013 . Putin expressed today hope that the problem of a disputed Jewish archive, known in Russia as the Schneerson library, claimed by the United States was finally put to rest as he visited the rare collection in the newly opened Jewish Museum in Moscow. AFP PHOTO / YURI KADOBNOV (Photo credit should read YURI KADOBNOV/AFP via Getty Images)

Russian Presidentn Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Chief Rabbi of Chabad Lubavitch Berel Lazar toast.


  1. iran, syria, turkey and the houthi’s are zionist puppets too… It seems the zionist control almost every head of country in the world. Keep exposing lil putin, also look into iran and the houthis, they are in on the satanic theater as well.

    Iran buying anti missile system from russia, but anti missile systems are a hoax, so what exactly are turkey and iran buying from russia? It’s all a show, the war in syria is about killing the resistance to zionist puppet al assad, same as libya.

    Good work!

    1. Very true, Erdogan for example came to power as part of a zionist conspiracy devised by the Turkeys JTEM, a secret government intelligence unit.

    2. Wow, the tiny Jewish people are ten thousand times more competent, cleverer, triumphant, and successful than any other people on earth, so of course they rule the world. They were the source people from whom the Bible comes, with all its beliefs about God, lovingkindness, charity, family values, honesty and decency, which has shaped our civilization and which embodies its best moral values. They continue even today to contribute far more than their percentage of the population of even just the Western states to Nobel Prizes in all scientific disciplines, fully a quarter of which have actually gone to Jews, advancing all the sciences and benefitting everyone, amongst which their contributions to medicine just by itself continues to improve and saves more lives than ever before in history, for all humanity. It is obviously all a fiendish plot. The better they are the more evil they must be, since they shame all the rest of us with their enormous accomplishments and benefits to humanity. They no doubt created the pogroms of Russia in the late 19th century and the Holocaust of WWII as false flag operations, just to win a little sympathy. Hitler was no doubt a secret Jew complicit in this charade. The Iranian Ayatollah, who foams at the mouth about annihilating the Jewish state and is doing everything possible to create a nuclear bomb that nukes it, is also a Jew and is doing all that just for show. The Turkish antisemite Erdogan is another secret Jew. Everybody is a secret Jew. Maybe me. Maybe you. Whoopie.

      1. Actually, if you refer to any table of average IQs worldwide, you will receive a nasty shock as to how super-smart the average jew is – or isn’t.
        Their disproportionate number of Nobel Prizes is illusory, inasmuch as the awarding is done for tribal, not scientific, reasons.
        That famous man Einstein, for example, is known to have set science back by at least two centuries, by plagiarizing his data, and parasitizing what maths he ever knew or quoted, by stealing the efforts of his first wife.
        The jewish religion has nothing whatsoever to do with those values you mention – they are the most racist, genocidal, elitist, and criminal race ever to have defiled the face of the earth – they do not even consider the non-jew to be men or women, but beasts and animals, who “have no place in this world”, and whose only function is to serve the jew, whom they claim will each have hundreds as their sexual and economic servants and slaves.
        Enough is said about their contribution to medicine by referring to the fact that a jew is supposed to kill any Gentile who foolishly strays into any of their “hospitals” – especially if he can do so without bringing undue attention to other jews.
        And such is their openness and charity to others that they are required to sign up to the concept of “moshe” which forbids any jew from informing on any other jew to the secular authorities, irrespective of the severity of the crime he has committed – and their crimes are endless, which of course explains why they have been physically thrown out of every single Gentile community they ever infected, and this for hundreds of years, until we foolishly “emancipated” them at the turn of the 20th century – and Christian civilization has nosedived since that time, as we are all aware of.

    3. Huguenots. It is reported that John Calvin was a french Jew that had an original name that translated similarly to the French version Cohen. During that period of time, anti-Semitism was rampant in Europe. Half of Europe was killed off because of what historians now called the Great Plague or Black Death. Many Europeans back then believed the Jews had poisoned the wells with arsenic. Many Jewish enclaves were reportedly unaffected by the plague. A large swath of Poland where many Jews resided was largely unaffected. There were Jews who reportedly confessed to contaminating wells. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church was totally corrupt. The Archbishops around Europe were financed by the wealthy banker Jews of the day. The Archbishops lived like Kings, many of them having castles which still stand today. So eventually many Europeans caught on to this and blamed the corrupted archbishops and the Jews. There were many incidents (wars) where the people attempted to go after the Archbishops and Jews. Often attacking the castles. Martin Luther, the father of Lutheranism, disliked Jews probably for the same reason much of the population did. He wrote extensively about his disdain for the corrupted Jews. Many people left the Catholic Church and it was becoming a huge headache for the controlling Jews of the day. Anti-Semitism was rampant (Spanish Inquisition for one example where Jews and crypto-Jews — Jews pretending to be something other than Jews — were flushed out of Spain). John Calvin needed to create a diversionary form of Protestantism. He and other crypto-Jews of French did just that, but were eventually flushed out of France — there was huge anti-Semitism in France and the French kicked them out. The Calvinists move to Geneva and other parts of Switzerland and were eventually kicked out of there. They moved to northern Europe worth with many living in England creating a branch of the Anglican Church. Many of these Calvinist – crypto Jews – often referred to Huguenots moved to the United States. Some of the Huguenots include the Waltons (Walmart), Rockefeller’s, Winston Churchill, Warren Buffett, Karl Benz, many Senators, Congressman and Governors, LaFollette’s of Wisconsin and co-founder of the “Progressive Party”, Presidents of Countries including former leaders of South Africa and elsewhere, Franklin Roosevelt, many A-list Hollywood types, etc. There is another person on the list… Joe Biden. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wi…. Whether these individuals are crypto-Jews would be difficult to ascertain, but it is interesting that their policies, incredible wealth and beliefs seem to be and have been in line with Zionism (radical Jews). As another side note, St. Ignatius — the founder of the Jesuits — was allegedly came from a Jewish family but “converted” to Catholicism.

  2. Why is Putin also on record,(photographically), of being in support of the Russian Orthodox Christian Church in St. Petersburg? What kind of a game is he playing by seemingly playing both sides of the coin?

    1. Dugin: “We are for Stalin & the Soviet Union. That Orthodoxy is the bulwark of our spiritual identity is clear to any bearer of the Soviet or Orthodox identity ”

      last para


      Operation SIG:

      Putin 2019 – Islam and Orthodox Christianity Have the Same Values.


      “Putin cites with approval the conclusion of certain theoreticians, that Orthodoxy is much closer to Islam than Catholicism; something that he suggests should be the basis for restoring national concord.”


      Operation SIG


    2. He is consummate politician. ALL Jews are pragmatists. The fact that he is Jewish is emphasized by his glorification of the Soviet army and his demonization of the ¨naaaaazis¨. His speech at the Yad Vashem sealed the deal. He is as Jewish as they come, consequently he will do all he can for Israel, against ANY goyim government – if indeed there are any left -.

  3. A person cannot claim their nationality as being a jew, there is no such place as jewland. To claim you are a jew simply signifies that you haven’t got past the brainwashing you received as a child! If jews were a race then so would Christians and Muslims and I’ve never heard either of those religions etc claim any such thing.

    1. Jews have a completely different view of a ‘nation’. You assume it has to be geographical, located in a native land, fatherland, motherland, or whatnot. But Jews think they are scattered around, typically in capital cities or major ports. This means their total populations are secret, and they typically operate by collecting together forces to attack other nations. They pick them off one at a time.
      I suspect the system sstarted with trade in the Mediterranean, as truly enormous inland sea

  4. Lol jew ears, that reminds me of the previous USSS head Randolph Alles(from texas btw) and his jew ears, the prez(and all recieving “protection” by them) is actually a sort of prisoner of the USSS which took the decisive role in the JFK assassination by stopping the car momentarily to aid the snipers, the zapruder film has been modified to hide this fact. Think of the deciding/directing role in the movie Gladiator of the Praetorian gaurd as a crude illustration. By their works yea shall know them, and putins works are those of the international jewish mafia and their bankster monopoly megacorps/masonic/marxist tools.

  5. I’ve read articles and seen comments that hinted that Putin was a Christian, but many other times referring him to being a member of the KGB as though it’s a negative thing still today. I would guess that in Russia , one gets a job where one apply’s or wants to use his background or education, just as in any other country. Or maybe where the opportunities and best money can be made. Putin doesn’t seem to be a vicious, arrogant, or war mongering leader of Russia. It is the United States that supported communism against Christian Germany, with Ronald Reagan given credit for Communism falling, yet today , after all these years and decades, Russia must be forever our enemy as though the Jews still want Russia to be isolated from the Christian world so as to be ready to use in the future war to fulfill Jewish Old Testament prophecy of their kingdom and rulership of the world to come. “Peace” to the Jews is when they gain control of the world/

    1. You’re a dupe if you believe Russia is peace-loving and Putin a good Christian!

      1. I really do not know whether Putin is a Jew and just pretending to be a Christian – or not, but I cannot see how he and Russia can continue to allow the Ukraine to continue to ignore the Minsk Agreement and let the people suffer. They are Russian in the Donbas, apparently – so let them rejoin Russia. Why must the be forced to suffer what the Urain is doing to them, which sounds terrible.
        Perhaps the Ukraine is just being used to cause more misery and war – by those called The Neocons?
        They are all Jews – and they do not seem to be on Putin’s side ?
        “WE Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing the Gentiles do will meet our needs, our demands. We want a world of our own.” Maurice SAmuel in his book called “You Gentiles.”

        It seems that the Jews are led by and used by some very destructive people.

      2. Russia isn’t the country with +-1,000 military installations around the world, or the country that’s slaughtered millions of innocents based on lies and for the benefit of its owner, i.e., Israel. That’s the criminal US government!

    1. Ah hah! So you’ve noticed that too! Well, good for you. This tells me you’ve been paying attention. Sadly, it seems that far too few are paying much attention to anything of real significance these days.

            1. Of course it does. It’s like your own page, a critical person has to consider why you promote a fas narrative, hence, helping the Jews. By the way Renegade Tribune censored my comment(s):

              “Hahaha, an edited video as evidence? Putin is an orthodox Christian. Period!”

              And after my exposure of them as dictators which of course also will be censored, I have to salute you for not censoring my post. Thanks.

              :”So you deleted my comment? Which means you don’t accept anything that goes against your opinions! Says a lot about you!”

              Why can’t we just take Putin’s word for it instead of doing Judea a favour?

                1. It’s because you don’t have the evidence you claim you have. Putin is a devout Christian. Period!

                2. LOL! You really don’t know what is “news” and what is fact, do you? You refer (again) to a site which quote another site which quote another site. You are desperately trying to find something that adds up with your delusions. Find me an orthodox true Christian site that denounce Putin being a devout Christian please.

                  And by the way, what was the Christianity of Jesus and what was Communism said to be when the Jews first came up with the idea? If you’re going to analyze something, analyze it correct, with all ingredients and with objective eyes. Now you’re just pushing the Jewish agenda. Think about it. And remember, sometimes we walk the wrong path, after all we’re just humans.

                3. You’re asking me to prove a negative, which means you have no proof Putin is a Christian but just blindly accept the Kremlin line about him. Anyone that disagrees with you, you just call pushing a Jewish agenda. That’s very immature.

                4. It’s not evidence? But the things you post here is evidence? The ID card is fake. Pictures of Vlad surrounded by Jews is definitely NOT evidence. And Jewish ears!?! Not only crooked noses but special ears too? Please understand that this is propaganda serving the Jewish agenda. Thanks.

  6. Just a small point. Russian Orthodox people were all male and bearded. Probably they are staffed now just by Jews. After all, Jews started Christianity anyway – though I believe it only got to Russia in 1000 AD very roughly.

    1. no so-called jews started talmudic bablyonian mystery religion to honor their father satan; Christ born of God and the true blood line of Abraham called them out and defeated them then and now by His death and Ressurection.

  7. Zelensky and Putin….tow jew peas in a pod are now committing white genocide under the guise of this sham war…..which is why the jUSA just sits back and does nothing.

  8. Medvedev, also Jewish.

    American Jewish blogger records:

    “As a sidenote, Medvedev’s visit is all the more interesting given that he is a Jew, the son of a Jewish mother and the first Jew to become President of Russia, much less enter the Kremlin in any capacity besides the following: doctor, scientist, military hero, foreigner.

    I’ve personally confirmed Medvedev’s Jewish identity with former Muscovites, who say that Medvedev’s mother regularly attended the main synagogue in Moscow”

    final 2 paragraphs

    A comment from a Jew on a Chabad website claims Medvedev’s mother is Jewish


    Netanyahu: “I spoke with Medvedev in Hebrew.”


    “…Medvedev, who has an excellent relationship with Rabbi Lazar…”


  9. I do not believe one word of this. And some pics are photosahopped. Nasty intent here…

    1. This isn’t proof. It’s just Putin saving face. He can say anything he wants. He’s a professional liar. Think about it. If you were part of a Jewish conspiracy, wouldn’t you go out of your way to make it look like you weren’t Jewish? Putin installed a Mezuzah at a Moscow synagogue. Only Jews are allowed to perform this ceremony. This is just one other example.

      1. Does it look like he is part of a Jewish conspiracy considering that he halted the Greater Israel project and now interferes in Ukraine?

          1. Didn’t he help Assad to stop the Wahhabi ISIS (supported by Israel) together with Iran (and Trump’s withdrawal of American troops)? Isn’t Russia still bombing there? Am I wrong?

          2. Where do I assume it’s only ISIS? Explain to me how they make Putin follow their demands? Thanks.

  10. Why can’t these shills admit that Putin is a controlled oppositionist?

    If you read Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, you will realize that Russia has never been a threat to anyone since 1917, because since Tsarist Russia posed a threat to Jewish Capitalism, Jews alongside the German government for tactical reasons sent the Jewish Bolsheviks to destroy the possibility of Russia becoming a threat to them again. Judeo-Bolshevism claims to liberate the people from Capitalism, but they are frauds because they depended on capitalist west to survive weather through technological transfers, military aid (i.e Lend and Lease), and economic aid. The Soviet would have never been the first in space and accomplished what they have accomplished in space exploration without what they looted from Germany after WWII. In the mid-1970’s the West started to collapse and struggled to support their own existence, so they had to let the Soviet Union collapse. What we have witnessed about Russia for the past 100 years has all been a show, now Russia and the West is facilitating the genocide of White Ukrainians through their Jewish puppet Zelensky.

    1. LOL! Perhaps you should check the sources Sutton uses?

      Are you saying the Germans worked together with the Jews? 😉

      Jews played both sides in Russia. Jewish capitalists financed them and Jewish communists on the ground. Fact.

      Why would the Jewish controlled media make us hate Putin (and Trump) if he is controlled opposition?

      1. The Jews played both sides in WWI, the Germans in 1917 just found it convenient to work with the Jews to make sure that Russia does not re-enter the war.

        It is absolutely true that Jews played both sides in Russia.

        If Putin really is the opposition, then why is it that Putin will put you in prison for questioning holohoax?

        1. How do they do this? Did they just ask Putin to bomb ISIS in Syria? How did they make him liberate Donbass? You guys really deserve being called tin foil hats.

    1. Are you really this incompetent to analyze what is said in the video? It’s not Putin acknowledging anything at all, it is a Jew who is CLAIMING something which isn’t true. I am well aware of Renegade Tribunes silly claim that he is a Jew, but the video is tampered with, they have edited Putin’s nod at the exact right place to make it look like he is acknowledging. But it’s fake. Putin is an orthodox Christian. Period!

      1. Those people have no religion, and Putin is thanks to the Mossad president of Russia (short link KGB to Mossad), otherwise he would’ve been executed a long time ago. And that’s why they all tell the same lies, about history, NASA, viruses, enemies don’t do that to each other? you know!

        The Perestroika Deception… Anatoliy Golitsyn (Russian defector) PDF book 259p
        (PDF download) https://ia800305.us.archive.org/27/items/AnatoliyGolitsyn/Golitsyn-ThePerestroikaDeception-TheWorldsSlideTowardsTheSecondOctoberRevolution1995.pdf

        1. LOL! Yes, everything is a lie and a theater. What about learning about the difference between facts and propaganda claims?

  11. I’m sure Putin does have a Jewish ancestory. Regardless it doesn’t matter. Just like any leader they given a script and read the teleprompters. He probably doesn’t even get to decide what clothes he will wear for the day. Have to look farther up top the pyramid to see who controls everything. I do not think it’s “the jews” yet their organizations are within the pyramid structure. And it would be a group as Chabad, not ordinary jewish individuals. USA is the same way. there is an umbrella over all institutions. and it’s compartmetalized so hard to see by the average person. We get sucked into the rabbit hole but I sometimes wonder why we waste so much time trying to figure it out.as my level of exisitance doesnt have any real say so. on worldly affairs.

  12. “Putin fires top official who described Chabad as a supremacist cult”
    The Times of Israel

    The other make believe Christian:
    “… Putin is going to rise up to take the reins of power in Russia. And the purpose was to reign in the oligarchs that were not in favor of the Chabad organization inside of Russia.”
    “… that when we go to collapse Ukraine, we will have the Russians believing they are taking back their motherland and we’ll have the Ukrainians thinking we got to kill off all the Slavs that are in the country…” – Min 23:30
    In order to bring about the Noahide laws:
    “… they got to bring about chaos.” -Min 29:30
    The Silk Road and Its Agenda

    Min 8:30:
    “… he is playing his part to establish a New World Order.
    “Putin Speaks of A New World Order

    … Putin and Trump on the same page:
    “… Putin said there will be a new world order with ‘just laws’, just laws are also the Noahide laws.” Min 29:00:
    Judas and Barabbas Alive and Well
    Israel’s Trojan Horse Trump silently affirms Jewish Noahide Laws-Jewish writer says Trump is “Champion of Noahide Law”

    The Ukrainian and Russian goyim are being wiped out for the Jew/Khazaria takeover of Ukraine (“The Big Israel”) and to CONTINUE plundering American tax dollars.

    Russian general:
    “I don’t have any hate towards ordinary Jews. They are not the blame for anything.” “… the so-called orthodox Judeic organizations of the Hasidim. In particular, the Chabad organization which rules all over this black feast.” – Min 10:00
    “The Jewish monsters who run Ukraine are carrying out genocide and killings throughout the country.
    They are turning Ukraine into a ‘Jewish Homeland’ for the Khazars. This is what the Jews, Lenin and Trotsky did to Russia in 1917.” – Min 13:00
    And the Ring that Binds them All: Chabad Lubavitch

    Zionism in Ukraine allied with Nazism – the history of the ‘Great Reset’How does Israel and one of the largest and most powerful Ultra Orthodox Zionist cults merge with Ukrainian nationalism and state-sanctioned Nazism?

    So is Putin defending Russia, fighting the WEF/NWO or a deception, another Chabad agent like Trump?
    Why Putin Doesn’t Attack Ukrainian Chabad City

    Well, well what’s this:
    “… all the while he was propping up Chabad …”
    Min 26:30:
    Biden kneels before Chabad Jewish woman showing his loyalty
    “Chabad is who is pulling Putin’s strings.”
    “You see they built in an illusion around Putin.”- Min 35:00
    “… all the while he was propping up Chabad and his neck was being turned at their beck and call.” – Min 43:00
    “If there was to be a war where in Russia would be willing to attack Israel, it will be because Chabad has ordered it to do so.” – Min 46:00
    Ivanka (Trump) Kushner – Min 50:00
    What Would Make Putin Consent to a Gog of Magog Battle
    But this is what you are supposed to believe:

    … meanwhile:
    Zelensky presents list of giant corporations to rebuild Ukraine. (That America will fund)
    “… the reasons they instigated this war was to empty out Ukraine.” (For the Jews) + a bonus of white Russians, white Ukrainians and white Americans and European mercenaries killing each other.”Ukraine is now the candidate to become the future Jewish state. Perhaps one of the reasons they instigated this war was to empty out Ukraine.” – Min 54:30Ukraine as ‘big Israel’ – Zelensky the Zionist
    … and:
    Min 2:30″… everything happening right now is about the Jewish messiah which will be the antichrist. Ok, they are creating enormous chaos on this planet and there is a certain group of elite Jews, they’re really Nazi Satanists.””All of this comes down to the fact that they want to bring their messiah, ..””… in order for the messiah to be accepted, uh, that they must have a global war, because he’s to bring some sort of peace and safety.”

    “Chabad Jews in Russia control Vladimir Putin and the Jewish Oligarchs surrounding him.”Did Chabad Jews Orchestrate Ukraine War To Establish Their ‘Third Khazaria’ Kingdom?
    It appears, in fact, he’s mistaken, Chabad Jews ARE Nazis Satanists.


    Who exactly is Putin?
    Putin, House of Romanov, Black Nobility, Jesuits & Ukraine

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