Israeli Mossad breaking into the State Duma of the Russian Federation? The secret life of the deputy Ilya Mitelman

By Compromat.Group
March 30, 2021 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian
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Can an Israeli citizen with his wife – an Israeli citizen, children – Israeli citizens, a sister – an Israeli citizen working for Germany, as well as real estate, business interests and bank accounts in Israel, become a member of the Russian State Duma? Ilya Mitelman, a deputy of the City Duma of Chelyabinsk, seems to have no doubts about it. We have absolutely nothing against Israel, but the cunningness of its individual citizens impressed us so much that we were not too lazy to fly to this promised land and collect a full package of official documents that point out the question: maybe it would be better for Comrade Mitelman to sit not in the Russian parliament, but in The Knesset?

The figure of this young parliamentarian from the City Duma of Chelyabinsk at first glance seems to be nothing remarkable: a typical major and deputy son (his father is a businessman and ex-deputy of the South Ural Legislative Assembly Semyon Mitelman, who has been wiping his pants in the regional parliament for two decades), leading a riotous image life and himself turned into politics. For Ilya Mitelman in the city, the glory of a party-goer, womanizer and reckless gamer was entrenched. They say he even managed to play cards at the MIREL confectionery factory, partly owned by the uncrowned thief in law, the leader of the Kalinin family and also deputy Vitaly Rylskikh, but the problem was resolved with the help of dad’s dough and reputation.

In the political arena, Mitelman Jr. was not famous for anything special, except for the fight against dandelions, demonstrative snow removal on camera, congratulations to women from billboards on every corner of Chelyabinsk on March 8, and the publicized purchase of 50 cheap pulse oximeters. Moreover, heart rate monitors cost around 150 thousand rubles, and PR, taking into account the rates in local media, in several million.

Our sources claim that now Ilya Mitelman, aiming at the seat in the State Duma, is “punching” the small parties to see who to cling to in the upcoming elections. Surely he would very much like to go to the elections to the State Duma from United Russia, but it seems that the regional government is betting on other candidates. So a man is working on all fronts – “he will not burn out there, he will burn out here.”

It would seem that such petty politicians in any bazaar are just heels for a penny. And we were not particularly interested in this citizen. On information about his incredibly close ties with Israel, making the adventure with the State Duma illegal, we came out by chance, casually touching on the theme of this character’s love affairs … And something came out that we were simply amazed at the skeletons in the closet of Citizen Mitelman.

Friske, Kozhevnikova, buried model and wedding

We touched on the theme of this Casanova’s love affairs in connection with the study of the personality of another regional deputy – United Russia member Vyacheslav Ershov, known in criminal circles as Ruff. We have already written about this “beggar” parliamentarians, whose retired mother somehow managed to buy a 110-meter apartment in Sochi. A murky story about a 19-year-old student Valeria Vladimirovna Eliseeva (born 01/19/1983), who disappeared on the night of September 1 to September 2, 2002, is also connected with the personality of Ershov.

Valeria Eliseeva, student of South Ural State University and model from Models agency

“On this fact, not only the search case No. 319379 of 21.09.2002 was initiated (the initiator of the search was the Central District Department of Internal Affairs, the circular number was B 2002/144), but also the criminal case No. 961487 of 22.09.2002, in which both Ershov and young major Ilya Mitelman.”

As a result, the case was hushed up, the student was forgotten (details can be found here). They say that the investigators assumed that Ilya Mitelman went on a spree with a strange girl and thereby provoked an outbreak of bloody jealousy in her other boyfriend.

However, the girls in the major had a whole crowd – one more, one less … Ilya Mitelman loved to rock with models and singers. I poured money on them and boasted (it is possible that he asserted himself in this way because of some complexes), but the girls were happy to master this loot.

Ilya Mitelman is resting in the company of Maria Kozhevnikoy

Among the most famous ladies with whom the major hung out are the singer Zhanna Friske and the actress from Univer Maria Kozhevnikova.

And so, when we studied the murder of the model student Lera, and at the same time remembered about these parties of Ilya Mitemaln with the stars and stars, we wondered: who did he finally stop at? It is clear from the declarations that Mitelman is already a married man.

We decided to find out who this Madame Mitelman is … And we found out much more than we expected.

“It was very, very difficult to do this – I even had to fly to Israel and connect sources that were included in the power structures of this country, visit the Foreign Ministry and conduct a detailed investigation. But the result was justified!”

Two-faced Israeli woman

Let’s fast forward a third of a century ago, to the USSR, to distant Sakhalin. There, in the city of Okha, Sakhalin Region, on November 10, 1987, Izmailova Alberta Vladilenovna was born. “Yeah,” the quick-witted reader will say, “so it means that Ilya Mitelman’s wife’s name is Albert…” They didn’t guess. Everything is not so simple in this parliamentary family!

When Ilya Mitelman took his bride to the registry office, it was not Alberta at all. And the bride’s maiden name was not Izmailova at all.

But why then do we mention this Alberta from Sakhalin? Let’s explain now.

The girl was born into the family of Svetlana Zuladinovna Izmailova (nee Svetlana Korman Zuladinovna) and Vladilen Albertovich Izmailova. My father’s name, by the way, is quite interesting – Comrade Izmailov was named in honor of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. However, he didn’t name his daughter on the party line as Oktyabrina, Traktorina or Dazdraperma, but nevertheless he played a little bit. The daughter’s name also turned out to be non-standard. It looks like they named the girl Alberta after her grandfather.

Melanie Mitelman (Melanie Korman, formerly Albert Izmailova) with her father, Vladilen Albertovich Izmailov

Alberta is a beautiful name (not Dazdraperma), but somehow the grown-up girl still didn’t like it. Surname too. And now, 25 years later, Alberta Vladilenovna decided to turn into … Korman Melanie Vladilenovna.

“That is, the girl Izmailova changes her surname to a purely Jewish one.”

Corman is an old surname that is widespread among Jews. So this Alberta-Melanie has Israeli roots precisely by her mother (her mother’s maiden name is taken), which is important for obtaining Israeli citizenship.

The renaming took place on May 31, 2012, and at that time the place of residence of Alberta-Melanie, as well as the city of changing passport data, was already Chelyabinsk. And this allows us with a high degree of probability to assume that this citizen changed her name on the initiative of her fiancé, Ilya Mitelman, with whom she soon (less than a year had passed) married.

But the wedding was thrown not in Chelyabinsk, but in Moscow: on February 6, 2013, the Khamovnichesky Department of the Civil Registry Office of Moscow registers Act No. 80, approving the marriage of Melanie Vladilenovna Korman and Ilya Semyonovich Mitelman. Well, this fits well into the major lifestyle of Ilya, for whom, it seems, Chelyabinsk is just a place to make money, but he prefers to spend it in the capitals and, as we will see later, abroad.

“Well, on April 12, 2013 Alba … sorry, Melanie Corman and according to the documents becomes Melanie Mitelman.”

The marriage, it seems, was “flying”: Melanie gave birth to her first child in early 2013.

And now let’s get to know the chosen one of Ilya Mitelman better.

Melanie Korman knows four languages: Russian, English, French plus Hebrew. In Russian, however, she writes with errors … Well, okay, but, as Semyon Slepakov’s song says, “very beautiful”.

For what Melanie learned English – of course, the language is international. For some time, as she herself claims, she even worked for the American jewelry company Diamonds (Samuelson’s). Quite an interesting combination of interests with Ilya Mitelman, because his family in Chelyabinsk makes money from pawnshops. It can also be said to be close to the jewelry theme.

The French language also does not hurt. Paris, Courchevel, all the cases … By the way, according to our sources, who know Ilya well, Major Mitelman met Albert-Melanie in France.

But why does this girl need Hebrew? Here we put one more check mark. And she took a Jewish surname, and knows Hebrew … This is very interesting, because in Russia, Europe and the United States there are millions of Jews who do not know a word in Hebrew. It’s not the easiest language to learn. Knowledge of Hebrew in most cases means having close ties with Israel. Well, let’s check …

The third bell, which convinced us that it was impossible to do without a business trip to Israel, rang when we studied the girlfriends of Melanie Korman-Mitelman. Among her girlfriends, the “pride of Chelyabinsk” was discovered – the model Irina Shayk (Irina Valerievna Shaikhlislamova, b. 01/06/1986), who was born in Yemanzhelinsk, Chelyabinsk region, who made a career in the United States and temporarily strangled the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Irina Shayk and Melanie Mitelman

The fates of the girls are somewhat similar: both got out of the Russian wilderness into the vastness of “civilization”. Melanie Korman-Mitelman, however, does not have such an outstanding career, and instead of a super football player, she got a Chelyabinsk deputy.

But from a financial point of view, she hardly miscalculated: Ilya courted in a big way, showing off the dough and throwing it right and left. Melanie rode business jets …

Next to Melanie Korman – Ilya Mitelman

… I arranged a beautiful life in elite hangout places. Here is Melanie, for example, near the casino in Monte Carlo.

But Melanie shows off her long legs on a leather couch in a private jet after marriage. The vanity fair continues.

By the way, Shayk was hanging out with Ronaldo just at the time when Melanie pushed Mitelman in the direction of the registry office. But the footballer disappeared into the fog in 2015, and the Mitelmans have been married for eight years and have two children. So Melanie Corman approached the arrangement of her personal life in more detail.

And now we will explain why we focused on the friendly relations of these two girls from Okha and Emanzhelinsk. Together they appear in many photographs …

… but we were especially interested in this one.

Irina Shayk and Melanie Mitelman with friends in Israel

In the magazine Elle, which specializes in beauty and fashion, we found a note about how Irina Shayk hangs out with her sister and girlfriends in Israel. Attached to the note was this particular photo, where the girls are posing on an Israeli beach, rolling in the healing mud.

Among Shayk’s friends taking mud treatments are Melanie Corman and the famous cosmetologist Mimi Luzon, who collaborates with the Victoria’s Secret brand. It would seem, well, what’s wrong with that? Yesterday in Monte Carlo, the day before yesterday in Brazil, today in Israel. And tomorrow, maybe they will go to Bali.

“But the trick is that Elle directly calls Corman and Luzon Israelis in the article!”

That is, Melanie for the fashion world is not a Russian woman, but a resident of Israel. Or maybe a citizen? This must be checked!

We fly to Israel

So, we are heading to Israel – a hot country where Russian corrupt officials love to hide and politicians-businessmen who are cutting loot from the Russian budget like to obtain citizenship. The weather is excellent, but the trip is darkened by the situation with the covid, because of which the country is almost closed. But nothing – “Russian Press” is already waiting for friends in Israel, the meeting documents are issued and boarding is allowed.

Soon we will find out who according to the documents we have Melanie Korman-Mitelman. And we will surely learn a lot more interesting things …

And here we are in Israel. To begin with, in order to completely clarify the issue of the citizenship of Madame Mitelman, we received all the identity documents for this Israeli woman. Elle wrote the truth: this madam really turned out to be an Israeli citizen.

Our sources, close to the Israeli security forces, provided quite serious documents proving the identity of the wife of Ilya Mitelman – this is an official document of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel, confirmed by the seals of this department and the Office for Population and Migration Affairs of Israel, as well as certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the consular department in Jerusalem. Also, this document is stamped by the World Court of the city of Bat Yam and apostilled.

It turned out that Melanie-Alberta arrived in the historical homeland of her ancestors on December 27, 1994, being at that time still Alberta Izmailova. She also has the main identity document of an Israeli citizen – Teudat Zeut. That is, it is 100%, absolutely irrefutable proof that …

“The wife of the Russian parliamentarian Ilya Mitelman, who is going to become a deputy of the State Duma, is an Israeli citizen! The identity of the Israeli Melanie Mitelman is certified by Teudat Zeut No. 313067092.”

The documents confirming that Melanie Mitelman has Israeli citizenship were received by us on February 25, 2021 and confirmed by the apostille.

In accordance with the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, this document has legal force in the territory of the Russian Federation. This means that we are ready to confirm the authenticity of our data regarding the citizenship of Melanie Mitelman in any court of the Russian Federation.

And the wife of the deputy Mitelman is also registered in Israel, at the address: st. Rosenblum Herzl, 6, apt. 6206, Tel Aviv – Jaffa, index 6937947. This apartment does not belong to either Melanie or Ilya – but they have other real estate in Israel, which we will also talk about.

Now it is clear why in 2012, when rumors about the impending wedding of deputy Ilya Mitelman were circulated, he refused to give the name of his chosen one to Chelyabinsk journalists – unlike his party friends, whom he never hid.

“I wonder if Ilya Semyonovich will tell in his next election campaign that he has a wife with Israeli citizenship and children too? Yes, the children of the deputy Ilya Mitelman also have Israeli citizenship!”

The eldest son, named Sam Mitelman (in honor of the deputy grandfather – Semyon Mitelman) was born on March 17, 2013. And on June 8, 2016, a daughter, Emilia Mitelman, appeared in the parliamentary family.

But the kindergarten is a kindergarten, and the deputy Ilya Mitelman does not seem to associate the future of his Israeli children with Chelyabinsk. And with Russia, probably, not very much.

“Former” Israeli citizen … Or not the former?

So, the wife of the Russian parliamentarian Ilya Mitelman – Melanie Mitelman – in addition to Russian citizenship, also has Israeli citizenship. This already creates a conflict of interest, since a person working in the legislative branch of government and aiming for a place in the State Duma of the Russian Federation is in one way or another under the influence of his Israeli family. And where is the guarantee that Melanie Mitelman is not an agent of the Mossad? ))).

However, Ilya Mitelman, even before he met his Israeli wife, already had close ties with the historical homeland of his ancestors. Both of Ilya’s parents are purebred descendants of Sarah and Isaac.

And let the patronymic of Ilya Mitelman’s mother do not bother you: a native of Chelyabinsk, Roza Petrovna is a real Jewess. Her father is Sudler Pyotr Efimovich, her mother is Sudler Sima Isaevna. No questions asked about the origin. And in her autobiographical book “There is no rose without thorns” Rosa Mitelman calls herself a Jewish girl. That is, on the maternal side, which is very important, Ilya Mitelman has all the rights to Israeli citizenship. And he used this right: on May 14, 1995, Ilya arrived in Israel and after a while became a citizen of this country. But then, when this Israeli began to make a political career in Russia, he began, as they say, wagging his tail.

Ilya Mitelman himself in 2009, running for the Chelyabinsk City Duma of the IV convocation in the Kurchatov constituency No. 13, submitted to the election committee some documents allegedly confirming that he had Israeli citizenship, but gave it up for a political career in Russia. Local media wrote about this and this fact was no longer questioned afterwards. But the materials we discovered speak of something completely different! It seems that Ilya Semyonovich decided to deceive everyone …

That is why, having gone to Israel, we decided to check not only on Melanie Mitelman, but also on Ilya Semyonovich himself, requesting official documents for him – in order to dot the i’s.

Even mom doesn’t know! (Otherwise, my son would have passed it long ago)

It turned out to be impossible to clarify this issue without contacting the official structures of Israel: in Ilya’s close circle, everyone unanimously said that he had no foreign citizenship. Everyone is sure, even those who do not really like this character. Everyone believes that Mitelman really renounced Israeli citizenship and has been only a Russian for 12 years.

“Even his mother believes that Ilya Mitelman renounced Israeli citizenship! And Roza Petrovna would gladly “wet” her son if she had such an opportunity.”

The fact is that the activist-politician of the regional spill Rosa Mitelman sincerely hates the ex-husband and son, with whom she even had a scandalous lawsuit. Family relationships are, to put it mildly, specific. What is at least a story worth when dad-Mitelman gave his son-Mitelman money on a loan at interest (!), And the son, in order to repay the debt to dad, borrowed from his mother, who then went to beat her son’s debts in court … well, beauty! Over the family showdown, the Mitelmanov has been burning for several years all of Chelyabinsk.

Even on TV, Rosa Petrovna publicly complained that she had given birth to an ungrateful Ilya in vain. And in the book “There is no rose without thorns” she throws such mud at both deputies that it is disgusting to read.

What did Rosa Mitelman, offended by her “traitors”, have not told the world! And how Syoma cheated on her, and how dirty they sued for property, and how her son and dad left her with nothing (it was possible, says Roza Petrovna, to sue “something” … in fact, this is “something” – an apartment for 150 million rubles in Khamovniki, for 150 squares, next to the Novodevichy Convent).

Mother’s love on the pages of this little book flows over the edge. Rosa Mitelman frankly tells how Ilya miraculously managed to squeeze in between nine abortions. As his dad did not want to be born. How my mother regrets this birth now. How Semyon Mitelman made his Rose trade in breast milk, taking this milk from Ilyusha.

“… I began to express milk and donate. 1 liter per day is 2 rubles. My husband told me: “Let’s raise milk yield!”

In short, tin as it is.

Now Rosa Petrovna, it seems, regrets that she had nine abortions, not ten. And in her maternal hatred of her traitorous son, against whom she has already poured a tank of slops in the book, on television, and in social networks, Rosa Petrovna would hardly have missed the opportunity to shy away from a weapon of maximum caliber – to give out information about Ilya’s Israeli citizenship … So she didn’t know either!

By the way, we tried to personally communicate with Rosa Mitelman in order to ask her about her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. But Roza Petrovna, surprised where we found her phone number, hung up in panic. Well, he doesn’t want to communicate – and he doesn’t need to. Anyway, our investigation is based primarily on official documents.

Official data: Ilya Mitelman, Teudat-Zeut No. 313674889

We emphasize once again that the documents received by us during the investigation are certified by the apostille and seals of the official structures of Israel – the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel and the Office for Population and Migration Affairs of Israel, as well as certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the consular section in Jerusalem and the Magistrate Court of the city of Bat Yam … These documents have legal force on the territory of Russia on the basis of the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961. In addition, we emphasize that such documents are the basis for applying to the supervisory authorities of the Russian Federation for bringing to administrative and criminal liability persons who have hidden facts of double or triple citizenship.

“So, Ilya Mitelman has an Israeli identity card – teudat-zeut No. 313674889, and he is registered in Israel at the address: st. a-Prahim, 9A, apt. 61, city of Haifa, zip code 3473305.”

And here it is worth paying attention to a very important mark in this document, which our sources immediately told us about: “He ceased to be a resident on July 8, 2008”. Has he really renounced citizenship?

Yeah of course. Only girls on election commissions, especially if they were brought in sweets or iPhones, which Ilya loves to give to all his ladies, will gladly believe that he is not an Israeli citizen. Because this mark only says that Mitelman is not a resident. But not that he is not a citizen!

Our sources close to Israel’s security forces stressed: “Pay attention, this comrade is not a resident of Israel, that is, his center of life is outside the country. BUT! He is a citizen of Israel !!! ”

In other words, Ilya Mitelman is just not a tax resident of the country, but he has teudat-zeut, which means he also has citizenship.

This is the conclusion of people who know Israel’s legal system well. In addition, if Ilya Mitelman were not an Israeli citizen, we simply would not be able to get teudat-zeut for him – the system itself would not have unloaded the document.

Our sources close to the Israeli security forces, whom we have involved in studying the issue, are fully confident that Ilya Mitelman has the citizenship of this country. And they added that if we want to get an even more authoritative confirmation of this fact, we should already contact only the President of the country, Reuven Rivlin.

We did not strain Mr. Rivlin, and so everything is clear. Citizenship and residency are not related to the word at all. Not being a tax resident of Israel, Mitelman does not pay taxes there and is not eligible for free medical care. Everything! This fact does not affect his citizenship!

As for the certificate that Mitelman presented in 2009 to the Chelyabinsk city election committee, the questions about this paper are very serious. How he confirmed his alleged renunciation of citizenship is a big, big question.

“And now, going to the State Duma, the owner of Teudat Zeut No. 313674889 Ilya Mitelman again considers himself the most cunning.”

It is worth recalling two important things here. Firstly, according to Federal Law No. 62-FZ of May 31, 2002 (as amended on July 13, 2020) “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation” and Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia No. 994 of December 31, 2019 “On Approval of the Procedure for Submitting and Forms of Notifications on if a citizen of the Russian Federation has foreign citizenship … ”a citizen with a second citizenship is obliged to report it under the threat of a fine and criminal liability.

And secondly, President Vladimir Putin signed a law in December 2020 according to which the powers of State Duma deputies and members of the Federation Council will be terminated if they have a second citizenship or residence permit (Federal Law “On Amendments to the Federal Law“ On the Status of a Member Federation Council and the status of a deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation “” dated 22.12.2020 N 440-FZ). And he clearly said for those who misunderstood: if you are going to the State Duma, then the presence of permanent residence and even more so foreign citizenship is unacceptable.

Lies, n@zdezh and provocation in declarations.

And a secret apartment in Israel for $ 1.8 million

At the same time, we decided to carefully study the declarations of the Mitelman family, as well as their real property. And we noticed serious inconsistencies in the declarations.

So, in the declaration for 2019 it is indicated that Melanie Mitelman uses an apartment with an area of 211.8 sq. m and for some reason has a certain structure with an area of 105.6 sq. m, which is … a fence! What is this nonsense? What kind of fence? Actually, as we found out, instead of this “fence”, another object of a similar area should be indicated in Melanie Mitelman’s declaration – an apartment in Moscow of 105.6 square meters.

“A fence and a 105-meter apartment in Moscow – is there a difference ?!”

But Melanie’s apartment, judging by the declarations, is very tiny: 15.9 sq. m. Mini-studio? No, this is not a mini-studio: the object of 15.9 square meters, owned by Melanie, is … not an apartment, but a parking lot.

This is how you look at the declarations and think: what poverty! The deputy’s wife owns a tiny apartment and some kind of fence. But in fact – a large Moscow apartment and a parking space.

These inconsistencies should have been raised for a long time at a meeting of the City Duma of Chelyabinsk. But Mitelman’s colleagues, for some reason, “did not pay attention” to this.

“But we were even more interested in another object specified in Melanie Mitelman’s declaration: a parking space in Israel. What nonsense – there is parking, but no apartment?”

Having a good understanding of Israeli legislation, we immediately realized that someone was lying to Russian legislation. The fact is that in Israel it is simply impossible to acquire a separate parking lot! It’s just unrealistic! From the word at all.

That is, in Israel you should have either an apartment and a parking lot, or nothing. But you can’t buy parking separately.

“And here we realized that in Israel it is necessary to check not only the documents of this clever family. But also their property.”

By the way, we note that Melanie Mitelman did not even indicate the parking area in the declaration – they say, it is not provided. Who does not provide for this ?! Russian law or the personal desire of the Israeli Ilya Semyonovich ?!

Well, our expectations were met in full. We found the Israeli Mitelman apartment included – haha! – to the parking lot. And they even found out the area of ​​the parking lot, which for some reason turned out to be covered with darkness at Melanie.

Naturally, we confirm our findings, as always, with documents. We have received all supporting papers from Israeli authorities for the courts, as well as for law enforcement and supervisory authorities. They are dated March 10, 2021. These documents, we emphasize once again, have legal force on the territory of the Russian Federation in accordance with the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961.

“So here it is: Melanie Mitelman’s 132.5 sq. m, located in one of the most expensive areas of Tel Aviv! The cost of this apartment is about $ 1.8 million.”

This house is located at 14 Michael Neeman Street, Tel Aviv-Jaffa. The apartment is located on the 5th floor and has two balconies with a total area of 9.4 sq. m. In addition to the apartment, Melanie owns a storage room of 4.3 square meters. m plus two parking lots – 12.7 sq. m each. And another piece of the local area measuring 4 squares.

The house is built on a large plot of land No. 6620, where seven buildings have been erected (houses No. 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26). The house of Melanie Mitelman was built on plot No. 43 – building No. 14, and sub-plot No. 17 is the identification of the apartment in the land administration of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

It is interesting that this house is located opposite Melanie’s registration address, about 200-300 meters away.

An extract for this apartment was received from the Ministry of Justice of Israel, from the Department of Registration and Settlement of Land Ownership.

“Is that okay ?! And where is all this in your wife’s declaration, Ilya Semyonovich?”

This apartment is wholly owned by Melanie on the basis of Act No. 1023/2019/2 dated January 6, 2019. (That is, in the declarations for 2019, Mitelman should have had this apartment … but it is not there).

It turns out that in the declaration of Melanie Mitelman for 2019, in addition to the indicated Israeli parking, the second parking, the area of ​​the first, the storage room, a piece of territory and, of course, the apartment should also have been indicated. But all this is not in the declaration. How many violations ?! Spoiler alert: a lot.

“For refusing to declare this whole holiday of life, Ilya Semyonovich must prepare to leave the City Duma of Chelyabinsk, not to mention the State Duma.”

But that’s not all!

The sale of the apartment by the previous owner was carried out by a court decision. By purchasing real estate, Melanie Mitelman (who, by the way, indicated in the documents the number of her Israeli identity card – Teudat Zeuta No. 313067092), took out a mortgage.

And then another surprise awaited us …

The family of the deputy Ilya Mitelman has an account in an Israeli bank!

The mortgage for this apartment was issued by Bank Mizrahi Tfahot LTD (company registration number 520000052) – a large local bank specializing in mortgage lending. The mortgage was issued on January 6, 2019 according to act 1023/2019/3 at the Mizrahi branch of bank No. 252 in the city of Ramat Gan.

“At the same time, the Mitelman’s apartment was actually bought even earlier, in July 2018. Since they received a mortgage (mashkanta) for this apartment, an entry was made in the mortgage register dated July 23, 2018 that the apartment was mortgaged for 99 years (rasham amashkonot) until the mortgage was paid. But Melanie took ownership of her home already in 2019.”

And now – the juiciest one. The borrowers were … Both spouses! Both Melanie and Ilya Mitelman.

Yes, yes, this apartment, although it was bought in the name of Melanie, is in fact in a mortgage loan from both Madame Mitelman herself and her deputy husband.

When applying for a mortgage, Ilya Mitelman used a Russian passport. Why not your own teudat-zeut? Yes, because he is not a tax resident of the country, and, therefore, he has nothing to confirm income in Israel (Melanie does not have such either). Therefore, Mitselman received the loan on the basis of his Russian income and used a Russian identity document.

And now the most important thing. It is impossible to take a mortgage in Israel without opening an account in this country! This means that the family of Ilya Mitelman has an account in a foreign bank. Oil painting “Swam”.

There shouldn’t be any talk about the State Duma here. An open mortgage account with Bank Mizrahi Tfahot LTD is a really big problem for the federal ambitions of Ilya Mitelman.

And what is most offensive for Ilya Semyonovich – nothing can be done with this account until the debt is paid off. Unless to close the mortgage at an accelerated pace before the elections. Although in this case the question of Israeli citizenship will remain, from which, judging by the data from Israel, comrade Mitelman never got rid of.

Mysterious mother-in-law of the deputy and business in Israel

Well, for complete happiness, especially on the eve of the elections to the State Duma, we also found a company in Israel, which is directly related to the Mitelman family.

We went to this company, studying the family of Alberta-Melanie Izmailova-Korman. We were looking for Melanie’s mother, Svetlana Izmailova, and could not find anything interesting about her … And suddenly we thought: shouldn’t we look for her maiden name? Maybe we can find something on Svetlana Korman?

And indeed – they found it!

It turned out that a certain Svetlana Korman is the founder of Dr. Korman Laboratories:

This company positions itself as a fast growing private business with a well-developed market in the field of aesthetic medicine and intra-articular applications.

Dr. Korman Laboratories produces the following products:

The information about the company says that during its work it has successfully sold millions of units of products in more than 50 countries around the world.

This brand is also familiar in Russia. Such lines as Evolution, Renaissance, Platinum, Success, Soprano, Diamonds, Profillers are especially popular.

We also watched the video presentation of Dr. Korman Laboratories, paying attention to the caption in the video: “Haifa, Israel”. Yes, the same Haifa, where Ilya Mitemlman is also registered (although, of course, this does not mean anything yet).

But here’s what caused us some bewilderment: the company in 2009 was created by Svetlana Kormansov together with Munish Gelman. But in this video Mrs. Korman says that she opened the company precisely “thanks to my husband Mikhail”, who believed in her. (Munish is the Israeli version of the name Michael.)

And then we thought: maybe Svetlana Izmailova had already divorced Vladilen Izmailov by 2009?

Well, let’s study the information about the company further. We go to the “Contacts” section and see that the partner of the laboratory in Russia – Emplig Ltd. is indicated here in small print.

A funny name, of course. After all, if we add the letter “n” to the word “Emplig”, we get “Empling”, which translates as “taking samples”. And who are they taking samples from in Russia? ))) From clients?

Well, okay, we are much more interested in who in Russia cooperates with this Dr. Korman Laboratories. It turned out that Emplig Ltd. registered in Russia as LLC “Emplig” (INN: 7714330790, legal address: Moscow, street 3-ya Yamskogo Pole, 2, building 13, office 307). The company was opened on March 6, 2015, there is only one person in the staff, the general director is Nikiforov Alexander Bakhruzovich (INN: 713006558794).

Nothing interesting yet? Wait! The address is very interesting. It was from this address in Moscow that the industrial group ChTPZ (Chelyabinsk) recently moved out, from which Vladimir Pavlov will be nominated for elections in the Chelyabinsk district, whom Ilya Mitelman wants to compete in the elections to the State Duma. Wow, in such a big Moscow – such a coincidence!

But now – we open the owners, and what we see …

“And the owner of LLC “Emplig”, a partner of the Israeli Dr. Korman Laboratories, is – param-pam-pam … – Melanie Vladilenovna Mitelman! (INN: 745312158491)”

Well, how do you like this alignment ?!

So, let’s take a look at the results. Melanie Mitelman’s mother – Svetlana Korman, that is, the mother-in-law of Deputy Ilya Mitelman, who is going to the State Duma, after a divorce from Vladilen Izmailov, remarried and, with her new husband, opened Dr. Korman Laboratories Ltd. in Israel. (registration number 514492909).

The date of registration of the company is September 2, 2010, the authorized capital is 100,000 shekels.

The company is registered at: Yosef Levi 23 Str., Kiryat Bialik, postcode 2751123, Israel (just north of Haifa, 30 km from the border with Lebanon).

Initially, Melanie’s mother, Svetlana Korman, had 70% of the company’s shares, and the second co-founder, a certain Zal Shalom, had 30%.

On November 23, 2020, changes in the company’s charter and a change of founders were registered in the state register. Now 50% of the shares are owned by Svetlana Korman and her husband, Munish Gelman.

Does Melanie’s mom have Israeli citizenship? Well, of course. This is evidenced by the Israeli identity card of Svetlana Korman – Teudat Zeut No. 313067068. Ms. Korman is registered at the address: Israel, Karmiel, Ashkolet Street, 110, index 21970.

Munish Gelman is also an Israeli citizen with Teudat Zeut No. 016929382. Registered at: Haifa, Homa Ve Migdal Street, 32.

“So, the family of deputy Ilya Mitelman in Israel also has business interests!”

And four months ago, these interests deepened and strengthened even more. Indeed, on November 10, 2020, a meeting was held at Dr. Korman Laboratories, at which, in the presence of the owners – Munish Gelman and Svetlana Korman – it was decided that Melanie Mitelman (formerly Corman) was appointed as Director of External Relations and Sales Abroad. And her half-relative Sagi Gelman (teudat-zeut # 305312639) was appointed director of internal communications and sales. Such is the purely family business.

This is no longer just a partnership with a foreign company, it is a direct participation in the management of a family business in Israel!

An alternate airfield in Germany?

It would seem that everything is clear with Comrade Mitelman, there is nothing more to talk about. But we decided to work a little more, analyzing information about Ilya Semyonovich’s family ties. In particular, we knew that he had a sister, and in Rosa Mitelman’s book we were interested in the mention of a house in Germany that Semyon Mitelman gave to his daughter.

Gushing dirty revelations of relatives (the Odessa squabblers from Jewish jokes will envy!), Roza Petrovna, among other things, tearfully complained that the ungrateful little daughter coveted her father’s money and turned away from her mother, but she was very positive about her father’s mistress, Semyon Mitelman. And when he bought her a house in Germany, she completely turned her back on her mother. In general, according to Rosa Petrovna, it was sold :))) Like my son. But the name of the daughter is not in the book of Rosa Mitelman. And for some reason, Roza Petrovna did not want to communicate with us by phone, as we have already said.

Well, it’s not scary – we’ll figure out everything that is needed ourselves. We are no stranger to it! And they found out that Svetlana Semyonovna, nee Mitelman, is no longer Mitelman. Then who? Let’s tell you now.

… Let’s fast forward to 1990, to Israel. It was a period of active emigration of Soviet Jews, and one of these citizens who decided to change their homeland was a native of the city of Bryansk – Serpik Daniil Pavlovich (date of birth September 14, 1973). He flew to the promised land on August 14, 1990, and a little over a year later, on December 21, 1991, he became a full-fledged citizen of Israel on the basis of his national roots.

Having become an Israeli citizen, Daniil Serpik (Daniil) received the corresponding identity card – Teudat Zeut No. 305839326.

And a year later – November 19, 1992 – a Russian citizen – Svetlana Semyonovna Mitelman (born August 19, 1972) arrives in Israel.

Svetlana Mitelman still caught the Komsomol times

After some time, Svetlana Mitelman becomes an Israeli citizen, receiving an Israeli identity card – Teudat Zeut No. 310549712.

It is registered in the Israeli city of Karmiel at the address: Shadma street, house 78, apartment 1, Karmiel, index 2198274 (Street Shdema 78, ap.1, Karmiel, postcode 2198274).

Three more years pass, and on January 13, 1995, a daughter, Sophia Serpik, is born to Svetlana Mitelman from Daniel Serpik. On September 12, 2001, another daughter was born – Yana Serpik. And, importantly, both children were born on the territory of Israel, which was confirmed by our sources close to the security forces of this country.

Svetlana and Daniil dropped into Russia for some time in 2000 to register their marriage at the registry office of the Kurchatovsky district of the city of Chelyabinsk. The wedding ceremony took place on July 28, 2000.

This is how Svetlana Mitelman became Serpik Svetlana in Russia.

This family – Daniel, Svetlana and five-year-old Sophia (Yana was not yet born at the time of marriage) – registered in Chelyabinsk in Artilleriyskiy lane, building 6, apartment 50. And who, do you think, owned this apartment?

Until October 14, 2005, this apartment was the property of Semyon and Rosa Mitelmanov, who are also the parents of the deputy Ilya Mitelman.

So, let’s summarize. The daughter of the Russian ex-deputy Semyon Arkadyevich Mitelman and the sister of the deputy Ilya Mitelman are an Israeli citizen, the wife of an Israeli citizen and the mother of two Israeli citizens.

We emphasize that on March 10, 2021, we received all the identity documents for this Israeli woman – from the official structures of Israel, confirmed by the apostille. Completing the information about the sister of the deputy Ilya Mitelman, we will inform you of some more interesting facts. The sister of the deputy, aiming at the State Duma, was educated in the city of Haifa (Ilya Mitelman himself is registered in the same city). Svetlana Mitelman graduated from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, which is one of the oldest and most famous universities in Israel, founded in 1912. In the world ranking, the Technion is included in the first hundred universities and engineering schools. Svetlana Semyonovna studied there from 1996 to 2000.

In December 1999, Svetlana Mitelman joined Intel Corporation, where she worked as a software engineer until May 2002. That is, having entered into a marriage in the Kurchatov registry office of Chelyabinsk to the delight of her daddy and other relatives, Svetlana Serpik continued to work in this corporation – obviously, not wanting to tie her fate with Russia. And it was during this period – in the early 2000s – that she relocated to Germany.

Having settled in Munich, Svetlana Serpik changed her job in August 2003 and got a job as a senior software engineer at Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH. At this place, she worked for 7 years and 7 months – until February 2011.

And from March 2011 to the present day (that is, 10 years and 1 month) she has been working as a software developer at Softing Automotive Electronics GmbH, located in the Har commune, part of the Munich region.

It turns out that the sister of the deputy Ilya Mitelman has been living in Germany for over 20 years. German citizenship is almost certain.

Finding all this information was extremely difficult even for us. There is practically no information about Svetlana Mitelman in the Russian Federation, since she left Russia in the early 90s. We managed to find data about her only thanks to the experience of this kind of investigation.

But once the goal has been set, the Russian Press will achieve it. And now we can inform the readers that Svetlana Semyonovna Serpik-Mitelman has Russian citizenship, Israeli citizenship, and taking into account the time spent in Munich, most likely, German citizenship.

But, interestingly, Svetlana Serpik did not interrupt business contacts with Russia either. Together with her brother, Ilya Mitelman, she repeatedly became a co-founder of various Russian companies. And on August 15, 2011, she even opened an individual entrepreneur in the Chelyabinsk region, in the city of Argayash, and closed it on April 26, 2012 (the activity of the individual entrepreneur was the leasing of its own non-residential real estate).

This begs a natural question – if Svetlana Serpik lives and works in Germany, then why the hell would she and the IP in Argayash ?!

In addition, Svetlana was the founders of the following Russian companies: ALLIANCE LLC (INN: 7450051262), UNIFROST LLC (INN: 5009048670), Rassvet-Agro LLC (INN: 7424027545), UKM LLC (INN: 7451283940 ), SK LLC (INN: 5503203197), Kvartsstroyinvest LLC (INN: 7453091993), YuzhUralBTI LLC (INN: 7451205660). And she established all this while working in Germany!

This can only be explained by the close family and business ties between the German Israeli woman Svetlana Serpik and her brother, the Russian deputy Ilya Mitelman. It is obvious that they are in contact very, very close, despite the boundaries separating them.

And we are increasingly inclined to trust our sources, claiming that Ilya Semyonovich can register foreign assets with his “foreign” sister, so to speak, preparing an alternate airfield abroad, but at the same time maintaining the image of an honest Russian deputy.

Well, Ilya, forward to the State Duma ?!

Let’s summarize. Deputy of the City Duma of Chelyabinsk Ilya Mitelman, who, judging by his actions, is planning to relocate to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, violated a number of legislative requirements for the status of a parliamentarian. He withheld important information about the property when filling out declarations, hiding, among other things, the presence of his wife, Melanie Mitelman, an apartment in Israel. He also participated in the purchase of this apartment under a mortgage agreement, which requires an account with an Israeli bank. And having an account in a foreign bank is an even more serious violation.

In addition, Ilya Mitelman has a valid ID card of an Israeli citizen – Teudat Zeut No. 313674889.

The notation in this document that Mitelman is not a resident of Israel does not in any way deny that he has citizenship.

By the way, let us remind you once again that hiding the second citizenship is a criminal offense.

Perhaps Ilya Mitelman’s sense of impunity strengthens not only his confidence in his own ingenuity, but also his connections in the regional FSB, which he flaunts among his friends. In conversations, he repeatedly mentioned how we were informed that he had the support of Vladimir Nikolaevich Ikonnikov, head of the “M” department of the FSB Directorate for the Chelyabinsk region (date of birth – October 9, 1965).

Big questions are also raised by the presence of the wife of MP Mitelman, an Israeli citizen with Teudat Zeut No. 313067092, a business directly affiliated with her mother’s business in Israel and a director position in an Israeli company.

Or maybe Comrade Mitelman would be better off running for the Israeli Knesset? Considering that his wife is an Israeli citizen, his children are citizens, and his sister and nephews are also Israeli citizens, and his mother-in-law is doing business in Israel, and real estate in Israel has been bought … Why the hell do you need the Russian State Duma? Suck money from the Russian budget to spend it on the Promised Land?

Purely hypothetically, if Ilya Mitelman nevertheless gets through to the State Duma, and Israel enters into a political confrontation with Russia, whose side will Ilya Semyonovich choose?

We ask you to consider the facts found by us, confirmed by documents, as an official appeal to the law enforcement and supervisory authorities of the Russian Federation.

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