The hammer and sickle

LA PAZ, BOLIVIA—Socialist President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, gives Francis a cross in the shape of a hammer with a corpus nailed to it, July 8, 2015. A sickle is placed horizontally under his feet. Does Francis know that the “Hammer and Sickle,” in Freemasonry, symbolizes the spiritual and physical annihilation of the Catholic Church and the work of corruption on the world population? (Getty Images)

By Chiese Viva
September 2015 Anno Domini

The Hammer and Sickle are both Masonic symbols, in the “framework of the Lodge” in the first degree of initiation, that of “Apprentice,” in separate form of hammer and sickle moon. It is also that alliance of workers and farmers! The hammer (…) symbolizes power and strength with the same meaning as the closed fist. The sickle, however, is the symbol of philosophy, understood as a surrogate absolute religion…

That’s what the Mason, Mauro Macchi, wrote in the Masonic Review of 1874: The keystone of any system opposed to Freemasonry is the transcendental feeling that carries men beyond the present life … As long as this system is not destroyed by the hammer of Masonry, we will have a society of poor deluded creatures who sacrifice everything to achieve happiness in a future existence. Where this genocidal policy of “hammer” may not be applicable, Freemasonry uses the policy of “sickle;” that is advocated by Engels, and that is the long and patient work aimed at organizing and “educating” the population for the decline of Religion and to eradicate, then, the Christian foundation of Society.

But the symbolism of the “hammer and sickle” is not just limited to the illustration provided. One can always discover another deeper significance that has always been in the secret of the Lodges: that of the “Sexual Revolution;” a revolution that relies on sex by using it solely as an instrument for the perversion of the people!

The symbol of the “hammer and sickle,” in its signification of sexual perversion, can be inferred from the interpretation of the Nature of Man in the Legend of Hiram illustrated by Msgr. Meurin: This symbol is nothing but the set of letters “G” and “T,” the symbol for “copulation between a man and woman” and the “Cult of the Phallus,” respectively, overturned and crossed over each other, and stylized in the form of a sickle and a hammer to scramble their meaning indecent and vile! Yet, the same meaning is presented clearly: (The letter) “G” signifies Generation, namely, the symbols and acts of the phallic cults of antiquity, i.e. the Humanity fallen into the mud in the lower realm of the monkey who is considered his ancestor; hence the suppression of the supernatural life. Both are symbols of Satan and the Cult of the Phallus!



  1. Well the jew-mason-marxists want to merge in a false way, marxism with Christianity. The methods remind me of the manipulative sophism behind the masks we are forced to wear for no real benefit. Stoking both discontent with jew banking/monopoly corporatism and jew marxism serves that purpose. Who doesn’t have gripes about all these jew/cjew mega billionaires and their awful empires ruling us? Along with our jew/cjew etc infested governments at all levels but especially higher levels, gangsters promote within. So have some jew/cjew or front lowly/diseased type “save” us from it all with even more terrible marxist god-state slavery. Cook up emergencies via the videodrome to keep us in fear over fake things.

    Jew Central banking financial mafia controls mega-corp monopolies which in turn rule governments, marxism God-state government(which we can see more and more and is the typical outlook of the militarized police, bureaucrats and other leeches) is just the total matrix of death with many simple naive peoples approval. The falsity of marxism merged with Christianity, especially Catholicism, is hard to see for most as they are ignorant of the real world beyond what they see or their bellies tell them to see. It’s a trojan horse, the only goal is complete annihilation of one side, NOT merging them, they cannot be merged. It’s the same with people who are totally spoon fed history by paid off shills and the jews/cjews spread all over the information/propaganda industries.

    It’s pretty obvious that the whole upper level Catholic hierarchy is infested with these termites, with a smile playing dialectical ambiguity language games but perpetrating intellectual, spiritual and institutional VIOLENCE when it gets to brass tacks. Even down to bishops it’s pretty obvious the mindset of worldly concerns takes precedence, but they are just whited walls when pretending to be spiritual. SOME local parish priests are better, but many have the mindset because they were trained with it in Rome by those criminals in high places i.e. “jews are sacred and the old covenant( which was fulfilled/done in biblical times obviously, spiritual eternal kingdom rejected by their own choice) exempts them from the new covenant blah blah blah…” They can’t even realize the double mind and blasphemy in all that, just as blind and harmful as any schismatic/heretic really. Another is the old false story of the persecuted jew, as being totally innocent of any wrongdoing ever, so we should allow these termites and their gold and spiritual darkness destroy us, do these idiots bother to read real history at all? Let alone actually believe the core long held Catholic Doctrines/Dogma and upheld by real Saints? It’s obvious to everyone that Vatican II and it’s “popes” and “saints” and doctrines are a huge break from Catholicism in many ways but these people justify it in the most brazen bizarre examples of sophistry and double mindedness imaginable.

    Self defense is a right and the rule of order is also a right, these spiritual, mental, etc criminals from the lowest to the highest, no exceptions, need to be treated as such. If they want to go live in some mad max thunderdome and freely do this amongst themselves fine but when they go out and have their criminal talmud/kabbalah doctrines forced on society through their criminally obtained fortunes(the major seed is the scam banking mechanism for all their various fiefdoms regardless of the type) and empires they deserve all they get and more. They just lie about it but believe the lies at the lower levels, spreading this disease of eternal victimhood falsity. Maybe they’re not aware of the trumped up victimhood lies strategy(holohoax, etc etc) but that’s on them. It becomes evident their carnal minds and ways when you come into contact with them with regularity, even more evident when you know you are dealing with a crypto with a marrano or otherwise disguised jew name. Even physically there is a revulsion a lot of the time, if you’ve ever been in the physical presence of Howard Stern or Larry King or non-famous ones you’ll feel it but it’s not universally the case, most famous actresses are in fact ashkenazi cryptos like scarlett johansson, jennifer connoly, jennifer anniston etc Even paltrow is most likely a crypto. Anyways on and on.

  2. Hammer and Sickle discussed briefly in 1992 discussion including Eustace Mullins, to paraphrase sickle to cut down destroy hammer to build back better bbb or 666 ,(Order out of Chaos) Audio quality is poor. 25 minutes in comments by Jordan Maxwell.Also much discussed about sexual abuse and perversion as a control mechanism.

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