Debunking Adam Green’s lie that Christianity is 99 percent Zionist

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Jan. 11, 2021 Anno Domini

Anyone who has accepted Adam Green’s claim on Twitter recently that Christianity is 99 per cent Zionist doesn’t know much about Christianity.

His lie also shows that Adam Green doesn’t know much about Christianity, and/or he perceives his audience as gullible enough to believe such an agenda-driven absurdity.

In determining whether any one Christian denomination is Zionist, we simply have to look at their eschatology, that is, their view of prophecy and the end times. Generally, it’s only a pre-millennialist view, the idea that the thousand-year reign of Christ is still yet future, that seems to require a pro-Zionist position in order to make it a fully functioning prophetic view.

The largest Christian denomination is the Roman Catholic Church, with just over half of all world Christians. Its eschatology is either amillennial or post-millennial. It holds that the thousand-year reign of Christ has already happened or is a figurative prophecy. Both Roman Catholics and Orthodox generally consider the Church age to be Christ’s reign on Earth, whether it was a literal thousand years or not. Neither is Zionist in any way. In fact, both have led the world’s counter-Jewish movements throughout history.

With just this statistic alone, Adam Green’s lie shatters. But there’s more.

The next largest Christian group is the Protestants (those not Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox) at 36 per cent of the world’s Christians. Of the Protestants, the non-Zionist Anglicans make up about a quarter of all Protestants and the non-Zionist Lutherans another quarter. The rest are a mixture of Zionist and non-Zionist, so even if you labeled the rest as all Zionist, it would still only be about half of Protestantism and a mere 18 per cent of all world Christians. 18 per cent! Green claims 99.9 per cent. Utter rubish.

Eastern and Oriental Orthodox are the third largest Christian denomination at just under 12 per cent of all the world’s Christians. They, like the Roman Catholics, are either amillennial or post-millennial. There is not a Zionist bone in their teaching.

There you have it. Another lie by the controlled opposition alternative media debunked. If Green thinks he can ride the anti-Zionist coattails as a Trojan horse to malign Christ and His Church, he’s got another thing coming. His behaviour and promotion of quack historians like Christopher Jon Bjerknes more and more demonstrate that he has some kind of anti-Christian agenda.


  1. You know Timothy, I do believe Adam has got an agenda so I’m not coming to defend him. I can’t stand when he brings Bjerknes on the interviews whose claims about Christianity are even worse and who seems to always know best about everything and calls the other invited person in the interview names. However, with regards to Adam’s statement about Christianity, it may be that he was more or less referring to American Christianity. American Christianity is predominantly zionised and the Catholic Church is by and large in the Novus Ordo camp and althouth they are not hard core zionist as is the case with evangelicals and other protestant sects, they are complacent with the jews. Orthodox are very tolerant with many issues and there are a lot of wolves in there as well so there isn’t that needed resistance against the jews there either. Christianity by and large has been catastrophically weakened and splintered through heresies and an organised infiltration. When Adam says that the anti-zionist Christianity is a fringe marginalized minority, that statement is not that untrue. We are most definitely in the height of prophesied apostasy which is why Antichrist has a suitable ground for his coming. But judeo-masonic sect wants to do away with all Christianity so they are ramping up their efforts which is visible all around us. I do believe the most persecuted Christians and the very true ones are in the Middle East and certain Asian countries where they are going through a vicious persecution. They are most definitely not zionised but have preserved Christianity as it should be. Like I said I’m not defending Adam but there is an element of truth in his statement especially when applied to American Christianity and Christianity in the west as a whole. Though I know Adam is not Christian and I don’t think that he intends to be one either.

    1. I completely agree, however I am far more extreme in this point. Maimonedes even refers to both Islam (really muhammedism) and christianity as noahide religions. While muhammedism is completely judaic slave, christianity is partial, however protestantism-evangelicism-zionism-faith-onlyism etc etc has made christianity even more judaized then it already was. I don’t know how can anyone be effective anti-judaist, but at the same time be a member of any abrahamic or even any , at the very least, mainstream religion, let’s take christianity, second most judized religion in the world: you believe in the jew, who is a son of a jewish god, Old Testament and Reveletion are all about jews, Israel, domination of Jerusalem all over the world, while gospels and epistles of paul are also derived from works of Flavius Josephus, “roman citizen” (in fact extreme ebionite-esse rabbi talmudist traitor who kick started the downfall of Rome). Even Revelation itself is about golden Jerusalem, embedded with precious stones, gates of pearls, with all goyim of the world bringing all their wealth and serving as slaves to the Chosen, with anyone who won’t serve be declared as satanic servant and devoured by fire in the everlasting torment, and by the way, jewish god claims omnibenevolence, however how can anyone be benevolent if he will torment his enemies or disobedient for entire eternity.

      And by the way, to catholics who accuse me of being a protestant heretic of being anti-Paul, absolutely not, read CATHOLIC work attributed to POPE (not priest, bishop, archbishop or cardinal, but POPE) Clement Clementine Homilies and Clementine Recognitions about Paul, when I speak against Paul ,all protestant attack me that I am Catholic this and that bla bla bla etc.

  2. Great article, however I have seen you writing about Dejan Lučić, Dejan Lučić is Greater-Serbia zionist-chetnik “philosopher”, also heavily pro-putin.

  3. Of course, NO real Christian is zionist ; how can you be Christian and support the (((antiChrist)))?
    But one issue I would have with the article – catholicism is NOT Christian. period. Just look at their teachings. Just read your Bible – we were warned in the first century against those teaching certain heresies that just happen to be found in catholicism. One might argue that catholicism was at one time Christian, and you might argue that Rome isnt but Constantinople was, etc, but ‘modern’ catholicism is NOT Christian atall. If nothing else, note that all popes since the 1100s have been jewish…

  4. Adam Green is a young amateur who lacks study and knowledge. Like many millenials, he simply doesn’t have the education or discipline to tackle such lofty issues. Case in point. The recent “debate” between E. Michael Jones and Christopher Jon Bjerknes that he hosted. He has no moderation skills. I shared a criticism of this debate by Sven Longshanks of Radio Albion. He responded by saying Longshanks sounds like a religious nutcase. It’s not true. I won’t post a link, but the relevant description only, “The Daily Nationalist: The EM Jones and CJ Bjerkness Debate – DN 121520”.

    1. Totally agree that he has no moderator skills. It was an embarrassing “interview” to watch. Green and Bjerknes looked like childish amateurs. Michael Jones may be a lot of things, but he is not unprofessional or amateur.

      1. Tim, I have a question. I’ve seen the articles and posts about Jones and am confused. On the one hand, I could see him working at the behest of other interests. However, in regards to some of the positions that are highlighted (for instance, anti-liberalism, anti-Zionist), are these not positions this site takes as well? I remember this site had his older books linked on the sidebar. Haven’t read his newer stuff, but the older ones (JRS, Libido Dominandi, etc.) still hold up. Have you changed your mind on these? I don’t agree with all of Jones’ stances, but I do think he’s right on certain topics. However, just because I like some of his books doesn’t mean I want to blindly defend him on everything, so I would be curious if you could clarify this. Thanks.

        1. Larry, I used to promote Jones before I knew about his apparent Soviet agenda. He certainly does tell much truth, with which I agree; however, he spoils it with his treasonous Soviet agenda—treasonous not only to the West but to the faith.

            1. Kamen, I don’t know a lot about him, but if I remember correctly, he publishes material about the return of the nephilim hypothesis. He is a Protestant, so I don’t think much of him for starters.

          1. Fitz, you implied in one of your articles that Islam is somehow a pro zionist religion and call it Judaislam, yet youre calling out Adam for doing the same for Christianity. Dont you see this double standard there???

            1. It would only be a double standard if I were wrong. I don’t believe that I am. It would also require Adam Green’s claim that 99.9 percent of Christianity being Zionist to be true, which it is not. Far from it.

  5. I don’t follow green but I wouldn’t say most christians are actively zio, but are passively believing big lies like holocaustianity and the many many other sugar coated jew lies. It’s more like the largest story there is, most are just totally ignorant about reality in regards Christ and His Church, therefore they are hypnotized by the serpent and actually defend the snake of judaism and it’s scales like freemasonry and it’s spinoffs, marxism etc while it destroys and replaces Christianity with carnal judaism in many forms. Snake indoctrinated with judaeo-masonic-marxism and it’s principles under other names like “freedom” “liberty, equality, fraternity” “black lives matter” “the ends justify the means” “go along to get along” etc etc etc

    Ignorance, willful or not, is such a tragedy, protestantism is just judaism-lite and is infested with masonics. The Church the Lord founded is being replaced or has been with judaeo-masonry-marxism with vatican 2 there’s no avoiding it, with 50 years of blasphemy including tearing out their own altars, drastically changing Holy Mass into something only resembling the ancient one with the new order mass and the flood from there in all facets. If they bothered to learn real history before the jews bought “history” with their criminally obtained gold we could get somewhere but most are just blinded by the materialism of our time. Especially Church history and real jew history (masonic history, marxism, cryptos/marranos/conversos and the other swamps etc) Just reading the Saints is a simple way to find real history. It’s all free online making it even more egregious.

    One of the largest zionist fake nominal “Christian” denominations is mormonism which is just judaism in the masonic flavor, secret handshakes/names, bizarre rituals, reference to solomons temple all over the place, “heaven on earth” ritualism, classic judaeo-protestant busy-ness above all else(monks are idlers, nuns are too in their minds), covert sex worship/magic, physical god lives on planet kolob, jesus-satan as “brothers”, bizarre alternative central american history, golden plates, fake egyptian hieroglyphics, seer stones, magic (masonic) underwear, you name it they have all this absurd whackiness and more. Two-face, double-minded people go very well with this monstrosity. It’s a dirty greedy high level corporate real estate firm with lots of ignorant peasants, (like the whole country of switzerland is with the banking industry), along for the ride as defender-bots when needed.

  6. Mr. Timothy Fitzpatrick, I have a important question for you: What do you think of likes of Rob Skiba and Lex Meyer? I need your answer and your opinion. Mr. Andy’s opinion would also be very valuable.

    Thank you.

    1. rob skiba is 3rd generation army helicopter pilot officer, which means he is a mason and had to pass aerial navigation he 100% knows earth isn’t flat.

  7. luke2236 shared his views and explained their basis.

    You, jay, are the one who merely labels what he doesn’t like to hear, and does so without having substance to discuss.

    I saw your comment at January 18, 2021 at 00:23, so I do understand, since what you have to say is BS with no substance.

    1. Actually, those who attack Catholicism as un-Christian don’t know what they’re talking about. Also, Fitz corresponds with quite a few Catholics here, including Andy Sloan. I myself am one; I read all the Bible and I see nothing against true Catholicism. I quite agree with jay. Fitz allows contrary viewpoints, though he doesn’t agree with them. The Jews themselves admit that they encouraged the Protestant reformers to rebel against the Catholic Church, their true foe!

      1. Paul, it is merely that you don’t like what it is that Luke2236 had to say in his statement, so you seem to think that it is “justifiable” that Jay goes on to attack him and to label Luke by saying, “You’re insane. I don’ t know why Fitz let’s you crazies post here.”

        It is not justifiable, and there is no justification for members of some type of self-appointed Catholic Censorship Committee, to try to infringe upon his right to say what he thinks. His remarks can be met by your or Jay’s own reasoned arguments made in response to him without the calls to censorship, if you choose and are capable. After all, we have all seen the slimy smear attacks which are constantly made against all of our White people in every one of our own countries which very much are of a similar disgusting and dangerous nature. Let’s not be forgetful about that.

        “ADL Hails Big Tech Censors: CEOs Are ‘The 4th Branch Of Govt,’

        ‘They’re Trying To Hold The Country Together’ [InformationLiberation Jan 19]

        “America is not held together by the people but by a cadre of CEOs who censor the internet in accordance with the demands of the Anti-Defamation League, according to ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt.”

        … (more):

        1. Jay can say those things, because Luke2236 made gratuitous attacks on “modern” Catholicism without any proofs! I would agree with what you say if Luke showed a proper argument, but he didn’t!

  8. An evangelist from the 1940’s and 50’s referred to the jews as being Talmudists, and he said:

    “God condemns incest, sodomy, adultery, cheating, lying, stealing, and murdering in His Holy Religion of the Holy Scriptures. But in the devil’s religion as laid down in the Talmud, all these things are made moral: Incest, sodomy, Adultery, lying, cheating, stealing and murdering… in the devil’s religion (the Talmudic religion) these are nice, moral, good, wholesome and very religious. So there is a difference. The difference is so great that it is the difference of complete opposite, complete reversal

    [He then goes on to describe the tactics for confusion which are used by the jews].

    The Jews use such “religious” sounding words as “the Jewish faith”, ”the Jewish religion”, “Jewish spiritual values”, “Jewish morals”, “Jewish religious heritage”, “Judeo-Christian”, “Jewish religious doctrines”, and like phrases which deceive and lead the unlearned into total equanimity. Behind this mask of religiosity stands a complete plan for world government, world power, world conquest, a Jewish kingdom of this world, and the destruction of Christianity. The Jews say that they believe in God. But they do not. If they did believe in God, they would believe in Jesus Christ. They claimed to believe in God in John 8:41, but in John 8:44 Jesus told them that their god is the devil, or as St. Paul said: “the god of this world.” II Cor. 4:4. Judaism is not of Christ and therefore is neither spiritual nor is it a religion. In the strictest sense, Judaism is an economic-political system of and for this one-worldism. Only because of the insanity-type fanaticism which possesses all Jews and only because of the facade of religiosity which serves as a cover for their conspiracy, could this system be termed, in any manner: ‘religio’. It might then be termed a religio- economic-political Conspiracy for world power.”

    Rev. Gordon Winrod – “The Key to Christian Understanding”

  9. Well, if Green claims 99.9% or if he said 88.9%, bottom line he is guestimating a number based on his subjective feeling. He might have said “practically all”. Adam knows there are many non-Zionist Christians that subscribe.

    When it comes to American Christians, I don’t think a pie chart of percentages of various Christian groups really clears things up. And I think “American Christians” are majority-wise different than in other countries.. aside from whether Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox.

    (From my subjective experience and viewpoint) I think MOST Catholics and Protestants in America are infected with some level of Zionist indoctrination. (less so, with Orthodox) — I don’t have as much of an opinion on them.

    What I think largely supports Adam’s bias (and mine) on this point, is how few… very few churches are doing anything, saying anything about Christian Zionism and Christian AMERICAN Zionism. Crickets.

    My Catholic brother is quite happy to be pro-Israel — not for any eschatological reason, but here are some things he believes: Israel is our ally, democratic, underdogs, etc. They are surrounded by terrorists. Jews are ‘very smart’ successful, etc. Jews are ‘the chosen people’. And when pushed theologically he states “I don’t believe God is finished with the Jewish people”.

    Whether he is expressing Catholic doctrine, THIS is what I think, is probably typical of MOST American Catholics. They may not belong to CUFI, but they would be Fine with bombing Iran for Israel.

    I know that Adam Green is not Christian, but I do not think he is maliciously trying to insult Christian subscribers. He pushed it way too far with Bjerknes. My personal take is he went too far down the rabbit hole and ended up sincerely jaded. I’m sure many people are praying for him to find Peace in Truth.

  10. AdamGreen grew up in a christian cult like mormonism if memory derves he had mentioned it in passing , hence the hatred

  11. Hello all,
    I totally disagree with this article+author.
    He also disqualified himself saying that The Catholic Church is not Pro-Zionism.

    Till the middle ages there really was a “war” between Christians and Jews, but even the Catholic church got infiltrated in the 15/16th century. DYOR on the Jesuits who where de facto Crypto (hiding) Jews; lik Ignazio de Loyola etc..

    So, starting from there; the power within was already biased and controlled, even if it did not change it’s complete course within days.

    If you look now, i’d say it is obvious, how strongly the Cath. Church is pro Zionism.

    … furthermore, we have to ask: Was even the invention of this denomination itself not an infiltrated “attack” on true Christianity?!

    1. Zionism is not a Catholic teaching, even in the Jewish-masonic infiltrated Vatican. While Bergoglio (Pope Francis) may be a Jewish pawn privately, Zionism is still not a Catholic teaching. Adam Green is a liar and a conman.

      1. Hey, I typed Richard Carrier, “Doctor” Richard carrier into bitchute and there is a video of Adam Green interviewing him. If you do not know Richard Carrier is a guy who claims Christ never existed. People should see that Adam Green would not be getting well known people on his show if he was not controlled opposition. Even if someone believes what he says about Christianity, can they not see well known people like Carrier are not going to go on some guy’s show who is supposedly an “antisemite” a guy on the Adl webpage unless that guy is working for the Jews. Some people are really blind to this stuff. It is strange too, why would a guy like Richard Carrier go on Green’s show? I don’t think he is desperate for interviews. Why do you think he did it?

    2. Can you cite official teaching from the Catholic Church that it is pro-Zionist? No you can’t. On the contrary, you have Popes like Benedict XV saying the Jews have no right to enter claim Palestine.

      Your talking point on the Jesuits is peak cringe. They were not crypto-Jews.

      For starters, Jesuit conspiracy theories were created by Jews themselves and they admit they use it as a smokescreen to conceal the real conspiracy;

      “In this respect, the Jesuits alone might have compared with us, but we have contrived to discredit them in the eyes of the unthinking mob as an overt organization, while we ourselves all the while have kept our secret organization in the shade.”

      One of the foundational works that “prove” a so-called Jesuit conspiracy:

      Edmond Paris wrote the book “Secret History of the Jesuits”. In a 2018 update, we find there is an ‘Edmond Paris Foundation’ at 16, Rue Cadet, Paris.,+Foyer+Philosophique,+16+rue+Cadet,+Paris&source=bl&ots=8kR6RObROr&sig=ACfU3U00ijYG-ea1s8cXhOAgXwEG3nKOCA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjn2_2MpdzoAhXlQhUIHVJ5AOwQ6AEwAXoECAsQKQ#v=onepage&q=Fondation%20Edmond%20Paris%22%2C%20Foyer%20Philosophique%2C%2016%20rue%20Cadet%2C%20Paris&f=false

      Whose address is that? A Jewish Freemason lodge

      So as verified in the protocols, here we see a foundational text for the Jesuit conspiracy theorists, which was actually crafted in a Masonic Lodge.

      Further, ‘Jesuit oath’ is a fraud;

      But to pivot back to what you were saying how the Jesuits were crypto’s:

      Can you cite any historical context to prove the Jesuits were “Jewish infiltrators” & “the power within was already biased and controlled”? Because when I look through the centuries of the Order (until it was verifiably infiltrated by Jews, close to the Judeo-Masonic Vatican II council), I see no evidence whatsoever of Jewish subversion. Not 1 piece of evidence.

      What you fail to factor in, is that the Jesuit Order was in-fact the principal group that combated the Jewish conspiracy of the so-called “Reformation” and spread the Catholic faith which is an antidote to Jewish power. One of the “Jews” was a Saint himself.

      “Muh Jewish Jesuits” is just a limited hangout claim but that’s all it is. There is no depth to the claim. No historical evidence can be brought forth to prove they were subversive.

  12. Well, I’m staunch Christian, so far as I understand the philosophy (worship of truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) at core of the “religion,” but I’d counsel restraint in reaction to Adam Green as I think he surely has a pt. when he indicates ALL ESTABLISHED Christianity approves the terror state of Israel–which is extremely un-Christian thing, I venture. And I just now got finished making an entry at Unz Review on a similar-themed article there. Here is my response to that article:

    Below-copied by ap submitted, but censored/deleted by Unz, at comments,

    REAL Christian Cause Must Resurrect–Anti-Satanic, Hence Anti-Semitic, Rationalistic, Featuring States Rights, Nullification, Secession–Removal Of Putrid Tyranny Of Jew S A
    (Apollonian, 20 Jan 22)​

    Well KMac isn’t wrong when he pt.s out the problem w. too Jew-friendly “individualism,” and the solution is the REAL Christianity, hence anti-Satanism, hence anti-Semitism. And one of the great frauds working against Christianity and white folk is Judeo-Christianity (JC), also known as Christian-Zionism (see for expo on JCs).

    For Jews and Judaism are anti-Christ as anything can possibly be–as Jews are Satanists pure and simple, and this isn’t difficult to demonstrate. For Judaism is SUBJECTIVISM, following their “midrash” (interpretation) method, and “Oral Law Trad.” by which Torah and everything else is “interpreted” and filtered by Talmud and midrash, the Judaic “party-line.”

    Further, note Judaism is a version of collectivism, God judging Jews collectively, as whole people–unlike the individualism of Christianity. See,, and for best expo on Judaism/Talmudism.

    Thus as subjectivism is idea reality is created by consciousness/mentality, subject is the creator, God-like–Satanism by definition. Thus Christianity was deliberately posed as Hegelian anti-thesis to satanic Judaism, Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), such truth necessarily requiring the OBJECTIVE reality as criterion/premise.

    So making the REAL Christianity, hence anti-Semitism, as it’s anti-satanic, the primary cause again is not only plausible, it’s necessary–the ENEMY (anti-thesis–Satanism/subjectivism/Judaism) MUST BE IDENTIFIED. Thus Christianity must be plainly rationalized and not kept as something mystic and hence useless. Further, this rationalism must be joined and connected w. practical measures, like states-rights, nullification, and SECESSION.

    For the old USA is long gone, since 1865, and it’s now Jew S A, a putrid satanic instrument, and it urgently needs breaking up, the states breaking off and forming genuine Christian, hence anti-satanic, anti-Semitic entities serving the Christian and gentile people.

  13. I submit that Cath. Prot. and Ortho are all mere STYLES of some basic thing we can agree upon as “Christianity,” which I submit is simply worship of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6). So if we can agree upon this basic Christianity, and simply accept that diff. nationalities can have diff. styles, then we could finally coalesce into a meaningful and genuinely potent force to remove the satanic-complex, composed of the top satanic leadership, Jews, and then all the cohorts, suck-alongs and “useful idiots,” like “liberals, leftists, and homosexuals–this or something like it has to be done for our own good, to save our very lives.

  14. The catholic church is as BIBLICAL christian as the jewish religion (incl. mishna, talmud, etc.) is focussed purely on the OLD-TESTAMENT. Yes : 0 = 0. 🤡

  15. Richard Carrier caught my attention. Why would a guy like that in particular go on Adam Green’s show? Carrier is a well mm
    Now published atheist. Who is Adam Green. Well one thing for certain is he is on the Adl webpage. Why would anyone associate with Green? Wouldn’t going on Green’s show be not worth it for him? Maybe the two of them are knowingly
    working together and part of a larger operation. I wondered if
    I can find anyone criticizing Carrier for going on a so called ”
    antisemite’s” show.? Do you see what I am getting at. Don’t people think. Do yoI think Carrier would have a recorded chat with you?

  16. Lutheranism and all Of its spiritually descended religions are watered down Christian mixed with elements of Satanism, Luther said one can sin as much as he wants and go to heaven as long as he believes in Jesus. “sin and sin boldly
    and do what thou wilt, Luther and Crowley are cut from the same quilt”

  17. I suspect Doctor Kevin Mac Donald is controlled opposition. I went to bitchute and did a search. The first video that popped out was him with Green. Maybe some people will do interviews with almost anyone but it seems to me that Green has guests that are part of a controlled opposition network, maybe not all. He also has guests that I would have thought are too well known to be on his show, essentially with him being labelled an antisemite on the ADL webpage.
    Like I said before it is not just what a controlled opposition person says, it is who they associate with.

    1. Green’s ability to get big names on his pathetic little gimmick raises many questions. Why on earth would Christopher Bollyn (his first big name guest) not only agree to be interviewed by Green but actually physically go to Green’s residence and do the interview in person?

      I am with you on MacDonald. His Kremlin bias is unreasonable, especially someone with his intelligence.

      1. What do you think of Richard Williamson?
        This is not directly related but I will just say this bluntly, Protestants Protestants generally seem brainwashed and believe so many stupid things about history that it would be funny if there were not so many of them and they were not so vocal. I did not say all because the word all rarely applies when it comes to groups but maybe it could here because if they stopped believing the bullshit they believe, they would cease to be Protestant.
        It says somewhere in the bible that, “the gods of the nations are demons” but Hindus believe in Good Karma, most religions have some kind of moral code. It says in James 2 24 “you see that justification without works is dead it says elsewhere that salvation is not achieved merely through believing. What I am getting at is, taken into consideration that Many Protestants think that all, Catholics go to hell, many think they can do what ever they want and get a free ticket to heaven and ultimately, many support Israel and Jews over their own interests and ultimately they are not Christians. Would it be fair to say that aside from modern Judaism that the group of religions known as Protestantism has a worse effect on the world than all other major religions combined? I am tolerant of people’s religious views but I would not want to associate with the average Protestant I have come across on the internet, They are the children of the devil.

          1. He seems to be a very smart guy. I only heard him make one pro Putin Comment. Maybe he never looked into, but if he did he is too smart to believe that Putin is not in with the Jews. I did not think much of it at the time. I did find it weird that he was in a video with E Michael Jones. It is not fair to label everyone who does one interview with a shill as a shill, but over and over is very suspicious. Did you do an interview with “Martinez Perspective”. I do not trust that guy.
            I have been reading about this stuff before some of the people you talk to we’re born, I find it cringe when people wonder if Alex Jones is a shill or not, nearly as bad as if someone wondered if Tucker Carlson was.
            On the other hand with regard to whether someone is a shill or not. I used to automatically assume that if some high falluting person said something I knew to be false, they were lying and I believe they usually are but sometimes I think I might know something they don’t. Controlled opposition is something I am good at seeing through but there appears to be some very knowledgeable intelligent people who are not good at spotting it. The white nationalist movement is a good example of people being blind to shills. Some of these people think they are so smart and they are led around by people like Alex Linder. Do you think Linder is a shill?
            My rant against Protestantism had nothing to do with what you are talking about. I was just pissed off about a comment I read, I do not think most of these anti Catholics are paids shills, with their stupid bullshit. I think they are brainwashed and in a way just plain stupid. They are generally beyond saving. They really are a problem though, a big problem. The way that some them of think is very detrimental to this world and feeds Jewish power, even if they are not so called
            “Christian Zionist “, the way some of them think the Catholic Church runs the world is stupid. I would not want to deal with them.

  18. “Intelligence” eh, I am not talking about Macdonald with regard to intelligence, just that many otherwise intelligent people are oblivious to the controlled opposition. There are intelligent people who believe everything on the news. I just do not think the concept of general intelligence explains as much as many people think it does. Back to Mac Donald, I suspected he was a shill based more an a feeling.
    Plus I think evolutionary psychology is basically a load of bullshit. I have a general distrust for psychologists. Is he in good standing at his university? I used to think some people avoided certain things to play it safe. Now I think pretty well every well known personal is a shiolnknowingly opposing things within certain boundaries made by their Jewish masters, possibly involved in a formal conspiracy. Maybe the Jews put them up to it.
    As I said before, I did not know E Michael Jones was a shill, until I read what you had to say. Bishop Williamson has said good things about Putin but I do not think he is a shill. I have not heard him say that Russia was not controlled by Jews. I do not know why he said it. He is a very intelligent man.
    Back to Mac Donald, isn’t his min focus on Jews about them flooding white nations with immigrants? I would prefer this was not happening, however I considered it trivial compared to all the other stuff that is going on. He is popular in white nationalist circles. I have noticed white nationalists are often extremely stupid when it comes to controlled opposition. I just do not trust the white nationalist stuff. That movement is very kosher and there are a lot of assholes in it. Do you think Alex Linder is a Jew. Many white nationalists have not figured out that VNN and Stormfronr are Kosher. David Duke pretends to believe the Jew media’s 911 stoty and some of these people cannot see he is controlled. What about his books “Jewish Supremacism.” Who published it? That goes for other people too.
    Nearly all famous people are controlled opposition. I do not think Bishop Williamson is but is he that famous? How could a famous person not be controlled opposition. If they are not working for the Jews and they went full throttle against the Jews, well, the only person I ever saw do that who is kind of famous is Williamson. I do find him praising something Putin said unsettling though.

  19. I am a Catholic and, though it is controversial, I hold a Catholic pre-millennial view; the fact of the matter is that the subject has not been irrevocably set in stone magisterially and ancient church fathers like Saints Justin Martyr and Ireneus believed it; before the Canon of Holy Scripture was defined all those who recognised the divine inspiration of the Book of Apocalypse understood it this way and the disciples of John the Apostle who wrote the book received this interpretation from him.

    This view, however, is not zionistic; zionism is a phenomenon of Jews machinating politically towards the crowning of their hidden lord of the Kahal as antichrist on mount Sion, usurping the Throne of David on which Christ will reign during the Millennium after He will have returned. Such an usurpation is a capital blasphemy against God and the Lord Jesus Christ will return from the east, setting foot on the Mount of Olives whence in antiquity He ascended, to wrest His Throne, His inheritance, from the claws of the dark enemy; the firstborn of Belial will be overthrown and world judeo-satanism destroyed. And, as it is today, during the millennial reign Christians from Judean and Gentile ancestry will have equal status in the order of grace and there will be no talmudistic supremacy of Jewish lords having their feet on the backs of Gentile Christians as slaves. I do believe that the then Christian peoples of Judah and Ephraim (the ten tribes who must still exist) will dwell again in the Holy Land but this has nothing to do with psychopathic talmudism pretending that Jews will walk as gods oppressing goyish beast-men in a never-ending nightmare.

    The temporal sovereign of Rome was the katechon holding back the mysterium iniquitatis of judeo-gnostic power, and since the kingship of Rome was wrested from the Pope-King Pius IX, the katechon, by the carbonaristic horde (in the ranks of which the satanic witch Helena Blavatsky fought) of the Rothschild-financed freemasons Mazzini and Garibaldi that dark power is no longer hindered and it has built up a world-dominion through the First World War and a zionistic regime in Tel Aviv through the Second, and now that power is moving towards crowning its “exilarch” on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, either through a Third World War or through the gradual execution of their plan in steps unto 2030 as we have seen up to this day.

    Heroic was the standing of the Zouaves against the onslaught of Dark Judah in the nineteenth century, and yet their valour is now forgotten and not remembered in song and few understand the importance of their resistance.

    Adam Green is of course ignorant and not sufficiently learned to write about Christianity; I will not write much regarding him here, but I will mention that the name “Green” is on “hebrewsurnames”.

    1. Ceorl, you are correct that Catholic prophecy is generally left open to interpretation. My personal opinion is that the reason the Church takes this position, the correct position, is to keep men humble as it concerns the last days. Nobody knows for certain how it will go down; therefore, we humbly submit to Christ in obedience and anticipation of that great time.

      However, putting the millennial reign in the future, even without Zionism, creates major problems for the Church’s current position as well as prophecies already fulfilled.

      Green is definitely a Jewish surname.

      I suspect one of the possible reasons some Catholics take the premillennial position is because it helps the Fatima stuff work. Without millennialism, Fatima loses its allure as a viable prophecy. But let us remember that the Apocalypse warns of grave things to those who add to or take away from its prophecies.

      1. My view is certainly a minority view within the Church since St. Augustine, and I do not call someone a heretic for disagreeing with me on this. But when it comes to biblical literalism I prefer the more ancient fathers for exegesis. It is also noteworthy that premillennialism was in antiquity a bulwark against gnosticism, the gentile force of the Jews which has shapeshifted throughout the centuries but which in more recent times has taken the form of freemasonry and similar sects (gnosticism is at the core of freemasonry); St. Polycarp, the hearer of John who taught premillennialism to St. Ireneus, strove against Marcion in Rome; gnostics called physical bodies evil and thus despised a physical Kingdom of Christ with Him ruling in His resurrected Flesh along with the Resurrection itself.

        Timothy Fitzpatrick: “However, putting the millennial reign in the future, even without Zionism, creates major problems for the Church’s current position as well as prophecies already fulfilled.”

        I would call a rejection of premillennialism the dominant view within the Church at present, but not “the” position of the Church since the Church has not settled the subject with a definition ex cathedra from a pope nor with an unanimous sentence of the whole Ecclesia docens (all the diocesan bishops). Regarding prophecy it must be mentioned that biblical prophecies had gradual fulfilments; for example, the weeping of the kindreds of Judah for Christ crucified [Zach. 12, 10 and Joh. 19, 37] was partially fulfilled at the Crucifixion, but will be fulfilled more completely at the time of the conversion of the whole people of Judah, which according to St. Paul must come to pass. In my judgement only a premillennial exegesis fits into the complete consistency of biblical prophecies. For example, the prophet Isaias foretold a time when the children of mortal men will gain a longevity of centuries, even the longevity according to the Tree of Life of a thousand years which our eldest father and king Adam did not reach, dying at the age of 930. That is why it is a thousand year reign. The text also shows that men during that time will still be mortal, able to die, for one who will die at the age of 100 will be accounted as having died young. Therefore this prophecy must refer to the literal Millennium after the Parousia but before the Last Judgement, for men will not die after that Judgement. The leaves of the Tree of Life being given for the healing of the nations in the Book of Apocalypse is what restores the mentioned longevity; it is a cure for the entropy and slow decay of the world which is now advanced. Those who survive the tyranny of the beast and enter alive into the Millennium will thus become new fathers of men who will see their children grow into tribes and peoples.

        Also, I deem that the timeline of things happening set forth in the Book of Apocalypse allows only a premillennial exegesis; in the book Christ returns to overthrow the power of the antichrist and his chief sorcerer, they are thrown into the lake of fire and Belial is locked into Sheol (two distinct places), then there is a resurrection of saints and they reign with Christ in Jerusalem for a thousand years. After the thousand years Belial emerges from Sheol and gathers Gog and Magog whose host will be destroyed by God. Then comes the General Resurrection and the Final Doom, and the world will be renewed into a new heaven and a new earth. Thus, Gog and Magog cannot refer to the tyranny of the antichrist, for he and his sorcerer will have been burning for a thousand years in the lake of fire at the time of the marching of Gog and Magog against Catholic Christian Jerusalem.

        Timothy Fitzpatrick: “I suspect one of the possible reasons some Catholics take the premillennial position is because it helps the Fatima stuff work. Without millennialism, Fatima loses its allure as a viable prophecy.”

        I have to disagree; you will often see Fatima-adherents place an Era of Peace with a Catholic world-dominion before the tyranny of the antichrist and before the Parousia of Christ, whereas in a premillennialist timeline you see a downward spiral into increasing wickedness culminating into the terror of the beast which will then be overthrown by the Parousia after which the millennial reign of the saints in Sion is established.

        I do not believe that there will be a Catholic world-dominion before the Second Coming of Christ. The highest peak of Catholic dominion, the learned have said, was during the pontifical reign of Innocent III, and even then the temporal dominion of the Christianitas only stretched out through parts of Europe, here in old Midgard; it was a bastion and beacon of light, unique in the world, amidst seas of pagan darkness; infidels there were to the east, and schismatics in Byzantion, infidels also in the south, and but for the Asturian valour all of Spain would have fallen before their scimitars, and infidel realms to the west, in Vinland beyond the Great Sea where you, the sundered kindreds of our folk, now dwell. Indeed, these noble kingdoms in Europe, Catholic and Aryan, were a wonder within the world before the sight of the nations, and not a world-dominion but a stronghold. No, a Catholic world-dominion lies yet in the future, and it will not be led by a mortal king but by the Godking Jesus Christ himself, accompanied by the Blessed Virgin Mary, fairer than the queen-mother Bathsheba of old, and His saints.

        1. There was also the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, of course, but it did not endure long and it consisted of a few lordships besieged by surrounding enemies; it was an embattled fortress which did not have the time to firmly establish itself and take root.

  20. Jews control the minds of most people I have met throughout my life. Also, throughout my life, the topic of religion has not come up.

    Green is on the ADL website as an antisemite, manages to get famous people and Jews on his show. I have seen Green tell a Jew that “antisemitic Christians caused the holocaust” and Green told Ben went to Israel. I think he is a Jew and if he is not somehow he is definitely working for them.

    Back to what I previously said about the people I have met in my life rarely bringing about religion. What does it matter how many so called Christians are Zionist’s? Are “Christian” Zionists calling the shots? The world is run by rich people and these rich people are controlled by rich Jews and the majority of people believe whatever the government and media tell us them and will defend Jews when the subject is brought up, atheists as Christians just giggle add the ideas that Jews control things and consider any who thinks so to be an idiot. This is what they were trained to believe and it is what they believe. I do not believe that powerful people that are working for the Jews are generally “Christian Zionists”. I think they are atheist, not to say that the average atheist is knowingly or unknowingly involved in a conspiracy, they just do not believe in God.
    What I am trying to say is most people support the Jews and Christianity simply does not have that much influence on people and anyone has nor figure out that Adam Green is a Jew is an idiot and anyone who supports him, Brandon Martinez,for example is very suspect. Green is a subversive Jew, discussing the shit that come out of his mouth, though I agree with what you say about him is kind of playing into his game, just like it is to analyze Jordan Peterson. First and foremost, Adam Green is a nobody Jew working for Big Jew,.
    BTW, these American Protestants are retards
    I personally do like certain aspects of Catholicism but I do have many objections to Catholicism. I do not consider Protestants to be Christians and I do not understand how an intelligent person or anyone of normal intelligence could follow Protestantism because it has so many inconsistencies within it and the way that So many Protestants worship Jews, while Protestantism worships a book pit together by a religion they hate. I could go on and in but Protestantism is the most uninteresting and stupid of all the religions I have read about. I would not want to be in the presence of a Protestant. I just realized I have said some of this before. One good thing about not being an American, most people I have met in my life who claimed to be Christians are not Protestant. Since, although I am a baptized Catholic but lost the faith at around age 9, I am not obliged to live my enemies. I hate Protestants. I think Protestant beliefs and the consequences of Protestant beliefs are much worse than religions that do not claim to be Christian. The only large religion, I see it as a religiion, is organized atheism. More people died under Jewish led atheist regimes than all the religious wars in history. People need to worship something. It is better for a society to worship a God or even to have a polytheistic religion then to worship the government or scientism.

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