If Adam Green is data mining for the ‘gogue…

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
August 2, 2020 Anno Domini

If Adam Green is not simply a truther with the goal of running a successful Youtube channel but is actually data mining for the global synagogue of Satan, then he can pretty much say anything he likes without anyone being the wiser.

That would explain why when anyone accuses him of being a shill for xyz groups because he avoids talking about xyz subjects, he will then talk about some them (not Operation SIG or the Holocaust, apparently), either on his Youtube videos or on Twitter, thereby building his plausible deniability. This is likely something he learned from his mentor Alex Jones.

It was quite amusing to watch Green in July spend an entire day tweeting nothing but anti-Russian, anti-Putin posts after a few of us were accusing him of being soft on the Russian question and a potential gatekeeper. Then, when I pointed out how disingenuous Green appeared in doing this (via @Fitzinfo), the anti-Russian tweets suddenly seemed to stop. Of course, Green didn’t let this act go beyond tweeting. If it’s something he really wants to push, he will do a show about on Youtube (he’s done one or two shows about Russia, but there is no follow up—just enough to provide himself with an alibi).

In June of 2019, more than six months before the Kahal unleashed Covid19 on us all, an alleged whistleblower with connections to the White House warned that Adam Green and others were data mining on behalf of the Synagogue in preparation for a mass purge of dissidents in the West, as a step towards Jewish world government. Going by the name David Goldberg, the whistleblower called this roundup and extermination of patriots Project Pogo and Project Zyphr using “tag, track, and ID”. Pogo allegedly is for the tag and track while Zyphr is for the extermination phase, which will occur during blackouts (Goldberg estimates 15 million Americans, some being high-valued targets, are scheduled for extermination).

“They want to tag, then want to track you, and they want to identify who you are,” Goldberg says in an audio that appears to have first been released on Youtube (there are numerous mirror uploads).

Now, these kinds of self-proclaimed whistleblowers are a dime a dozen. At first, there seems to be little reason to believe this Goldberg. For all we know, he could just have a personal grudge against people like Adam Green. But what makes Goldberg an interesting and important character is his prediction in the same audio that the ‘gogue would unleash a virus in 2020-2021 as part of Pogo-Zyphr. This is incredible and has gone virtually unreported in the media, both mainstream and alternative. How could Goldberg have known this? Either it’s pure luck or there is something to what this guy is saying.

“In the next six months to a year, it appears it is coming to a close, and that is with Project Zyphr will be initiated,” Goldberg says. “They’re being tracked; they’re being identified—that’s the whole point. A lot of people have said, well why are some of these Youtube channels allowed to exist? Why are they allowed to so openly allowed to talk about the truth? And some of you might know Adam Green, Know More News, and there are a whole bunch of others, and they’re very, very open about Zionism, and they’re very honest about it, and they’re telling the truth…but as far as I know, they are all a part of this operation.”

Goldberg admits he doesn’t know for sure if Green is part of it or not, but he says that he assumes he is. “He’s probably been guaranteed a lot of money. He’s probably been promised a lot of things…he is there to tag, track, and ID—not him specifically, but the people behind the operation who are doing all the research and all the people who are commenting, and viewing, and liking—they want to know who they are, they want to know where they live, and they are going to eliminate them at a date in the future.”

Goldberg goes on to say that way too many people are waking up and the need for disappearing patriot NWO dissidents is necessary. And as the Talmud commands world Jewry, “kill even the best gentiles”.

What Goldberg has revealed makes a lot more sense than the explanation that Green is someone merely looking to run a successful Youtube channel while advocating for the downtrodden. Why would anyone in their right mind suddenly reveal their identity and publicly talk about the most sensitive subjects just to make a few bucks? It’s difficult to accept. The fact that Adam Green can go into Israel virtually unhindered and unharmed and maintain a Youtube channel while many “conservative” personalities are being deplatformed for saying a lot less than Green seems to corroborate Goldberg’s Pogo-Zyphr hypothesis. Also, Goldberg mentioned that the operation involves “people who are commenting, and viewing, and liking”. In September of 2018, a Youtuber posted a video appearing to show that Green uses automated bots to comment on his livestreams (and beef up his subscribership, no doubt). I have studied one or two of Green’s livestreams and have noticed automated behaviour as well. If true, this would suggest that there is organization behind Green’s online persona, which would corroborate Goldberg’s thesis of Green as a data miner. Then there is Green’s employment history with military contractor Viasat, Inc., chaired by Jew Mark Dankberg.  Although Green appears to have been a low-level employee (“after market services depot planner”) with the satellite communications company, it is a troubling connection, especially in light of what Goldberg has said. For all we know, Viasat could be connected to Israeli intelligence firm Stratfor, based in Austin, Texas, with which Alex Jones appears to be involved. Speaking of Jones and data mining, my readers will remember in the Stratfor articles I did on Jones that Infowars admits in its privacy policy that “that it may hand your information over to government entities and other third parties.”

“We us cookies, log files, and third parties to create a profile of our users and the information gathered is personally identifiable as belonging to you…,” the Infowars policy goes on to say. “We may use your personal identifying information…when complying with an order” from “..other government entity….”

A photo posted by Jake Morphonios on his twtter account showing him wearing a Jewish yarmulke at a Jewish feast of some kind.

Although Green can pretty much say anything he wants under this scenario, the Kahal might have limited his script, as his narrative seems ignore certain subjects: namely criticism of Russia and its satellites, criticism of the Palestinians, and avoidance of Holocaust revisionism. To corroborate this theory, Green is surrounded by pro-Russian shills: Christopher Bollyn, Jake Morphonios, Whitney Webb, Mint Press News, Last American Vagabond, and others. Bollyn, I recently revealed in an article, appears to be a KGB asset with the mission of blaming Israel and the West for the 9/11 terrorist attacks as a means of getting Americans to lose faith in their government, in preparation for a Russian/Eurasian liberation script (Green mentor Alex Jones appears to be serving a similar purpose). Bollyn actually went to Green’s home and appeared live on his show. When has a big-named conspiracist done something like this before? Is Green so special as to warrant this or was Bollyn trying to legitimize Green as part of an operation? Another big player in Green’s roster of guests is the anti-Christian Christopher Jon Bjerknes, a questionable character who Brandon Martinez can tell you all about.

Some have told me that my suspicions about Green are unwarranted and that he is just looking to get along with everyone and bring about his message. But what is his message, exactly? And why would Green want to create a successful Youtube channel when there are any number of ways he could do it without indicting himself with a bunch of “anti-Semites”? If Green is not part of some sinister tag-and-track operation, at the very least he is associated with too many Soviet shills to be taken seriously as an honest researcher of the Jewish question.


  1. Synagogue very sensitive to anti-semites, as we see from this plan of Rabbi Scheerson 1994;

    “We will be releasing criminals from prisons, so that there will be more murders, robberies, instability. Amnesty will apply only to thieves and murderers — in short, all but those convicted for “inciting ethnic hatred”, which is, in fact, the law against anti-Semitism.”


  2. Adam Green is complete cointelpro, which is found out thanks to your channel, However, far more concerning are mandatory face masks (completely satanic), distancing (satanic), washing hands in ALCOHOL (satanic) etc and preparations of new transhumanist and then posthuamnist hive-mind nephilm future, with first step being vaccines with computer parts to change your DNA and make you completely trackable whever you go.

    Peace be with you.

  3. Thank you! I am sick and tired of my Christian friends promoting him. I just went on a rant on Facebook telling them how utterly blind they are. Including Jana from Israeli News Live (someone I thought was legit and I was close with). I should have known better than to trust them.

    1. I agree with you Maria. I was a follower of Israeli News Live, but I’ve become disillusioned with their message. Many of my “alternative” news sources have fallen by the wayside.

  4. Interview that you might find interesting on this subject.I am more convinced Green is genuine than Br Nathanael
    Still open on this they are tricky.
    Whats your thought on Henry Makow?
    He says some good stuff, but a test they all fail on if they are fake opposition they never talk about the Holohoax.
    Br Nathanael will not admit Putin is a Jew.




  5. On a different note I have noticed that when I want to convert a video file the apps offered are nearly all online converters
    I suspect this is a video mining , trawling operation. I believe Google is converting all books to digital, big history rewriting operation in the works I would think. Not that they have not rewritten a great deal already, everything published for the last century and longer they have vetted. The plagiarist Einstein was promoted by the press of the day under their control
    E=mc2 had been aroubd long before he was around. He was not trawling ina Patents office just for a pay check.
    see link on this site . Einstein was a Zionist

  6. One of David Goldberg’s first videos “accidentally” included a part at the end where Goldberg thought that the video had stopped recording and he started having phone sex with his “White House insider” source Isabel (https://www.bitchute.com/video/v3bgzeRggOS1/). They’re clearly acting.

    Another one of Goldberg’s early videos was mirrored on the BitChute channel of Reddit clone Voat (https://www.bitchute.com/video/h3KPcFqRRigb/; channel now taken down, screenshot here: https://i.ibb.co/3WLNRCW/david-goldberg-voat-satire.png). The description of the video included this text:

    This channel is political satire. See satire definition for media and legal purposes:


    Another of Goldberg’s early videos includes the same link to hg.org, even though it doesn’t include the text which says that the channel is political satire (http://web.archive.org/web/20190827102039/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_3P6AYDVNw). The full description of the video is not displayed by archive.org, but you can see the link to hg.org from the source code.

    However the video titled “David Goldberg’s Iran War False Flag Predictions Update” included a screen with this text (https://www.bitchute.com/video/6iTyftjebEfA/, time 0:33):

    Mr. Goldberg left in his hand written notes that were recovered that his video on Adam Green was “meant as satire” so the video would remain public without being banned.

    Mr. Goldberg was a fan of Adam Green.

    The next screen of the video included this text:

    Mr. Goldberg’s notes indicate he had made attempts to use satire, at times, to transmit classified information he had received.

    Mr. Goldberg had also placed a disclaimer in his channel’s About section with this same attempt.

    Other YouTube channels have also made this attempt to protect their channels.

    In a video titled “USA Genocide 2021-2025 A.D. – Project Zyphr & The End Game – Part 3”, Tom said the following (which basically countered the arguments that no-one found David Goldberg’s obituary, genealogical information, or his work in journalism) (https://www.bitchute.com/video/AX0YkxlorWkb/, time 1:09:13):

    I’m just gonna say this. David Goldberg may not have been his real name. Somebody with a with a fu- – you know – an IQ of a hundred could probably figure it out that he maybe he didn’t use his real name. Maybe he used that name for a reason. Look a little bit between the lines people. I know his real name. And yeah, it could be David Goldberg, I’m not gonna get into it. But think a little deeper than that. What matters is the information is real. Dudn’t matter what his damned name was. When you’re tryna get information out, you have to take steps to protect yourself.

    However Goldberg’s bio also said that he was a “fellow at the Jewish Center for Antisemitic Study”, but no such organization seems to exist (https://threader.app/thread/1139949747316432897).

    In a snapshot of Goldberg’s YouTube channel (http://web.archive.org/web/20191225123823/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjSL2D4cTt6Rx-QHVydEqSg), the two featured channels of the channel are shown as Know More News and TruNews. The snapshot was taken after Goldberg had supposedly died, so I don’t know if the featured channels were changed after Goldberg’s supposed death.

    A video by David Goldberg published on 2019-02-24 (based on the timestamp shown by archive.org; not sure if UTC) was titled “WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Trump believes Jared Kushner is the Jewish Messiah” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_3P6AYDVNw). A video by Adam Green published on 2019-02-26 (UTC) was titled “Is Jared Kushner Moshiach?” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJTF4sVwoSY). Adam Green had also earlier on 2018-10-01 (UTC) published a video titled “Is Jared Kushner the Jewish Messiah?” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmh8zYyAgbc). Goldberg was supposedly a fan of Adam Green, so he might have picked up the narrative from Adam Green, but the story was that David Goldberg heard about Kushner being Moshiach from his “White House insider” source Isabel. It’s also suspicious how Goldberg and Green published a video about Kushner being Moshiach only about two days apart.

    I believe the roles of David Goldberg and his friend Tom were played by the same person. For example at time 4:54 here, Tom sounds a lot like Goldberg when he speaks in a register where he alters his voice: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Df6USQxgYcnz/ .

    Someone who sounded just like Tom was a caller on Alex Jones on May 15th (https://www.bitchute.com/video/0UYQFP3EnnCj/, time 21:00). Alex even addressed the caller as Tom. It would make sense that the same people who are employed as fake callers on InfoWars would also be hired to do psyops like David Goldberg.

    My speculation is that David Goldberg, Adam Green, and InfoWars are all part of the same operation. But it’s just speculation.

  7. I think this Goldberg person and Green are working together, Jews like Adam Green know they will be figured out and sometimes want to speed up the process. Jews and their agents build each other up and tear each other down as part of their disinformation campaign. I do not think Green’s job is what Goldberg says it is. I think it is to steer blame away from Jews onto Christianity. People just gobble this shit up, never stopping to think that I even if what Green says is true, attacking Christians or fake Christians (Protestants) is not politically expedient. It is like the white nationalist movement, people hate so many groups that they paint themselves into a wall and hate everyone but themselves.

      1. There is a funny and short video on Bitchute called, “Adam Green admits to being a JeW.

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