The ADL in the world Communist offensive – Part III

By Robert H. Williams
June 13, 2020 Anno Domini

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Excerpt from The Anti-Defamation League and its Use in the World Communist Offensive (1947), pgs. 32-44


The glimpse behind the Soviet blackout curtain does not complete the scene of activities and plans of the ambitious, ruthless left-wing of the Jewish world community. Not long ago, I came into possession of some pamphlets issued by a large, influential Marxist-Jewish group in America, which tie up Communism with the Jewish people and with Political Zionism, (“Political” as contrasted with “Religious Zionism,” the latter purely a spiritual concept), in a plan for world-wide power. Before the activities of all propagandizing organization and defaming secret police here at home can be fully understood, it is important to understand this world political plan. Communism itself is a world political plan, but the pamphlets bring out rather clearly the belief on the part of the Jewish Marxists that it is they who will dominate the Communist International (their man, Manuilsky, is now its head): and they tempt the rank-and-file Jew by picturing his race as destined to triumph, assuring him special privilege. They have transferred the “chosen people” theme of the Old Testament from the sphere of religion to the sphere of temporal power. They even proselyte among Jewish religious groups by promising that while all religion is ostensibly to be destroyed by Communism, in fact, the “secret, solitary worship of the Jew”, as perfected in slavery 2,500 years ago, will survive the time of religious suppression and eventually, after all other religion is killed, Judaism will flourish “without opposition.”

Much of this program is contained in a pamphlet entitled, The Jewish People Face the Postwar World. The pamphlet was published by the Morning Freiheit Association. 35 E. 12th St., New York 3, N. Y ., and sub-titled “Report to the first yearly conference of the national board of directors of the Morning Freiheit Association, Nov. 10 and 11, 1945.” The Morning Freiheit Association publishes The Morning Freiheit, an openly Communistic daily in the Yiddish language, for which it claims a circulation of approximately 70,000, and reputedly is read by about 300,000 persons. Its readers are principally in New York, but the paper circulates nationally and has distribution offices, supported by branch or affiliated “associations,” in several cities.

The first page of the pamphlet—the official report of this large, powerful association—makes its pro-Soviet sentiments clear. Speaking of the “imperialist reaction of American finance capital” of this postwar period, it says: “This imperialist reaction attacks and combats the democratic forces of all countries, particularly the most consistent representative of the people’s democracy—the Soviet Union.”

I have italicized the words democratic and democracy because to understand this pamphlet, like all Communist dialectic of today, you must use the words in the sense in which Moscow uses them: simply substitute the word Communism for People’s democracy or democracy. Likewise, Fascist and anti-Semitic in this pamphlet may generally be translated by substituting the word capitalist or anti-Communist. Imperialist reaction refers to the whole upsurge of the spirit of individual freedom and enterprise.

The pamphlet thoroughly aligns itself with the Marxist movement here at home. “Imperialist reaction has begun an offensive against the masses of the American people themselves, against their economic security (substitute government paternalism) and democratic rights, and especially against the American working class and the labor movement.”

This is Karl Marx himself talking—attacking the enterprise, property-owning system, championing the Soviet system (wherein the state itself, run by Communists, becomes the exploiter of man’s labor).

The author, Alexander Bittelman—a member of the executive committee of the Communist Party, U.S.A.—sounds the alarm of rising anti-Semitism, abuses the “new Dies’ committee and its Red-baiting.” He then warns of the danger that in the United Nations there “will emerge a world coalition under American imperialist reaction . . . for its drive toward world domination.” He then outlines the Association’s plan for the Jewish people, to establish what appears to be world power to defeat the “American imperialist . . . world domination” above mentioned.

Before going any further with this article, let me remind you that this Freiheit thing is not my plan; that in telling you about it and warning you against it, I am not attacking Jews. I am merely urging all of us to defend ourselves against such bold revolutionary activities as Communists are planning. Does this brand me as anti-Semitic? The Anti-Defamation League will say so, I have no doubt—though at the dubious honor of siding with the Reds.

Soviet Israel propaganda poster.


Outlining the plan for “the Jewish people,” first for America, the Association’s report says to tightly organize “the forces of the growing labor-democratic-anti-fascist coalition,” to “compel the Truman Administration, by criticism and sustained political struggle, to carry through in life a policy of democracy, economic security and world peace, “to force the pro-Capitalist elements among the American Jews to fall into line by conducting “a systematic struggle against the reactionary elements— in the American Jewish Committee and in the Jewish Labor Committee— which are obstructing the struggle for Jewish rights,” and to join hands with “forces of similar coalitions in all parts ofthe world and in the world as a whole, in which the new ‘World Federation of Trade Unions’ is destined to play a decisive role. And the ultimate victory belongs precisely to these forces.”

This is a remarkably plain statement, condensed from these pages of the pamphlet.This is the World Revolution.This is the Moscow plan, as explained to American Jewish Communists. On page 5, the report points out that “The American Jewish Congress, with its divisions and affiliates, can become a vital and decisive force in the general labor-democratic-anti-fascist coalition, for the benefit of the American people in general and of the American Jews in particular”—if it rids itself of “reactionary elements.”

On page 7, the report endorses the action of the American Communist Party in condemning Earl Browder because he gave up Revolution in favour of “revisionism”.

The domestic struggle unfolds in a vitally important detail on page 8: “The democratic Jewish forces will have to bring forth especially the fight against anti-Semitism, the fight for identical legislation in each state to declare and punish anti-Semitism as a criminal offense.”

On the same page, the report speaks of a “Black Book” of “indictment by the Jewish people against fascism”—”which is now being prepared jointly, by the Jews of all countries.” The names going into this book are of men marked for liquidation.

In subsequent pages, the report attacks (with exceptions) assimilation, or intermarriage of Jews with Gentiles, attacks “nationalism” (or loyalty to country, as contrasted with loyalty to a world order), and insists on a separate Jewish life in America “which is organically bound up with the further building of the American nation as a whole together with all progressive forces of the American peoples.” Emphasis is on the word organic, which is used in several places in the report. This apparently refers to the cellular organization of the Communist Party by which one or two persons can control a large number. It lends itself readily to the uses of persons who do not wish to expose their identity or racial origin unnecessarily.

On page 16, we are shocked by the statement that . . . “Jewish life in America can be built only in both languages— Yiddish and English, and for this reason we have formulated as one of our major tasks the unifica- tion of the Yiddish-speaking and English-speaking Jews in one common Jewish anti-fascist unity. We have begun this work in our own Association and in our organ, the Morning Freiheit.” Substitute the word “pro- Communist” or “Communist” for the word “anti-fascist” and you see a picture of the Jewish Communist movement regimenting its people to further and further separate themselves from Gentile America (except Gentile Communist tools) by learning a language understood only by Jews.

Louis Levine tells us they have succeeded in making Yiddish the language of the court, so to speak, in Russia; only the educated, largely Jewish people speak it there. Now we see the plan for the new court language and super-race in America, if the designs of the Morning Freiheit Association succeed.

A very special plan for Poland (p. 22) calls for “a free, democratic and strong Poland”—but it means, if you understand the dialectic, free from capitalist anti-Communist forces. “The Jews need this kind of Poland. . . . In addition, we have a national duty of squaring our accounts with fascism and anti-Semitism in the matter of Poland.” Published in December, 1945, this statement foretold the fate of millions of Poles, since Poland is 98 per cent Christian. This month (January, 1947) has witnessed the “free, democratic election,” and now the curtain goes down on pitied Poland.


All but two of the great nations of Christendom of thirty years ago now are gone or whittled down to impotency or lie sick from internal disorders and lack of united courage and spiritual strength. For this wrecking of the greatest civilization of the ages, we can thank the Marxist movement. Now the two remaining great peoples, themselves suffering from an  indigestible lump of Marxism in their stomachs, are being subjected to the merciless scourge of propaganda which seeks to throw one against the other, in order to leave Stalin free to move and mate and slay at will on the world’s chess board—the Dardanelles, the Suez, the Mediterranean, perhaps China, perhaps our neighbors in Central and South America, where the Revolution has risen swiftly in the past year.

A recent dispatch pictures the pitiful plight of one of the great Christian nations of a third of a century ago. It is sent by Manchester Boddy, publisher of the Los Angeles Daily News, who often, before going to Europe, had been accused of leaning toward the Left: “What I found in the Hof area adds evidence to the uncomfortable feeling that the German nation—that is, the collective people of Germany—are disappearing as an entity like a block of disintegrating ice in a relentless sea.”

Pity the world caught in the cosmic ray of hatred and Master Race paranoia!

To separate us from Britain and lay both nations open to the fate of Germany—or Russia—the Red propagandists are representing Britain to us as Nazi-like persecutors of Jewish refugees in Palestine. We are supposed now to begin hating Britons as we hated the Nazis. Ben Hecht’s play, A Flag is Born, is so extreme in spreading this disease of hate that the British have protested its showing. There is talk that Hollywood is to release one or more pictures on the same theme. Reds control nearly all the writing for Hollywood films. Hollywood has measureless influence over American audiences. If you doubt that it can incite us to war, remember the hysterical hatred of the Nazis which swept the country as film after film was released dramatizing Nazis’ brutality. If you doubt that Holly- wood is largely biased in favor of Red Fascism, just try to remember a single film picturing the current threatening dictator as a Hitler. On the Red Square, in Moscow they “Heil” and goose-step with no less vicious intent than the Nazis under Hitler, but our film producers don’t dramatize it.

The real danger is here at home. Several millions of our people have been so confused and misguided, I am afraid they would side with the Soviets in case of a Revolution here which appeared likely to succeed. This condition would have been intolerable enough in the days when wars and revolutions were fought man to man. Today it is immeasurably more dangerous, with the minority much in control of propaganda machines with which to fire the public mind and, at the timely moment, create hysteria and confusion. Anti-Communists have great difficulty in getting in a word over the ether telling us about the Communist menace and the Fifth Column: the FCC has stood like a watchdog favoring the Left for several years. Privately financed pressure groups, the Gestapos, in turn, stand watching the FCC as well as the radio outlets, as well as the movie production studios and the press, ready to defame and intimidate any opposition to Communism which threatens to become influential.

Sitting on this atomic-bomb dump, we continue to think in terms of the last war—a war in which soldiers did the fighting. Our next war is more likely to be fought by civilians, at least unless we can do something about our massive Fifth Column. By organized sabotage, our major cities all could be laid low in a few hours by super-explosives smuggled across our borders or out of our atomic stores, planted and timed to a pre-determined D-Day. By injecting new poisons into water systems, a few squads, infiltrating public utilities as employees, likewise could paralyse the urban population of the country. The Four Horsemen could spread new and deadly disease before they could be apprehended.

For the first time in history, there are weapons which make world dictatorship a possibility. Is it by some diabolical plan of Satan that at the same time there is—also for the first time in history—a movement which seriously threatens all governments and all peoples?

At this convergence of military science with political conspiracy, we have done a most amazing thing: We have placed the Manhattan Project—meaning our entire atomic fission industry, with its supposed secrets—in the hands of a board which is so suspect that Army officers have refused to deliver the secrets to them, short of a direct order from the President.

Here is what the Los Angeles Examiner said of three members of the board (January 9, 1947):

“David E. Lilienthal, head of the board, is a long-time ardent New Dealer and a member of at least two Communist-dominated organizations (unless he has resigned very recently), the National Lawyers Guild and the Southern Conference of Human Welfare.

“The FBI and the House Committee on un-American activities hold these groups to be potentially subversive, aligned with the world movement to overthrow this government.

“Associated with Lilienthal on the atomic energy board is Lewis E. Strauss, also a New Dealer, and a member of Kuhn, Loeb & Company, international banking firm. Americans traditionally distrust International bankers, remembering how many of them have figured in world power politics and exploitation.

“A third member of the atomic energy board, William W. Waymack, editor of the Des Moines Register, reportedly is listed in the potentially subversive files of the FBI and the House Committee on un-American activities. Waymack is vice-president of the Americans United for World Government, and a member of the pro-Soviet National Committee for Civilian Control of Atomic Energy. He also was a sponsor of a group working for ‘medical aid to Soviet Russia’ and a speaker before the Communist Russian War Relief—as reported in the pro-Communist magazine, ‘Soviet Russia Today’.

“It is to be hoped that the new Congress will act swiftly to have these men replaced by persons who believe unequivocally in America and whom the public and the Army and the Congress can trust.”

If you read in the pages of history that a great nation placed a world-conquering secret in the hands of five men, three of whom were known to be friendly to a nation admittedly hostile and long bent on world conquest, what would you think?

The “bee” is on us. We indict ourselves for acts of our government which we tolerate. Then should we say: Never in history were there so many fools in one nation at one time!

View of perticipants in an anti-integration rally on the steps of the Arkansas State Capitol, Little Rock, Arkansas, August 20, 1959. Several carry American flags and others hold signs which read ‘Race Mixing is Communism’ and ‘Stop the Race Mixing; March of the Anti-Christ.’ The rally was held in protest to the admission of the ‘Little Rock Nine’ to Central High School. (Photo by John T Bledsoe/PhotoQuest/Getty Images)


It is the world picture of thirty years of killing and degradation—the picture of Siberian slave camps, of Dachau and Belsen, of Revolution in Spain—much of it due to racial hatred—which comes before us as we witness an Anti-Defamation League movie of exaggerated racism here at home. It is the Freiheit plan for creating a Yiddish speaking Master Race here and all over the world, following the pattern of the Soviet Union, and joining hands with that blood-drenched government, which comes to mind when we hear a “tailored” radio program or a speaker “educating” our children by attacking patriotism and loyalty to western traditions and culture. It is the picture of the curtain now closing on Christian Poland which comes to mind when we see propaganda designed to create a Brahman privileged race in America through the passage of the mis-called Fair Employment Practices measure and laws making anti-Semitism a crime.

The time is late but not too late, perhaps, for a counter-revolution of truth-telling and for drastic government action to break up the secret defamation leagues, the Communist Party and all other groups which prey on racism and Anglo-Saxon idealism. We must discredit the false leadership which makes use of the Jewish people for selfish ends, and throw our support to the wiser leaders who stand for normal community relationships among all races.

I cannot quit this subject without mentioning a few of the wide range of changes which may be necessary or advisable in preventing catastrophe. First, we should recognize the enemy for what he is—the enemy. Despite his deception, he has made it clear at all times that he is out to destroy us, by force if necessary, and to set up a Communist regime under Moscow domination. We should strike first. To wait for the enemy, internal and external, to strike would be insane, giving him all the advantage. Our economy, under a staggering debt, will not permit us to maintain forever a $12,000,000,000 annual budget for men and machines of defense, made necessary by the existence of both an internal and an external threat. We need an offensive to prevent the expected offensive.

What kind of offensive would be American?

Externally, we should start rolling back the Red tide all over the fringe states and inside Russia itself by a propaganda offensive of truth-telling, informing the people of the truth about America and about their own vicious leaders and encouraging them to form resistance groups. You may say they are helpless, having no arms: but there usually appears a leader if the tension becomes great enough—one of their powerful Army generals might side with his people against the tight little circle of Destroyers; and guerilla groups always find ways to smuggle in small arms. A few hundred million dollars spent on a propaganda war might help prevent “the next way”—which would cost too many billions of dollars and too much human life to dwell on the subject.

Above all, we must break up the interlocking Red conspiracies here at home and prevent them from re-establishing leadership and spreading propaganda. If drastic measures are required, they still are preferable to the alternative of a modern civil war. Strong aggressive action might bring us many years of peace.

I list here some proposals for consideration:

1. Outlaw Communism as a vehicle of a foreign power aiming at destruction of this government; arrest agents for Communistic activities. Would we recognize Hitler’s machine operating in America, or permit Murder. Inc., to organize our youth in every city? It was never intended that the Constitution should extend protection to its enemies; that watch-dog over human rights does not (and could not) guarantee freedom and at the same time license to destroy freedom.

2. Since it is the responsibility of the FBI to watch the civilian front, recognize this agency as a fourth military defensive arm and enormously increase its strength to cope with an unwieldy enemy. Give it rein to act—to seize organizations and files and individuals inimical to our form of government (Nazi, Fascist and Communist).

3. Instruct the Attorney General to act vigorously to provide legal machinery so that the work of the FBI may be accomplished—and so that innocent citizens, should they too be falsely accused, may have a speedy hearing. (It must not be supposed that there would be widespread persecution of innocents under such a campaign; courts—like Military Intelligence—would have no time for the innocuous cases; their attention would be required by the flagrant, dangerous cases, with long records of activities.)

4. Clean out the Reds from key positions in the Armed forces and from all government jobs.

5. Change guard at the Federal Communication Commission, substituting persons who cannot be influenced by radical un-American groups. This is of the greatest importance, permitting radio commentators to explain to the people fully every fact and phase of the Red menace. An informed public can whip Communism.

6. Stop the illegal tide of immigration. Despite the secrecy of our Immigration Service and cooperating agencies on this subject—a secrecy utterly without justification and which could be desired only for concealing enormous irregularities—some of our Congressional spokesmen now claim that hundreds of thousands of European immigrants, largely Jewish, are coming across our borders, legally and illegally. From my own studies of immigrants from Eastern Europe during the war, I know that among them are many pro-Communists. (Many of these immigrants, drafted into the Army, were granted citizenship after 90 days’ service, and the War Department encouraged this process by pressuring Commanding officers and Intelligence officers.) But all Jewish immigrants, Communist and anti-Communist, immediately after arrival are under strong pressure to side with the Marxist groups, and most of them will have to yield.

7. Find an adequate home for the homeless Jews of Europe and for all pro-Communist Jewish aliens in America. It is downright stupid to say that there is no place left on this big earth for them. There are undeveloped fertile stretches of geography in several sectors of the globe. I choose New Guinea, first, because I am convinced that great cities someday will gleam on that fertile subcontinent. With a climate much like that of Miami Beach, with malaria and other tropical diseases now conquerable, this virgin island could support 100,000,000 people. It is now principally occupied by 100,000 natives. By agreement with Australia for the eastern end or with the Netherlands for the western end of the island, we could establish a protectorate and an eight-year settlement program, leading up to independence for a new Jewish nation.

This plan would not please the Communists and Political Zionists; it would make the Freiheit planners and their Moscow mentors burst a blood vessel. Dr. Rabinowitch shamed the Political Zionists for refusing to allow homeless Jews to accept Australia’s offer to settle in that country. But must we ask them how to run our domestic and foreign policy? Rather, must we keep on asking them? Such a plan would take the propaganda-torn, hungry and homeless Jews of the world out of the hands of such plotters and give them a new life.

8. Bar known pro-Communists from positions where they may fan the flames of Revolution—the press, the radio, movie production studios, above all, labor unions. Doubtless a law outlawing Communist activities would cover this requirement.

9. Break up the labor monopolies (the closed shop and industry-wide bargaining) now, while we are at peace and while the people, including more than half of the industrial workers themselves, are demanding individual freedom and individual responsibility in the field of competition.

Labor unions have reached a position of terrible power, just as Marx predicted they would. Now both Marxist and the non-Marxist union heads are talking about unifying their forces and they are threatening Congress with talk that any weakening of the pro-union laws will drive labor into the Red camp. The union bosses have effective propaganda power with which to drive labor leftward, and many of the propaganda machines are in the hands of leftists.

If we surrender now, the Marxists will consolidate and take over more and more union power, biding their time. Catching us in an economic crisis or threatened with war, they will refuse to let their membership produce the goods needed to save us—unless we completely sell out to them.

It was like that in France in the late 1930s. There, the Marxist unions and the fellow-traveling politicos and propagandists, under the Moscow inspiration, sneered at nationalism, or patriotism, so that France was lost before Hitler fired a shot.

But there is much that we may and must do without waiting for Congress. We can encourage self-reliance as opposed to state paternalism. We can check into our local school systems to see that Red indoctrination is not going on there. We can encourage the revival of character-building biographies; we can insist on a revival of pride in the historic rise of Western peoples—including Anglo-Saxons, the watchdogs of freedom—from serfdom to self-reliance. In short, we should dig up Horatio Alger, American.

And, whatever else we do, we must take our children and young people back to the churches.


January 31, 1947

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