The masonic role in the Covid-19 conspiracy

By Timothy Fitzpatrick 
May 28, 2020 Anno Domini

Completely lost in the ongoing psychological warfare operation that is the COVID-19 “pandemic” in the world today is discussion of medical justification.

The cause has been talked about to death. It’s a virus from bats. It’s a Chinese Communist biological weapon. It’s 5G. It’s chemtrails. Or, as the crypto-Soviets in Putinist Russia would have its citizens believe, it’s a United States bioweapon.

It’s most likely a combination of all three of the former but probably even more. You see, anything that disrupts the homeostasis of the human body—the “terrain”, according to 19th century French biologist Antoine Béchamp—can manifest in unpleasant symptoms—commonly flu-like symptoms. In other words, it’s not external factors that are the cause of the disease but a compromised internal state that allows external factors to sometimes trigger inevitable sickness.

But this simple form of deductive reasoning is not permitted in the mainstream media or in the controlled-opposition alternative press. They want the masses focused on the masonic contrivance of evil and deadly germs out to get us, from where they came, and what we can create to stop them. With the focus on this bogeyman, the Judeao-masonic-Bolshevist medical cartel can then provide the solution to their dialectic in the form of unnecessary and harmful vaccines, drugs, or some other invasive form of “medicine”. Clearly, it’s also being used to beef up the totalitarian world communist state, which now demands that we signal our virtue and protect ourselves by wearing a mask everywhere we go and cheering on our enslavement every night at 7 o’clock during the two-minute hate of evil germs.

How we got to this point of medical cartel rule—the scientific dictatorship—in the 21st century was due to the masonic Enlightenment’s complete monopolization of the medical field over the last three centuries or so and the suppression of competing views, like that of Béchamp’s terrain theory or cellular theory. Of course, that wasn’t the only monopolization going on at the time. They were taking over all the fields, including philosophy, cosmology, the sciences, and religion, to name a few. And let’s not forget the all-too-embarassing alchemy championing by the Enlightenment’s medical cartel.

Only the devil and his minions of hell could have engineered this medical quackery dialectic in order for it to result in the consequence of technology—which the demons just happen to be able to provide (see the Book of Enoch). With middlemen like Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch paving the way for their masonic grand scheme of germ theory (that germs or external factors cause disease), the god of technology was invoked and man set himself up as the solution to the problem of germs and “viruses”. Forget natural cures to disease and the terrain-strengthening elements contained in God-created plants and herbs, the masonic engineers were on a mission to usurp God as the healer—and saviour—of mankind. 

And so it was that the technology race was spurred to save mankind, starting with, perhaps, Freemason Edward Jenner, who created the first vaccine in 1798. From that point on, it has been a race to the bottom for man, with some occasional legitimate benefits with emergency equipment like AEDs. Today, with the most advanced technology in history, we men, created by a higher power, cannot stop a common “virus”, supposedly, other than by summoning some kind of artificial technology. We have created medical emergency devices and germ-theory-based immunization galore but have done nothing when it comes to preventing or curing disease. You see, this is where the narrative starts to contradict itself. Using the logic sold to us by masonic medical cartel, disease, and even death, should be eradicated by now with technological progress. Yet we aren’t seeing that. Why? Because we are going against God and what He has provided to us in nature—through sound science and true medicine. We have taken science out of its proper context within a God-created world and elevated it, and man, to godhood itself—what is called scientism.

Take a look at philosopher Susan Haack’s six signs of scientism and see how the masonic medical cartel uses them to justify their bogus “cures” like vaccines and drugs and to elevate elite scientists as the new priesthood:

1. Using the words “science,” “scientific,” “scientifically,” “scientist,” etc., honorifically, as generic terms of epistemic praise.

2. Adopting the manners, the trappings, the technical terminology, etc., of the sciences, irrespective of their real usefulness.

3. A pre-occupation with demarcation, i.e., with drawing a sharp line between genuine science, the real thing, and “pseudo-scientific” imposters.

4. A corresponding pre-occupation with identifying the “scientific method,” presumed to explain how the sciences have been so successful.

5. Looking to the sciences for answers to questions beyond their scope.

6. Denying or denigrating the legitimacy or the worth of other kinds of inquiry besides the scientific, or the value of human activities other than inquiry, such as poetry or art.

If and when a person does manage to break from the permitted narratives of the COVID-19 scam and stumbles upon the desperately needed debate of Terrain vs. Germ Theory, he/she will inevitably encounter resistance from the medical cartel and their regurgitated narratives the general public has internalized, specifically via signs 3, 4, and 6 in Haack’s list. Instead of a debate, all we get is ridicule and attacks from the medical cartel and the mindless sheep going along with the dialectic.

Where the masonic medical cartel goes with their COVID-19 psychological operation is anyone’s guess, whether it’s mandatory mass vaccination, implantable microchips, the implementation of a technocratic Brave-New-World-like totalitarian state, or all of the above and more. But what we need is to re-open the Germ-Vs.-Terrain theory debate and bring science back within its proper context, which will bring true healing and prevention to the God’s creation. Instead of the scienfic dictatorship with its false priesthood, fake medicine, and lack of cures, we return to God for salvation, healing, and happiness, whether through prayer and fasting or through the consumption of the bountiful plants and herbs lovingly provided to us.


  1. And modern psychology is another example of satan and his Judeo-Masonic ruling power, over-throwing God’s order;

    Pope BI. Pius IX – encyclical ‘Nostis Et Nobiscum’ 1849

    You are aware indeed, that the goal of this most iniquitous plot is to drive people to overthrow the entire order of human affairs and to draw them over to the wicked theories of this Socialism and Communism, by confusing them with perverted teachings.

    ….Psychologist/psychiatrist/psychotherapist is the demonic displacement of Catholic deacon/priest/spiritual director.

    In the book “Brain-Washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics” Laventiy Beria, NKVD chief under Stalin, admits that psychology is used as a means of teaching the tenets of communism under the guise of mental health programs. He also goes on to admit that the goal is to condition the students to accept these principles as being a part of their own understanding and that of sound scientific principle.

    “In the United States we have been able to alter the works of William James, and others, into a more acceptable pattern, and to place the tenets of Karl Marx, Pavlov, Lamarck, and the Data of Dialectical Materialism into the textbooks of psychology, to such a degree that anyone thoroughly studying psychology becomes at once a candidate to accept the reasonableness of communism.” (Beria, pp. 53)

    “You must work until religion is synonymous with insanity. You must work until the officials of the city, county and state governments will not think twice before they pounce on religious groups as public enemies.” (Beria, pp. 60)


    38: Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

    39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

    Bio: Laventiy Beria;

    Stalin was Jewish;

  2. coronavirus doesn’t exist, neither do viruses and bacterias. It’s all exosomes, a product of your body’s immune system to varius toxins accumulated in the body. 5G, 6G, chemtrails, jarotrons, HAARP and other weather manipulation technology, vaccines, food, water, even clothes, and of course pharmacy (satanic killing-poisonous magic) is a long-term mass-extinction event, and then the blame would be given to some nonexistent cause. Counter for this bloodythirst behiavior is organic veganism, full moon observance (extremely important for agriculture), militarism etc.
    Peace be with you.

  3. Why does it seem like viruses exist? I have caught colds from people.
    How do you explain it? Without any kind of indoctrination a person would conclude by their own observations that people catch diseases from other people. I am open to accepting an alternative view but I just do not see any evidence for it.

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