Vancouver one giant Trump Tower, Soviet Chabad laundro-mansion

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Jan. 19, 2019 Anno Domini

If we take Trump Tower to mean a place where Sino-Soviet oligarchs can launder their blood-soaked cash, consider Vancouver to be the biggest.

It is one of the most Soviet-penetrated ports in the Western world: Vancouver, the gem city on Canada’s West coast—a once beautiful city now plagued with rampant drug addiction, homelessness, and massive displacement of the European-derived indigenous population, largely due to one of the most inflated housing bubbles in human history. Things are so bad in Vancouver, Vancouver’s heroin-fentanyl-riddled downtown Eastside has become infamous around the world.

Seemingly bewildered civic and national officials continue to fail to find a solution to “the Vancouver model“. But that’s because they fail to identify the root of the problem, which is now out in the open for any non-ostrich to see.

The root of the problem is the Soviet narcotics offensive, with much of Vancouver’s drugs coming from Communist China’s Golden Triangle region, and Sino-Soviet money laundering, which involves the KGB (now FSB), Chinese intelligence, and the Sino-Soviet-Semitic international organized crime syndicate, including Chabad Lubavitch.
The Chabad mafia just happens to have a large presence in Vancouver, with at least half a dozen operations in the city.

The provincial government, the socialist BCNDP, has been forced to admit that money laundering is largely responsible for the city’s problem, but they won’t develop this explanation to its necessary conclusion, which is that Vancouver’s problems are by design and part of a long-range Leninist Soviet strategy to destabilize the West.
Get the indigenous population, especially its youth, hooked on and killed by drugs, thereby reducing the white, Western population; flood the real-estate market with laundered Soviet cash, much of which is the proceeds from Red narco-terrorism; use the effective housing inflation to drive out the local population; and, finally, increase Chinese-Korean migration to insure against any relapse of said displacement.

This same plot is taking place in several places in the Western world. In California’s Silicon Valley, for example, the exact same thing is happening.

Instead of admitting the root of the problem, Canadian officials ignore any discussion of the matter and, instead, attempt to curb these Soviet active measures by imposing ineffective across-the-board housing taxes on foreign buyers and absentee landlords. They don’t seem to understand that this Soviet plot is not about money.
The Soviets don’t care about taxes. They are willing to take loses in order to ensure the advancement of their strategies. It was the Chinese communists, after all, who greatly subsidized the cost of heroin to American soldiers during the Vietnam intervention, as an effective means of destabilizing America’s armed forced. Therefore, Canadian officials need to focus on, at the very least, banning foreign buyers all together, including identifying and stopping the many shell games that Soviet agents like to use in anonymously laundering cash through real estate.

Many Sino-Soviet elites, like Communist-controlled Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, own estates in Vancouver’s posh mansion district Shaughnessy, where you will find some completely empty mansions.
Wanzhou’s estate mysteriously seems to be in a perpetual state of renovation, like others. These are, effectively, Soviet laundro-mansions.
Shaughnessy, which is located very close to the Chabad district of Vancouver, is a microcosm of the macrocosmic Soviet active measure throughout all of Vancouver, Silicon Valley, and in other places in the West. So, too, is Vancouver’s Trump Tower (Toronto, where the same housing bubble exists, also has a mobbed-up Trump Tower). Real estate seems to be the primary instrument through which gangsters and gangster-run governments, like in Marxist Russia, China, and Israel, launder their money.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a devoted Marxist  and son to suspected KGB asset and former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, has done absolutely nothing thus far. Until Canada’s elected officials grow a collective set of functioning gonads and identify the problem, this Soviet penetration is only going to deepen and wreak havoc on Canada.


  1. Golden Triangle. My brother walked into those hills from North Thailand with a Radical at the time of the Tail End of the Vietnam War. He said that the Kuomintang had a whole Division running the Heroin factories and I wonder how much Cross Border Operating that they were able to do into Sth West China. My friend’s father was a Sergeant Flight Engineer on the C123s going out of Nth East Thailand into Laos, where the Thais had 20,000 troops, during the Vietnam War and he was very friendly with all the Top Thai Cops.

  2. Don’t you worry…the Golden Triangle production always has been and always will be under US Control!
    In the aftermath the question doesn’t sound to silly, if the entire Vietnam war, was not solely about the Golden triangle and American Heroin demand!
    You all have been fooled!

      1. What?
        Are you so Naiv or don’t you know
        What CIA ( Cocaine Import Agency) main business activity has been?
        In the 50’s The Navy (Military) were bringing in Heroin to The USA to
        give to Coca Cola. They brought in Cocaine first than later brought in a
        Derivative of Heroin.
        Bush Clan was the biggest Drug Dealer worldwide! Also his successor Clinton was only a Bush puppy!
        Check on Sassoon, Rockefeller & Li Clan!
        All in the hands of CIA!
        Today The CIA brings in the Drugs,The FBI gives them to the gangs to
        distribute. ALL DRUGS have a chip inside them. When there is a DEA RAID
        if there is no CHIP,meaning they have not paid taxes to the government . The cops have even a scanner!
        Your OWN Government always has been the main source of Drug Dealing!
        Just look at Iran- Contra Skandal!
        What are the US doing in Afghanistan?
        Under bin Laden & Mullah Omar, Poppy Growth has been eliminated & forbidden- Now it reaches it Peak with Hundreds of Tons of Opium production! The only reason your Own Army is there, to protect the Opium Growth( disguised for you stupid Americans as” fight on Terror”!
        In the previous centuries it used to be the Brits, with their Crown, who controlled that- since WW2 your own Government took over! They control the Cocaine & Heroine trade! The “Gangsters, Dealers and Drug Lords” are just small Guppy’s…the Megalon Shark is your CIA!
        So, any questions about Vietnam again?
        Why the hell they care if some Asian state wants to be communist or not…

      2. Wasn’t it under the control of the Lansky Syndicate and Seagrams International during the ENTIRE “Vietnam” “war”, also known as the “Holocaust for Zion.”

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