Pat Buchanan and Right either misled on Russia or controlled opposition

Pat Buchanan

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Dec. 5, 2018 Anno Domini

As a second response to Father Michael Ruskin’s comments regarding my open letter The Russia Deception of Western Nationalists and the Church, let me start off by saying that Pat Buchanan is no competent analyst of geo-political affairs.

He has demonstrated this repeatedly, whether it’s ignoring the International Jewish elephant in the room or falling for long-range Soviet deceptions like Perestroika and Glasnost. His is nothing more than kosher konservatism in the spirit of Lenin’s Soviet Trust “monarchist” leagues honeypots.

Father Ruskin quotes Buchanan, “…Russia’s regime is no longer Communist. The ideology that drove its imperialism is dead.”

OK, Pat, I’ll agree with your first statement, partially. Sure, Russia is no longer “Communist”. It’s actually far worse than 1940s communist USSR, because now it uses far more sophisticated psychological propaganda (like hypernormalization) and has the technology to enforce it in a beyond-Orwellian fashion. Therefore, it’s a hybridized communism that appears democratic, as Golitsyn repeatedly warned us (Has Buchanan ever even read Golitsyn’s work?) As for his second statement, where does he conjure up that the ideology behind its imperialism is dead? Clearly, Buchanan, like most of the Western world, has fallen for the Perestroika Deception. Pat must have a miniature replica of the broken Berlin Wall on his mantlepiece. News for you, Pat. That was a staged incident designed to legitimize one of the greatest deceptions of our time.

“‘Perestroika’ is a great trap of the dark powers. They are preparing something new and more terrible. Russia is standing on the threshold of the Antichrist.” —Hieroconfessor Archimandrite Nektary (Chernobyl)

Someone please tell Buchanan that his failed 1980s analytical template is long due for an overhaul. Or perhaps he has no template but is just taking orders from the Soviet-infested establishment Right. Is he not also a diehard supporter of Jewish-Russian-controlled Trump, the biggest fake conservative  on the planet?

As for God’s work in Russia, we know that it’s taking place regardless of the Soviet-led Moscow Patriarchate and fake Christian Putin. That is what St. Tikhon’s Catacomb Church system was all about—keeping the true faith alive amongst the state-sanctioned presence of the anti-Christ Moscow Patriarchate. This is another area where it appears Buchanan, a so called Catholic, has no clue. If you want to understand the Eastern geo-political situation, you have to know about the complex Church history there, which includes the Catacomb Church or the Russian Church Abroad (colloquially known as ROCOR).

St. Philaret of New York addressed the situation thus:

“And here is something to which I would like to draw your attention to – something about which very many do not think about. Father Archimandrite Constantine, whom probably many of you know, the reposed editor of the journal “Orthodox Rus’”, a profound Christian mind, considered that the most terrible among all the achievements of the communists was that the communists created their own false-church, a soviet church which they shoved onto the unfortunate people in place of the genuine Church which went underground into the catacombs. Do not think that I am exaggerating or that Father Constantine was exaggerating!”

Regarding Father Ruskin’s acceptance of Putin’s mere words, Putin can trash talk communism all he wants. Talk is cheap. It means nothing to those who can see what is really taking place. Putin talks out both sides of his mouth, like all politicians do. They are all liars and deceivers.

“Russia is allowing for Christianity to affect the nation’s conscience,” Ruskin said.

The Kremlin is allowing a bastardized form of Orthodox Christianity to affect the nation’s cohesion…for the sake of geo-political strategy…and demoralization. This is also why homosexuality and feminism are restricted in Russia—not because they are immoral but because they have a detrimental effect on national unity and military camaraderie. In short, the crypto-Communists in Russia are using the vestiges of church and morality as a means to an end (Golitsyn also predicted this)—to foment their national Bolshevik aspirations, which will then be used to lead a Eurasianist world empire.

Heretics embrace: “Pope” Francis and Moscow Patriarch Kirill.

Ruskin goes on to question how I can condemn Russia while the West legislates overtly anti-God laws. Further to what I stated in the previous paragraph, it turns out that Russia actually has validated its first gay marriage. As far as the Vatican II conciliar Church and the Anglican Church are concerned, who do you think it is that is “dialoguing” with said homosexualized churches? None other than Tobacco Metropolitan Kirill and his Soviet Moscow Patriarchate.

“What does the claim Russia is deceiving Christians in the West actually mean? It’s a nothing-burger,” Ruskin writes.

How is it a nothing burger when it appears that most Western conservatives and Christians are so deceived about Putinist Russia that they would seemingly support a full-scale Russian invasion of America and the “evil” West? These sheep are now flocking to Russia in hopes of finding a white, Christian paradise. Good luck in multi-cultural Sharia Russia. They will be disappointed. Hopefully, those expats already living there have realized that Russia is not the land of milk and honey they thought it would be.

There is no reason to believe that either Kirill or Putin have repented of communism. For every seemingly anti-communist rhetorical statement from either of the two, I could find ten pro-communist statements and pro-communist manoeuvres. Don’t let confirmation bias convince you otherwise.

As for Soviet-infiltrated NATO, former Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen recently began working for a Russia-affiliated bank. Why, the current NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, has a KGB past! It’s pretty obvious now that NATO is completely useless in terms of its original purpose. Why would NATO need to overthrow Ukraine’s so called president when NATO and the globalists are pursuing the same goals? It’s all theatre now, to make is think we have a choice and stand on one side. Pretty much every world power is in cahoots with all the others. That’s how the game works now. Nation states are long over. Now it is merely the world state, with the odd scuffle over who gets to lead it. Seeing as Russia was the pioneer of communism, it feels that it has the right to lead the world communist government that is forming before our eyes.

Tell me, how do you know Poroshenko is a CIA asset? The only source I have seen for this claim is Russian mainstream media, which has a long history of blaming their crimes on the West and its intelligence establishment. I am not saying he isn’t an asset, but we shouldn’t assume that the Russian mainstream media is telling us the truth. And the alternative media is no better, as it is generally pro-Russia and infiltrated by Russian trolls.

Ruskin said, “Putin merely helped the people of Crimea defend themselves against that overthrow.”

How do you know this? Again, it appears this is just regurgitated rhetoric from Kremlin state-controlled mainstream media. The same people are telling us that the Holodomor never happened and that Stalin was much nicer to prisoners than we are led to believe.

“Finally, you posted a picture of a Communist, perhaps from the 1930’s, secreted in a church and snaring a Russian civilian who was outside. The unfair implication is that this is happening now. Would it be any more truthful if you had shown another picture of a paedophile priest inside a Roman Catholic church, busily snaring a child who was in the vicinity? I think not.”

First of all, I am not Catholic. If you read under that picture, I wrote a description of that Soviet propaganda art suggesting it has dual meaning. On the one hand, the Soviets are saying that Christianity is a snare for the gullible.
On the other hand, they could be admitting, cryptically, that their Soviet-controlled Moscow Patriarchate is really the snare. Remember, Satanists have a history of bragging about their crimes in plain sight (it’s called “revelation of the method”). This macabre twist serves to demoralize the victim and empower the Satanists.

It’s important to realize that part of the Leninist strategy is to gain the trust and participation of nationalists and Western conservatives. To achieve this, the communists have to pretend to be nationalists and conservatives. That’s where we are today and one of the reasons Trump was selected by the establishment as president. He is a Judas Goat type rounding up all resisters to the NWO world takeover and there to discredit the last shred of credibility the Right had. What’s more, he was sent in to divide the populist. Divide and conquer.


  1. He is no real catholic he is what they call conciliar or better yet norvus order ,yes he has amnesia about what Mary mother of God Saud about Russia which has taken place ,but yet not complete Also this so called new world order priest that says Russia is no longer communist is lost his mind but he must be one of the presbyters that are not real priests but enemy’s of Christ , you article is very well put , I have the books on these subjects there all true just like the protocols of Zion are ,keep going stand tall God wants truth not illusions .
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    1. Mary gave birth to Jesus, man and God. Jesus is God, so Mary is the Mother of God (not that she is the mother of the divinity, but she gave human flesh to the Second Person of the Trinitarian God)! Catholics and Orthodox believe that much. If you want to disparage Catholic and Orthodox teaching, be my guest but know you’ll be refuted, by me at least.

  2. Very accurate summation of Trump’s devide and conquer tactics of the populist movement. Trump is clearly no champion of the people! And behind the political curtains. He serves primarily corrupt Jewish masters around the world. Which has become his modus operandi and future legacy.
    Americans were pushed back into the red velvet lined coffin of antiquated political theatrics. All that was added to it. Was simply a brash tongue to fuel the left and right devide. Most thin skinned political dissenters fell for Trump’s gamesmanship hook, line and sinker. And will continue to do so. Americans are easily satisfied with cheap forms of entertainment, political wrestling and theatrics. Trump is a fake political lion.
    Watching a political train wreck whether staged or real is all that we have now in America. Let’s face it. Nothing new is going to show up your ‘local train station’ or t.v. channel, either! The NWO is tightening its grip on the masses. Unfortunately, the beast system is going to continue growing in it its power and authority over the world.
    Communism is a close relative to the NWO System. Its goal of a more efficient form of human enslavement is not to be taken lightly. Considering the military apparatus behind it was never dismantled. And I guess, neoconservatives also want us to cast away any pesky thoughts to Russia’s allegiance to China, too?
    Tim, thank you for shedding more light on the hidden threat of Russia and neocommunism.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Controlled all the way first dear pat is no real catholic he is norvus order or conciliar next the so called priest who is a Presbyter in the norvus order church is no real priest ,last Putin trump merkel macron all controlled by the same evil forces that control the world ,but today very very few care they live in Ilusions and cannot handle reality ,because God’s grace is not there or they rejected it ,better for these poor souls to continue doing there own thing like sports entertainment and Sinning against the Ten Commandments which has never been shredded ,so keep those great articles coming you just might wake up some that care but have no spiritual and moral courage ,today we face Martrydom ,Russia will and did spread its errors as foretold by Mary Our Lords mother .

    1. What you don’t realise is that many Christians aren’t born into mind-kontrol – that’s your cognitive bias. Many, like myself, are highly-educated people who went in search of THE truth with an open mind, willing to accept, like it or not, whatever that truth may be.

      I spent three decades as a rabid anti-Christian, idolising the likes of Hitchens, Dawkins, Kraus, Shermer, Dillahunty et al. Like you, I would uncritically parrot similar talking points about Christianity being fake and naively sharing articles that confirmed my bias that Christianity was fake. I would attack, smear, ridicule and denounce ‘bible-bashers’ and their pretend ‘sky daddy’. Typically, I could never logically argue what I actually believed, but boy could I rattle off the usual ridiculous atheist arguments. I had all the hallmarks of atheistic pathology: cognitive bias, dunning-kruger effect, cognitive dissonance, supreme misguided confidence in my “knowledge” and abilities, and copious amounts of logical fallacies.

      For reasons I won’t go into here, I was challenged to investigate what I arrogantly professed to know with an open mind. I learned how to academically research ie; how to collate, sort, fact-check, critically examine, objectively analyse, cross check the data for both sides of an argument. Having developed these higher-education research techniques, I put them to work. It didnt take me long to realise that outlandish theories such as the Big bang, and Darwinism were absolutely ridiculous, child-like theories that don’t stand up to close scrutiny. Theyre held onto, and vigorously defended, in order to justify and confirm existing beliefs.

      Having arrived at this truth, I set about investigating all the theories about creation which took a few months. The only one that stands up, with overwhelming evidence to back it up, is the Biblical narrative. Evidence that I used to simply dismiss, ridicule, or ignore as a ‘know-it-all’ atheist with massive world-view inconsistencies, and contradictions. It was only when I humbled myself and undertook a search for the absolute, impartial truth, with an open mind, that I found it. Which wouldn’t have happened had I allowed myself to be led by jew hatred or any other bias, in my research.

      However, before I did humble myself and accepted the truth, I still did have an anti-Christian bias. So I spent almost six months in cognitive dissonance, desperately trying to prove it wasn’t true, that somehow I’d misunderstood the evidence, or missed something. Because I didnt want it to be true – like ALL atheists. I also didnt want to have to face responsibility for my actions to higher power. And then, through personal experience, I felt the power of God; and when that happens, there is no denying His existence. Thats why atheists will NEVER be able to convert a genuine Christian. Fake ex-Christians like Michael Shermer, sure.

      So I wouldn’t assume you know everything just yet, because the road you’re on leads to destruction – whether you want to believe it or not. I strongly urge you to challenge yourself to investigate what you believe in, and search for THE truth with an open mind, willing to accept whatever that truth may be, like it or not. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

  4. Reblogged this on B'Man's Revolt and commented:
    As the Drumpfters figure out what a scumbag jew ass-kissing sycophant Trump actually is, they will look to another hero to worship. The new Savior is Vlad Putin, another Kabuki player intended to give whitey some sense that whitey can be saved.
    Drumpfters are the easiest to manipulate.

  5. Thank you for the mention of Anatoliy Golitsyn’s classic work “New Lies for Old”. Everything he has predicted has come true. He had a complete pre-viz of the Vlad ‘the practicing Christian’ Putin. Yuri Bezmenov : “Subversion was my job” is also another great Russian who is telling us the truth. His lectures are available on youtube.
    The Communist Revolution has now morphed into its Globalist/Zionist world totalitarian phase. Both Russia and the US are controlled by the Chabad Lubavitch as is Israel.

    1. Ion Mahia Papas had quite a bit to say also, particularly about much of the disinfo most “truth seekers “and “truth tellers” believe and regurgitate

  6. I don’t understand the need to be so complex and promote terms such as communism, capitalism, conservatives, liberals, et cetera. Jews co-opt everything. They rule the left and the right and everything else. There are plenty who voted for Trump who knew he was a servant of Jews and maybe a crypto. You don’t vote for Jesus of Nazareth in politics. You vote for your preferred candidate. Jews rule the world. They’re a mafia. No need to make it more complex than that by talking about “revelation of the method” and other fancy stuff. We need groups which are overtly anti-Jewish and do not allow Jews to have membership. From this could possibly sprout bigger things. Any public figure who is not vocally anti-Jewish can be automatically assumed to be controlled by Jews or a crypto. Any public figure who is vocally anti-Jewish, but in a fashion that empowers Jews and disempowers non-Jews can be assumed to be a Jew infiltrator. It’s not rocket science. I don’t regret voting for Trump. I know what he is and what the Clinton’s are and he was my preference.

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