Lessons in controlled opposition from Ted Turner’s WCW wrestling

Hollywood Hogan and his band of nWo rebels during their reign of Ted Turner’s WCW wrestling.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Sept. 24, 2018 Anno Domini

A unique thing happened in the sports-entertainment industrial complex in the 1990s that has many parallels to today’s theatrical political arena.

“Billionaire Ted” Turner’s extremely popular World Championship Wrestling(WCW) programs on TNT was atop the television ratings largely due to a controlled-opposition stable that became known as the “nWo”, or New World Order—a theme introduced by the show’s biggest star Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) when he became a “heel” (bad guy) for the first time in his career as a professional wrestler.

The public, mainly an audience of males in their teens and early twenties, perceived the nWo stable as a band of cool rebels that invaded the wrestling company from Trump crony Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation(now WWE). The stable, created by WCW executive producer Eric Bishoff, appeared to be causing general havoc, disrupting the programing, starting brawls, and just taking over the show—and the public completely ate it up as real (it was really the beginning of reality TV). Little did the fans know that WCWwas behind the nWo stable and portraying it as a threat to WCW. It even got to a point where the stable was rebranding WCW, complete with logos and all. Turner even allowed nWo character Scott Hall to seemingly defame him as “Billionaire Ted”. Then the controlled opposition started to create its own controlled opposition (Wolfpac, LWO, OWN, etc.), until there were various stables all feuding with each other. This went on for a good four or five years before the suspension of disbelief started to wear down and the fans became bored with the psyop. It eventually led to falling ratings and a real-life takeover by McMahon, who ended WCWand globalist Turner’s short-lived venture into the wrestling business. But during its peak, the psyop angle was so successful that McMahon seemingly could only compete by turning his own wrestling promotion into a soft-porn show. It was pure smut. Even with frequent staged “nip slips” from its many porn-star-like female characters and constant homo-eroticism among many of the males, McMahon could barely keep up with the Turner/Bischoff nWo novelty.

Zionist/Marxist-controlled opposition and actor Donald Trump slams Vince McMahon through a table at Wrestlemania XXIII’s “Hair vs Hair” match at Monday Night RAW in Washington, D.C. on March 12, 2007 ***Exclusive*** (Photo by Sam Greenwood/WireImage for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc)

The use of political themes and psyops is nothing new to the wrestling business, as deception lies at the heart of its craft, with its largely fake beatings and body slams and glorified soap-opera storylines. Up until then, McMahon’s company had been incorporating political narratives into their storylines; for example, the Sgt. Slaughter angle as it relates to the first Gulf War, Desert Storm, and the “Bolsheviks”, a Russian tag team that was castigated in comic-book fashion. But WCW’s nWo stable was relatively new and presented in a more sophisticated and believable manner. The psyop revealed how its young, male audience could be deceived—through the use of fake, controlled opponents—something that is also key in the intelligence and political world and has been since ancient times. Since this period in professional wrestling, the sport has never been as popular.
It’s ratings have not reached such highs as when the nWo was ruling and reigning the wrestling world.

Today’s political situation is almost entirely based on this same controlled-opposition psyop, whether it’s the Zionist-Marxist-globalist-controlled Trump and Putin, Julian Assange and Wikileaks, Qanon, neo-Nazis, Alex Jones, and many more. They’re all part of the real-life soap-operatic NWO stable. In fact, Trump himself has appeared in McMahon’s wrestling shows, posing as a fake opposition to McMahon, like in the “Battle of the Billionaires” drama.

In today’s post-truth world, where deception and deviation are the norm, reality TV is not confined to the sports stadiums. It’s played out on the TV news, in the alternative media, and through the ones we put our trust in to be sincere truth tellers and opponents of this madness. So, we must constantly have our guards up and continually use our discernment to identify and root out these traitors.


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