Ireland’s white dispossession began decades ago by Judeo-Masonic forces

By Jude Duffy
June 11, 2017 Anno Domini

Ireland has a worse immigration problem than Germany, Sweden, the UK or France. That statement will astonish many people, but they can confirm its truth by spending a weekend in Dublin or any other city in the Republic of Ireland. On O’Connell Steet, Dublin city centre’s main thoroughfare, foreigners often outnumber native Irish at a rate of well over 100 to one. The official figures say migrants account for around 15 per cent of the Irish population—much higher than in most European countries, but still a huge underestimate.

These days you can drive from the centre of Dublin to its northern inner suburbs without seeing one white Irish pedestrian en route. Schools in many parts of Dublin have almost no white Irish pupils, and convenience stores, restaurants and supermarkets are staffed overwhelmingly by south Asians, Africans, Chinese and Eastern Europeans. Last year Merkel and her fellow Rotchshild shills opened the gates of continental Europe to millions of “refugees”, but successive Irish governments had beaten them to it by about 20 years. From the mid-1990s onwards, Ireland welcomed hundreds of thousands of migrants from all over the globe. This process accelerated rapidly from the mid 2000s onwards—to the point where foreigners now form a majority in many localities.

Take for example the formerly sleepy seaside village of Balbriggan, just 15 miles north of Dublin city: The 2011 census says that out of a population of almost 20,000, 31 per cent are ethnically non-Irish and 12 per cent are black. Even five years ago, a walk down its streets indicated that this figure vastly understated the number of foreigners residing there. Indeed Africans predominate at street level to such an extent that popular parlance has renamed the town “Blackbriggan”.

Many rural towns—e.g., Longford in the midlands, and Gort and Ennis in the west – have been similarly overwhelmed. And the invasion shows no sign of slowing down, much less ending. Indeed, far from seeking to put a lid on the problem, the Irish state class go looking for new migrants – for all the world like a poultry farmer beckoning foxes on to his land. Recently, an Irish naval vessel “rescued” almost 800 “refugees” off the coast of Tripoli and shipped them to Ireland. Britain says it will take twenty thousands of refugees over a five-year period; Ireland, a much smaller economy, says there is no upper limit on the number it will accept.

The visual evidence of the streets confirms that this is no idle boast. Even in the last few months, the number of burqa-wearing women on Irish streets has risen dramatically.

Unlike the German, Swedish, or British immigration crises, there has been no discussion, much less outcry, about this co-ordinated invasion of Ireland from all corners of the globe. In fact, any debate on the issue dwells exclusively on whether the Irish state and the Irish people are doing enough for the new arrivals. British newspapers like the Sun, and the Daily Mail wax indignant about the immigration problems of the UK, but their sister versions in Ireland denounce any similar concern on the part of Irish people as vicious racism.

By the same token, Irish media commentaries on the Brexit referendum last Summer invariably acknowledged the “legitimate concerns of the British people about immigration”. No argument there, of course, but these Anglo-Zio-Masonic outlets deem any similar concern on the part of Irish people about a proportionally much larger influx completely out of bounds.

Unsurprisingly Jewish tribal supremacists feature prominently among those who promote the immigration cause in Ireland, chief among them the veteran politician Alan Shatter. Shatter, a doyen for decades of cultural Marxist and anti-nationalist causes, engineered the rise to prominence of the current Taoiseach  (Irish Prime Minister) Enda Kenny—up to that point an obscure journey man rural TD (Irish member of parliament), and rumoured transvestite.

In 2008, the then Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, was caught on a live mic in Dail Eireann calling Kenny, Shatter, and the rest of the Fine Gael opposition front bench “Freemason Fuckers”. Within a few weeks of this outburst, Cowen’s government was hit by a huge financial and economic crisis instigated by Goldman Sachs—a crisis that shredded the last vestiges of Ireland’s political and economic independence. Cowen staggered on in office for another two years, at which point a Masonic cabal in his own party ousted him and installed one of their brethren, Michael Martin, as leader. After the ensuing general election in early 2011, Kenny and his fellow “Freemason Fuckers” took power.

Shatter lost no time in showing who called the shots in the new regime, by grabbing for himself no less than four senior ministries: Justice, Defence, Equality, and Law Reform. As Minister for almost everything, he avidly promoted mass migration and regularly hosted elaborate mass citizenship ceremonies for the “new Irish”.

Like his fellow Zionist advocates of open borders for Ireland, his enthusiasm for immigration to Ireland is only matched by his support for an Israeli state that imprisons and deports African asylum seekers and is openly racist by its very nature.

Jewish tribalists like Shatter, Ronit Lentin, and the multipurpose cultural Marxist activist Ivan Bacik abound in the Irish “anti-racist” and pro-migration movements, but it would be a cop-out to imply that Jews alone drive this movement. The vast majority of the presstittutes and political whores who promote mass immigration in Ireland, are, alas, self-hating cucks of Irish Catholic stock. And where the presstitutes lead, the sheeple follow. Lament the huge demographic transformation of Ireland and many Irish men will respond by simpering in true girly “pathological altruist” fashion: “Sure, we emigrated everywhere”—as if the Irish are duty-bound to succumb to collective suicide, merely because, they, like every other European nation, have a history of emigration.

For many Irish men, the ultimate statement of their masculinity is not pride in their country, but a nerdishly obsessive devotion to English soccer teams like Manchester United or Chelsea. They exemplify the cultural phenomenon I call the “macho mangina”: those men who have no stomach for defying the Feminist-thought cops and national suicide engineers, and who, instead, overcompensate by adopting a lifestyle the corporate crass media, with clear diversionary intent, sets before them as “manly” – e.g., obsessive interest in sport, cars, alcohol, heavy metal, porn, etc.

The Makow site often refers to the illuminati’s penchant for projecting on to their enemies the machinations they themselves perpetually engage in. Since the foundation of the new state, Anglo-Irish Masonry has habitually deployed this technique. Irish literature, for example, has long been one long whine about the power the Catholic Church and “narrow-minded Irish nationalism” supposedly wielded over the society at large in days of yore.

Masonic hogwash. Even at the height of Eamon De Valera’s alleged Catholic “theocracy”, Masonic Protestants and Jews owned all the major banks and industries in Ireland. Some of them, like Guinness, continued anti-Catholic employment practices until well into the 1960s. Ireland’s leading newspaper, The Irish Times, only got its first nominally (very nominal indeed) Catholic editor in the mid-1980s. Two of the first four Irish presidents of the Irish state were Protestants, even though Catholics accounted for over 95 per cent of the population. Trinity College Dublin was another Protestant citadel.

As for the vexed issue of clerical sexual abuse, some prominent Anglo Irish Protestants, to their great credit, have lamented how the Irish media and state class deliberately suppress information about such abuse in Protestant denominations—the presstitutes’ clear intent being to foster the false impression that this disgusting vice is a purely Catholic problem. And even the notoriously un-Catholic Catholic Archbishop of Dublin has revealed that the same Irish government which relentlessly bashes the Church for covering up clerical sexual abuse has written to him requesting that he allow lay teachers convicted of child sexual abuse to continue teaching in Catholic schools!
As they say, you couldn’t make it up.

There’s method in all of this. By depicting the founders of the Irish state as blood-crazed psychos, and the Catholic faith as an all-powerful religion of repressed, sadistic perverts, the Anglo-Zionist Irish media instill in the Irish people a crippling guilt about the very existence of their nation. And, needless to say, this form of psychic driving offensive dovetails perfectly with the mass-migration agenda. If you’ve been taught to believe your nation has no right to exist, why on earth would you fight its destruction?

There is almost no white nationalist movement in Ireland to speak of, partly for the reasons already cited, but also because old-school Irish nationalists can have no truck with an Anglo-white nat movement, which, much more often than not, loathes any form of Irish nationalism, and is slavishly devoted to the Ultra-Judaeo-Masonic tenets of Ulster British Orangeism (an enthusiasm Anglo-white nats share with their alleged enemies in the Talmudic Neocon movement.

Not that there are many old school nationalists left anyway. From the 1970s onwards, both wings of Sinn Fein/IRA were co-opted by their Anglo-Masonic enemies, and bizarre as it may sound, both now act as mouthpieces for the anti-nationalist agenda of mass migration and multiculturalism. The same applies to all the other political parties. Indeed, to an extent unparalleled by any other European country, Irish culture is defined by knee-jerk adherence to PC shibboleths.

Today the country is in a post-depression phase. Wages have been slashed, working hours increased, and draconian new taxes levied—all in response to the manufactured economic “crisis” of 2008. Shatter has been forced out of frontline politicals, but his protégé Dame Enda clings on as Taoiseach by his (varnished?) fingernails—with an openly homosexual half-Indian, Leo Varadkar, waiting in the wings to take over (which he now has).

The same Goldman Sachs lackeys who enforce this austerity affect to see no contradiction in continuing their de facto open borders policy, not to mention providing lavish social welfare, health, education, and so on, to the new arrivals. The political whores and the presstitutes defend this harishirt agenda by screaming “The party is over!
The money just isn’t there anymore!” Needless to say, they never get around to explaining why, if this is the case, so much largesse still abounds for the many tens of thousands of migrants who are waved through at our airports, ports, and northern border every year. The lackeys’ economic policy is like a father donating the family’s savings to able-bodied panhandlers, while forcing his wife and children to live on dry bread and water.

Because of their small numbers (around 4.5 million), the massive volume of new arrivals, and the complete absence of any form of organised resistance, the native Irish face ethnic extinction much sooner than most other western nations. But as things stand, that does not seem to bother most of them too much—or at least not enough to do anything about it. After all, there are more pressing things to worry about: Manchester United are struggling to regain their form in the English Premier League….


  1. A great example of clear thinking–a rarity in today’s world. I see the Germans and Irish as the pillars of the white race. Germany has been essentially destroyed, albeit not without a fight. The Irish, who long refused to knuckle under to population control, are still on the proverbial chopping block. The 2008 banking crisis was the first shot across the bow! (Although worth remembering the Judeo-Freemasons helped starve Ireland during the so-called “Potato famine”–they exported much of Ireland’s food supply.) Ireland and Poland are among the few European countries that haven’t expelled their Jewish populations at some point–both proof that this type of protectiveness does little to forestall the inevitable outcome.

  2. “Ireland and Poland are among the few European […]expelled..” = very wishy-washy, all embracing generalization lacking research, [or truth].
    @ Poland = various evictions in various cities and counties and pogroms.
    Just as in Europe as a whole. Just like city states in Italy. Just as In Spain.
    Did that perfection of humanity, Germany, expel the Jews? Hardly.
    Seamus and Gunter, “the pillars of the white race”. Now, that’s funny. Thanks. It was a joke, right?
    An Irish, a German and a Jew went to a pub…..

  3. Arcu–Semantic games. I didn’t say “some localities expelled Jews.” That would have been difficult, though, as Jews handled commerce in Poland. Also, during the period Poland was controlled by Russia as a part of Russia, parts of Poland would have been considered off limits to Jews as “beyond the pale.” Since the article commented on was primarily on Ireland, I note you don’t have any semantic points to make in that regard. In the U.S. some 50% of the white population has Germanic roots, BTW. As for Germany, it initially welcomed Jewry and rewarded it–culminating in the ignominious betrayal of WWI and Versailles (in return for Balfour.) This was a predictable outcome–my point exactly. As for race, you seem to subscribe to the concept that race is a semantic construct with no basis in objective reality. I look at “whiteness” as a selectable marker indicating a certain set of traits and . As such, this can include many ethnic subgroups. (Since some Jewish intellectuals insist white-looking Jews are not white, I’m not going to argue. Let us say white Jews are PHENOTYPIC whites, eh?)

  4. Have you noticed how many Irish businesses have closed down since the recession and been replaced by Jewish owned ones? I’ve googled most of the shops in town and a lot of them are Jewish owned. That little fact has actually swayed a few closed minded friends of mine to see that something is up. Debenhams, Argos, Starbucks, McDonalds, GAP, HomeSense, TK Max, Apple, Ann Summers, Marks and Spenser, SuperDry, Tommy Hilfiger, River Island, TopShop, Tesco,– All Jewish owned. I can’t find anything on Penney’s but I did find that one of the board of directors for it’s parent company Associated British Foods, Peter Smith has a non executive appointment with N M Rothschilds and sons, whatever the hell that means. It’s only a matter of time before our children will be forced to work as slaves in these stores like good little goyim, as they will be left with no other choice. Irish owned businesses will be scammed out of existence.
    I’m not sure about Lidl and Aldi but I noticed Lidl is selling SodaStream at the moment, which is an Israeli product, So I did a bit of digging, and couldn’t find definitive proof, except a few sites that said it was Jewish owned, which doesn’t prove anything, but it is owned by a Dieter Schwarz and he does look Jewish. I learned that Lidl employees are treated poorly with managers expected to work 70 hour weeks while only being paid for 40 hours. That’s reason enough for me not to shop there.
    Since finding this out only yesterday I’ll be doing my shopping in Farmers markets, Polish and Indian shops as much as possible. (I have no problem trading with foreigners who don’t have secret plans to enslave us) Or maybe I’ll just run off and live in the woods and boycott everyone. lol.

  5. “And even the notoriously un-Catholic Catholic Archbishop of Dublin has revealed that the same Irish government which relentlessly bashes the Church for covering up clerical sexual abuse has written to him requesting that he allow lay teachers convicted of child sexual abuse to continue teaching in Catholic schools! As they say, you couldn’t make it up.”
    Do you have a reference for this??

    1. Subject: Fwd:
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      What is the total number of legalabortions since 1973?
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      Source: Guttmacher Institute,2011, August. Facts on Induced Abortion in the United States.
      How many abortions are performedin the United States each year?
      According to the GuttmacherInstitute, there were 1.21 million abortions performed in the United States in2008, the most recent year for which data is available. This amounts to 3,322abortions per day.
      Source: Jones, Rachel K. andKathryn Kooistra. “Abortion Incidence and Access to Services in the UnitedStates, 2008.” Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 43, no. 1(2011, March): 41-50.
      “Severalyears ago, when 17,000 aborted babies were found in a dumpster outside apathology laboratory in Los, Angeles, California, some 12–15,000 were observedto be black.” — Erma Clardy Craven (deceased) Social Worker and Civil RightsLeader Countdown to Extinction
      HEARTDISEASE=2, 266,789
      Allfigures are based on cumulative statistics provided by the U.S. Center forDisease Control
      30,000,000?That’s 30 Million Michael Browns
      Minoritywomen constitute only about 13% of the female population (age 15–44) in theUnited States, but they underwent approximately 36% of the abortions. Accordingto the Alan Guttmacher Institute, black women are more than 5 times as likelyas white women to have an abortion.
      Onaverage, 1,876 Black babies are aborted every day in the United States. Thisincidence of abortion has resulted in a tremendous loss of life. It has beenestimated that since 1973 Black women have had over 33 million abortions.
      Abortionhas swept through the Black community like a scythe, cutting down every fourthmember.” A highly significant 1993 Howard University study showed that AfricanAmerican women over age 50 were 4.7 times more likely to get breast cancer ifthey had had any abortions compared to women who had not had any abortions.

    1. To understand the Jew one must understand where Judaism begins, and how Judaism is perpetuated: namely, sexual abuse of children, the greatest of which is Hassidic rape and mutilation of baby boys.
      This continual rape and mutilation perpetuates the satanic spirit that is bitterly opposed to the Sacraments and all Christian doctrine.
      Gentile and nominally Christian have failed to selflessly and fearlessly keep adult Jews from raping the GENTILE offspring of Jews. The curse that has followed is: Islam, millions of genitally mutilated Africans, and nearly all American men by the 1970’s had this forced upon them. Then these desecrated American men forced this upon Korea.
      “What is done to children, they will do to society.”
      “If a boy’s sexually is not sacred and safe, NO ONES WIL BE!”
      “Raped boys will often do to girls what has been done to them.”
      “Hassidic circumcision, the HATE crime that generates HATE crimes, time after time. END IT!!”

  6. In fact, it began centuries ago. I’m a Shaw of Bushy Park. I grew up in South Africa and the USA and I didn’t know much about my family’s history … even when my dad started with the family tree, we kids didn’t notice much, except for the family silver. My father has about 17kg of sterling silver, which is the Shaw family silver given to a second son who knows when. I’ll give a brief history including my original finds. So yeah, the Shaws obviously assisted the Dutch stooge, Billy the Pink, and they were given land in Kilkenny and they floated around. Then they went to Dublin and founded Shaws Bank, which became the Bank of Ireland. I researched this and one Abraham Wilkinson is given as marrying his only daughter Anna-Marie to my ancestor who became the first Baron Shaw. This Wilkinson bought Terenure and the Baron Shaw consolidated it with Bushy Park. Trouble is that this Wilkinson is given as an anabaptist who left the New World some time in the early 1770s (kicked out?). Only no anabaptists would ever cross the Atlantic ever again so that makes no sense. Then Wilkinson put up 600 million pounds together with 16 other investors to found the Bank of Ireland. How did an anabaptist get 600 million pounds? It is likely I can find the answer in the meticulous record keeping in New England, however for the time being I have to conjecture based on the fact that the first-ever mention of the story that became Dr Doolittle came from Anna-Marie Wilkinson, the first Lady Shaw, a tale of animals and ocean crossings probably diluted for her sensitive ears from the get-go and later so watered down and charmed as to become the beloved children’s story. Wilkinson became the second governor of the Bank in service to the City. The first governor was LeTouche, who married the bishop’s daughter, Anna-Marie Dunlevy! Most of the other founding members of the BoI had Dutch or French names and came from places like Goldsmith Street in various Jewish quarters both in Ireland and Holland. I’d like to donate the silver to Ireland (it was on table during the famine when the second baron Shaw was widely regarded as leader of the conservatives, although his voting was sometimes for Ireland…) on the condition the true history of the family and its infiltration by certain forces is documented alongside it. I’m sure my brother will agree after my father dies. He’s 80 now. I know the Irish know about the Shaws (the current baron lives in Bucks and now called himself De Vere; my family was out since the turn of the last century) and its not to excuse anyone at all, but they don’t know the whole truth.

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