Matt Drudge undoubtedly a Zionist agent

By Timothy Fizpatrick
October 7, 2015 Anno Domini

Most of the major Zionist spooks posing as journalists have been outed in the alternative and mainstream media in the last ten years. But still chipping away and maintaining his popularity is a lesser-known shill named Matthew Drudge of the Drudge Report news and gossip aggregator[1], a popular reference site for neoconservatives and their libertarian brothers as well as evangelical “Christians”.

Drudge, an allegedly gay[2] Jew who seemed to rise out of total obscurity (a hallmark of intelligence assets) after working in retail and telemarketing, jumpstarted his career by miraculously managing to break the Bill Clinton-Lewinsky scandal—Lewinsky being a Mossad asset herself apparently sent in to compromise the then president of the United States.[3] It was around this time that Zionist Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News chose Drudge to host his own Saturday night show on the neoconservative news channel. Although the show was short lived, top Fox Zionists like Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Rush Limbaugh continue to give Drudge publicity.

Drudge Agenda
Drudge’s agenda completely lines up with that of all the Zionist-oriented news outlets, be it Joseph Farrah’s WorldNetDaily, Breitbart (who actually worked in tandem with Drudge at one time)[4], or the dubious shock jock of conspiracy Alex Jones of Infowars. They all push the same issues as those found among the Koch-neocon-Tea Party-libertarian network, which I have formulated into a convenient list[5] in my article on Jones and the Koch brothers. Unfortunately, the odd things that this network gets right, like its opposition to man-made global warming fear mongering and the abortion industry baits a lot of well meaning paleo-conservatives, who then get caught up in the various other fraudulent issues propagated by this network. Like William F. Buckley’s CIA-created National Review did before the Internet, its purpose is to homogenize the right into a more easily manageable group.[6] In other words, it has hijacked legitimate dissent and mutated it into controlled opposition. The right has been a sitting duck for quite some time. It has never been allowed to go beyond what the hijackers have designed it for.
And it has used the kabbalist black art of dialectics to grow its scope of influence, occasionally allowing certain flashes of truth to glimmer in the sunlight only to steer the dissent into another tier of controlled opposition.

Israeli intelligence
When it was revealed that British media magnate and member of Parliament Robert Maxwell was living a double life as a publisher and Israeli Mossad agent, a whole new world of possibilities open up in the minds of inquisitive people. What a perfect scenario for Israel’s HASBARA (Zionist public relations). Instead of trying to influence the media to their Zionist worldview, why not just run the media themselves. So it is quite possible and, I argue, likely that Rupert Murdoch is another Robert Maxwell, which means Fox News is an arm of the Israeli government and International Jewry. To most of you reading this, it won’t surprise you. Fox News is quite open about its unwavering support for Israel and its dedication to faux conservative views. And it’s no different for the Jewish-controlled left in America. Zionist Sumner Redstone’s media left bias plays off nicely against the media right, creating the illusion of choice for viewers. Is it crazy to think that Drudge might have been groomed and brought to prominence by Murdoch and Fox News in the service of Israeli HASBARA and counter-intelligence, as some in the conspiracy community have claimed?

Stratfor built ‘relationship’ with Drudge?
According to Wikileaks files, Israeli intelligence gathering agency Stratfor discussed building a relationship with characters like Matt Drudge.[7]

Jewish Stratfor employee Aaric S. Eisenstein stated in an email addressed to Zionist Stratfor head George Friedman on Sept. 17, 2008,

Wow. Take a look at this. It’s small wonder that Politico is trying to follow the business model described below. I knew that Drudge was absolutely shitting money; I didn’t know how much.
From a targeting standpoint, Meredith, these are definitely players where we want relationships. If you hit the center of gravity, you don’t have to worry about the periphery, and this is definitely the center of gravity. Please pass this along to Brian. He ought to be reading this blog.

The Drudge link to Stratfor may be benign, but it’s interesting considering all of Alex Jones’ ties to the agency.[8]

Drudge and Infowars
Although Drudge is quite moderate when it comes to linking to conspiratorial content, he does often link to Jones and HASBARA Infowars. This isn’t due to the 10 percent truth that Jones tells about conspiracies but happens because Jones will often venture away from conspiracies to push the Koch/libertarian agenda. This is when Drudge will link to Infowars. In turn, Jones, who has nothing but praise for Drudge[9], almost daily links to the Drudge Report. The alternative media was in a bit of a buzz yesterday because Drudge went on the Alex Jones show (but didn’t appear on camera even though he was in the Infowars studio) and made typical sensationalist claims, again about the supposed pending end of the Internet. Between the two shills, they exert a considerable amount of influence over disenfranchised paleocons, and of course neocons. They refer their audience back and forth between each other, creating a non-stop loop of distraction, misdirection, and fear mongering.

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  1. Good article. I’m glad you wrote this. I saw Drudge was on the Alex Jones Show™ yesterday, and I almost commented on it by saying something like: “If anyone doubted Jones was a Zionist, this should remove all doubt”. I guess it’s just a coincidence Drudge links to Jones and Jones mentions it every time Drudge mentions Infowars™.

  2. A people gathered through violence seemingly in the name of god which but to the gods of Egypt , as revealed by the many freemasonic alters figured in British Freemasonic Israeli supreme court, the gods of Evolution typically displaying that ancient golden calf by which Israel then made a feast unto the lord, become not to the Lord but to the calf, that the Biblical false prophet caters to, likewise the Beast acknowledges a people gathered not directly but indirectly through Zionism by the False Prophet rooted in ” Freemasonic by Theosophical”(Zech 5) principles, off that ‘ole iniquity, even the conspiracy of the Princes thus revealing the two “Lamb Like” horns of the second Beast, incidentally the Biblical False Prophet , Freemasory having its modern roots in the British isles, the mother of the harlot(s), and many a slaves it has, even multitudes filled by the ways & beliefs of Egypt, one of who is described above,
    Note the prophesied Strong Delusion from God- Their own LIE, ’cause they have not the Love of the truth in them.

  3. Excellent article. When I first got online in the late 1990s I was quickly directed to the phony cs list, a mailing list devoted to discussion of the Clinton administration scandals, particularly the Vince Foster case. The folks there touted Drudge heavily, though I never saw anything particularly good in his work. See and
    When discussing “conservative” Zionist media shills, don’t forget Christopher Ruddy. See

    1. i kind of like old larry nichols but he appears to me to be just another one trick pony. with tunnel vision no doubt . somebody needs to ask him. hey larry. you do realize the clintons are more of a symptom of a disease than the disease itself . see what he says then. i doubt if he will say anything. its no jews all the time with that guy.

  4. drudge goes on about how the internet is going to hell because of twitter etc. the trouble is he is losing market share and viewers and he doesn’t like it or know what to do about it. his viewership is shrinking. his day is over. he reaches out to jones in hopes of picking up some readers i guess. why else would he show up around jonestown? that other jew, savage did the same thing. its a pretty sad day when someone has to go make nice with jones in order to try and get listeners or readers etc. on a side note, just how much more gas in the tank does jones have? 20 years in the saddle, fighting the new world order (yeh sure) his flock of air heads that follow his show refuse to discuss the entire fiasco about the latest money bomb. absolutely no interest. they all think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. oh well.

  5. Excellent article and on the mark. I’ve followed Matt Drudge for years and he does appear to work for the National Security Apparatus. Funny, how people like Andrew Breitbart, Arianna Huffington and Matt Drudge all get the inside scoops, along with the latest technology, while the rest of us wonder how they do it?

  6. You bring up the very well documented ‘event’ that launched the name Matt Drudge into every American ‘patriot’s home… “miraculously managing to break the Bill Clinton-Lewinsky scandal”
    Does it ever occur to patriots that the ‘Matt Drudge’ Lewinsky scandal, was the ‘counter operation’ running ‘interference’ to all the ‘real’ crimes committed by the Clinton against the American People?

  7. Excellent article. Found you through What Really Happened. Not many serious people peeling the cointelpro onion these days. At least not since the 911 trail began winding its way toward Israel. Here are some great articles by Laurent Guyenot that also do a great job of exposing the Zionists.

  8. Oh, give it up. Drudge provides links. This is the mainstream press’s lame attempt to try to destroy the people who now command the public’s attention now that nobody believes them anymore.

  9. Spot on.
    This is war, first they take the MSM witch they have, owns and controls everything, incl Porn ind. and now they want the Alter-net to, thats what we are facing an all out info war.
    And yup, this sites, AJ, Briet-fart and InfoW, are well-pissers, and not even good ones.
    I ges the next year, we are gone, completely, this is way to good to be alwed to be kept ongoing, to we are to be hijacked and since the ministry’s if truths, are deciding witch is fake or not, that alone is an shameless lie, and everybody knows it.

  10. I do not view Jeff Rense as a legitimate source.
    I wish that David Duke could find a better outlet.


  12. Jones disgust me and so does Drudge as does foxinthehenhouse news. They always have. Very easy to see what they are. The word I use for them are hybrids.Same word I use for trump and the rest of them.

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