Ancient Aliens endorses freemasonry

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
April 26, 2015 Anno Domini

The anti-Christ agenda of History Channel and its Ancient Aliens television series is reaching new depths by endorsing freemasonry and crediting our supposed alien creators for enlightening mankind with masonic principles.

Now in the advanced stages of its propaganda campaign against Christ and His Church, Ancient Aliens is moving past its phase of using pseudo-archaeology to show how aliens have always been with us to now fully embracing Satanic black arts, including divination, geomancy, mathemancy, and Jewish magic (kabbalism), which is the foundation of freemasonry. An overwhelming number of episodes revolve around divination and sorcery, where supposed great minds like Albert Einstein, kabbalist Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, and freemason George Washington are depicted as receiving their wisdom and leadership through an infusion of alien knowledge and guidance. To those familiar with the teachings of the Church and the Fathers, this is nothing new. Magicians have been receiving secret knowledge from demons and/or fallen angels since the Middle Ages and beyond. Of course, the Ancient Aliens narrative blurs any correlation here and instead spins the story to suit its theme that space aliens created us through some kind of co-evolution involving genetic modification—an occult concept in itself (transmutation, pursuit of androgyny, etc.)—and have been cryptically trying to tell us of our origins through the various cultural myths and religions.

The following episodes drive home the aforementioned kind of propaganda, at times even overtly crediting freemasonry and its divinators with bringing alien knowledge to mankind and making the world a better place. The episodes even interview leading masonic authorities, like Past Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Washington Akram Elias, who are more than happy to lend credibility to the show and its deceptive agenda:

Season 2: Episode 7 – Angels and Aliens (shifting focus of spiritual nature of fallen angels to physical and calling them space aliens)
Season 3: Episode 11 Aliens and The Founding Fathers (masonic Enlightenment, divination, geomancy, masonic geometry)
Season 3: Episode 13 – Aliens and the Secret Code (geomancy, masonic geometry, gematria [Jewish numerology])
Season 3: Episode 16 – Aliens and the Creation of Man (Masonic Darwinism, co-evolution
Season 4: Episode 8 – The Da Vinci Conspiracy (divination, sorcery, occult science, technocracy)
Season 4: Episode 14 – Destination Orion (astrology, sorcery)
Season 4: Episode 15 – The Einstein Factor (divination, sorcery, occult science, technocracy)
Season 5: Episode 11 – Magic of the Gods (self-explanatory)
Season 5: Episode 12 – The Satan Conspiracy (masonic dualism, masonic rationalization of man’s fall, masonic vindication of Satan)
Season 5: Episode 13 – Alien Operations (magic, sorcery, false attribution of Godly miracles
Season 6: Episode 11 – Alien Breeders (masonic Darwinism, co-evolution)
Season 6: Episode 16 – The Tesla Experiment (sorcery, divination)
Season 7: Episode 3 – Aliens Among Us (occult science, technocracy)
Season 7: Episode 4 – The Genius Factor (sorcery, divination)
Season 7: Episode 7 – Alien Messages (occult science, numerology, geomancy, masonic geometry)
Season 7: Episode 9 – Aliens And the Civil War (sorcery, divination)
In Search of Aliens: Episode 8 – The Founding of America (sorcery, divination)

As you can see, Satan and his fallen co-conspirators have been busy at the studios of the History Channel. I have only listed the episodes which focus on masonic themes specifically; however, almost every show slips in some kind of masonic propaganda. The most diabolical of the above episodes is by far The Satan Conspiracy, in which the show’s cast of clowns—Girogio Tsoukalos, David Childress, David Wilcock, et al.—defend Satan and the bad reputation he received while innocently trying to enlighten Eve with knowledge and trash the Christian God for withholding knowledge from mankind. This is an almost verbatim masonic explanation of what happened in Genesis. Ancient Aliens portrays the Bible as if it does not claim exclusivity to truth, after which it can propagate the masonic heresy of indifferentism. Once the show’s “experts” have deconstructed the belief in absolute truth in the psyche of the television viewer, they can then construct their space alien co-evolution theory in its place.

New Ager David Wilcock reveals the masonic liberal agenda of the Ancient Aliens cult in Aliens and the Civil War saying:

It’s possible that extraterrestrials have been visiting America since its foundation and have been, in fact, steering the outcome this whole time, and why might they want to do that? You would want to see society moving in a direction of greater freedom, greater openness, greater acceptance so that in time this allows them to have a much more warm welcome than they otherwise would have.

Wilcock sounds like an LGTBQ activist, doesn’t he? He’s right about one thing, the fallen angels (Wilcock’s aliens) were likely guiding the U.S. Founding Fathers as they set up the new masonic, libertarian republic.

It appears that Ancient Aliens producer Kevin Burns is Jewish. If so, it’s no surprise that the series is advocating anti-Christ Jewish magic in the forms of kabbalism and freemasonry. Add “Rabbi” Ariel Bar Tzadok (who appears to totally endorse the show’s theme) to the cast of regular “expert guests” and you have a 100%-certified kosher piece of propaganda. A&E, which distributes Ancient Aliens on the History Channel almost daily and just happens to run marathon reruns of the show on Christian holy days, is owned by the Jewish-controlled Hearst and Disney corporations. A&E Chairman Nancy Raven (Ravnitsky) is believed to be Jewish as well.


  1. Good article. I guess this television show airs in U.S. but I have not watched television for about four years. I came to the conclusion that it is absolute garbage long ago.
    I do not know what to make of the idea of their being “aliens” among us now. There is some support in the Old Testament for the nephilim or “Sons of God” or fallen angels marrying human women here on earth and that this was still happening after the Flood. So that could mean that there are some offspring of these pairings who are, as they say, “not fully human.” Also there are increasing numbers of sightings of UFOs and it is becoming difficult to believe that this is just another government psy-op.
    Your point about their pushing of the idea that there is no absolute truth is right on. Also I notice Left commentators like Max Keiser who does a show out of England about money and the economy and banking frequently makes references to how the Great Englightment was such a good thing and how the Catholic Church did not like it because it meant people were learning the truth and that the Church’s monopoly on the minds of the people was ending. The implication was that Jesus and the Church’s dogmas and doctrines were fabricated untruths to control the people.
    I listed to one of the speakers online at The Food Summit that is having its last day today. One of the speakers named Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D.
    and he made an aside that it was great how so many people were working so hard to make same sex marriage an accepted good of society. That blew your information about healthy food all to hell, Doctor.
    So the Jewish revolutionary spirit has not only taken over television. It has also taken over all the new kinds of medical practice called with functional medicine or integrative medicine.
    I have decided that I should just be not conformed to this world system as much as possible. There is just too much evil error being pushed on us in every aspect of mainstream society. Truth is not the name of the game and that is becoming more and more clear every day.

    1. If trends continue, the Church is going to have to come up with a good answer to the Satanic alien agenda. A lot of it has already been answered, like in the Malleus Malificarum of the Middle Ages. But, as you know, the Vatican wants nothing to do with the “old ways”. Demons and angels are real. Just because they disguise themselves under a technological or sci-fi veneer doesn’t change that. The alien agenda is just a repackaging of medieval witchcraft, only the packaging is much more sophisticated.

    2. Interesting point about Keiser, Dachsielady. That stuff about the Bankers rolling back the great work of the Enlightenment and returning us to the bad old medieval days of “centralised control of the Catholic Church” is an ongoing Keiser riff. In fact he parrots this line so often that one has to suspect that it’s part of some kind of deliberate historical disinfo agenda – possibly Masonically inspired. I posted a comment on his site pointing out that his take on Medievalism vs the Enlightenment was the exact reverse of the historical facts, but, quelle surprise, it was never published (so much for his show as the antidote to corporate media censorship). Also worth noting that a few years ago when alternative types were beginning to wake up to the Bilderberg crooks, Keiser belittled the whole thing, saying the Bilderbergers were just a bunch of harmless “old codgers”. Likewise Keiser has distanced himself from “conspiracy theories” re 9/11 etc, and even brought on arch shill Jim Rickards a couple of years ago to try and explain away the insider trading in airline stocks in the days leading up to 9/11. And while Keiser and his sidekick Stacey Herbert constantly bellyache about the corruption of the banksters they never offer concrete solutions – as in boycotts etc. Instead they try and portray crypto-currencies as the antidote – when in reality Bitcoin etc., potentially hasten the era of the totalitarian cashless society.

      1. Good post, Northsider, and appreciate explaining Rickards to me.
        Things seem to be coming to a head these days in USA with Jade Helm, TPP, and alternative media shows and hosts.
        Seems has ditched three of its writers recently because these writers perhaps were writing too much truth. Gordon Duff, site “owner”, does not like Dr. James Fetzer and Jim O’Dowd writing about Jade Helm. Dr. Fetzer has been a prolific writer of articles and editor at VT for a few years now so his firing certainly raises issues about the major “alternative news / free speech” VT site.
        Also, something that may be related is that Jeff Rense of had strange serious car accident a few days ago and inexplicably apparently lost consciousness while driving and went over a steep embankment.
        Also, Stew Webb, another recently axed VT writer and radio show host was run off the road in his vehicle.
        Strange things are happening.

  2. Just as the angels who left their fist estate, so are the men of sodom reserved for condemnation & for this to happen they were spiritually influenced by the rebellious angels. Just as there are the seven spirits of God denoted by the Menorah so also there are the seven unclean spirits or incurable spirits denoting the false menorah, taken out of Mary Magdalene curing her of a certain illness, the seven Nymphomanic sisters off the height of sexual corruptions- Sodom. Today America born out of England has become its epicenter to the prophecy of Spiritually called “Sodom, & Egypt” by its beliefs denoted by the many alters figured in the British freemasonic Israeli supreme court to the vishnu or dagon & its principle is ” Freemasonry by Theosophy” Zech 5 the biblical false prophet is as QE1 with the eyes of that Theosophist( the eye on the pyramid) ,wickedness as it is called deceiving the whole world by its Sorcery, which will come to its end in the Prophecy “He will destroy the Works of the devil with the brightness of his coming & with the spirit of his mouth will consume—” denotes the second or final fall of dagon with its Hands & Head resp, dismembered.

  3. For an excellent short treatment of the “bad old days” of Catholicism in England, people should read Cobbett’s The History of the Reformation in England and Ireland.

  4. A bit off topic – but in another way not so much at all – the British “election” another clear example of how the western voting system is now completely rigged from top to bottom. Ultra-Zionist Neo-con Cameron was the favourite of the whole bankster media from the Financial Times, to the Economist, to the Telegraph, to the Murdoch rags and the Daily Mail, to the left-wing Independent, and of course the BBC and the rest of the British broadcast media. Yet polls throughout the vote indicated that he was at best only neck and neck with Labour. But what do you know, the “exit poll” conducted by the BBC indicated that he would get close to a majority (he actually won outright). This is the same BBC that Afghan President Hamid Karzai stated categorically had rigged elections in his country, the same BBC that had an uncanny premonition about the collapse of Building 7. Why do the Zios love Cameron so much? Well, for one thing one of his manifesto pledges is to “outlaw extremism” – his definition of which includes questioning official versions of events like 9/11 and 7/7. In my view election and referendum rigging is the final (and by the far the most important) frontier for the genuinely alternative media. The truth will set us free and there’s no greater lie than the notion that western elections are free and fair. Because right-wing Catholics tend to be rightly sceptical about the benefits of democracy there’s a tendency to ignore this huge elephant in the room.

  5. Where democracy stated as off/by & for the people becomes easily turned to off/by & for the government is but off a crazy demon, such as Hillary’s “it takes a village to bring up a child” in democratic terms amounts to owning the child is but to remember that democracy as seen today , did not work with God at the time of Noah,

      1. And those two wolves are “Freemasonry by Theosophy” figured itself in the heights of the UN, catering to the wishes of the Beast, in democratic clothings.

  6. Just to clarify – I’m no cheerleader for democracy. And I don’t believe for a second that if David Cameron and the Tories had legitimately won the election, that would validate their poisonous agenda. However we are where we are in terms of political systems, and the point is the evidence overwhelmingly indicates he didn’t win it legitimately. For example 200,000 ballot papers destined for crucial south-eastern England constituencies were stolen from a van near London a few days before the election. In a northeastern constituency the name of the anti-EU UKIP candidate failed to appear on ballot papers. And that’s without getting into the massive discrepancy between ALL the polls prior to voting and the official result (uncannily reminiscent of Netanyahu’s poll defying win in Israel). If such a huge disparity between polls and final result had occurred in a Russian or Iranian election you can bet your last dollar all the Neo-con media shills would be screaming that this in itself was absolute proof the elections were rigged. As it is they just scream this anyway – without offering the slightest shred of evidence. So now the problem is not just that we have a philosophically deeply flawed political system (democracy), but that this system is a complete and utter sham – even on its own terms – and is controlled by organised Zio-crime. I agree with all those Catholic Traditionalists who call for the reign of Christ the King in the temporal sphere, but unfortunately many of them are rather vague about how this is to be achieved (Edwin Faust wrote a very amusing article on this conundrum several years ago in the Latin Mass magazine). I’d suggest a good place to start would be in exposing the Big Lies that we all live by every day.

    1. “I agree with all those Catholic Traditionalists who call for the reign of Christ the King in the temporal sphere, but unfortunately many of them are rather vague about how this is to be achieved ”
      Yes, Hugh Akins wrote a book on that subject but still would like to start with bible verses and go from there. I remember marching and singing in the streets of town on Christ the King Day. Catholic social teachings and solutions are great in theory but lacking in practice.
      “(Edwin Faust wrote a very amusing article on this conundrum several years ago in the Latin Mass magazine).” Will try to find that artticle online as it sounds like something I would be very interested in reading.
      Well as for voting irregularities. Apparently the voting farce is just as bad in the UK as in the USA.
      I like what Huey P. Long had to say about US electoral proceedings in the 1930s.
      “You give me a couple of elections commissioners and I’ll make those lever machines sing Home Sweet Home.”

    2. There has been one small crumb of comfort from the fiasco that was the British General Election: the odious Esther McVey – or Fester McVile as I call her – lost her Wirral West seat.
      She was Iain Duncan Smith’s partner in crime at the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). She is proud of her record in forcing in benefit sanctions and the proliferation of food banks.
      I am embarrassed and ashamed of the fact that she is of Irish Catholic descent. Her Wikipedia entry describes her religion as Roman Catholic. She once appeared in Jewess, Eve Ensler’s “Vagina Monologues” at the Liverpool Empire: some Catholic!

  7. Dachsielady: Thanks. I have the article by Faust somewhere – when I have time to fish it out I’ll let you know the issue and date. Great quote from Huey Long by the way.

  8. Mary Louise: Good point re McVey. And of course her partner in crime putting the jackboot into the poor and disabled, Duncan Smith, is also a nominal Catholic. If you remember he co-authored a letter to the papers defending “gay marriage”, with ultra-Zionist anti-Catholic bigot Michael Gove. It’s uncanny how many pols seen to have defied Israel or Zionism came a cropper in this election – David Ward, Norman Baker (who investigated the murder of Dr David Kelly) Douglas Alexander, Danny Alexander (both of whom criticised the Gaza mass murder last year), Nigel Farage (who refused to along with the hate campaign against Putin), Vince Cable (who said he intended going to war with ultra-Zio Murdoch) and of course Galloway. And with the Lib Dems (for all their many faults) reduced to a pathetic rump, there’s no one around to raise objections to Cameron’s planned war on civil liberties. I notice the head of the Russian Electoral Commission has stated that the almost complete clean sweep of the SNP in Scotland proves last September’s referendum was rigged. It’s hard to argue with that – there’s a law of contradiction involved. Either the Scottish referendum was rigged or the Scottish election was rigged – they both can’t be valid. Of course in my firm opinion, by far the most plausible scenario of all is that both were rigged.

  9. Re alien theories there’s a UFO buff in England, Richard D Hall, who has done some very good investigative work on 9/11, 7/7 and other false flags. Yet when it comes to the many animal mutilations in Britain he refuses to countenance the idea that such actions are the work of Satanists rather than extra-terrestrials. Also, whilst he says he’s open to the possibility that many UFO “sightings” may be secret military craft etc., his focus on the idea of alien visitations undercuts this very plausible explanation for such occurrences. I’m 100 per cent convinced this guy is not a shill or a disinfo agent, but he illustrates how the alien/UFO industry is leading many folk down dangerous blind alleys. Another investigator who has done very good work exposing false flags etc., – Ian R. Crane – made a laughing stock of himself by predicting that there would be a staged “alien invasion” at the London Olympics in 2012. Crane is a New Ager and anti-Catholic, but again I don’t believe he’s a shill; yet once again his case shows the destructive potential of the Alien cult.

  10. An update on the fraudulent British election and its aftermath: David Cameron has today announced that legislation outlawing “the promotion of extremism” will be introduced in the next parliamentary session in Britain. In a speech at the UN last year Cameron made it clear that in his Rothschild playbook questioning the official version of 9/11 etc is the ultimate in dangerous extremism. His band of neocon ultras also view opposition to “same sex marriage” and the whole “LGBT” agenda as hate crime. The gullible useful idiots on the Christian right who have swallowed the “radical Muslim menace to our civilisation” Zio-fantasy will doubtless celebrate this new law as a long overdue initiative to tackle Islamic extremism, not realising that, as with the laws brought in after the 9/11 and 7/7 false flags, the real target is folk like themselves.

    1. Regarding Richard Hall, I am fairly familiar with his work as I was very much a student of 9-11 truth from day 1. I think the basis for thinking holograms seemed very good but I do not know of even one person who claimed to see the plane fly by that was projecting the hologram, though he claims to have the radar or other aeronautical data to show that the trajectory of the plane remained exactly parallel to the trajectory of the hologram image of the plane. Dr. James Fetzer had him on his show a few times but the whole idea of holograms was given attention simply because about two people said they saw the plane go into the building. I think they are referring to the World Trade Center South Tower hit only. I personally just think Hall’s idea is kind of a fluke and just think there were no real planes going in at any of the four alleged crash sites. I also used to follow Andrew Johnson’s work of England, Andrew did a lot of work on crop circles and he also is an atheist or agnostic but I think as a child he was a Catholic. I guess the deal is that if you acknowledge Satan and satanists, you have to acknowledge God and they would rather just focus on the aliens being real and certainly not a manifestation of the demonic. Johnson and many of the UFO/alien buffs never seem to cover the possibility as that being a huge demonic hoax to deceive and mislead.
      There is a book
      Alien Intervention: The Spiritual Mission of Ufos by Paul Cristopher and his conclusion is that the alien deception is very real but it is of Satan.
      I have a feeling that there will be a great deception before Christ returns. We have an Advocate and we increasingly must call on Him and cling to Him as the deceptions are getting more powerful.
      The common thread in “Christian” discussions of false flag events and alien UFO events is the operation of the Judaic influences in the darkside hierarchy operating in this world. Many Protestant researchers on these subjects like to point out how the Vatican and recent popes are just fine with the idea of extraterrestrials.

  11. CHANGE
    The common thread in “Christian” discussions of false flag events and alien UFO events is the operation of the Judaic influences in the darkside hierarchy operating in this world.
    The common thread in “Christian” discussions of false flag events and alien UFO events is AN ABSOLUTE TOTAL AVOIDANCE of the the operation of the Judeo-Masonic influences in the darkside hierarchy operating in this world.

    1. Dachsielady: When I said Hall had done valuable work investigating 9/11 etc., I didn’t mean to endorse any of his specific theories regarding 9/11. To be honest I’m not technically qualified to judge – I’m one of those who knows for sure only what DIDN’T happen (ie. the official version) – although as a completely unqualified layman I do think the controlled demo explanation is rather unlikely. What I admire about Hall is his great tenacity – his TV show featured very good guests – such as Dr Nick Kollerstrom and J Anthony Hill – who have shown enormous courage in exposing false flag terror, and other NWO corruption. As I understand it both Kollerstrom and Hill are Christians (Kollerstrom did a very good interview with Bishop Williamson) though some of Hill’s ideas are incompatible with Catholicism – to put it mildly. Nevertheless both men have walked the walk, even to the extend of going to prison in Hill’s case. I find it sad that, unlike these guys, so many traditional Catholic writers fail to question false flags, even though, to their credit, they often dissent from Neocon narratives regarding Iraq and so on. I suspect there’s often a subtle form of spiritual pride involved – with “conspiracy theorists” being the equivalent of tax collectors in the eyes of many modern Catholics. The proof of the pudding that Hall’s show was hitting the spot was the way it was unceremoniously banned by the British broadcasting regulator Ofcom- after it broadcast a brilliant expose of the Woolwich false flag.

      1. Well familar with Kollerstrom but have never heard of Hill. I follow Dr. James Fetzer’s work and then on from there to the work of his guests.
        Sad to report that almost all the traditional Catholic cites and commentators
        avoid speaking about…
        false flag events,
        UFO reports and aliens,
        Judaic influences in this world in secret societies, false flag events, various efforts to create chaos and destroy society etc.,
        biblical help to stand in the evil day and having done all to stand,
        or statements coming out of the vatican every day about UFOs and aliens etc that seem to contradict God’s holy word.
        This sedevacantist group has a nice little booklet on the subject of UFOs. Here is an excerpt…
        Unfortunately the MHFM seems to have something wrong about it, some agenda, that make me not accept all that they produce via articles and videos, though I do very much like their clear exposition of some basic Catholic teachings.

  12. Apologies to our host for straying somewhat off-topic once again, but in the case of the Remnant, there was a very distinct change of tone in relation to erm, “Talmudic” issues after the Southern Poverty Law Centre put them on a hate map of the United States in the early 2,000s. Prior to that plenty of articles extolling the likes of Fr. Denis Fahey and so on appeared in the pages of the Remnant. A few years ago the editor Michael Matt revealed that after being targeted by the SPLC he had installed a $20,000 alarm system at his home for fear of attack from “anti-hate speech” zealots. I don’t blame Matt one jot for taking this precaution, and in a way I don’t blame him too much for failing to espouse “conspiracy theorists” – if he believes that would cost him a lot of subscribers. But for me, there’s a huge distinction between failing to tell the full truth about the lies of the NWO on the one hand, and going along with those lies, on the other. So while, for me, it’s possible to make excuses for Matt & co failing to challenge msm lies about false flags and so on, no such excuses can be made for actually treating those lies as truths. I also find the way Christian Order enthusiastically endorses Neocon narratives about the threat of Islam (not to mention Neocon anti-Putin hysteria). Although CO still publishes much excellent stuff the editor strikes me as having a very unhealthy affinity with Anglo Conservatism.

    1. “But for me, there’s a huge distinction between failing to tell the full truth about the lies of the NWO on the one hand, and going along with those lies, on the other. So while, for me, it’s possible to make excuses for Matt & co failing to challenge msm lies about false flags and so on, no such excuses can be made for actually treating those lies as truths.”
      I will have to think about that a bit.
      Many “traditional” Catholic media apostolates “fail” in a much more serious way. They should continually harken back to the words of Christ and his apostles and relate that to what we are experiencing in this present world system. They seem way too concerned about market share and way too little concerned with the Truth that makes us free.
      Catholic Internet media is just as controlled, and controlled by the very same entities, as are all secular media. We have a pretty good idea of who those controllers are and it is right and good to describe them as anti-Christ evil.

    2. I agree market share shouldn’t be a primary issue for Catholic journos, but I’d still draw a distinction between not telling the truth, and telling lies (or at the very least endorsing lies). Sometimes it isn’t even prudent or charitable to tell the whole truth, though I certainly don’t believe the issue of false flag terror is one of those cases. At the time of the Williamson Holocaust controversy Christopher Ferrara wrote a piece in which he urged trads to shun “wacky conspiracy theorists” of all kinds, in order to safeguard the reputation of “the Traditionalist Movement”. In other words “the Movement” and human respect for “the Movement” must transcend all other considerations. When one considers all the dreadful consequences that have flown from 9/11 – the creation of police states, ubiquitous surveillance, genocidal wars, the ethnic cleansing of Christians in Iraq, Syria and Libya, huge waves of Muslim immigration to formerly Christian countries, the depiction of all religious believers as dangerous nutcases (“Richard Dawkins most famous line is “Science flies you the moon; religion flies you into skyscrapers”) and so on, the desire of some trads to expel “conspiracy theorists” from polite Catholic society strikes me as extremely irresponsible. If trads like Matt and Ferrara have investigated with an open mind the claims of those who dispute the official story of 9/11, and still believe the official version fair enough, but something tells me that expediency and a concern for intellectual and social respectability are the real driving forces here.

      1. There was some recent brouhaha among Matt and Ferrara and Voris and Vinarri.   Ferrara seems to, as you say, elevate intellectual and social respectability, over truth.  Can watch it on YouTube.  Even E. Michael Jones is going a bit off the rails and tells us Fatima is a thing of the past and all of Our Lady’s instructions have been fulfilled and all of that is to be of no further concern.  That is what caused the falling out between Robert Sungenis and Jones. Sungenis used to have hundreds of wonderful articles on his website where he talked freely about false flag events but all of a sudden all of those articles were erased and his site is simply his book store and he only focuses on geocentrism and his movie, The Principle.  Something odd behind the scenes going on there.
        Will the Real True Traditional Catholic please stand up ?   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

        1. Fatima asked for the consecration of Russia, & they by the Popes still go about in circles , but know not that the Church that moves in the spirit called “Faithful”(Rom 8:19)has done it, is but to see Russia even poor & struggling but in the spirit , standing against the sodomic onslaught as an act to protect their younger generation amounting to the basic structure of the family itself, from the west beguiled by the spirit of those alters figured in the British freemasonic Israeli supreme court through a people, a sign even unto the Prophecy “The west think that they are they are their own creators, salvation shall not come from there but from Russia, for the very reason as to why Russia was asked to be consecrated, as it concerns the salvation of man, in the continuation. Intimidation leading to false flag operations is what the Beast by the False Prophet(Freemasonry by Theosophy ) uses to its Agendas.

  13. The second last sentence of my previous post should read “I also find the way Christian Order enthusiastically endorses Neocon narratives about the threat of Islam (not to mention Neocon anti-Putin hysteria) very disappointing.”

    1. By the way Dachsielady: our old friend Keiser was today at his old Masonic Enlightenment good, Catholic Medievalism bad riff again. More proof, if one needed it, that he’s a dyed in the wool disinfo agent.

      1. Masonic Enlightenment good, Catholic Medievalism bad 
        Exactly his routine. Can’t stand to listen to him anymore.  He was on Alex Jones show recently.  I wonder how many people immediately tuned out as I did. You listen to a little bit of Keiser and you soon realize he operates under a different moral code.   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

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