Did the CIA recruit Alex Jones through the John Birch Society?

Timothy Fitzpatrick
October 26, 2014 Anno Domini

With Alex Jones’ allegiance now clearly belonging to the Zionist-occupied United States intelligence community and not to the patriot community, it’s interesting to speculate at which point and how he was recruited to the CIA and what drew him to an organization that would eventually lead him to committing treason against the American people.

Jones officially started his CIA Operation Mockingbird, FBI COINTELPRO operation (the two programs work in tandem as part of the U.S. government), Infowars, in Austin, Texas in 1996, the same year Israeli intelligence established it’s front Stratfor, also in Austin, Texas.
But it’s unlikely that Jones was recruited to the CIA that same year, as counter intelligence operatives require extensive training and programming before they become active field agents or assets.

Is he CIA…or is he a Zionist shill? Make up your mind!
I should point out at this point that Jones’ shilling for the Jewish lobby appears to be via the CIA, not the other way around. Keep in mind that the CIA is subservient to Israel and its intelligence apparatus. There are many blogs and videos claiming that Jones is only CIA. This is only half of the truth. One should imagine the CIA as a paid contractor of the Israeli Mossad. CIA operatives then work for the State of Israel with the façade of being American and loyal to America’s interests. To answer the question of exactly what kind of shill Alex Jones is, the answer then is that he is both a Zionist and CIA shill, with the CIA likely being his paymaster. Of course, one, some, or all of his dozens of Jewish advertizers[1] on his Infowars program could be tied to Israeli intelligence and/or the CIA as well, so they would also be financing the Infowars COINTELPRO operation, but indirectly. Jones claims he has invested over $70 million into the Infowars empire. I guess he doesn’t expect his gullible followers to question whether a supposed grassroots radio host could come up with this kind of capital.

Jones’ early life
As is typical with most intelligence operatives, little is known about Alex Jones’ childhood and the years leading up to 1996. His Wikipedia entry for his early life is only a paragraph long. He claims to have been born in Dallas, Texas in 1974, after which point he appears to have been moved around quite a bit with his parents, culminating in a stint at Austin Community College, before he would go on to become the popular radio host he is today. He claims to have become familiar with conspiracies at a young age, being influenced by his father, a dentist and member of the John Birch Society (JBS), who retained books like None Dare Call it Conspiracy in his library. This book was published by the society and is basically required reading for Birchers. How true the following admission by Jones in Jewish-owned Rolling Stone magazine[2] is remains unclear, but perhaps we can glean some understanding of his upbringing.

“My parents were careful not to give me political views almost as an experiment to see what I’d turn into,” he says. “The closest thing to a childhood political training was some neighbors who were members of the John Birch Society. They’d come over for dinner and I’d be exposed to those ideas, starting at around age two.”[3]

The most enduring influence, though, was a 1971 bestseller he found on his father’s bookshelf: None Dare Call It Conspiracy. Authored by Gary Allen, a spokesman for the John Birch Society, the book provided the cornerstone for New World Order conspiracies. According to None Dare, the federal income tax is nothing but a plot by a cabal of mega rich “insiders” who work to suck the middle class dry and transfer its wealth to the Ford and Rockefeller foundations. As a teenager, Jones read the book twice. “It’s still the easiest-to-read primer to the New World Order,” he says.
Jones claims that his affinity to conspiracies was rooted in his experience with corrupt Rockwall cops, who once arrested him while driving without a license and in possession of a six-pack of beer. Oddly, this incident supposedly provoked his father to move his family and his dental practice to Austin, Texas.

“They brought me to jail,” Jones says. “Afterward, one of the cops told me to wise up, or they’d frame me and send me away.” The following week, his father was so spooked that he sold his dental practice and moved the family to Austin. A few months later, Rockwall County’s sheriff was indicted on organized-crime charges.

“The Rockwall cops were lowbrow thugs, and Alex was a hell-raiser,” says Buckley Hamman, a cousin who grew up with Jones. “The conflict with the cops started Alex down the road of his current pursuit.”

Jones apparently began to fall under the influence of Judeo-Masonic Enlightenment thinkers like Edward Gibbon, whose books may have been available to Jones through his father’s library or perhaps through the family’s Bircher friends. Jones’ Enlightenment influence is consistent with his current unwavering support of the Masonic U.S. Constitution (and Ron Paul) and the overwhelmingly Masonic U.S. Founding Fathers. Jones is the quintessential WASP elitist. Of course, the JBS is a strong advocate of Judeo-Masonic republicanism, Ron Paul, the Masonic U.S. Constitution, and so-called free-market capitalism.

Jones admits his family “did stuff for the CIA.” What’s more, he says that in the 1980s, the CIA attempted to recruit his father with a salary of $400,000 annually for a “four-year secreteur” (sic). He goes on to say that his father has performed dental work on “high-level CIA people.” (Source)

Alex Jones’ early message centered on Birch themes involving the United Nations, CFR, and the Federal Reserve
After establishing himself on radio and with his website, Jones consistently spread New World Order conspiracy theories centered around a unified plot carried out by the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the U.S. Federal Reserve. This line is straight from the rhetoric put out by the JBS. One notable instance of Jones parroting the JBS line was during a public speech given by then-Texas governor George W. Bush.[4] Jones interrupted the soon-to-be U.S. President and accused him of being in league with the Federal Reserve and the CFR. In what could well have been a staged incident, authorities then handcuffed Jones before the cameras stopped rolling. Of course, he was eventually let go, presumably without incident. On his radio program, Jones constantly ranted and raved about the United Nations takeover of America, a specifically JBS theme. The JBS states that one of its “most immediate objectives…is to get the United States out of the United Nations and the United Nations out of the United States.” It even produced a documentary, The UN Deception, in 2001[5]. An old video from the 1990s surfaced on Youtube within the last few years showing Alex Jones fingering the UN as being part of a plot to oppress Jews in Israel.[6]

Most interestingly, Jones confesses to supporting the state of Israel, in defiance of the UN, despite the fact that the UN helped Israel become the illegal state it is today. It’s difficult to accept the Birch Society’s anti-Federal Reserve claims when one of its founding members, William J. Grede, served as director of the Federal Reserve Bank’s Seventh District from 1947 to 1961.[7] Grede also served several years on the UN-connected Rockefeller national council for the YMCA.[8] The Birch Society, nor Alex Jones, never attacks the core problem at the heart of the Federal Reserve, which is usury, carried out by a cabal of exclusively Jewish international banksters. The JBS’s hypocrisy is almost the same with the CFR. Early Birch Society member Spruille Braden, an American diplomat, was a member of the CFR. Braden was a paid lobbyist for the United Fruit Company, which was used by the CIA to force regime change in Nicaragua in 1954.[9] That Bircher Thomas Coleman Andrews was commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service in the 1950s doesn’t help the Society’s credibility that it is truly anti-tax either.[10] Jones is also outspokenly anti-tax and pro free-market capitalism. The seemingly anti-communist JBS also never attacks the driving force behind communism, which is clearly the Jewish revolutionary movement. Other JBS rhetoric often rehashed by Jones includes the notion of fluoridated water as a plot to make us all docile. In my observations of Jones, when he is under criticism, instead of addressing the points, he will automatically fall back on his foundational JBS rhetoric, including the fluoride and vaccine conspiracies. While there is a fluoride and vaccine conspiracy, it seems JBS and Jones are using these issues to legitimize their platforms so that they can deceive readers on other issues. Older readers may remember that the JBS was strongly anti-JFK during the former President’s short term in office. The JBS was remembered for distributing close to 5,000 flyers accusing JFK of committing treason while serving as President, in the days leading up to the assassination. Jones has gone out of his way to suppress the Israeli Mossad orchestration of this crime.[11] Of course, the Society and Jones have not been so anti-JFK in recent years, as it has become more obvious that there was a conspiracy to kill JFK, and to say otherwise would tarnish their image as being anti-conspiracy.

A Birch Society hit piece on JFK, while the President waged a secret war against Israel and Jewish mob king Meyer Lansky.

The John Birch Society as a Judeo-Masonic-CIA front
JBS, like CIA front National Review, was established in 1958, at the height of the CIA’s psychological warfare research and development phase and during the CIA’s creation of its Operation Mockingbird program, which would pave the way for the CIA to use the media for covert domestic and international psychological warfare. John Birch himself worked for U.S. intelligence through the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). And like National Review, which was dominated by Jews at the top[12], it appears the JBS’ function is to homogenize the conservative movement and, eventually, the conspiracy community, into one manageable controlled opponent.[13]

Conspiracy researcher Eustace Mullins wrote in his 1988 book Murder By Injection that the JBS was created by the WASP elitist Rockefeller family as controlled opposition to the conspiracy it purportedly was set up to resist.

The Rockefellers were also active on the ‘right wing’ front through their sponsorship of the John Birch Society. To enable Robert Welch, a 32nd degree Mason, to devote all of his time to the Society, Nelson Rockefeller purchased his family firm, the Welch Candy Company, from him at a handsome price. Welch chose the principal officers of the Society from his acquaintances at the Council on Foreign Relations. For years afterwards, American patriots were puzzled by the consistent inability of the John Birch Society to move forward on any of its well-advertised ‘anti-Communist’ goals. The fact that the Society had been set up at the behest of the backers of the world Communist revolution may have played some role in this development. Other patriots wondered why most American conservative writers, including the present writer, were steadily blacklisted by the Society for some thirty years. Despite thousands of requests from would-be book buyers, the Society refused to review or list any of my books. After several decades of futility, the Society was totally discredited by its own record.[14]

Similarly, many of Jones’ critics reach the same conclusion that Mullins reaches about JBS—Jones’ inability to move forward on any of his purported goals of thwarting the New World Order conspiracy. Whether or not the Rockefeller dynasty is Jewish, they have worked hand in hand with the Jewish money power and the Zionist revolutionary movement. Late Zionist researcher John “Birdman” Bryant brought to the conspiracy community’s attention disturbing revelations from a book by late disillusioned Bircher founder Professor Revilo P. Oliver, which implicates what he calls the “B’nai Birch[15]” with Jews and the CIA-controlled right. Bryant writes,

Professor Revilo P. Oliver

In 1966, Prof Revilo Oliver (now deceased), who was co-founder (with eleven others) of the Birch Society and Associate Editor of its major organ, American Opinion, discovered that Robert Welch, the JBS’s principal founder, was controlled by Jews, the purpose of said control being to harmlessly absorb and deflect the energy and money of patriotic Americans who wished to fight the ‘international communist conspiracy’, while leaving unmolested the Jewish-led conspiracy against America and Western civilization. In 1981 Oliver published America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative, in which he told the story of his discovery.[16]

I myself and many of Alex Jones’ critics have leveled the same charge against Alex Jones as Professor Oliver levels against Welch and JBS.
Oliver writes,

I was not astonished, although I was pained, by the discovery that Welch was merely the nominal head of the Birch business, which he operated under the supervision of a committee of Jews, while Jews also controlled the flow, through various bank accounts, of the funds that were needed to supplement the money that was extracted from the Society’s members by artfully passionate exhortations to “fight the Communists.”[17]

The money generated from Alex Jones’ supporters could be said to be working in the very same way against their own interests. Oliver makes another prophetic, parallel Jones-JBS critique,

…I note that Welch, perhaps on instructions, no longer has much to say about the “Communist Conspiracy,” and, after flirting with the notion of reactivating Weishaupt’s diabolic llluminati, seems to have settled on the conveniently nameless and raceless “Insiders” as the architects of all evil, inspired by an unexplained malevolence.

This describes Jones’ carefully crafted explanation of the world conspiracy as being merely the work of “globalists”, “the elite”, “Luciferians”, etc.
Oliver goes on describing the direct Jewish involvement in editorial policy,

…the Society still publishes American Opinion and the Review of the News, for which very competent journalists are hired to write under Jewish supervision, and both periodicals contain some authentic information that is not found in the New York Times, since they are censored for distribution to a different audience.[18]

Today, JBS publishes The New American.
Proving Oliver correct, on Sept. 13, 2011, JBS published an article by the Jewish Sam Blumenfeld endorsing the official kosher story of the 9/11 WTC attack.[19] Birch writer John Rees is alleged to be an “Israeli intelligence agent.”[20] Rees also allegedly provides intelligence to the CIA, FBI, and NSA.[21] JBS has also propagated the Holocaust dogma of Judaism.[22]
Oliver, again, details then what is now echoed about Jones as controlled opposition,

After my resignation, many individuals urged me to “expose” the Welcher, but almost all of them had already perceived that the Society had become a Jewish auxiliary, primarily used to keep the goyim confused and docile and to frustrate patriotic movements that had any potentiality of effectiveness.[23]

The JBS never addressed Oliver’s accusations but, instead, Welch and the society went on a public smear campaign against Oliver. Likewise, when confronted, Alex Jones never addresses his many Jewish and intelligence connections but ends up smearing the questioner or diverting the discussion.

Roy Cohn

Jewish Bircher Roy Cohn was reportedly the principle figure in the private intelligence dissemination network Western Goals Foundation (WGF), which appears to have been closely associated with JBS. Groups like JBS and the WGF allowed intelligence gathering to continue unabated in the fallout from the restrictive legislation that followed the 1970s COINTELPRO scandal. Using private interests allowed the intelligence apparatus to carry on without government interference.

Some have speculated that Alex Jones is financed by the Koch Brothers, who are members of JBS.

Jones advances the B’nai Birch legacy as part of CIA/FBI COINTELPRO
Jones’ 100 percent certified kosher conspiracy message has been consistent throughout the 18 years he has been active as a counter-intelligence operative, and it has been specifically Birch in nature. Even today, he overtly promotes JBS, even urging his listeners to join.[24] In Apri, 2006, Jones told current JBS CEO John McManus,

I want to work with you guys, to see you grow.

To which McManus replied,

…looking forward to seeing the relationship continue.

Jones even let follow Austinite and Bircher Bob Dacy fill in for him to carry out hosting duties of the Alex Jones show.
But as the JBS has somewhat faded today, Alex Jones has risen to popularity to carry on its legacy. It appears Jones was knowingly recruited by the CIA at some point during his John Birch-influenced upbringing. Along the way, he has been guided by the “Jewish supervisors” former Birch founder Oliver revealed directs the society—Stratfor in Austin, Texas being one such supervisor. Like National Review and like the JBS, Jones’ objective is to misdirect dissent to the New World Order conspiracy by homogenizing dissidents into a monolithic group that can be more easily directed by the conspirators. It’s interesting that Jones uses the word “experiment” when talking about his parents raising him. Could it be that his parents were somehow involved in the CIA or one its fronts? Jones Jr. then, was being groomed for work as a field agent from a very young age, which is not uncommon in the CIA.

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  1. Good article. I’ve always thought of Jones as having been hired by G H W Bush in order to smear Clinton on a daily basis. I have no doubt Jones has other functions, running various psyops for the company, but I still think, at the end of the day, his purpose was/is to smear Democrat presidents on a daily basis for G H W Bush, beginning with Clinton and extending to Obama.

    1. I think there is some truth to this. Over the years, Jones has been soft on the neocon Republicans, to say the very least.I am going to write a second part to this article that will include discussion of the Koch brothers, RSICC, and the usual suspect Adnan Khashoggi.

  2. Interesting article. I will make some other comments tomorrow but will throw out a few now. I was somewhat close to the Alex Jones schtick and was at the time from about 1998 through about 2010 becoming politically conservative in the wrong kind of way. I was a member of the JBS for one year about in 1999 but knew there was something simply “not right” about it.
    “it’s interesting to speculate at which point and how he was recruited to the CIA and what drew him to an organization that would eventually lead him to committing treason against the American people.” I just do not think I can agree with your hypothesis as it seems a bit extreme to me. Of course, you could be right because I have read quite a bit and know that your article conveys information that is verified and true. I just think a person can be a “useful idiot” to the dialectical machinations of the US political system and not be a conscious “recruit of the CIA.” If he is, then your proposition that he is “committing treason against the USA.”
    I have read quite abit and have moved out of the JBS type of conservatism, but as a Christian, one has to be “conservative” in some sense, but not within the Left / Right, Democrat / Replublic paradigm foisted on the people fo the USA. It seems to me that God’s moral law as revealed to us by Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, does not at all coincide with either the Right of the Left.
    America is a country that I love but I think it is gone now. It is difficult to have patriotism when the leaders of this country throughout its life as a nation state have all worked to end USA sovereignty and have also worked to incite and participate one unjust war after another.
    You can see plainly that the Masonic / Enlightenment principles of the Founders and the “revolutionary spirit” upon which the USA “experiment” was launched. The Church has never done a good enough job of showing all of us the connections of Freemasonry to Judaic interests. I had a very difficult time accepting that the “illumininati” was Jewish and was Masonic, but I guess Texe Marrs’ writings have done more to explain those connections to me.
    I was listening to Dr. Stan Monteith’s radio show regularly and on one show about two years ago, Dr. Dennis Cuddy was the guest and said that Nelson Rockefeller controlled the Right and David Rockefeller controlled the Left. That was a striking insight. I did a little more research and found the following tidbit that supports something mentioned in your article. (I would mention that Dr. Stan Monteith, who passed away recently, and who was an early member of the early California John Birth Society, stated several times on his radio show, and to me in emails, that he came to fully realize that the JBS was a controlled opposition organization.)
    Here is that tidbit of information.
    From the small book, actually booklet that I with some difficulty was able to obtain an electronic copy of, The John Birch Society An Enigma. Bumsville, MN: Weisman Publications
    by Braddock, James E.
    “”As JBS policy, he [Welch] had an Anti-communist but pro-Jewish stance. After Welch had the JBS started, he received a large sum of money from the Rockefellers. Braddock states, “Robert Welch…heir to, the Welch Candy Company… Nelson [Rockefeller] purchased the company for a price that was three times the asking price but with the condition that Robert would head the new John Birch Society.” ”
    John McMannus, former JBS president is a Roman Catholic and one or two his Catholic talks can be found for purchase at isoc.ws and I believe Benedictine site, Catholicism.org.
    I have also heard that Robert Welch converted to Catholicism on his deathbed.
    The JBS went through its Mormonism phase and a Mormon named Vance became the president for a while and there were several Mormons on the staff. One of its top writers and speakers, William Grigg, dropped out of Mormonism and abruptly left the employ of the John Birch Society. He apparently saw some things up close and personal about that organization for which he was one of its main spokespersons for a long time that caused him to totally disengage from it.
    Alex Jones comes from Dallas and that is where the staunchly dispensationalist Dallas Theological Seminary is and that is where Cyrus I. Scofield of the famous Scofield bible fame. In other words, Dallas is Southern Baptist, dispensationalist, Freemasonry land, as is much of Texas and other souther “conservative” states. That is where all of that CBN and TBN dispensationalist television evangelism was propagated from early on.
    I know now that the USA was founded on Enlightenment principles so my patriotism to my country was matured somewhat. I believe many of the things the JBS wrote about, and very much of the information about the CFR, the United Nations, and the Bildebergers etc. is true, but I also have come to see that the control by those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit have strongly influenced or even controlled international geopolitics as well as banking. So “both sides” of the dialectic fed to us have much truth in them, but there really are not “two sides.” Both Communism and National Socialism (NAZIism and fascism) are cut from the same cloth. There is a Luciferian or Satanic plan for a one world death and slavery system. The bible tells me so.

  3. Alex Jones spouts the New Age propaganda. One evening , I listed over 30 phrase he uses over and over until I was sick of listening to him.. He’s a New Ager, One World propagandists.
    Alex Jones has bragged on his program that he is related to the defenders of the Alamo .
    Alex Jones is nothing more than a traitor to the United States as is Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck , other draft dodging, college drop-outs like himself, who have become mulit-millionaires criticizing our government while real patriots are mocked or diminished..
    I am reading Iron Curtain over America by John Beatty, and while looking it up on the internet find a website and article claiming it is a good , well researched books , but then goes on to dismiss his references to the Kazarian Jews as the real focus of his book. In other words , I understand this person to claim that research and information today does not fit all John Beatty’s remarks in the book.

  4. Alex Jones has bragged that he read one hundred history books about WW11 in high school.
    He’s a stinking traitorious lier. I would like to know of any high school student who could find the time to read 100 books about WW11 in high school unless he was looking at pictures and skimming the books. One can’t find 100 really decent books in a public library about WW!! that would make anyone like Alex Jones a student of history and wars. as he loves to brag.
    Also, he claims to be a student of history. Another openly open lie, because if he was a true student of history as he claims , he would know by name who the One Worlders are and name them which he never does , except the Rothschilds and Rockefellers which anyone can name and never get into trouble as long as one watches what one says about them or accuses them of..
    Alex Jones has bragged he has been on radio since 1998. If true, he is nothing but a propagandist and government hating, rabble rousing agitator because he never mentions as so many have said, the role of the Jews and Catholic Church in running our country and the world..
    I heard as a boy, exactly what John Beatty says in his book: “The Iron Curtain over America.” from American soldiers of their amazement that German factories were dismantled overnight and sent to Russia.
    The parasitic Jew took over Germany after WWI , and the German people were living in the streets, eating garbage , while the Jews were night-clubbing and living the high -life. That’s why Hitler is hated. and I over heard as a boy ,a Protestant minister tell friends of being in Germany before Hitler came to power and of the suffering of the German people in their own country. under the Jews.
    That is why the book burnings in Germany- to get rid of the filth the Jews produced , just as they do in this country to degrade our way of life and spirituality , destiny and goodness and mental and moral progress.. with all their filthy sex and sexual topics and literature and pornography., their various illnesses and medicines under the guise of physchology, psychiatry, innocculations, , medicines. and chemicals in our foods and water. to degrade our spirituality so as to not recognize and identify their evil and presence among us ..
    Our Washington politicians who are true patriots know what is going on but cannot do anything about it without the support of the American public..to back them up .One proof is that they have not attacked Iran as the Jew Zionists and leader Netanhayu is still screaming for the United States to do to stop the nuclear program he and the Jewish world does not want Iran to have. Looking back, one can see all the nuclear secrets were given to countries controlled by the Jews — Great Britain, France, China, the Soviet Union, South Africa, and the break away section of India: Pakistan.
    And the arrogant Alex Jones who has bragged od wanting to be known as the leader of the patriotic movement changes his tune when there are tragedies .
    He will tell of his harassment by the police around Austin , of being stopped and then when there are police shootings, he will brag “that not all cops are bad, just some of them.”.
    He will scream that he wants his country back or that he wants someone to take his country back for him and then when there is a tragedy, like the World Trade enter disaster, the Boston Bombing, he will change his tune and tell his listeners that we must not get violent or doing anything to cause trouble..
    When the so-called Boston Bombing occurred, everyone, even Fox Conservatives who are always criticizing our government , were very careful of what they said about it and who they suspected until they found out that the perpetrators were foreign, and then they really opened up as usual .
    Alex Jones is traitor to the United States. When he’s told so, he goes on his nice guy, ordinary citizen propaganda slop to convince his listeners that he is just and ordinary person trying to inform his fellow man about what is wrong with our government.
    When I read of Dwight Esienhower;s attitude toward the Germans and treatment of the German soldiers and European people after WW11, I believe it when I’ve heard he was called “Ike the Kike” by his West Point class mates.

  5. To tell me “true Catholics are not in cahoots with the Jews is like the pretentious remark to be broad-minded and fair and say ” not all Blacks, not all Jews, not all gay or homo-sexuals, not all Repubilcans or not all Democrats etc. and etc. ” or not all whatever is referred to is equally at fault.
    Your like the Jew who defends his religion no matter what is said or how true or untrue it is.
    I made a comment . about the article. Make a comment about the article or give some information.
    I still say you Catholics and Jews are in cahoots and working together to bring about the New World Order.
    We’ll wait and see if it’s a religious Catholic domination and Jewish money system, or a Catholic religious system of the Middle Ages when the Catholic Church ruled the known World or whether a Jewish world like the Russian people suffered under the so-called Jews of Russia who always hated the Czars and continually tired to overthrow him because nothing he ever did to try to please them ever satisfied them and they succeeded in 1917. ..

    1. If you’d studied history, you would know how anti-Jewish the Catholic Church was. And you would know that the Jews hijacked the Catholic Church somewhat during the Renaissance and especially during the Second Vatican Council. Instead of accepting anti-Catholic rhetoric from conspiracy sites, do some historical research first.
      I am getting sick and tired of hearing people link Alex Jones to this imaginary Jesuit conspiracy.

    2. I’ve no doubt that today’s Vatican is in cahoots with the Jews. But to say that this has always been the case is ridiculous. The Traditional Catholic Church epitomized the Old World Order: the pre-Revolutionary French Monarchy, allied as it was with the Church, was known as the Ancien Regime and was detested by the Judeo-Masonic forces who represented the so-called Enlightenment (Illuminati). This is why they sought its overthrow.
      The Jews hate the Catholic Church far more than they did the Russian Czars.

    3. Also, I hate to have to break it to you; but the United States was founded upon Masonic Enlightenment principles, which is why Pope Leo XIII wrote an encyclical against the heresy of Americanism.
      I’m afraid your typical Protestant American Romophobia is showing.

        1. Here is an interesting article about “Americanism” and this enclyclical which was subsequently “withdrawn” by Pope Leo XIII because of a conspiracy.
          Americanism — A Phantom Heresy?

          And so, the child is born — religious indifference — Satan’s child — conceived in the womb of the Masonic Enlightenment — delivered by the liberal philosophy of Americanism, in a maternity ward known as Vatican Council II. This is an evil offspring who has brought about a modernized and updated Church with a new liturgy, tailored to avoid ruffling the sensitivities of non-Catholics—a Church with a clergy more interested in being popular than preaching the truth. Mortification, obedience, and contemplation have been replaced by social justice, a utopian search for world peace , and false ecumenism . The major error of Masonry, “that a regard for religion should be held as an indifferent matter,” now seems to have been almost totally accepted, and our Popes seem powerless to reverse the trend. Pope Paul VI said as much when he declared: “The smoke of Satan has entered the Church.” But his [Satan’s] victory is a hollow one. He may cripple the Church for a time, but her most effective weapon, one which she has for a time ceased to use, will bring about his ultimate downfall. It is a weapon so powerful that if it were in use, he could never have achieved his present level of success. It is the dogma of the Faith contained in the teaching of the Church from the very beginning; “Outside the Church there is no Salvation.” “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

          1. Thanks, dachsielady. Looks like 19th century American Catholics were seduced by Baconian spells, provoking Pope Leo to issue the encyclical. Curious to read why it was withdrawn.

            1. “: “An interesting letter of Archbishop Ireland has proved that point (that the Pope was ‘ill-advised’).” The Archbishop, writing to a certain Mrs. Bellamy Storer in 1900 stated: ‘The Pope told me to forget the letter on Americanism , which has no application except in a few dioceses in France.’ Shortly afterward, Abbe Klein repudiated Americanism and indicated that he did not realize what he had started.”
              Perhaps “withdrawn” was not the correct word, but it appears Pope Leo XIII never said anything again about “Americanism” but he did go on to issue Humanum Genus . In it he gave a stinging condemnation of Freemasonry.
              And America and “Americanism” was born in Freemasonic ideology.
              I would also recommend this article
              This essay on Chiliasm is by “Boniface” a writer on the unamsanctamcatholicam.blogspot.com
              and especially the second half of this long article where it becomes clear that Jewish ideas very much started chiliasm from the earliest AD centuries.

      1. So you’re another supporter of the “Catholics want to rule the world” nonsense?! Shrug.

  6. Jones has jumped on the bandwagon with the MSM and is spreading fear porn like there’s no tomorrow about ebola.Be careful as you may have gotten a bowl a cereal a bowl a soup or a bowl a rice.Please isolate yourself as to not spread around common sense to your friends and family.They are all spreading the ebola fear porn in the alternative media as much as the main stream media.John B Wells,Coast To Coast,Rense and on and on the song remains the same.

  7. You may want to investigate any Houston-Austin connections. Houston in a major intel center. It’s likely Jones was actually recruited through Mossad and/or Company offices in Houston and he may have left some traces of this connection somewhere.

      1. Jones talks about his run ins with police during his younger days… and about how the police tried to get him to sell drugs, etc… Jones is a liar, but he also tells part of the truth. I think he was pegged as a narc by police early on, and was probably threatened with jail unless he cooperated, and things just went from there.

        1. Some of the white nationalists are saying Jones is a cokehead. Would explain his unwavering confidence, that’s for sure. Even if he has been blackmailed, I think ideologically, he really believes in some sort of WASP capitalist millenarianism.

        2. And just what the hell does Alex Jones know about the average working man? He’s never worked an honest day in his life. He has said raising the minimum wage would be bad for the economy and unions are evil. This is pure Koch propaganda.

          1. The not raising minimum raise reminds of libertarian Peter Schiff;s recent 2 – hour show on Youube where he goes on about how the law that allows employers to pay “handicapped” people half of minimum wage is a good law and he made it sound of so reasonable, but I know better. Very profitable “non profit” entities like “Goodwill Industries” claim they are providing work and training for handicapped people but all they do is USE and exploit people with disabilities. Those companies hire very healthy strong black guys to drive the trucks and carry the donated furniture etc. They ask the poor guys “are you a slow learner” and the guy says “well, I guess I am sort of a slow learner” so then that allows Goodwill to pay these very hard working guys half minimum wage. They are not “handicapped” at all but are probably of average intelligence.
            The bigwigs who run these very profitable nonprofits make huge salaries.
            I think Koch Brothers and all these reasonable sounding “free market” proponents are just exploiters of people. They look a whole lot like neocons to me and we know all the evil the neocons have caused.
            “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

  8. Revilo Oliver not only participated in the creation of the John Birch Society but also of the National Review magazine, both created by to distract Conservative Americans from jewish Power.

  9. Re “Americanism” I read an interesting piece on The Remnant site recently by Dr John Rao in which he posits that today’s neo-conservative Catholics (and “conservatives” in general) take their inspiration from the Orange Williamite revolution of 1688. E.Michael Jones has also noted the significance of the fact that the original neocon coup/revolution in Ukraine was called the Orange Revolution. Many Catholic traditionalists focus on the French Revolution and the American Revolution as the sources of all evil, but in my opinion it can be plausibly argued that they were just after effects of the Puritan/Whig revolutions in England. Even the Americanist clergy such as Ireland and O’Connell were as much Anglophile supremacists as Americanist. I’m not defending Americanism – far from it – just saying that if we want to get to the roots of the current malaise we have to go back further even than 1789, further even than 1776. It’s not without significance that neocon pseudo-Catholics such as Michael Novak are such ardent Anglophiles or that the American media tends to be so sycophantic towards the Masonic British royals and all things British generally. The same is true of the Irish media and their European counterparts too. When Elizabeth Windsor visited Ireland in 2011 the whole of Dublin was put in lockdown and the virulently anti-Catholic media went into co-ordinated paroxysms of ecstasy – even though most of the public were either indifferent or hostile. By the same token I visited Paris at the time of Elizabeth’s 80th birthday and was amazed to see a very lengthy fawning programme on primetime French TV to mark this occasion. Spain and other formerly Catholic countries of Europe have also been extraordinarily Anglicised in recent times. None of this has happened by accident.

  10. This is a little off-topic but I’m rather surprised nobody on the sites you link to has picked up on Julie Burchill’s recent book “Confessions of a Philo-semite”, in which she shamelessly promotes the “Jews are the Master-Race” dogma (no danger of being accused of racial supremacism or hate speech there). The book was reviewed fairly positively in a recent issue of the Spectator, by her former husband, Cosmo Landesman, who is himself Jewish. For the uninitiated, Burchill used to be the highest paid journalist in Britain and has written columns for practically every newspaper in Britain, from the Murdoch rags (the Sun and the Sunday Times) to the Daily Mail and even the Guardian. She started out in the rock music press in the late 1970s (the New Musical Express – at that time the bible for New Wave and Punk trendies). In addition to being a radical feminist lesbian, she’s also a self-styled Stalinist and, needless to say, an ultra-Zionist. Her other hall-marks are rabid hostility to the Irish, anti-Catholicism, and completely bogus working class posturing. She’s an interesting case because, like many neocons and ultrazionists in Europe, she was once violently anti-American. For instance in Britain many of the leading figures in Blair’s rabidly pro-Zionist government were former members of the Communist Party – including the man who ran the whole show, Peter Mandelson. Likewise in Ireland members of the highly influential (pro Soviet) Workers Party were in the 1970s and 1980s virulently anti-American (and very pro-British and pro-Unionist) but like Burchill they all changed their tune around the time of the first Gulf War in 1990-1991. This was, not coincidentally, also the time when that old Bonesman and anti-Catholic campaigner for birth prevention, George H W Bush, publicly articulated the plans for a “New World Order” and the Anglo-American role in enforcing it (with the Americans being the junior partner who provide the muscle).

    1. Listened to it. Interesting. He’s very soft on Jonesy though. It’s the polite thing to do, but for those of us who have been onto Jones for many years, it’s way past that.

      1. Yes, in that recording he was soft on AJ, but he seemed a bit more stern in his speech in later pieces he did on AJ.
        The whole bankster / sodomite/ Freemasonic / Protestant / USA patriot schtick is just a big lie.
        E. Michael Jones and David Wemhoff explain, respectively, in these two interviews.
        David Wemhoff is a friend of mine. He explains true history close to the teachings of the One Who is Truth.

        1. Michael Fuller’s comments at Trad Knight are off. Does he not know that the National Review was outed as a CIA front? It was considered very pro-Catholic. He is being naive about JBS.
          Thanks for the videos. Always love hearing E.M. Jones.

    1. Verna Grayce Chao is the important figure in all of this. She’s a CIA contractor working for Dell. My guess is that she’s Alex Jones’ contact and/or handler.
      Alex Jones has never once mentioned Verna Grayce Chao in his twenty years on the radio, even though she is his cousin and the sister of Buckley Hamman, one of Alex Jones’ current employees and one of the founders of Infowars in 1995. I think the fact that Alex Jones has never mentioned this woman is telling. He’s obviously trying to hide the fact that she even exists. This lends support to my hypothesis that Verna Grayce Chao is Alex Jones’ contact at the CIA.

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