Alex Jones creating bogus stories to circumvent Stratfor revelations

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
May 19, 2014 Anno Domini

Last month, kosher conspiracy king Alex Jones staged his own little psyop in a desperate attempt to deflect the increasing revelations of his deceptive media empire, namely that it is an Israeli/CIA counter-intelligence honeypot.

In a pathetic display of desperation, Jones had Kurt Nimmo post an article attacking Zionist neocon Glenn Beck, depicting him as a Judas goat in the exact same fashion that I had done with Jones several years ago (see above photo on the right). Although the photo I created depicting Jones as the real Judas goat—someone used to associate with patriots in order to lead them to a predetermined outcome designed by their enemies—perhaps only recently has Jones and his intelligence gatherers at Stratfor grown aware of this photo and acted to deflect attention away from it by using the same key words and illustration in their articles, hoping that Internet searches will result in finding this decoy story and photo. Jones went on to spend an entire segment on his show talking about Judas goats, even quoting my graphic word for word, the definition of which I obtained from Wikipedia. This segment of Jones hypocritically talking about Judas goats was aired on April 1 (Fool’s Day), perhaps intentionally…laughing at the fools falling for the diversion he presented. The supposed revelation about Glenn Beck as a shill and Judas goat is not only hypocritical of Jones, it is not newsworthy to his followers, who are already well aware that Beck is a shill. Jones has been ranting about Beck for years. So why all of a sudden the talk of Judas goats? This wouldn’t be the first time that cointelpro Infowars created a distraction like this.

Before the public became aware that former Infowars editor Molly Maroney had worked for Stratfor, a journalist named David Chase Taylor was chasing the Alex Jones-Stratfor connection. On February 12, 2012, Taylor posted one of the first articles on the net to implicate Jones and Infowars with Israeli intelligence operation Stratfor, which is located just blocks from Alex Jones’ home and Infowars broadcast studio in Austin, Texas. At first, Jones and Stratfor ignored the article, but as it became viral, kosher konspiracy king Jones and his handlers became concerned and posted a decoy story, purported to be posted by, yet again, Kurt Nimmo.

A screenshot of the Infowars decoy story posted in reaction to David Chase Taylor’s article linking Alex Jones with Stratfor.

Taylor writes,

On February 29, 2012, the exact same day the story regarding Jones and STRATFOR became and internet sensation, Alex Jones and Infowars released a new news story, with the words “STRATFOR” and “Israel” in the title of the story. The only problem with the Infowars story was that it was old news from November 13, 2011, packaged as new news for February 29, 2012.
The bogus Infowars news article was a calculated move by Alex Jones and his Infowars crew to muddy the waters in regards to the information linking Jones to STRATFOR. By creating a bogus news story with two key search terms in the headline, people searching online for information regarding Jones and STRATFOR would be led astray.
The bogus story by Infowars is now being carried by hundreds if not thousands of alternative news websites. Although the pathetic attempt by Jones did not work, as evidenced by the 3,000 plus websites currently carrying the Jones STRATFOR story, the fact that Alex Jones and Infowars published a bogus story shows they are in fact trying to block the story.
If the allegations linking Jones to STRATFOR were not true, why would they try to cover it up? (Source)

As you can see, from the screenshot below, the Infowars piece was at least three-months old, even though Infowars posted it as if it were breaking news:

Another recent example of Jones setting up another decoy is from his May 7, 2014 shows where he pretends to threaten the New World Order by having his pseudo reporters go over to Stratfor to investigate why his name is mentioned in the Stratfor emails, even though the emails were revealed quite awhile ago, and that he would interview Steve Jackson, the creator of the Illuminati game, who also happens to live in Austin, Texas. I can’t help but think Jones is now saying this as a decoy to the map I created showing Jones’ proximity to Stratfor and Steve Jackson.
These bogus stories created by Infowars reveal that Alex Jones and/or his handlers are now carefully examining all critical information of him, especially that regarding Stratfor, and likely spying on his critics. By deflecting attention, Jones also provides himself with some convenient alibis. After all, how could Jones possibly be the Judas goat when he is calling Beck the Judas goat? How could Jones be CIA when it’s really Beck, who is supposedly “colluding” with the CIA and the CFR?


  1. To Apollonian,
    Jones has game? What has he done? What progress has he made? And, no, merely waking people up is not progress, especially considering has has been in the “game” for almost 20 years. Twenty years of making people like you chase ghosts down dead-end streets and give up your money to his mostly Jewish sponsors. Go ahead and keep subscribing to his disinformation sites and drinking his tangy tangerine. You have more than 50 comments on my blog, most of it the same Jones-grovelling drivel. Bring something new to the table and stop filling the comments section with your gullible rhetoric. You were warned before that if you merely repeat yourself, it will be regarded as spam and deleted.

    1. Poor Tim: Frustrated By Truth, Facts–But It’s Ur Problem, Buddy
      U hate Alex Jones–that’s ok; he deserves such hatred, surely, but u should be accurate, factual, and truthful, like proper Christian, for making a case against him, calling him co-intelpro, “judas-goat,” etc.
      And there u go calling my comments “Jones-groveling” and “gullible rhetoric,” which is false and merely ur frustrated opinion at best, and why u find it necessary to deleting the comments, u not wanting people to see ur phony and pathetically contrived case dis-integrated by the simple facts.
      If u want people to agree w. u, then start being logical and factual and leave off w. the childish wishful thinking, comrade.

  2. Apollonian is not unlike many within Christendom who when confronted with the fact that their favorite pastor is a false teacher replies, “Yea, but he’s MY false teacher”. Good grief.

  3. Apollonian, you state:
    “And there u go calling my comments “Jones-groveling” and “gullible rhetoric,” which is false and merely ur frustrated opinion at best, and why u find it necessary to deleting the comments, u not wanting people to see ur phony and pathetically contrived case dis-integrated by the simple facts.”
    What “simple facts” are you referring to?

    1. Jim: Fitzpatrick keeps deleting my comments as he’s afraid to let folks like u see them exploding his trumped-up case.
      One simple fact is Jones has evermore of his stories and articles picked-up by Matt Drudge, the # 1 site for news-stories–I pt’d this out to Fitzpatrick and asked him if he thought Drudge was “cointelpro” too, ho ho ho.
      Another simple fact is JEWS RULE, and Jones, like Ron Paul, is “only game in town” to use against the other, dominant Jew factions, pushing AGENDA-21 genocide, etc.
      Another simple fact is Jones quite often gives good info for basic details; it’s just he doesn’t conclude and sum-up best by noting Jews behind it all. I don’t at all deny Jones is totally owned by Jews–lots like the Pauls–but otherwise he TRIES to be “Christian” as he understands it. [deleted]
      Fitzpatrick also does not understand the real nature and workings of the present monetary system by which the Jews rule and everyone else is squelched, though Fitzpatrick, as usual pretends he knows everything.

      1. Apollonian knows very well why his comments were deleted. And he knows why he is banned on other blogs, like Michael Hoffman’s. He spams and harasses his point of view. As I said, bring something new to the table or don’t comment at all. Repeating yourself over and over on each article is not legitimate commentary, it is spam. Now you are using personal attacks, which will also be deleted.
        Matt Drudge is Jones’ biggest cheerleader, and that proves what? Repeating over and over that “Jews rule” also somehow vindicates Jones. How exactly?

      2. I’m using TRUTH and honesty, like true and proper Christian, which truth Fitzpatrick simply can’t stand [deleted], just another pretentious Pharisee who imagines he will declare what’s true.
        And WHAT does Fitzpatrick know about Hoffman?–ho ho ho–Fitzpatrick evidently is a mind-reader now, eh? Ho ho ho FYI, Hoffman moderates comments, later choosing what he wants to publish as it serves his idea of dialectic.
        And I’ll continue to speak truth as I see it, [deleted]

  4. Interesting connection with STRATFOR. That Jones is controlled opposition became obvious to me when he started suggesting that the Republicans were somehow less evil and somewhat innocent. His operation keeps people playing the political game and misdirects from the banking masters in control of government, which is the goal of controlled op.

  5. I find Alex is using the he is a reptoid and Bill Hicks and he is now retiring to catch a couple of views on youtube and direct people to the website.After I pointed out in the forums that Alex along with all the rest in AM who shill gold do not tell folks that the government once confiscated and probably will in the future seize all gold assets held by the public I was immediately cursed at.The story about AM director killed with his family went to the most viewed.The simple question arises why is Alex still here then?The government has the power to seize all gold except coins that are from 1934 or older but nobody disclaims this fact when selling gold on the air during radio broadcasts or ads that are on their websites.A new studio now has monitors behind Alex and give a picture or scene about what he is talking about like the Jeff Rense videos on youtube.The spinning cube in the corner however still remains omnipresent.He may be on the verge of retirement though as more and more question him and the stories on the site.

  6. I just saw this post.The Beck judas goat pic was a direct response to my video Alex Jones is the “Judas Goat” .Jones had been sweating me for yrs with good reason,fear.I am everything good jones could never be and it kills him.The meme I had seen was yours? and if so or not it had inspired me.Never heard the term before like many.I had been exposing jones for yrs on a wide variety of his BS…Bottom line is I respect the heck out of T F and this site and have given credit when I use any info(except that meme?) and mention this site or link it as well.T F is a very good writer period and the info is what few will say = The Entire Truth!…as best as they can….God of good strength to you and yours.

  7. I understand if you won’t post or mistrust me.I am the alien fossil project.Many think I do great work exposing lies and evil BUT alien fossils? He exposes disinfo? but is huge disinfo!! Wrong….my fossils are by far the most important find in history and so much evidence it would impossible for an honest person to deny.Beyond priceless knowledge of your planet’s true history…Most are uhh,what can I do?(be real) this is too much to take in.This is why my work is the biggest cover up in history….I am used to otherwise good people turning their backs on me out of fear.What people think? it can be true! can it?…best to pretend I don’t exist for most people.Much easier and less thinking involved.

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