Parallels between Alex Jones and CIA front National Review

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
April 24, 2014 Anno Domini
Anyone who has taken on the frustrating task of trying to free the mind of an Alex Jones Infowars cult follower knows the typical resistive responses: “he tells a lot of truth”, “he is too well known to be killed”, “you are just cointelpro trying to divide the truth movement”, and the most hilarious one, “he doesn’t know any better”…I could go on and on with the list of excuses these poor brainwashed souls come up with.

It’s ironic that the mindset of members of the Church of Infowars is exactly the same as those who blindly follow the Jewish-controlled mainstream media. Church members have the audacity to project their own delusions onto the sheep of the mainstream flock. Knowing this should make it easier when selecting a strategy to use to awaken the Infowars sheep. In addition to addressing the underlying psychological condition that makes people susceptible to brainwashing, looking back in history and presenting a mountain of evidence against the subject in question should put a crack in the hardened toxic sludge that prevents truth from seeping into the brains of these sheep.

What we already know about Alex Jones
The evidence tells us that Alex Jones is a highly skilled counter-intelligence operative on the payroll of the state of Israel, via Stratfor and Mossad’s subordinate, the Central Intelligence Agency (Operation Mockingbird). He uses shock-and-awe expositions through his controlled-opposition media empire, with the goal of instilling fear in his listeners and hypnotizing them into a passive, lethargic trance. Jones has even admitted to having familial connections to the CIA. (Click the links, highlighted in red, for in-depth explanations.)

“Whenever I go to a family reunion, half the people in the room are former CIA.” —Alex Jones (The Opie and Anthony Show – 04-17-2013)

Incidentally, Jones gained a lot of his popularity early in his career by “predicting” the 9/11 attacks, of which, he later admitted he had “intel” on. What’s more, many of Jones’ guests on Infowars radio are either former or current intelligence and law enforcement officials. With all this chumming around with intelligence operatives, is it any wonder that he hired a CIA/Stratfor-connected editor in chief?

Another likelihood that has not yet been addressed by the alternative media is that Jones’ media empire functions to sequester opponents of the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy (New World Order) and to streamline them into an identifiable and thus more manageable group. Jones and his followers often refer to themselves as “infowarriors”.
This has various uses for the Elders of Zion, as we shall see.

The CIA establishes the National Review to homogenize conservative schools
Shortly after the CIA was established in 1947, at the height of the Cold War and during US Congress’ attempted purge of Communists in America, CIA agent William F. Buckley Jr. and Trotskyite James Burnham founded the National Review magazine, which would go on to be the editorial mouthpiece of “conservatives” in America. Economist and historian Murray Rothbard writes,

“Not long after the Central Intelligence agency was founded in 1947, the American public and the world were subjected to an unprecedented level of propaganda in the service of the US foreign policy objectives in the Cold War…. At its peak, the CIA allocated 29 percent of hits budget to ‘media and propaganda’.”[I]

What’s more, historian Murray Friedman claims in The Neoconseravative Revolution: Jewish Intellectuals and the Shaping of Public Policy (2006) that National Review, despite its Catholic appearance, was run by Jews, specifically Frank Meyer, Frank Chodorov, Morrie Raskin, Marvin Liebman, and Willi Schlamm. Neoconservatism was and is a Jewish movement. It serves the same purpose as National Review. Historian E. Michael Jones writes,

National Review existed to destroy competing conservatisms, especially those incompatible with the international foreign policy establishment. National Review used conservatism to mobilize, certain ethnic groups, e.g., Catholics, behind government policies. It existed to colonize certain groups, to divide and conquer, and then get them to act against their own interests. NR was created to destroy isolationist conservatism. Conservatives who criticized America’s march to empire were demonized and decertified. National Review has shown undeviating consistency in this regard, the most recent example being David Frum’s diatribe against the paleoconservatives.”[II]

What E. Michael Jones describes here seems like an exact description of Alex Jones and Infowars, with NR’s streamlining of conservatism applicable also to the streamlining of conspiracists, 9/11 truthers, libertarians, resisters of the New World Order, etc. It’s important to note that National Review was founded for the purpose of serving the interests of both the CIA and Jews. This is also likely the case for Alex Jones and Infowars, as he has diffused any active resistance to the world government takeover and protected international Jews from any blame. As Jewish communist Vladimir Lenin admitted, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

 “Much of what is attributed to William F. Buckley was the work of Jewish thinkers and financiers who…. Buckley was the goyishe front man for Trotskyite conservatism in the same way Gus Hall was the goyishe front man for American Communism…. Buckley was the ideological enforcer who would pronounce the political cherem on competing conservative sects and expel them from the synagogue. He was also the model for the Catholics he was to control by transforming them from recalcitrant ethnics into docile movement conservatives..His (Buckley) other job was to destroy any conservative movement not toeing the line of the internationalist establishment. All forms of ‘isolationism’ were anathema. It also meant and all out attack on anything ‘anti-Semitic'”[III]

As you can see, Alex Jones is the Zionist carbon copy of William F. Buckley. Jones is quick to call out anti-Semitism on his show and makes daily references to Hitler and the alleged Holocaust of six million Jews.

Infowars’ homogenizing effect
The conspirators gain several advantages by sequestering and homogenizing their opponents. First, opponents are told to think inside the box—the conspirator’s predesigned box, with “unity” being the catalyst for conformity.
The group is also given an identity, from which, if anyone deviates, that individual will be ostracized from the group. This is especially useful for the conspirators if that individual clues in to what’s going on and tries to alert the group. The group then purges itself of the very individuals who pose a legitimate threat to the conspirators. In this way, the group is now helping the conspirators whilst believing they are working against them. Spend enough time around a Infowarrior and you soon see how any dissent within the group is quickly demonized and marginalized, the very same way it is with those who blindly follow the mainstream media. And Like National Review, Alex Jones provides gentile window dressing for what is actually a Jewish movement: his anarcho-libertarianism based in the Masonic US Constitution.

Operation Mockingbird/Cointelpro

Operation Mockingbird came out in the 1950s shortly after the CIA was founded. It’s purpose was to influence the media. Both National Review and Encounter were likely creations of Project Mockingbird.
Mockingbird was started by the Jewish Cord Meyer and Illuminati stooge Allen W. Dulles. Then-CIA director William Colby testified to the Church Committee, a United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, that there were over 400 CIA agents spreading disinformation through the media as a part of Mockingbird. If the purpose of National Review, according to E. Michael Jones, bears any resemblance to the objectives of Operation Mockingbird, then this CIA program is also a movement that advances Jewish interests. So, if Alex Jones is a much later and more sophisticated Operation Mockingbird creation, it would make sense why he deflects any Jewish blame for the evils going on in the world, has a host of Jewish sponsors and backers, and prevents opposition to the world conspiracy from gaining any legitimate momentum. It also corroborates those who say that Jones is an agent provocateur spreading disinformation and disrupting public protests, like the Austin gun rally in 2010. Jones completely fit the description of a CIA agent provocateur/agitator/cointelpro at this particular event, then pulled a psyop by claiming those offended by this act of treachery were the actual provocateurs. There are many more examples, but this one stands out. The stunt proved to be a failure for Jones and his handlers. Whether Jones was sent there to disrupt and cause trouble or whether Jones arrogantly believed he could rally and centralize the dissenters not already in the Church of Infowars (homogenizing effect), it’s difficult to tell for sure. You may have heard of psychiatrists saying non-conformists are mentally ill; well, on several occasions Jones has said the very same thing of those who accuse him of being a plant. This isn’t the behaviour of an objective journalist but of a cult leader or counter-intelligence operative.

Cointelpro, an acronym for “counter-intelligence program”, is an FBI program designed to achieve very much the same thing as Operation Mockingbird. Since the United States’ intelligence organizations work in tandem, it’s likely that the two programs blend with one another and fall under the umbrella of the mother intelligence lodge in Tel Aviv, Israel, specifically the Israeli Mossad’s psychological warfare division Lohamah Pscichlogit (LAP). Jones is likely also involved with Cointelpro. While he does talk about these intelligence programs in his documentary films and on his radio program, it’s difficult to see these supposed revelations as anything more than providing a convenient alibi for Jones. And it certainly achieves this. I don’t know how many times I have heard his cult members say something like, “but he talks about Mossad and Cointelpro”; therefore, we are expected to believe he couldn’t possibly be involved in them. Right… keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

[I] E. Michael Jones, “Manipulating Catholic Support for the War: The Black Operation Known as Conservatism,” in Neo-conned Again: Hypocrisy, Lawlessness, and the Rape of Iraq (Vienna, VA: I H S Press, 2005), p. 175.
[II] E. Michael Jones, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History”, Fidelity Press, South Bend, Indiana, 2008, p. 864.
[III] Ibid, p. 866


  1. Alex Jones Works As There’s Still No Serious Opposition To Jew Lies
    I’d basically agree w. ur general expo and thesis, though I think u way over-estimate effect of Alex Jones. Don’t forget about Alex–he’s a fat-head red-neck who talks about such as “good-evil”–Alex just wants a pat on his fat little head for being for forces of “good,” with which he includes his dear Jews.
    Jones doesn’t even pretend to being any heavy-weight intellectual–he rather sticks to basic info and reporting of relevant facts, and then analysis of these details for politics
    Further, note Alex Jones is more libertarian-styled than otherwise “conservative”–more akin to Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura.
    A problem I find w. E. Michael Jones is he credits the Jew holohoax.
    Tim: the real, basic problem w. our culture is regarding TRUTH–what is truth? (Gosp. JOHN 18:37-8)–as Pilate rhetorically asked Christ. For truth is what conforms to objective reality–against the subjectivism of Jews and their lies–who say there’s no reality (hence truth) but what Jews say, always oriented upon what’s “good for Jews.”
    And the WORST ENEMY OF TRUTH IS “GOOD”–for “good” does not exist–we’re all sinners (self-interested, necessarily) totally dependent upon God’s grace and mercy for getting into heaven–“good works” is heresy of Pelagianism.
    And of course, hereticalist “good” follows fm the conceit of a perfectly “free” human will which cannot exist, only God’s will being perfectly free.
    So u see, the Jews, leaders of the forces of HUBRIS and insisting they’re “good,” etc. are still lacking for a clear opponent, aside fm the same general Christian TRUTH ideal–but it’s a “Christianity,” such as it is, that still lacks clarity for decisive repudiation of hereticalist Pelagianism and hubristic pretension to “good.”
    I’d say Alex Jones still has his uses against the outright leftist Jews and statists trying to build their Jew world order, though Jones is still only limited hang-out for rival Jews–those who want to keep some goyim around, who support Ron Paul, for example, and oppose the rival Jews who want to substantially exterminate gentile humanity–as according to AGENDA-21.

  2. Ho hoho ho–Alex Jones is now having huge feud w. Glenn Beck–Beck has rather dis-respected Cliven Bundy, saying he’s “racist,” and that is in w. Bundy to be “violent,” and now Alex says he just might sue Beck, calling Beck a “Benedict Arnold,” by golly.

      1. Thought you’d be smarter than that Apollonian. Again, by Jones calling out more obvious cointelpro like Beck provides Alex with a nice and neat alibi. As a matter of fact, Jones goes out of his way to call others the names people like me call him, like “Judas Goat.” He even titled one of his Youtube videos “Judas Goats Lead Country To Economic Slaughter.” It’s a psyop. Wake up! He did the same thing when David Chase Taylor broke the Stratfor revelation.

    1. Tim: I was joking. U gotta realize u can’t get perfection for any sort of news-media–all u can hope for and ask is a free market, much as possible, so that these characters compete w. one another much as possible, and in the process the truth wins, over-all.
      I agree Alex Jones is limited-hangout for Jews, and that he understands he’s for Jews; it’s just I don’t see he’s deliberately anti-American, anti-Christ–he says he’s Christian, even criticizing Israel every once in a while, a little bit.
      So all we can hope for is free market and healthy, active Internet, for example, say like ur own blog fm which u’ll eventually have ur own radio-show perhaps. In meantime, if u have talent, u’ll have to watch out for Jews offering u money, then later trying to influence u after they think u’re addicted to that money–like, no doubt they got Alex–like they get everyone. This, fore-going, is how things work–again, only thing we can hope for is free-market, etc., as I note.
      So one necessary thing to do is removing that Jew money-making machine (literally), the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), for significant case-in-pt.–that’s their primary and mostly secret weapon, presently.

      1. And think of it Tim: say ZOG wins, in “worst-case scenario”–what then?–well, patriots who survive can only, in such case, hope the master-minds and head-honchos begin then to falling-out w. one-another, right?–this on principle of “no honor among thieves”–who further, think they’ve won, at least some of them.
        And how then would such falling-out take place?–it would rather resemble present tiff btwn Alex and Glenn, eh? Hence, I submit, we ought to exploit and promote this sort of falling-out, though always keeping in mind the proper Christian principles for proper analysis.

      2. Where did I ever say that Jones was just a little off? This isn’t a matter of a slight imperfection. The guy is complete disinfo. Critizing Israel mildly every now and then is but another alibi. Sad that after all that has been exposed about him, you desperately grasp at his Kool-Aid punch bowl. All you can do is ramble about Jews while avoiding the obvious. Forget about the “feud” between Jones and Beck. It’s a psychodrama.

      3. Not at all: I merely note Alex genuinely thinks he’s doing good for mankind even w. all his Jew-friendliness–he genuinely thinks Jews are good. So I merely say he’s not “complete” dis-info–he’s sincere, much as that’s possible–u over-estimate his intelligence and malice–he’s not really that malicious, just dumb, fat-head, red-neck who thinks it’s cool to being Jew-friendly–like lots and lots and lots and lots of fools. Ur hero, E. Michael Jones credits the holohoax, doesn’t he?

        1. Apollonian, you continue to regurgitate this nonsense on every article I write about Jones. And you rarely debate the many points I bring up. And now you are trying to change the subject by bringing up E. Michael Jones. If you continue you like this, I will regard it as spam.

  3. And what is the function of Princess Tabletits, aka McAdoo? I think she has AJ by the short & curlies. Past googling shows her to be into witches and fairies. Is she a plant?

    1. Watching Tabletits now. She appears to be a sexy decoy—a tactic perfected by Israel’s Mossad and the Jewish-run Russian mob. She also conveniently makes us all forget about one Stratfor intern-turned Infowars editor Molly Maroney.

  4. McAdoo is probably just another vain bimbo who likes to thrust out her chest, and enthralled with the chance of being a big fish in a small pond. Jones seems to like to hire endowed women. He probably asks for their bra size as part of his prospective employee interview process. On another point, yesterday Jones parroted as true a story on Putin and Ukraine which can be found in Bloomberg, although he didn’t credit Bloomberg. Hey, wait a minute! I thought that mainstream stuff is a lie, Alex? Yea, but this is a strategy of his that allows him to slip all kinds of stuff past people. He barrages people with so many things at once, that no one can stop and focus on a single thing to see if it makes sense. He doesn’t want you to connect the dots, he wants to keep your thoughts scattered.

    1. Excellent observation, Alouette, about Jones’ diffusion strategy. He was doing it as early as the Road To Tyranny days by saying the US trained and funded the 9/11 “Arab hijackers.” None of his followers bothered stop and ask themselves, “hey, wait a minute, what hijackers?”

      1. Fitz,
        You’ve done a great job so far exposing Alex Jones as the traitorous, anti-American Jew-Worshiper that he really is, no matter what the “Alternative Media” has to say (or not to say) about him:
        I was wondering if you knew of anyone Jew-wise, like yourself, that has exposed this supposedly Jew-wise (but false-American) bastard named “Jim Kerwan”:
        Kirwan, like most “fake green” subversive Jewish infiltrators, promotes the documentary film The Century of the Self. They don’t want Christians, or Americans, to ever know their real roots. In fact, they want to confuse them- an turn them against their original roots.
        Kirwan attempts to come across as “Jew-wise” yet still promotes the Jewish narrative/propaganda.
        For example, he’s always subtly favoring/promoting Russia, says “we” when speaking/mongering/bashing of Americans, invokes the words “Collective,” “Nazi,” “Stazi,” (as opposed to Jewish Cheka police/NKVD/KGB/etc), hollers “Bush/Vatican” blah blah blah.
        And after a quick perusal of his artwork…
        Well, let’s just say it looks as if “Dark Spirits do in fact Surround” Jim Kirwan!:
        These “Crypto-Jew-wise” disinfoer agents’ tactics are getting slicker and slicker each day and are creating massive amounts of confusion for the “new comers.”
        Because of your efforts, and many others like you- astute readers of Jim Kirwan will begin to see many “Parallels” between he and Alex Jones.
        So keep up the good work- and let’s keep on exposing these plentiful propagandists of the Jew World Order!

    2. Alouette Said:
      He [Alex Jones] barrages people with so many things at once, that no one can stop and focus on a single thing to see if it makes sense. He doesn’t want you to connect the dots, he wants to keep your thoughts scattered.
      Kind of like disinfo sites like this:
      Totally Alex Jones Kosher Approved

  5. Bill Cooper exposed Alec Jones before he was murdered!
    Can you do a piece on it?

  6. I new the truth about the Jews early on,and detested Jones from his start.
    His role, is as the king of kosher ‘Conspiracy Theory,’ the phrase itself cast out into the public ,by the CIA
    Jones script is pure John Birch Society.
    That group, National Review, and organized Neoconservativism all began in the year 1958 !
    The fast repulsive deciever has one role,and one role only….protect Jewish Power and keep the historical lies going,which backs it up.
    I see in the comments here,some residue of sympathy for him.
    Jones makes 8 million a year doing this for ZOG, and Beck 60 million….as for any ,’fued,’that is theater like pro wrestling, to enhance ratings.
    Jones rasping rants, which reinforce,and redirect people into the Jew lie ,machine, has effect.
    I hear his nonsense repeated often. He is gospel to the Israeli Lobby Koch Brother owned Tea Party robots.
    Unless people grow up,and break the chains of the Jewish Left/Right, system people like Jones ,and National Review will continue to lesd them to Talmudic Slavery.

  7. Jones also takes pot shots at the Vatican – they come out of nowhere – almost like he has a schedule or a “minimum” to achieve every month.

    1. I think Cooper told a lot of truth, more than Jones, that’s for sure. But I think he had some major errors. For example, that JFK’s limo driver shot him and that Jews are not the head of the snake.

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