Learned helplessness through the alternative media

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
January 30, 2014 Anno Domini

There are agents within the alternative media that, whether they know it or not, are inducing the masses into a state of learned helplessness, which is no better, perhaps worse, than the mind control brought about by the mainstream media.

According to Encyclopaedia Brittanica,

learned helplessness is “a mental state in which an organism forced to bear aversive stimuli, or stimuli that are painful or otherwise unpleasant, becomes unable or unwilling to avoid subsequent encounters with those stimuli, even if they are “escapable,” presumably because it has learned that it cannot control the situation.”

This debilitating phenomena has been demonstrated in animals as well as humans and reminds us of the Stockholm syndrome, another artificially induced state of helplessness that occurs in victims.

I argue that this state of mind applies in the realm of crime, conspiracy, and evil and is being induced by the mass alternative media as a means to neutralize opposition to the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy, also known as the New World Order. The constant bombardment of bad news in the alternative meda—a result of the conspirators ramping up their crimes against humanity and God and a result of the alternative media’s focus on only problems—tends to leave us feeling helpless. It logically follows that the more we expose ourselves to this bad news, the more plasticized (learned) this helplessness becomes in the brain.

I demonstrated in my 2012 article, Is Alex Jones externalizing the hierarchy?, how kosher alternative media king Alex Jones siphons off the powerful energy of his listeners through a process called catharsis; thereby neutralizing their otherwise active opposition to the New World Order conspiracy. Used within the context of social engineering, catharsis has been used in the past by those in power to control their subjects, through everything from entertainment and sport to pseudo-science and medicine (catharsis was central to kabbalist Sigmund Freud’s alchemical theory of psychoanalysis). There is a healthy outrage one should feel when he/she learns of the global conspiracy. But when this outrage (energy) is prematurely released or diverted through the social-psychological technique of catharsis, the chance of any active opposition becomes weakened. Learned helplessness also results. Both of these states allow for the victim to continue to be dominated by an unimpeded cryptocracy that only gains more momentum by the whole process.

catharsis: the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions

An historical example of catharsis at work through social engineering is in the repression of the people of the Roman empire, who, when outraged over government corruption and robbery, were given bread, circuses, and games through which they could work off this outrage instead of directing it at the criminals. This appears to be happening to those alternative news junkies, who have been reduced to lethargic, uninspired, mere keyboard warriors.

Generally speaking, the intention behind the alternative media is not a bad thing and I do not believe that all alternative media personalities deliberately or knowingly take part in the aforementioned psychological conditioning. But, as Michael Hoffman illustrates in Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare (1992), exposure per se of the conspiracy and its conspirators is not necessarily a threat to their existence, but, in fact, can actually assure their success. Hoffman attributes this to a form of human alchemy that relies on implied consent and mockery of a population lacking memory, willpower, and concern. Most of the alternative media are doing a great job exposing what is going on, but how many are offering real solutions or methods that result in hindering the conspiracy? Very few, if any. And the daily dose of exposure of the conspiracy continues to deepen the effects of catharsis and learned helplessness in the well-meaning persons who daily soak in the alternative media spectacle.
While it is fun to pick on Alex Jones because of his clownish antics and his transparent subservience to the Elders of Zion, he has the best game as far as psychological conditioning. He provides daily alternative media spectacles like no other. He is Caesar, doling out grain rations and gladiatorial matches as a means to pacify and cast a spell over his listeners. He is the ultimate alternative media hypnotist. One alert viewer of Alex Jone’s documentaries noticed a subliminal message in Police State 4: The Rise of Fema. It reads, “SUBMIT TO FEAR”.

But make no mistake, Jones is not the only alternative media personality that is helping the enemy. There are many. Jeff Rense, Infowars, and others consistently change headlines to stories posted on their sites so as to exaggerate them and make them more frightful. This is a fear mongering technique that aids learned helplessness. Sometimes, the exaggerated headlines are completely incorrect or written out of context from the original story. This is the same sensationalism employed by the mainstream media.

Perhaps it would be better for alternative media news junkies to put down their keyboards and get out and try to make real change. And instead of letting the plethora of evil and conspiracies overwhelm you, find one thing to tackle and focus on it until you feel satisfied that you have done all you can do. Scattered attention accomplishes very little, and overexposing oneself to outrageous things weakens resolve, problem solving, and will. Don’t fret it; defeating lies and evil doesn’t come through revolutions or giant leaps but in small steps and through change within. Truth and justice are personified in Jesus Christ alone. Cling to Him, and things will change around you according to His purpose for you.


  1. “Judeo-Christian” Hereticalists Are Crucial, Weak-Spot For ZOG
    I take a more DETERMINISTIC attitude towards this large-scale cultural activity u describe so well here, Tim. Thus I submit, once again, we’re suffering within CYCLIC “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, whence a generation of weaklings has been bred-up, and these will have to die-off, to some extent at least, the culture collapsing a good deal, before a remnant will be enabled to resist more successfully.
    For note the same sort of helpless apathy was seen in the Roman emp. of old as it steadily declined. Thus as the people die-out for the present satanic culture, the top master-minds must evermore suspect one another for double-cross and in-fighting.
    But patriots can take inspiration fm example of St. Constantine the Great who revived, resuscitated, and rather resurrected the old Roman greatness, at least for a time, in the early 4th cent. And we readily see Jews as THE huge problem, these Jews absolutely dominating our culture, the masons mere pathetic suck-alongs.
    But now what’s the specific problem for focusing against the Jews?–I submit it isn’t the masons nearly as much as it’s the “Judeo-Christian” (JC–see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo on JCs) hereticalists, who say Christ was Jew and worship/support the horrific terror-state of Israel.
    Hence it’s JCs who must be dealt with immediately w. most emphasis, vigor, and force. Such effort will have to accompany the continuing economic and currency collapse, people gradually facing-up to dread fact of the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam which is run by Jews and their accomplices beginning w. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers.
    Such is the grim nature of determinist, hence CYCLIC, reality wherein only God’s will prevails, according to strict cause-effect, there being no PERFECTLY “free” human will, humans always being sinners.
    Observe people already see the lying Obama who foisted and sold ObamaCare death-panels–the continuing cultural collapse and destruction have to proceed to starvation and civil un-rest before large numbers of people more seriously coalesce for heightened resistance. In meantime the effort must be made against hereticalists like the JCs, these JCs being by far largest, most powerful gentile political group, JCs the weak-point for ZOG.

  2. Americans: Gross VICTIMS To A Series Of BIG-LIES, In-Ur-Face
    It occurs to me there’s a more specific diagnosis for the American and Western problem, within the general Spenglerian “Decline of the West.”
    Observe Americans, though not all, but far too many, are so absolutely mystified, fascinated, and HYPNOTIZED–literally “charmed”–by the series of huge BIG-LIES that have been imposed and laid upon them, esp. by means of the mass-corp. “news”-media and entertainment.
    For what is “global-warming” or, as it’s now called, “climate-change”?–NOTHING but a huge BIG-LIE, that’s all–it’s elaborate, and there’s lots of details to it, esp. when one considers the various components, like the B.S. about carbon dioxide, etc., but all put-together it’s overall, it’s just a huge, idiotic, brainless BIG-LIE in order to induce hysteria and fear, the rationale for more taxes and dictatorship, like esp. AGENDA-21, featuring “population reduction,” anti-humanity and genocide.
    Look at Obama himself–a huge, gross imposter who’s not even a natural-born citizen–who gets the Nobel Peace Prize, no less, ho ho ho ho. And Obama’s real father is probably the communist, Frank Marshall Davis–just another little tid-bit for this huge BIG-LIE.
    What are American elections?–just a huge BIG-LIE which involves “electronic voting,” which is obvious fraud. What was the Sandy Hook supposed “massacre”?–just another huge, elaborate BIG-LIE–as was the Boston Marathon bombing.
    Note then HOW the Big-Lie works–the lies are so massive and monstrous in their way that people actually understand and grasp the enormity of it all, BUT they don’t want to face-up to the idea, the possibility that they’re LIES–“no, no,” they say, “it couldn’t be that (lies).” Thus the suckers actually FOOL THEMSELVES–they cannot bear to think or imagine that they’re being conned and deceived–“no, it couldn’t be,” they say to themselves.
    And consider the simple enormity of the key big-lie, the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam which simply and literally just prints-up and digitalizes practically however much “money” needed and wanted to bribe, extort, or to assassinate all the politicians and judges, w. only few exceptions, totally owning and controlling all the corp.s, public edjumacation, and especially the establishment “Christian” churches.
    BIG-LIE after big-lie after big-lie–HOW does it obtain? Well, once u accept a little lie, u’re willing to do it again, until finally u get to a big-lie, then another and another–AND THIS IS WHERE WE ARE NOW, as we listen to Obama announcing he’s gonna start ruling by means of edict and dictat–and the congress gives him standing ovation, ho ho ho ho–and why not?–they’ve all been well-paid, haven’t they?
    And as long as the gov. can provide “bread & circuses,” it all gets-by–SO FAR.
    But never doubt, it all can be turned-around, and we have a magnificent example in St. Constantine the Great–it can and surely will happen as things, esp. economic, steadily get worse and evermore worse, like when US Dollar starts to seriously collapse–in which we’re in beginning stages already.
    Ultimate malefactors are the satanist genocides behind the Fed machine and AGENDA-21, but the foremost cadre of accomplices, cohorts, and suck-alongs is surely the “Judeo-Christian” (JC–see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo) hereticalists who say Christ was Jew and support terror-state of Israel. These JCs then must be confronted most directly.
    For now, however, it’s enough to pt. out the satanic technique: the gross series now of BIG-LIES people have allowed themselves to be subjected to. Remember that real life is all about that basic Darwinian struggle noted in Christian New Testament, TRUTH (Christ) vs. lies (Gosp. JOHN 14:6 & 8:44). And “conspiracy” is very much the proper theme, it being specifically detailed in original US Declaration of Independence and the New Test. conspiracy to kill Christ and truth. Basic Christian inspiration is the key.

  3. I’ve been thinking about this topic you write about. Just in general, an information plateau. At what point, how much more do you need to know. Speaking of big lies, the evolution con works that way. And the topics, just keep going and going, all one big picture but I keep veering off into a sea of details, and I could see myself getting swamped in the details. Its simple, its lies vs Truth.
    The evolutionists lie, just by calling evolution science. Then they just repeat this false association over and over. The fact that their is a major distinction between mankind and the animal kingdom is in perfect accord with biblical creation.

    1. Southwest: surely u understand that even if “evolution” were true in all details, it would still be will of God.
      And surely u understand Bible is just literature, though sublime. Christ is allegory for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN, esp. 14:6), the greatest virtue, above all/any other, including “faith” (which is just LOYALTY), “good” (which doesn’t and can’t exist in a determined universe according to God’s will, humans not capable of perfectly “free” will, like God’s), peace, or “love.”

  4. I have to agree. Prolonged exposure to electroshock, can leave a person damaged and scarred for life. That’s exactly what alternative media is. It’s a constant bombardment with horror and bad news and that’s slowly being imprinted into our minds. On the other hand, fear is a great motivator, therefore we see an endless cycle of people coming back and feeding off that fear as if it’s some sort of new drug or an adrenaline rush. The problem is, the fear is so great that most don’t know how to conquer it and what you get is a group of people talking about fear 24/7 but not doing anything about it.

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