Invisible Empire references NWO 140 times ad nauseum, not one mention of world Jewry

Originally posted December 4, 2010, Timothy Fitzpatrick

Invisible Empire
Producer: Alex Jones
Writing/Direction: Jason Bermas
Release Date: April 15, 2010

Alex Jones’ recent documentary film Invisible Empire, yet another regurgitation of ones from 10 years ago like 911: Road to Tyranny, was as repetitive and boring as was the voice of narrator Jason Bermas.

Jones decided to give a “fresh” voice to his monotonous documentaries with Jason Bermas, a young man who has gone on the record calling for critics of Israel to kill themselves.

The film spends the majority of its time showing dignitaries speaking of the all too common “New World Order.”
The Bermas/Jones duo makes it seem as if they are exposing something significant by showing this, yet what does New World Order mean in and of itself? Nothing more explicit than world government by a “ruling elite.” It does not identify any of the key players in particular or the exact mechanisms used to achieve this other than the most obvious.

Like most of Jones’ other documentary films, there is little or no mention of the confirmed New World Order leaders: international Jewry, Judaics, Zionists, and Israel. Also highly referenced in Invisible Empire are the middle men groups run by seemingly white anglos: the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations, which Jones loves to talk about non-stop.

And what Alex Jones film wouldn’t be complete without numerous references to the “Germanic death cult”: long-dead Nazis and Adolf Hitler. Jones has gone on the record with Jordan Maxwell saying that the Zionists are really the “Teutonic knights” or the Germanic death cults. The fact that he references Nazis far more than most other groups is not unlike what the Jewish-owned mainstream media does. They must always keep Holocaustianity fresh in our minds. Jones is mainstream.

Here is a break down of key words referenced in the film as it pertains to identifying the conspirators. Estimates are conservative and approximate. The reader will note that the “Buy My Videos” analysis refers to self promotion plugs by Alex Jones throughout the video.

Arranged in order of most referenced:

New World Order: 140
“Buy My Videos”:26
UN/League of Nations:18
Global government:16
Bohemian Grove:10
Trilateral Commision:9
Secret Societies:8
Bankers:Federal Reserve: 7
Al Qaida/Taliban:4
Ruling Class:3
Round Table:2
Bin Laden:1
Protocols of Zion:0


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